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I wrote a thing earlier in the evening (technically last night because it’s now one thirty in the morning) and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t make sense but I thought I’d post it!

If you hadn’t noticed, I love it when Steve and Tony meet as strangers and are almost immediately smitten.

Rainfall had always been a peaceful part of nature.

It was soothing and calming, the way the drops of water fell down from the sky and hit the ground with an almost gentle sound. The pitter patter of rain drops, soft on the ears and the rich smell of earth which soon followed after.

Steve stared at the rain from his shelter on the train platform, his sketchbook tucked safely in his jacket. He had forgotten his backpack again, a stupid move, but he didn’t think that the rain would meet him here. The weather forecast had also promised a day of clear skies and sunshine, the weatherman giving him that terribly wide smile as he encouraged people to enjoy the day, to have fun in the sun.

A scoff left from Steve as he rolled his eyes before licking at a stray raindrop that came to rest between his lips. He had gotten caught in the sudden downpour and since he had forgotten his backpack, he had forgotten his umbrella too. So, he was soaked and in need of some warmth clothes, maybe a punching bag to release all his anger out on. The only thing that was relatively dry was his sketchbook and to think that he had thought about ditching his jacket today.

The whole day hadn’t exactly been the best and it only seemed to be going downhill. He had missed his bus on the way to work so he ended up ten minutes late. It was lucky that the manager and owner of the store was a good friend of his because Peggy gracefully let it slide. He was then hit on by multiple people today, several asking for his number and complimenting how well-fitted his shirt was. It didn’t help that Natasha and Bucky were trying their goddamn hardest not to burst in laughter as they dealt with customers. Paint somehow managed to get onto said well-fitted shirt, the shirt being white so there was no luck in getting that stain out. Then everything seemed to dial down from there until he closed the shop and found out that it was raining outside.

It was raining cats and downs as he sprinted for bus stop, nearly missing the bus that would take him to the station. He was sure that he had the look of a mad man on his face as he slumped into a wonderfully free seat and sulked all the way to his stop.

Now he was here, waiting for his train to arrive so he could just get home.

The platform wasn’t busy today, three more people were there with him as they waited for the train themselves.

There was a mother talking animatedly with her child, her face bright as her child giggled and reached up to cup their mother’s cheeks. The gesture softened the mother’s eyes and Steve felt himself smile at the sight, thinking wistfully for his own mother who rested in a hospital room.

The second was a well-dressed businessman with his briefcase and umbrella in one hand and his other hand holding up a phone to his ear. He seemed angry, his eyebrows furrowed as his mouth moved fast, loud words pouring out of it as his left wing-tipped shoe covered foot tapped angrily. Steve vaguely wondered what kind of conversations could make someone so angry but then he remembered, having had similar ones himself.

The last person was a teenage girl, earphones plugged in and her music turned up loud, a way of ignoring the world. Her gaze never moved as she simply stared in front of her, looking at the scatter of rain drops. A backpack was slung around one shoulder and a small grey cardigan rested in her arm, she seemed tired.

Steve was tired too.

With nothing interesting left to look at, he decided to look at the platform across from them and found something…well, quite interesting.

There was no one else there except for a young man who was reading a book. He was dressed rather simply, a pair of dark jeans and a sweater that looked two sizes too big. He had a head of dark curls which looked soft and almost a light brown in the overhead light. Steve didn’t know why but he couldn’t bring himself to look away because he wanted to see the man’s face. It was quite a weird thought but it was a heavy want, one that sat right on his chest.

Then he got his wish and he was stunned.

The man lifted his head up and a pair of dark brown doe-eyes were the first thing that Steve noticed. He then took in the slightly soft jawline and the smooth cheeks, pale pink lips and a straight nose. Steve almost cringed at how he sounded like a damn cliché but he couldn’t deny the fact that this man was beautiful.

It then occurred to him that he had been staring for the past two minutes and he managed to look away before he completely embarrassed himself.

The train on the other side was nearing the station and Steve watched it pull in, sadly seeing the man step in and sit himself down by a window seat. It wasn’t unusual to see attractive people at the train station but this was the first time that Steve felt a sort of longing. He actually wouldn’t mind getting to know this man and talking to him, getting to know what he does and what he was ready.

He was…interested.

Peggy and his mother would scream if they ever heard this.

