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What types of businesses/ industries do you think are going to take off in the next 10-15 years?



weight loss ebooks

oh hang on, they already have, are and will continue too! xD

I LOVE talkative and expressive people. I enjoy watching them speak, especially if it’s about something they love; the way their eyes light up, the way their eyebrows twitch and facial expressions change within seconds, the way their hands wave all over the place.

I find that there are different types of talkative people. The types that speak with ease and confidence, with clarity and motivation and with an aura of assertiveness and passion. The type that is shy and soft spoken, people whose energy is a bit nervous and quietly erratic. The bossy chatter types, the charming chatter types, the business chatter types, the dark chatter types, the storytelling chatter types, the comical chatter types, the childish chatter types…I love them all!

I’m always so appalled when I hear someone telling a chatty/talkative person to “shut up”

So rude! like…no…don’t shut up…talk to ME I’m listening to you!!

Business Types

Naïve = focus on themselves

Transactional = treats customer as a transaction, statistic

Enlightened = proactive / emotional / wholistic customer engagement

Natural = customer is in all employees DNA … everyone acts naturally around customers

What type of a business have you created … what are your actions to reach a natural business?