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About nursey/dex Do you think it's a little weird that we as a fandom compare their struggles/debate who has it worse? Ik it's different when talking through the lens of characters but sometimes it feels like this fandom is arguing over whether it's harder to be poor or harder to be black? which kinda seems off to me like they're different struggles/hard to quantify. I was just curious ur opinion cuz u seem v smart/well spoken to me but don't feel like u have to respond if u don't want

hey, good question. i’m glad you think highly enough of me to ask me, dude. i got really long and rambly about this answer, and i’m pretty tired, so sorry if it’s somewhat unintelligible.

in my opinion, i don’t think it’s that anyone necessarily wants to talk about this kind of thing just for kicks. like, no one’s going, “wow, let’s debate whether jack in the nhl or bitty in the deep south is in a more homophobic environment!” just for the hell of it, or because they want to pit the people who love those characters against each other. that might be a more comparable example to what i think you’re asking me.

to me, the nursey/dex privilege discourse exists in fandom because of patterns in the fandom moreso than the details of the comic itself, and the patterns of the fandom are a direct result of the world we live in. fandom is made up of people, and no person lives in a vacuum; by extension, fandom does not exist in a vacuum, unaffected by the world.

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The Bloodhound // Riverdale

Summary: Reader is a licensed private investigator for the family’s business upon graduating high school early. Having been sent to Riverdale to trail the high school music teacher Geraldine Grundy, Reader has to ensure her reason of being in Riverdale is secret especially with the sensitivity of the town. Hard to do when Jughead Jones calls her career the minute they converse.

Characters: Reader x unknown pairing, Jughead Jones Alice Cooper, Betty Cooper, Archie Andrews (mentioned), Geraldine Grundy (mentioned), Hal Cooper (mentioned), and Polly Cooper (mentioned).

Words: 1772

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters.

Warnings: Swearing, rude!Betty Cooper, Grundy-Archie affair, and lying.

Author: Caitsy

Requested: No.

Tagging: At the bottom.

A/N: When Grundy explained why she changed her name…I called bullshit. That pervy cougar has more than an abusive ex and I know it. Especially with her cougar eyes looking at those teenagers before she fled.

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It was summer when you were walking around town while hiding from everyone, you worked for your dad. You didn’t live in the town but you were an extremely young private investigator. At seventeen you had gotten your license after graduating high school a year early and joined the family business. Getting off topic here but your Dad had sent you to Riverdale for one of his customers.

You had your normal phone along with possibly sixty burner phones hidden under a loose floorboard in your motel room. They were critical in your line of business if you didn’t want to be tracked by the police.

You were hiding behind a unkempt building that seemed to be ignored by the town of Riverdale. You watched at the pastel mint green classic Volkswagen beetle slowly moved passed a construction sight. Inside of the person of interest with sunglasses on hiding her disgusting teenage boy preying eyes while seductively biting a straw.

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36 days until IB finals | 27.09.16

Revised Business for the first time since mocks! I’m getting closer to being on track with my swotvac study plan. (I summarised Business topics 1.1-1.4, did Mando vocab study,  complex numbers practice q’s and FINALLY finished my USyd Scholars personal statement!) still 4 days behind tho

I'm a Techie!

This last week I had the priveledge of speaking, along with 5 other real estate industry professionals, at the MetroTex Association of REALTORS Affliliate Forum. We are now dubbed “the metrotechies” and we all use technology as part of our business plan, and we spoke on why other agents should also. We had a great turnout (over 300 agents from all over DFW) and this got me thinking… the presentation I gave: Top 10 Reasons you should be using an iPad (or any tablet device) for your business, is really applicable to many industries, not just real estate.  So, here's the presentation for you, and I challenge you to apply it to your job, organization, industry, etc.

P.S. If you or anyone you know is considering buying or selling a home, I would love to talk real estate with them!