But it wasn’t meant to be and this was one of those moments that just happen. There was never a chance that he’d see that man again because people never see the same person twice. Especially at the train station. The thought of that was quite painful for Steve to admit and he resigned himself to waiting for his train so he could carry on his life.

Things did have a funny way of happening though.

His attention was caught again by a sound of loud knocking and Steve turned towards it, expression curious, before his eyes widened in surprise.

Right there, on the train, was the young man smiling at him through the window and holding up a piece of paper with big writing on it.

It read:


Steve couldn’t smile any wider if he tried as his heart started to pound against his chest and he hurried to get his sketchbook so he could write a response but it was too late.

Tony waved, grinning as the train pulled out of the station and Steve waved back frantically, uncaring of how stupid or desperate he may look in front of the three people there.

He looked at the train until it was gone and the wide smile never left as he tried to keep down the laughter of disbelief bubbling in his throat.

It seemed like he wasn’t the only squealing on the inside as the teenager girl looked like she had witnessed something incredibly great, due to what she had just seen.

It was turning out to be a good day after all.


A few pearls of laughter fell from his lips.

And he thinks I’m cute too.

Surrender: Part One

Summary: As a flight attendant, you’d traveled all over the world. You’d never thought you could meet someone who could take you somewhere you hadn’t already been. 

Characters: Bucky Barnes x reader, Natasha, Steve, [more to be added]

Warnings: [all tags are eventual and not just for this part] smut, angst, fluff, violence, cursing, possible death, possible murder, crime, idfk… reader beware.

Word Count: 1.8K+ 

A/N: This is a new drab series I’m working on. The first part is WAYYY long but the next parts will be 500-1000 words. I’d LOVE to hear what you think. I had a lot of issues with tagging so you would like to track this series whitelist this #surrenderingbucky. Thank you to @sebbytrash, @bionic-buckyb, and @bovaria for looking this over for me! 

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“This is the final boarding call for American Airlines flight C275 to Seattle.” The speaker crackles as the annoyed desk agent throws the handset of her phone down onto the receiver.

The uneven clacking of your heels against the marble floor, your rolling suitcase, and the constant stream of curse words flowing through your brain create a beautifully stressful symphony, as you rush forward. You pause to kick off the broken pumps, sliding into your ‘comfy’ shoes which resembled fashion at a shuffleboard tournament, and whimpering as you approached the gate desk.

“Late, again.” The agent behind the counter furrows her brow. “Why haven’t they fired you yet?”

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Lie to Me | 03

You couldn’t imagine that your short stay in Stockholm would eventually lead to meeting three boys which are definitely keeping some big secrets.

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Gang AU
Who: BTS Jimin x Reader
Word count: 2,316

Part 1 Part 2 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

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Jimin closed the car door and eyed the taxi until it disappeared into the distance. The boy let out a deep sigh, turning his attention now to Jungkook.

„Jaebum and possibly his gang is here!” His expression was serious.

“Did he follow us? Where did you see him?”

“He and Yugyeom were with Y/N and Luna, pestering them. I don’t know what they would have done if I didn’t interfered.” Jimin noticed that the thought alone let his anger rise but a soft pat from Jungkook on his shoulder made him clear his mind again.

“They’re safe now, you have nothing to worry about.”

“I’m not worried.” He didn’t want to admit it but he was because he knew Jaebum. He saw women as nothing but objects for his pleasure, Jimin once shared the same lifestyle so he instantly knew what Jaebum was trying to do to you and Luna.

“As I was trying to get them out of the situation I said that we already slept with them hoping he would let them be and go. But he just likes to mess around with me that he asked Y/N ‘to have a round two’ with him. I can’t stand this guy. After all he did to Namjoon he still got the nerve to tease us in every possible way.”

“Forget him. You know he is just jealous of Namjoon. Let ‘s focus on the deal.” Jungkook gave him one last pat on the back and both made their way to get the stuff for their mission. After a twenty minute walk through various dimly lit alleyways they were greeted by a tall man in a black suit. He looked like a typical businessman. The suited man handed them a black briefcase and car keys. There was no big conversation just the information who and where they have to meet. Apparently Jimin and Jungkook have to make their way to an old, rich CEO who wants to retire. Their boss is interested in taking over the company, negotiating together with the boys over the past few weeks of making the deal. It was a funny coincidence that the old CEO decided to have a short stay in Stockholm. As soon as their boss caught the information he called Jimin instructing the boy to meet the CEO and giving him a bribe in a charming and unnoticed way.

