got in touch with the owner from the lameness consultation last week. specialists do seem to think it is a keratoma, just a very odd one. recommending surgery at nc state, the owner is considering it though the horse is fairly old.

interestingly (or perhaps not?) the horse was 4/5 lame on the leg before the nerve block and trim last Friday. he’s already on equioxx so no new pain management. since that day he’s been a 1/5, which the vet is contributing to my trim. which is fantastic not only for the horse but because i could tell she was cautiously pleased with my work, but this may tip her over into actually accepting that I know what I’m doing 😊


Has been quite a while since my last post so I thought sharing these pics in some black OTC metropolitan goldtoes taken during one of my latest business trip…. These socks I have been wearing for some days drove my quite horny as you can see…

Socks 4 Trans Women

Hello everyone I am sockknitteranon and I like to knit socks. Once upon a time, I offered to knit a pair of frilly, lacy socks for my auntie who is trans, because she was bummed that her dmab feet were too big for lace socks available on the market currently.

Having nothing better to do, and knowing that our society is still being super shitty to trans women (understatement of the year), I’m expanding on that offer. If you are a trans woman or trans femme who cannot fit into the girliest of girly socks, I will knit a pair for you. Or if you’re a trans woman and just want something nice because your grandmother never knitted you girl stuff, regardless of your size.

Full Disclosure: I am a nonbinary femme, not a trans woman myself. I am not here to butt into you girls’ business, I’m just offering socks if you want them.

Legal Shit: I am almost 30, if you are under 18 you need your parents’ permission to send me your address. If you can’t get that, then ask a friend, teacher, or your local LGBT centre to accept a package for you.

Other Details: I’m also disabled and socks aren’t exactly fast to make. This is 100% free, but don’t expect overnight shipping.

Sink, Swim, or Sleepwalk

Title: Sink, Swim, or Sleepwalk
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Characters/Pairings: Ladybug/Chat Noir
Word Count: 5,669 

Happy holidays to @tanukisenpai! I’m your ML Secret Santa for 2016. I really grooved with your fluffy fluff and lovable scenario prompts, and I did my best. I really hope you like it, but if you don’t, feel free to let me know and I can make you something else. <3 Hope you have a wonderful day. 

Chat Noir simply stared at her. “Why…” He swallowed a lump in the back of his throat. “Why do you go to Adrien Agreste’s house?”

Ladybug pursed her lips in a thin line, a dark red tinting the tips of her ears. “…I like the décor.”

“Décor?” Chat Noir asked with a resolute expression.

“Oh yes.” Ladybug gulped, gaze skittering across the Parisian skyline. “I love looking at that boy’s décor.” 

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Black and White

Summary: Phil has synesthesia and Dan is color blind, Phil decides to prepare a birthday present for Dan that he will hopefully never forget. 

Genre- dude it’s so fluffy like there’s no angst or smut it’s just pure poetic fluff

Word Count-1325

A/N- i totally have synesthesia so all these colors are my colors and yeah, that was my inspiration to write this

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the young ones aesthetics

im a garbage can why not

rick: jars full of political buttons, organized entropy, foggy nights filled with the anticipation and the excitement of not knowing exactly what youre doing but knowing its gonna be incredible. baby blue silk, plum lipstick, your first time in a riot, springtime and content carelessness 

vyvyan: doc martens that have probably been around longer than you have, handmade patches on your tattering denims, moshing too aggressively, making out against the walls during a punk concert, medical stitches, nearly empty bottles of hair gel, songs and memories that never fail to keep you up at night

mike: ray bans, business casual, sock garters, back alley deals, a simmering quietness that you will ever be bothered to mention, whether you dont care or are too scared, who knows. “the cool dad” without kids, responsibility without being hellishly so, every man’s man

neil: something soft. heart on your sleeve- you know better, but cynicality isnt your forté. flares, peaceful rebellions that no one acknowledges but yourself, acoustic guitars with broken strings still stuck in the headstocks, rare, yet genuine smiles, crucifixes and demons kept far down in your subconscious

au where josuhan wake up married ten years in the future
  • like they wake up wearing matching silver rings in the same bed
  • and they’re super confused and assume it’s a stand attack
  • they’re like living in morioh in rohan’s house
  • except the house is so much cleaner and brighter and decorated
  • and now there are multicoloured blankets in the cupboard under the stairs
  • there’s always been food in the fridge but now there is pudding and snacks and chocolate milk in there too
  • there are two sock drawers but it’s not josuke’s drawer and rohan’s drawer, it’s fun socks and business socks, and there’s no indication as to which socks are whose
  • they share socks aahhhh
  • okuyasu calls on josuke’s iphone
  • “what the fuck is this, where are the buttons” josuke screams because ten years ago touchscreens were not a thing
  • turns out okuyasu and josuke own a mechanic workshop and fix up cars and bikes for a living
  • they ask okuyasu about a possible stand attack to send them into the future but okuyasu just thinks they’re missing ten years of their memory
  • rohan ended pink dark boy two years ago and has started a new manga
  • and he spends so long just catching up on what he’s done and marvelling at how his style has changed
  • rohan’s neighbours are the same but now they smile at him and talk to him and ask after josuke like they’re all buddy buddy
  • they go over to tomoko’s for dinner and she is so loving and friendly with rohan as they make dinner while josuke helps his mom fix a leak in the roof
  • and josuke and rohan are so confused because don’t they hate each other?? aren’t they sworn enemies?? how is this their future, where they’re married and happy and domestic???
  • idk i just want this
Tom Cruise Is a Good Sport About James Corden’s Dumb Riverboat Business Idea (Video)

James Corden is a late-night host full of ideas. Unfortunately, some of them are terrible.

The “Late Late Show” host dragged Tom Cruise into his latest scheme — a riverboat venture on London’s River Thames. Their ride was renamed Tom’s Cruise on the River James Corden, of course. The whole ship was an homage to Cruise’s films (the “Top Gun” room exists in the “Hallway to the Danger Zone,” naturally) and to Corden’s talk show.

Guess which section was more popular among the passengers?

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The trip started off with a “Risky Business” sock-sliding contest. Next, Cruise served up some cocktails because, well, “Cocktail.”

Everyone was really into Tom’s deck, which meant no one was down to go up to James’ “Corden’d Off Area.” Soon, the CBS personality was trying to pay people off just to hang out with him. Even that didn’t work, which led to a rift between Corden and his on-water business partner.

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The two eventually made up to the classic Righteous Brothers tune from “Top Gun.” As Cruise put it, “There is no Maverick without Goose.”

Unfortunately, Goose dies in the movie. Sorry, James — but at least you got a new viral video for your troubles. Readers can watch this one above.

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