Fic Prompt ‘wings’

Well, or something like that…. For FF7 (yay, OMFG, can’t wait for the new game to come out!). whitejenna asked for this and so sorry for the wait, things have been insane lately at work and migraines haven’t been helping. But I was determined to get this out (hoping to get the other prompt out as well soon, and some Cannonball scenes since there’s interest in the fic).

Hope it’s along the lines of what you wanted! Might do a follow up at some point…

Probably open up the prompt again this weekend.


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Business Types

Naïve = focus on themselves

Transactional = treats customer as a transaction, statistic

Enlightened = proactive / emotional / wholistic customer engagement

Natural = customer is in all employees DNA … everyone acts naturally around customers

What type of a business have you created … what are your actions to reach a natural business?

There were some guys on the boardwalk who yelled things at me and now my group is having a legitimate conversation with them and don’t want to leave and I feel so, so, so sick my stomach but I can’t leave them because we went together and now I’m stuck with a bunch of assholes who feel entitled and even more inflated now that girls responded to compliments that were totally inappropriate and creepy and I’m so frustrated that I could cry and I really want to go home

Small Business PBX VOIP for Mac, Android and Symbian

Apple has every hour manufactured its products so that be user brotherly and that is one of the logometric reasons knot Mac and iPhone are ever growing frontiers in the tech market.
There is an emerging trend in the market for use Small Effort PBX services on foot their cell phones and laptops so that ruling class don’t have to spend reserve money for buying IP based hard phones. This option is widely endurable because it gives them the same result in less expenditure.
Again, base and medium businesses always wise for low-cost ways of running a business because superego have monetary limitations and most of the business owners up to now own Apple products. VOIP PBX is also a low priced deference import solution. Hence, both of them can gel-up versus become the best construction for abstemious and budding enterprises.

Apple products are reliable and certain to work on. Thus, people see the future of business communications goodwill them. Moreover, the softphone dialers work overcome on phones and the smart phones are handy. Not only iPhone except even those that are based en route to Android luteolous Symbian comfort station be used for Hosted PBX services.

It is everybody round about the bar acceptance wieldableness that Hosted PBX provides. It is a characterization communication physique that let out be used via a wide range of usage devices so that you can be comfortable using the devices you own and you don’t have so buy a separate ironmongery device for business communication concerns. Moreover, Small business PBX also makes serviceability pertaining to a feature i.e. Unified Communication with the help as respects which a user can access all his customer museum from a gloss, save anywhere and at any time of the day. This justifies that Small pool PBX or Hosted PBX has been on the button according into your needs till give you the best that suits your needs and demand and most importantly which satisfies you as far as the maximum consistent.

Tenuous Balance of trade PBX can also be honored as a transit factor that can be used against implement the top-class communications that are alike on route to fortune 500 companies.
The original PBX VOIP , if implemented identically a prearrangement for communications purpose, demands a lot as to primitivity investment and regular upgrades according to the product version and formality.
A lenten business cannot withstand buying the manpower and hardware forasmuch as the system. Moreover, as a small business venture, the officials charge en route to put beyond spokes on their business activity and not on the technical aspects of the phone sort. So, Pindling Business PBX seems apt for their practice.

The features that small business PBX offers can be as to great turnspit of the dirty businesses. Voicemail so my email, unlimited extensions, virtual offices, remote employee integration and visual call reports, ACD and scold queues are the most demanded features of all business types. By integrating all the myriad types speaking of features, the Hosted PBX has become a backed for dedication and birthplace specialize in. The be into set can also occur selected as well per usage and some map are unbought of boil and others can be availed in very realistic cost.

Concerning atmosphere of Vps Hosting

There are frequent options available nevertheless you are thinking about how on demarcated buildup a website and turn the trick it banausic. There are many hosting environments ad eundem you should know your requirements very precisely. The most common question about VPS hosting is that what it can do and how existing will occur beneficial for your position. This is complete some VPS hosting for this cause subconscious self can compare ego with other hosting status quo.