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Hey, wanted to ask about your opinion on the implication of Suga's bisexuality? I haven't been following you for long so I don't know if you've talked about it. Thanks.

my opinion is it’s none of our business tbh. I know many of you ask or make posts about it thinking it’s harmless to ask/question but whether it’s real or not, it is none of our business.

this main topic came from an interview translated from japanese to chinese and from chinese to english so things get lost in translation. with that and his lyrics are lyrics once again being lyrics and are played with through language and meaning and does not mean the exact direct translation. with that like I said, it’s none of our business, it really doesn’t change anything. he is still yoongi, he is still a great artist, rapper, producer, performer, friend, brother and  idol, his sexuality doesn’t change that. so just as he doesn’t really speak about it neither should we because like I said already 5 times, it doesn’t matter and it’s none of our business. and sexuality is a difficult topic for most people, especially in a culture such as his so having to deal with it is enough on his own regardless if he is or not, he doesn’t need people to make speculations and assumptions about it or him because 9 times out of 10 people are always wrong

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This blog is a Eurovision blog and that’s what it will always remain. There’s also some pretty things, Europe or music related, mostly.

However, in some very extreme situations, I might publish something else, very occasionally.

And these few days are an extreme situation in themselves. The French presidential election is tomorrow.

And there’s a woman who’s inherited the Nazi philosophy who’s in it. As in, not when you jokingly call someone a Nazi. Not a hyperbole.

But a woman who’s a daughter of a famous holocaust denier. Who hangs and works with neo-nazis. Who’s promoting a fascist ideology. Who, only a couple days ago, denied any French responsibility. And whose system is based on demonising and dehumanising and OTHERING another group. When it’s no longer fancy to dehumanise Jews and to lead propaganda against them, let’s do it to Muslims.

That’s the logic.

That’s what’s going on.

This is terrifying. Tomorrow, we learn if Europe as we know it is gonna prosper or heck, stagnate, for all I care… or if it’s gonna spit on the graves of all those who have been exterminated and discriminated against, and piss over the blood of all the victims of the extreme right by allowing it to access to power once again.

I live next to France. I consider France one of my main countries, even though I’m not French. I have family in France. I have friends in France. Some of them are not white. Or the right shade of white. Some of the people I don’t know have their own family who has suffered under the extreme right. Some others have already suffered racism. Europe has a horrible, horrible history when it allows dehumanising a group of people.

The world itself has a horrible history when it comes to dehumanisation.

And in Europe it’s still recent. It still burns. It’s our history. We either remember wars or have ancestors who remember them. We have seen people who suffered. We have said “never again”. And then we said “never again” once again.

This is France. This is a big European country. I’m afraid for Europe. For all of us. If we let France fall, it’s not only a country, in a purely abstract way that falls. It’s the people in it who suffer. And the rest of Europe will be affected too. Not only in a purely cold, abstract way… but people! Human beings!

This blog is supposed to be peace and love and eurovision and beauty, but history is being held hostage right now. So forgive me if I post about it even though it’s not the main topic of this blog. Maybe Europe is being put at stake here. And that’s everyone’s business and everyone’s topic.


The Signs as my Favourite Women in Literature pt.3 (Air)

Gemini - Scarlett o’Hara (Gone With The Wind)
Scarlett o’Hara is a dark-haired, green-eyed Southern-beauty. She inherited her fathers stubbornness which sometimes conflicts with the decent behaviour, society expects from her. On the outside she potrays the busy, kind and strong woman but her inner self only longs for her neighbour Ashley Wilkes. A great part of the young woman’s personality is determination, which helps her achieving everything she needs and wants in life. This determination conveys itself either through arrogant and backstabbing behaviour or through the sole will to survive and hard work. She is a woman who starts at the bottom just to end up at the top and she doesn’t even need help for she is strong enough on her own. That’s why she makes a great leader and businesswoman, bulding up her father’s plantation after leaving it and achieving great success. She is almost exlusively driven by logic and she has a hard time figuring out the feelings and motivations of others and herself. She can only see what’s happening on the exterior which is why she has no problem being ruthless and not bothering with kindness or honor especially in topics of business. Nevertheless, she has a bright mind, always coming up with unique ideas and evaluating situations perfectly. The only man she can’t think of in a logical way, is her neighbour whom she admires through the whole book. In matters of feelings she turns into a childish, insecure and overthinking girl, who didn’t notice her real love when he stood right in front of her. Scarlet knows exactly who she is and she never made any excuses about ignoring social norms, being manipulative or  probably hurting a lot of people. But we see her searching for love and stability like every other woman back then. And even though she never really knew where she belonged, she was able to develop such a brave and independent personality, that she was able to be her very own protection and stability and the one she coud rely on.

