He stayed for some stancakes then took off for space and hasn’t been seen or heard from by anyone on Earth since.

What day is it again?



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My parents were doing fine before my dad started a business that flopped. My mum was a nurse and we had steady income coming in and were well taken care of. After the business flopped (years ago) our lives have literally never been the same. My mum is barely around and has her business and my dad works at a job he shouldn’t really be doing at the age of 52 that I’m embarrassed to even talk about. We practically live day-to-day and it’s sad. My mum could have returned to nursing but she’s too proud. I personally believe my dad struggles with depression now. He has very few friends. Literally spends all his time watching tv and eating (when he’s not at work) and has gained between 100-200 pounds. He literally lies there and can go hours without speaking because he has no one to speak to. It’s sad but I don’t feel connected to my parents because me and my two sisters practically raised ourselves. If I made my own money I’d be completely free from my parents because we don’t have relationships like other families. They just happen to be our parents and we’re their children.

I swear to God, some people were not meant to have children.

About Jongdae stan

Jongdae stans 82% of the time: On hiatus / Work is piling up / I think I might grow disinterested in EXO this time :(

Jongdae: *comes out with a tiny change in his routine/appearance*

Jongdae stans:

🎵 🎵 making my way downtown 🎵 🎵

🎵 🎵 walking fast to the nearest trash can 🎵 🎵

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btw do you remember not long ago Anna Pavlova got married too? and guess what :D She became mother 11th june and baby 2870g and 50 cm :D it was shotgun wedding like Grishi, Semeonova and Afan :D it looks like very russian tradition )))) according to Anna's VK page ;) vk(.)com/annapavlova87

Aawww, baby Pavs!!! I’m so happy for Anna! So many good news about the Russian girls lately and it’s great to know they’re all happy after retirement.

Now, I didn’t wanna hijack this joyful post, but I really have to, because I’ve seen the shotgun wedding concept being used in the gymternet before, and it annoys me to no end, so excuse my rant.

I’ve been in a relationships for several years now, but I’m not married, and neither do I plan on being anytime soon, the reasons being irrelevant to the subject. Now, for the fun of it, let’s assume I get pregnant, on purpose or accidentally, it doesn’t matter, and I decide I’m ready to raise a child. And while this happens, maybe I get a fucking epiphany, and I get to the conclusion that, hey, you know what, I also want to start a family, and I want to get married to the man I love. If anyone dares to call this a shotgun wedding, as pregnant as I’d be, I’d track them down and beat them up in a second. It would be degrading for me as a woman. It’s the assumption that I made a big mistake, and I’m trying to cover it up or fix it by doing the only ‘honorable’ thing there is, getting married, even though I don’t actually want it. Because apparently, that’s the only reason for a woman to get married after finding out she’s pregnant. Shame.

Assuming Pavlova, Grishina, Semenova and Afanasyeva, or anyone for that matter, are doing just that is in such bad taste. So is counting when women get pregnant, and when they get married. No one has the right to judge. And even if a woman felt compelled by social norm/tradition/etc to get married because of pregnancy, judging her for doing is stupid.

Lab of Luscious Loving

After the mission, Genji was more than eager to come to face with the doctor and her promise at her lab. Along the way, perhaps he may find that there is more behind his eagerness than what meets the eye.

Romance. NSFW.

The mission finished far earlier than anyone would have expected. Granted, it was supposed to be a short surveillance and local check-in operation at the request of the nearby city’s council due to reports of strange objects being seen in the outskirts. There seemed to be a hurry to finish it, though none of the members exactly realized the fact until they looked at the mission time once they returned. Each phase finished earlier than the previous but that was always the case. When all of these phases finished early, however, that definitely seemed strange.

Well, it seemed quite quick and easy for everyone with only a single exception. For Genji, the mission still felt much too long. Even with his mind preoccupied and his feet constantly moving to the next location, he couldn’t help but think of the young doctor’s words. Even as he quickly secured the site of the object and confirmed that it was nothing dangerous (seeing as it was his job considering his cyborg parts protecting him more than others). It wasn’t as if he was skipping proper procedures of course, actually if anything he stuck to it more strictly than ever. No one could blame him for anything.

Even if they realized that he was the reason for their swift return, it was not as if they could say anything to him about it. The strange eagerness that starkly contrasted his personality before this point was definitely unexpected, and as such, no one suspected that it was his fault.

Well, they did notice the slight hurry in his pace as he left. He always promptly left, despite seeming to have nothing else that really required his attention. That was what they came to accept of him. As such, it surprised them to see him leave in that state. For the first time, they saw something in his eyes and steps that they had never seen before.

A sense of purpose.

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Just a thought

If solarpunk is to be a real legitimate movement there needs to be emphasis on all types of different ideas. Solarpunk fashion and architecture sure, but also Solarpunk economics or Solarpunk Businesses. We need to have conflicting ideas and opinions and a hundred different schools of thought before we can have a Solarpunk society


In my defense of my new #deepfried #obsession 💜 Clearly I gotta pass it to go into the #7eleven for #supplies. Just helping my #neighborhood #businesses! 😂 #Thailand #travel #Bangkok #mycivicduty (at Samrong, Samut Prakan, Thailand)

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