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Crie s I’m done with this aaaa. I think this might be the longest fic ive ever wrote omfg. I’m actually pretty proud of myself, because i usually never finish things this long. But thanks a lot to both @uf0-toast and @cartoons-behind-blogging for listening to me scream about this for two days ;v; a cookie for whoever can guess the three songs I referenced !

Summary: GCBC gets invited to a party.

TW: anxiety, possible ptsd, minor blood

Rating: T

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This blog may have started as a joke, but I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by how nice you lego fans are! I’m out of touch fandom (and tumblr)-wise, but it’s been quite the experience. The rad fanart, the cosplay, the weird (and suddenly smutty) fanfictions, all the webs of interconnected AUs and OTPs that I can’t even begin to decipher. Thank you all for being so nice and letting me join in the fun! 


The Lego Movie Double Decker Couch

I legitimately bought this purely to own a Benny Minifigure! The build was surprisingly fun though as I really haven’t built much lego in recent years beyond a few small builds with my girlfriend’s kid brother. Emmet’s little car is a fun little piece as well. Simple build but incredibly fun end result!