Siem Reap to Phnom Penh

Today we had to bid goodbye to Siem Reap and brave the bus to Phnom Penh.
We started the morning with a cooked breakfast instead of a buffet, then borrowed the free hotel bikes to explore the city further, looking for hidden temples.
Unfortunately, many of the streets do not have names or signs, so we spent most of our time being lost! The temples we found were bright and colourful with the typical asian/chinese style roofs.
After about an hour and a half… and a ride the wrong way up a one-way street… the pool was beckoning and we returned to our hotel. A quick swim had a colled off nicely and prepared to pack our suitcases for the second last time.
At 11.30 we checked out of our hotel. I had to do a fun manoeuvre with money as my travel card hadn’t loaded… it was then time for a short walk around the corner to find a lunch spot.
We decided to try Khmer Cuisine, next door to Curry Wallah we had had for dinner the night before. I ordered the Amok curry and it was one of the mosy delicious curries I have ever tasted! A must for under $5!
After lunch we returned to the hotel to wait for our bus company to pick us up… which they did after we asked if they were coming and reception called them… we loaded ourselves into a tuk tuk and were taken to the bus, where aour bags were somehow crammed in under the back seats of the mini bus!
In the first 10min of the bus drive, my friend was convinced that we were going to die. The driver seemed not to care for potholes or rainstorms and wouldn’t let the bumpy road slow him down…
6 and a half hours later (around about)… we arrived after surviving the rough road and a road rage encounter. We then had to pay a whole $4 for a tuk tuk to our hotel, which seemed exorbitant compared to $8 for the whole trip to Ankor Wat and back…
A late dinner of beef salad and complimentary cookies ended our day. Now we just have to decide where to explore tomorrow before heading back to Aus.