Libra - Elizabeth “Lizzie” Bennet (Pride and Prejudice)
Elizabeth is the second daughter of the family and like her sisters she acts lively, carefree and playful. Unlike her siblings she is good at seeing through people’s exterior, noticing their truest intentions. The young women is really proud of her quick wit and her ability to read people like a book. While her younger sisters are mostly interested in men, Lizzie is attracted to everything that conveys beauty, like literature and art. She can’t stand the frivolity of Lydia and Kitty and her mother who encourages both to act like they do. When she first meets Darcy, she discounts him as proud, snobbish and bad company whereas he notices her as one of the most beautiful women in the room. Elizabeth belives that she finds a lot of validations for her judgement about Darcy such as his behaviour about Wickham who she has found to be an honorable and kind man. While Darcy grows more and more attracted to her, she is drawn away from him especially when she finds out that he destroyed the relationship between her older sister Jane and his friend Bingley. Hence, Elizabeth refuses his proposal and tells him bluntly that his cold and pride behaviour prevented her from developing any feelings. As a result, Darcy writes a letter, clarifying things like his role  in the break of Jane and Bingley or his relationship to Wickham. Lizzie has to admit, that she made a mistake by judging him so hasty but she is too embarassed to apologize. Henceforth she is beginning to look at him with other eyes, slowly falling for him as he reveals a soft, protective side and becomes a man who would do anything for her. She sees her belief in true love becoming reality and shows a genuine gentleness and real affection instead of mockery and arrogance. In the end, Elizabeth remains in the reader’s head as a woman with a lot of self-respect, who isn’t afraid of honesty or using her sharp tongue. Lizzie is able to love with her whole heart, but only if her partner understands her deepest desires and respects her as his equal.

Aquarius - Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables)
Anne Shirley is extremely curious about life. She experiences every subject in its individual way and drinks in everything she senses. Anne has a vivid imagination and is an expert in telling fantastic tales about haunted forrests or ghosts. She loves to show others the beauty of life and the possibilities it has to offer. The red-haired girl has a strong sense of right and wrong as well and she posseses unswerving opinions. She romanticizes everything and operates a search for good in people. She tries to find good characteristics in every person she comes across and she wants to be and do good herself. But most of her life is taking place in her head. It’s easy for Anne to portray a completely contrary exterior to the way it looks inside of her. When you see her smiling, it’s possible that she really feels lonely and insecure. That’s why she needs friends who grant her attention and who are always there to listen to her. She even reads her books aloud to hear herself talking because she can’t stand being alone. She will give you her undivided loyalty if you’re always there for her. Anne Shirley can get pretty passionate about things and her fiery temper shows especially when you cross her. At the same time, she is one of the most friendly and kindred spirits you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet. Unfortunately, Anne has to go through mistakes and errors to learn important lessons and life can get pretty tough for her. But after all it’s just beautiful to watch this adventurous girl floating between dreams and reality and getting to know her through her crazy exploits.

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Discussing recording contracts in my music business class and the topic of EP's came up when a band signs a contract for a specified number of albums needed to deliver to the label during the contract. I know we once speculated a greatest hits album may have been an option to deliver during the contract, but could the Perfect EP have sufficed as a deliverable for the boys' contract? I can't remember if this has been discussed or if the boys ever delivered on all their albums.

We did discuss it and while some artists have used EP’s as albums, the 1D EP’s were just remixes of their songs with one new song, “Home,” so it’s incredibly unlikely that it would have served as a 6th album without more new material.

on the topic of kpop, i want to  say i don’t think what you identify with affects how you process things—for example: i lost serious interest in the fast and furious franchise as a means of very topically portraying a sense of street racing culture and catering to the audience gained in its success, after the third installment, but also appreciated the elevation in production value that leads to a much amplified experience of the original product. bad commercial art with successful execution can be sometimes on the same rung as good private art. you don’t have to like something for what it is but how it is.

