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Do agree about what people are saying regarding Gomes?

I’m giving a lot of leeway to what people are saying because we were all hurt after yesterday’s performance. I don’t think the issue here is any of the signings tbh, it’s that we (collectively as a team) are starting to lack basics in our game. 

Even the players like Leo, Iniesta, Busquest and Pique etc. were not up to mark yesterday, so I personally cannot blame a newcomer (Gomes). I’ve seen him play and he’s good. He has potential. 

I’ve been saying this for ages and I’ll say it again, we’ve been playing badly for a while and I AM gonna blame Lucho for this. We have world class players with a lot of ability? Doesn’t matter. If we don’t have the correct set-up for them, if we don’t have a coach who knows how to utlizie them to their proper potential - well we’ll keep scraping wins or draws in the league, then crash and burn like we did against teams in platforms such as the CL. Then it won’t matter if you have one or even 10 Leo Messis on your team - if you don’t set them up properly, you won’t get the results. Simple as