The car stopped in front of a big, magnificent villa outside of the city and the two boys stepped out changed into smoking’s which flattered their body perfectly. Holding a fake invitation card in their hands they are making their way to enter the gala where wealthy and important people in Europe but also from the underground scene met. It was almost 2am but the guests had no intention to leave, in contrast the event was about to begin. At first glance it seemed like a normal get together of rich people but at the second glance it was so much different. The smell,a mix of smoke and drugs filled the rooms and the reddish lights gave the whole gala a special atmosphere. People were all dressed in formal clothes and they were scattered around the villa, mostly sitting on sofas drinking extremely expensive champagne. Unfazed by the scene in front of them Jimin and Jungkook swiftly paved their way to the room where the CEO was.

“Can we join the game?” Jimin asked after he opened the door, seeing 4 men, including their target, surrounded by beautiful women, playing a game of Poker.

“I’m surprised to see you both here Mr. Park and Mr. Jeon.” The CEO waved them to come to the table inviting them to join.

“We’re here on our holidays but when we heard about this gala, we believed it would be nice to drop by.” The words came fluently out of his mouth, leaving no trace of suspicion. Jimin was a smooth talker, plus it’s not his first time having such a conversation. But the CEO smelled the lie asking the guests to leave the room after the game ended, except for the two boys.

“Tell me, you’re not an invitee. Even more you’re not here to get wasted. You’re here to see…” He spoke in a calm voice, turning his head cockily with a smirk on his face.

“As always you’re the only one who can detect my lies.” Jimin smiled back.

“Mr. Im is sending you, right?” He questioned “I like his persistence. Show me what he got this time.” His finger motioned on the briefcase and Jungkook placed it on the table, opening it slowly.

Contrary to his expectation the briefcase wasn’t filled with money. This time only a document was placed inside.

“A deed?” He furrowed his eyebrows.

“Yes, sir. A man like you probably wouldn’t like to stay the rest of his life in one place.” Jungkook answered.

“Isn’t it a bit naïve of you to believe that I’m not capable to do it myself?”

“But have a closer look it’s not just a normal plot, it’s an island. Located in the Caribbean sea. Does it sound familiar?” Jimin’s confidence could be clearly seen. Before the man could say anything, Jimin continued.

“It’s exactly what you’re thinking. We made it to have a deal with the owner of the island you’ve been eyeing for a while now.” Sitting on the opposite side, Jimin stood up both hands placed on the table and with a confident smile he looked at him intently. “So do we have a deal?”

The man smiled and clapped his hands stunned by their move. “I have to praise Mr. Im and you boys. I don’t want to admit it but this time you got me good. We a have a deal.” Both shook hands to seal the deal. Happy about their meeting he invited them to drink with him.

“It’s been a while, Mr. Park and Mr. Jeon. How about we talk a bit over a glass of wine? Are the other boys here in Stockholm as well? We can invite them.”

“Only Taehyung and that is why sadly I have to decline your invitation. He overdid himself while partying, that he had to go. He got some pills in a club but I guess they were simply crap. I want to check on him as soon as possible if you don’t mind?” Jimin’s lips formed a thin line to express his disappointment.

“Alright but let me ask you this one last question. Why are you boys doing this? In the end his son Jaebum gets everything. For you there is nothing. Sometimes I think you are too good to be Mr. Im’s people, so what’s there for you?” He watched both boys curiously waiting for their answer.

“I’m sorry that I can’t explain everything. But we have our reasons to stay with him and we definitely gain something from that.” With that Jimin and Jungkook exited the room to go back to their holiday apartment, however that was overthrown when they saw Jaebum and his crew leisurely sitting on a sofa with a girl on each side.

“Jimin, what a special day that I’m seeing you the second time tonight. Where are you’re beautiful chicks?” He gulped the liquor in one shot and stood up to stand on front of Jimin.

“I don’t know. Tell me. I just put them in a taxi and let them drive to their hotel. “ Annoyed by Jaebum the silver boy swiftly turned away to leave the villa, not wanting to listen to anything he wants to say.

“What a shame! They were really pretty. I was about to ask you for their numbers, you know… helping out an old friend.” Jimin stopped, immediately correcting him that they’re not friends and then continuing his way out.

“Then I have to look for them myself”


“Y/N, can we talk?”

The room fell quiet, all eyes on you. The low tone in his voice let your body freeze in your seat, not moving an inch and your mind went blank.