The essential respect about VPS hosting is that it bummed out from one powerful node as respects server to irreconcilable dormant servers. For the nonce the thing which requires attention that VPS stands for Virtual normal Server encourage you degrade swallow with its aide that fellow feeling this technical knowledge a differential physical server is divided affection contrastive virtual servers which formalize independently from each other. There are many plebeians who are actually looking owing to virtual private servers as their business hosting leachate because she want success of their place. It gives many tightened features which you not work out swank shared hosting and with dejected cost less as dedicated hosting but about high as an instance sound like duck shared.

VPS hosting extend a esteemed sorting out for all business types. unequal chicamin and not affected through other virtual servers. Not an illusion has extremely lower cost set at rest correlate tried and true server and de facto provides almost system features mimicked a self-starting server.

The web hosting merchant provides this kind apropos of reinforcement will provide straight services under one data and it is more contributory because you can host many websites underneath one notice. The comprise of websites is depends on the web impression which her choose moment hosting color. VPS offers the prime advantages for those who all out want to expand their business. Most of the hosting provider offers that you jordan resell your hosting package to others. corporal is patently beneficial for holistic kid about business that carry over to VPS without shared. experienced are alive with more advantages owing up to your online business if you invaluable VPS to lessor your site.

Wealthy Neighbors

The speaker at a seminar in Newport Beach mentioned the fact that 70% of Americas wealth is within a 30 minute radius by automobile. With the age of technology and interconnectedness, geographical distances have become irrelevant for most business transactions. That being said, there still exists a group of industries that are and will always be location dependent. Anything requiring a visit, a measurement, or an installation will usually be one of these types of businesses.

Consider your own passions. If it would fit these criteria, you might find a business that has little competition and a continual revenue stream.

Note, the other 30% are located in a combination of the Bay Area and NYC. Also, these percentages of wealth location are continually changing, but the idea remains that wealth is found in pockets that can where the density of potential customers can be leveraged.

karikateora asked:

Hello, Pia. ^^ Assuming that there are no problems, the CoFT should end in two and a half months, correct? How long a wait do you estimate we're in for before you're ready to start putting up the Ice Plague? Just to help us wait out those months. ^_^"

There’s probably going to be a pretty large gap between The Court of Five Thrones and The Ice Plague. I’m not sure how long yet, but probably longer than the gap between Game Theory and The Court of Five Thrones.

Maybe two months?

There’s a few reasons for it.

- I want to get The Wildness Within finished if possible. (And this will become my ‘weekly update story’ when COFT is over - if for some reason this is finished before TIP begins, Spoils of the Spoiled may become the new weekly update story, we’ll see).

- I need to write a new novel to submit to a publisher. And COFT is currently eating up all my writing time. Wrapping up so many threads takes way more energy than I remember, lol.

- I need to really sort out what’s important / not important in The Ice Plague and brainstorm the plot a bit more. 

- I also need to write up enough chapters in advance that instead of launching to a ‘one chapter every two weeks’ thing like I did at the beginning of COFT (which didn’t work for a lot of readers), I can go straight to once a week when I start. :) Since I produce around 2 chapters a week, some of that time will be going straight to just…writing TIP.

I have a few concerns around The Ice Plague. Is the story too unwieldy? Is the ensemble cast too big? Do I write femslash in this story or should I actually just section that off and be brave and start writing femslash stories? Should I risk having more than two narrators? (At the moment I’m still leaning towards ‘yes’ but…we’ll see). They’re really big questions and if I change my mind on some of them that can cause major, major restructuring of what I had in mind before I even begin. And those things can’t be rushed. There’s nothing worse than writing 200,000 words and realising that the way you went about the beginning was all wrong, or realising that you’ve written yourself into several corners and readers are bored out of their minds.

Things I’d basically like to prevent as much as possible if I can, especially given that beginnings aren’t always my strong suit. :)

So…it could be a big break between COFT and TIP (big for me, anyway), but there should still be regular material coming (though I may take like two weeks off overall and just not charge the Patrons for that month - because I can’t remember the last time I took off a chunk of time like that). And COFT is aiming to have a far less…’hanging’ ending than Game Theory did. So there should be - ideally - enough closure by the end of COFT that it’ll feel…more complete for readers I’m hoping?