I know this is a Serious Moment, but I’m just imagining all of the embarrassing stories that Lucretia probably ALSO wrote down, and now the ENTIRE WORLD KNOWS about that time Barry tried to replicate that scene from Risky Business with the socks when he thought he was alone, or when Davenport lost the whole ship for several hours that one time

total cost of new tools and some city 5 nails is gonna be about $115-135. to stock one pair of each size ground control shoe + the larger size hoof-it shoes would be $219. I’m not going to need one of every size probably, particularly not the very largest draft size or very small. I’ll probably get a couple in the 00-3 range and see where the interest is. I can get very fast shipping on both kinds it seems (1-3 days according to the websites). they’re basically the same shoe honestly, just ground control doesn’t come in a wide enough range of sizes. Jack is a 5 which ground control doesn’t make, and I already ordered his, he’ll be the first I try them on. I’ve watched several videos of both the nail and glue on options and I just don’t like glueing shoes without cuffs or tabs, but I know I can’t get clients to buy $40 easyshoes they can only use once. at least with ground control and hoof-it a reset is likely and sometimes even a second reset is possible and they’re half the price and no metal at all.

price wise, I’ll need to charge $100 for new fronts I think, and maybe I’ll do $90 for resets. it’s a decent margin. it’s extra work to apply but also to order, etc. it’s not that far outside the going rate for steel shoes around here. I don’t know of any other farriers dealing specifically in polyurethane so that’s good. idk it’s a lot but in the end I think it will be better for business and it will certainly help some horses whose owners would rather pay money for shoes than fix anything about the life their horses live. it sucks, but I think of it still as being on the side of the horse by not using metal and still providing a good trim while making them more useful to their owners.

i am drawing some hard lines when it comes to work i think. i just set up an auto response to all my clients except between the hours of noon and 6. I’ll schedule appointments during those hours. I can turn the messages on and off at will. I also think I am going to take Wednesdays off permanently. I went through my calendar and that is my least busy day by far, and i want a consistent day off. the schedule will just have to accommodate it somehow.

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Girls exposing cheating boyfriends on social media, we always praise them for standing up for themselves and demanding respect. but when Rob Kardashian exposed his ex-fiancé Chyna this morning, he was attacked for doing so. He posted a video of her in the bed they used to share,with another man who was wearing Rob's robe and jewelry! He also posted photos of Chyna getting surgery to fix her body after giving birth because she lied & sold products to women claiming thats how she got her body back

You literally call her his ex-fiancé and mention the bed they used to share. If they are not together it isn’t cheating. Rob hates women who won’t have sex with him. That’s what this is.

But that’s not the point. I don’t care if she had sex with 10,000 men and made them all say how shit rob kardashian’s sock business is on camera. She could have been promoting magic beans. It’s irrelevant. He. Committed. A. Sex. Crime. And. Should. Be. Arrested. A girl exposing her cheating boyfriend and a guy committing a CRIME against his ex-girlfriend because she kissed another man is not the same thing

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Could you reccomend any sock patterns? I've knit a couple pairs of vanilla socks and I'd love to move on to something more interesting!

Oh gosh of course!!! Socks are my favorite thing to knit ever😭

Okay well I’ll start off with my knitting sock “bible.” It’s a PDF or book called:
“Socktacular” by Knit Picks Design Team
It comes with 12 different patterns that range from beginner to intermediate. They are all so beautiful and I love this book so much and would recommend to everyone!!! Most of my socks that I have knit, come from this book.

I do however always go for FREE patterns because, free is always the way to go (especially since I am a college student on a budget). Here are some of my favorite patterns found on Ravelry:

“Seed Stitch Socks” by Bex B
This pattern is super simple, knits up really fast, however this pattern is for an afterthought heel but I go with my heel flap because it’s my favorite! Totally up to you on your preference.

“Business Casual” by Tanis Lavallee
This is a classy pattern, super pretty. I used this pattern to knit a pair of men’s socks and I absolutely loved the outcome!! I need to knit a pair for myself😊

“Basic Ribbed Socks” by Kate Atherley
This is a rib pattern that is not just the basic K2, P2. It’s super simple to follow and great for beginners!

“Hermonie’s Everyday Socks” by Erica Lueder
Harry Potter inspired socks!!! You can’t go wrong with that😊 It’s texture pattern is easy to follow and should knit up pretty fast!

I hope this helps!!!!!! Happy Knitting❤️❤️

Socks 4 Trans Women

Hello everyone I am sockknitteranon and I like to knit socks. Once upon a time, I offered to knit a pair of frilly, lacy socks for my auntie who is trans, because she was bummed that her dmab feet were too big for lace socks available on the market currently.

Having nothing better to do, and knowing that our society is still being super shitty to trans women (understatement of the year), I’m expanding on that offer. If you are a trans woman or trans femme who cannot fit into the girliest of girly socks, I will knit a pair for you. Or if you’re a trans woman and just want something nice because your grandmother never knitted you girl stuff, regardless of your size.

Full Disclosure: I am a nonbinary femme, not a trans woman myself. I am not here to butt into you girls’ business, I’m just offering socks if you want them.

Legal Shit: I am almost 30, if you are under 18 you need your parents’ permission to send me your address. If you can’t get that, then ask a friend, teacher, or your local LGBT centre to accept a package for you.

Other Details: I’m also disabled and socks aren’t exactly fast to make. This is 100% free, but don’t expect overnight shipping.

Black and White

Summary: Phil has synesthesia and Dan is color blind, Phil decides to prepare a birthday present for Dan that he will hopefully never forget. 

Genre- dude it’s so fluffy like there’s no angst or smut it’s just pure poetic fluff

Word Count-1325

A/N- i totally have synesthesia so all these colors are my colors and yeah, that was my inspiration to write this

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the young ones aesthetics

im a garbage can why not

rick: jars full of political buttons, organized entropy, foggy nights filled with the anticipation and the excitement of not knowing exactly what youre doing but knowing its gonna be incredible. baby blue silk, plum lipstick, your first time in a riot, springtime and content carelessness 

vyvyan: doc martens that have probably been around longer than you have, handmade patches on your tattering denims, moshing too aggressively, making out against the walls during a punk concert, medical stitches, nearly empty bottles of hair gel, songs and memories that never fail to keep you up at night

mike: ray bans, business casual, sock garters, back alley deals, a simmering quietness that you will ever be bothered to mention, whether you dont care or are too scared, who knows. “the cool dad” without kids, responsibility without being hellishly so, every man’s man

neil: something soft. heart on your sleeve- you know better, but cynicality isnt your forté. flares, peaceful rebellions that no one acknowledges but yourself, acoustic guitars with broken strings still stuck in the headstocks, rare, yet genuine smiles, crucifixes and demons kept far down in your subconscious