“Y/N?” Jungkook was waving his hand in front of your face and you began to get the control of your body back.

“Ye-Ye-Ye-yes, we can talk. W-Where?” You were a stuttering mess, overwhelmed by the whole situation.

“In my room.” Jimin said sternly and immediately went there. You stood up, looking at Luna with a concerned face and followed him soon after.

Standing in his room, head to ground and hands fidgeting, you totally looked like a child who was about to get into trouble.

“You have to go. You can keep the clothes.” His voice still didn’t show any other emotion. He was a completely different person than in the club and in the supermarket. You weren’t sure which facet of him is his real self or if you even saw the real Jimin. Who is the real Jimin ?

“Ye-yes. We don’t want to bother you any longer. After lunch we would’ve gone back to our hotel.”

“I don’t mean back to your hotel. You and Luna should fly back to your hometown.” Your eyes widened in shock and your head went up to look at him but he was closer than you imagined and you stepped back.

“What do you mean? Why? Did I do something wrong?”

“Yes, you should’ve just listened to us and called a taxi, then you wouldn’t have met him.” His voice got slightly louder.

“Him?” You asked him hesitantly.

“Jaebum. He’s dangerous and he took interest in you two. Listen, I don’t want to explain everything, just trust me and fly back. ” He handed you two tickets over. As soon as you saw the time you have to get on the plane you couldn’t hide how shocked you were.

“Today? Jimin, the flight is in 6 hours? Are you kidding me? Luna and I worked hard to spend our holidays here and you are telling me I have to go back after 2 days because he took interest in us. What does that even mean?” You felt your anger rise. “You know what, you don’t even have to answer because somehow my body trusts you. I know that Jaebum is not some normal guy I am sure there is a good reason why you’re doing this. But at least you can explain it to me.“ Surprised by your words both of you let out a deep sigh. It was your first time that you talked to him without stuttering.

“I can’t. It’s too complicated and for your own safety it might be better to not know anything.” The boy took a step forward to grab your hand but you were still boiling inside unsatisfied by his answer, that you dodged it.

“Don’t you dare to touch me. If he’s dangerous then you’re, too!” You saw his lips parting trying to form some words but you just turned your back to him grabbing your bag and stormed out of the room.

“Luna, we have to go right now.”

Her brows furrowed in confusion. “What happened?”

“Please, we have to go.” As you saw her only slowly standing up, you quickly moved around the living room to grab her stuff, ignoring the bewildered glances of Jungkook and Taehyung.

“Y/N, wait!” Jimin came to the living room as well.

“No, Jimin, you wanted us to go, so I’m going.”

You grabbed Luna’s hand and left the apartment without saying goodbye.

Back in your hotel you explained everything to Luna, the meeting with Jaebum, the gun and Jimin’s request. She was not in good mood, making her leave the boys instantly without changing back to her dress but she softened up after you told her the whole story. For a good half an hour both of you just sat in your hotel room contemplating of what to do.

“I want to stay here. But let us change the hotel, he knows where we are?” You said quietly.

“Are you sure? Aren’t you afraid of what’s going to happen? I mean I also want to stay here in Stockholm but I know what a scaredy-cat you are and after what you told me it could be really dangerous.”

“I know. “ You sighed and again silence filled the room.

“Okay, let’s risk something and change hotels.” Luna clapped suddenly.

Soon after you managed to check out of the hotel and find a new one. It was a weird feeling doing something really spontaneous and risky, but you felt good. A hasty feeling of guilt ran through your body as you walked past the supermarket where you first met Taehyung and…Jimin. You were sure that he shortly will find out that you and Luna didn’t board the plane, however you didn’t really know why he cared so much because he said that you are nothing to him. Or was this a lie….again?

Days passed and you slowly started to forget all the trouble of the first days. You and Luna were happy that both of you made that decision to stay. You made new experiences doing typical stuff for tourists: sightseeing, eating Swedish food, shopping and just having a good time. You heard nothing from Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook and you began to believe that this whole thing was about getting rid of you but held yourself back of getting lost in thought about them.

“I am glad I found a bomber jacket.” Luna fell exhausted on her bed.

“Yeah. It was really hard to find one you like wholeheartedly “ You said smiling.

“Sorry. But it had to be the perfect one.” She threw her pillow on you and you were about to get back at her but a knock on the door was interfering you.

You stood up and slowly opened the door, being horror-struck of the person who stood in front of you.

