Hey! It’s my second Christmas giveaway!

Here’s what you’ll be getting:
🎅🏼fuzzy socks with holly on them
🎅🏼elf on the shelf funko pop vinyl figure (from
🎅🏼gingerbread scented and shaped bath bomb (from GiftsByLittleMiss1 on Etsy)
🎅🏼a (working) snow globe ring (from ingredientsforlovely on Etsy)
🎅🏼oogie boogie earrings (from AlexsMisfitToys on Etsy)
🎅🏼and (a not pictured ) gingerbread man (or house) set (from michaels craft store) -this is real gingerbread so I will be buying last minute so I know it’s fresh!

🎄must be following me! @bubblegum-graveyard
🎄likes and reblog a count
🎄must be 18+ or have parents permission
🎄must be willing to give me your address
🎄DO NOT tag as giveaway
🎄please no spamming
🎄US and Canada only! (Next giveaways will be international!)
🎄each like and reblog counts as one entry
🎄if this gets 500+ I’ll add more items!

More ways to get entries?:
🎁follow me on Instagram! Message me on there or here with ur tumblr/Instagram name (my Instagram is taybabe1300) this will be 2 entries
🎁buy me something off my wishlist : this is 5 extra entries!

Links to the stores I bought from:

Any questions? Message me or send me an ask!
This giveaway will end on December 15 at midnight! Have fun!!


Has been quite a while since my last post so I thought sharing these pics in some black OTC metropolitan goldtoes taken during one of my latest business trip…. These socks I have been wearing for some days drove my quite horny as you can see…


IT’S HAPPENIING! GIVING AWAY 2 PAIRS OF GUILD SOCKS, chosen at random from this post’s rebloggers! They’re also for sale on our Etsy store! (backstory below)

A friend and I went overboard on Izzet and Dimir-inspired socks (our 2 favorite guilds). We made about 20 pairs for ourselves, but our playgroup has been asking for some… so we went overboard and made a bunch. Then we got to thinking… this whole sock gig is really fun!

So, my friend and I are taking some time off of our main jobs to try something insane: starting a small indie sock company, just making designs that nerds like us want!

But we have no idea where to really take it from here. We’ve always wanted to wear our favorite guilds (check!) but we’d ideally shy away from just sockifying guilds and set symbols… We’d love to hear some thoughts on what to make next. Any ideas? Already planning on boba socks and japanese foot armor (design TBD, unless someone wants to test their luck)!