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I'm honestly more interested in the sister wives article than I was in Louis one. Can the OP give us that article too. LMAO

omg i know….i got sucked into the sister wives show for awhile and it freaked me out but sucked me in too

Anonymous said:Hey can u name 1 Larry account intended to offend antis? Now can u name 1 anti account that’s not created upon intent to offend Larries?? Oh really me neither 😕

yeah i dont know of any larrie that has an anti-anti blog - we’re too busy reblogging larry gifs and making memes LOL

Cinemagraph - The New Tool for Social Media Marketing

Cinemagraph – The New Tool for Social Media Marketing

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Have you ever wondered why it is easy to understand the videos and photos as compared to text? Well, the answer to this question lies in the function of brain. Moving objects are eye-catching and they grab the attention of the audience more easily. They are also easy to comprehend so GIFs, or cinemagraph can significantly enhance the viewership of any site. Cinemagraphs are currently being…

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it looks like the first gif of the wounded chiang set won't load ;-; it's a lovely set though, that part made me so upset!

Thank you so much for reminding me, i didn’t realize it because im busy doing other gif now. I’ll post it back! It seems that when i post gif images, there’ll be some error i dont know why :(

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amazing ashley! do not apologise, we all get busy sometimes. i'm sending you support and strength to deal with school. and make sure to spend at least some part of your day filling it with exo, because it makes you happy and it's important to stay doing things that make you happy while dealing with school. yes i'm going to both with my mum in about 2 weeks, it's very exciting! i did hear about the album and it's gotten me very excited, march is quite soon!!! the time will fly!

hello marvelous maddie!!!!ヘ(゚∇゚ヘ)

i apologize for being late with your asks! i know you’re sweet and wouldn’t want me to do so but i feel mighty guilty! i’ve been busy with school and giffing sehunnie and i didn’t want to leave your asks hanging halfway. you sent me six asks and i will reply all of them now! ( ^∇^)

i just found out that exo will have an exo’luxion concert in seoul again! omg korean fans are so lucky i just….HOW TO BE THEM LOL? i am sure exo are going to tease us with their new single IN THAT CONCERT I FEEL IT IN MAH KOKORO!!!! it will be on march goshhhh just two more months… wait, are you in korea and japan right now? 〈(゜。゜)