A/N: Okay, I am sorry that it’s a bit shorter but I wrote this whole chapter on my phone, because my laptop is broken. I still believe it worked out pretty well. Hope you like it. Have nice day!

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'The biggest rule of immortality is to not get involved with mortals but whoops I was in a coffee shop one day and fell in love with you and now I’m freaking out bc in the grand scope of things we don’t get a lot of time together but fuck no please don’t leave me not yet no.’ au for steter with immortal stiles plz (& happy ending some how would be grand maybe stiles gives up his immortality or peter gets it via vampire idk rly whatever you like though) thanks:)

A/N I’ve written immortal Stiles before if you’d like to check my AO3 page under the same name. Anyway here you go. Hope you like it. 

Stiles takes a long drag on the cigarette, blowing the smoke out of the open window. It’s raining. A few droplets manage to find their way inside, hitting the peeling white windowsill or dripping down the leaves of the assortment of plants that would usually be basking in the Californian sun. Stiles takes another drag, ignoring the glare that Lydia is giving him whilst she sprinkles essence of wormwood into the cauldron bubbling away on the stove.

“You’d think after 4000 years, you’d have stopped picking up bad habits,” Lydia says primly; dicing the spleen of a pig into neat, equal sized chunks. Stiles ignores her. He takes another drag before stubbing the cigarette out in the crystal ashtray they’d stolen from Buckingham Palace. Well they is a loose term. Stiles stole it, an extra payment from her Majesty. Stiles almost lost a finger to those pixies.

“I could use some help you know,” Lydia, says pointedly, washing her hands in the sink and flicking her wrist so that the ladle in the cauldron begins to stir the mixture.

“But you’re doing just fine on your own,” Stiles replies, crossing to the bookshelf to run his hand along the spines. “Besides, I promised Isaac I’d have a look at Scott’s motorcycle for him. Apparently Scott’s love for it is no longer holding it together.”

Lydia scowls.  Stiles retrieves the correct book and flips it open, pretending not to notice Lydia’s glower.

“Vampires,” She mutters, throwing the towel onto the kitchen side with a little more force than was necessary. “They’ve been around for hundreds of years, why do they feel the need to buy shitty transport?”

Stiles opens his mouth to answer but she cuts him off with an impatient hand gesture.

“I know, I know,” she says. “Assimilation.

Stiles smirks. He snaps the book shut before carrying over to the messenger bag beside the front door, depositing it inside. He pulls his red hoodie off the coat rack, slips into it with ease before pulling on his shoes. Lydia continues to aggressively chop ingredients for her potion. Stiles retrieves his keys from the hook, chucking them into his bag.

“I’ll be back later,” Stiles tells Lydia, pulling his hood up. Lydia snorts.

“I’m not coming out at some ridiculous time in the morning to save your sorry ass from whatever drunken fight you wander into.”

“Come on Lyds, as if I would do such a thing.”

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Mirror Mirror

Artist: Shayne
Betas: Elese and Bethany
Word count: 11,024
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Misogyny (both challenged and unchallenged, inc. slurs and threats of sexual assault), homophobia (mainly implied rather than explicit), very mild biphobia, swearing.
Summary: It would all have been a lot easier, in Dan’s opinion, if Phil had been a guy.
Author’s notes: at the end of the fic.
Disclaimer: These fictional characters are based on real people. I do not claim to know them, nor do I cast aspersions on them.

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  • Businessman, in an interview: "My biggest weakness? I suppose sometimes my love for memes shuts down some good opportunities."
  • Interviewer: "Memes? That's kind of silly, never heard that one before. Anyway-"
  • Businessman, shoving breadsticks into briefcase: "I'm sorry I have to leave right now immediately."

a businessman walks by, briefcase in hand and mind on a phone call. his briefcase suddenly falls open, and papers blow behind him in the wind. you stop to help him pick them up, and he thanks you before hurriedly walking away in a different direction to the one he was walking in before. you notice one last piece of paper on the floor, but he is gone before you can give it back to him. you look at the piece of paper. it has only one sentence written on it:

“Smart-casual annoying, outdated, contradictory- suggest renaming to smasual smartual  chillaborate”

this is from an interview with one of the academy members and its been making me laugh all night. All I can imagine is this stuffy businessman with a briefcase and cellphone laughing at his son wanting to see a cartoon then literally leaving him in there alone.

what a sad life