Ahhhhh "Redfield" really is CHRIS REDFIELD!!

I’ve read the official Resident Evil Facebook page, I cannot believe RE7 ending “Redfield” is real Chris! *screaming**

Chris is holding Albert Wesker’s gun, omg..

Where is our muscleman Chris ? You look slim! No, your body shape look like Code Veronica’s Chris~ You are real Chris, then where is Jill?

This chapter is an another proof that Ishida has always wanted write a shoujo manga

You know, typical love story:

shy girl with complexes and sad family backround 

hurted by males decided to live as a boy to be never hurted again

and her handsome, good-hearted teacher

They aren’t close to each other until some circumstances make them live together

He is suprisingly good cook and gives her home she has never realy had

thanks to him she learn to accept herself and what is real love:

Here we have ‘sensei has noticed me’ scene:

‘doki, doki’ scene:

However this is not gender-bender, shoujo, komedy, drama manga

this is Tokyo Ghoul