Out On The Town [Open]

Heart was waiting near a small Canterlot fountain, awaiting for one - or more - of his guests to arrive.

He had sent out the invites a fair while ago - in Princess Celestia’s case, in a gold-embossed card in order to get past the silly guards (along with a subtle hint to go as Sunny Smiles) - and with the promise of rum for Nocte Vanhoof.

He was dragging them out as not only had it been a while, but he needed a distraction. His latest trips to Ponyville for the myriad of reasons he had; be it searching for somepony for Staccato (try as he might to say he didn’t need it); to learning about Twilight (for other reasons), a night out with alcohol and music was exactly what the doctor ordered.

He hadn’t worn any adornment, granted, as it was not his thing to go overly formal. He was a Romance pony, not a businesspony. He shuffled his hooves on the floor, eagerly anticipating one of his friends to arrive…