#all this to say #kpop is my guilty pleasure #i’m coming out to you #mes confidents

you ever seen them music videos

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those girls are having fun

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Hi! Can I request Tracer, Hanzo, and/or Symettra with a s/o who stutters/has a speech impediment? The s/o is ashamed of how they talk, possibly after being made fun of or getting yelled at for their speech? And their partner consoles or reassures them? I know this is oddly specific, but it would mean a lot to see it filled! (∩´﹏`∩)

I hope you enjoy! :)

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... that's like, the stupidest thing I've ever seen. - octoweaponries

Rezzo: I will be responding to messages directed at Lord Rayil for the time being. He is quite busy.

Rezzo: On the topic of ‘Stupidest things ever seen’, Have you daresay..Looked in a mirror? Thank you.


Donald Trump promises mystery press conference — after bailing on last one

  • On Tuesday evening, Trump teased a “general news conference” to be held on Jan. 11 in New York.
  • Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks confirmed in an email to Mic that the president-elect’s team did “anticipate” a discussion of how the president-elect would remove himself from his international business empire as one topic that might be raised at the conference. Read more

Omarosa, former ‘Apprentice’ star, reportedly joining Donald Trump administration

  • Former The Apprentice star Omarosa Manigualt is set to join Trump’s administration, the Associated Press reported.
  • According to the AP, Manigault, who worked as director of African-American outreach during Trump’s campaign, will have a job involving public engagement. Read more

Donald Trump trusts Julian Assange over his own US intelligence officers

  • In a tweet Wednesday morning, Trump repeated the claim Assange made to Fox News that it was not the Russians who gave him the hacked emails of John Podesta.
  • Members of Trump’s own party called Trump out for taking Assange’s side over the U.S. intelligence community.
  • U.S. intelligence officials have roundly concluded that Russia was behind the hack. Read more
Twitter is adding a slew of new shows in its quest to be a hub for live video

(Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.Associated Press)

Twitter is ramping up its live video efforts with the announcement of more than 12 media partners that will stream content on its network this year.

The new slate of content includes live news shows around topics like business and sports from BuzzFeed, The Player’s Tribune, Bloomberg, and others. Entertainment partners, such as Live Nation and PGA Tour, will stream sports games, pop culture talk shows, and music concerts.

Twitter sees live video as a new growth opportunity for its struggling ad business. During the company’s last earnings call, COO Anthony Noto boasted that more than 800 hours of live video were streamed during the quarter. Those live videos drew 45 million unique viewers, up 31% from the previous quarter, according to the company. 

Here’s Twitter’s description of its new lineup of live shows:


  • NFL:  Starting this fall, we are extending our LIVE and Amplify relationship with the NFL. The NFL will produce live daily programming (Sunday-Thursday) on Twitter centered around the latest NFL news, including key storylines, fantasy projections, team power rankings, and pre-game updates, all delivered from the NFL’s top analysts. The collaboration also includes live Periscope video before kickoff to games and video-on-demand highlights during marquee primetime matchups including Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football.
  • WNBA:  Starting later this month, for the first time the WNBA will live stream a weekly regular-season game on Twitter (20 total per season) during the 2017, 2018 and 2019 seasons. Twitter will deliver live action of the best in women’s basketball and the best in fan conversation about each game all on one screen.
  • MLBAM: In addition to weekly live MLB games that stream on Twitter this season, a new 3-hour once weekly MLB program will live stream exclusively on Twitter. The whip-around show will feature live MLB game look-ins and highlights, and tap into the power of Twitter by delivering those top moments and discussing MLB storylines as they’re trending in real-time. Stay tuned for more information regarding timing and talent.
  • STADIUM: A new, original, fully programmed, 24/7 linear experience will stream live on Twitter in the coming months. This network will integrate exclusive live collegiate sporting events, extensive highlights, classic games, and daily live studio programming. Combining the production quality and editorial values of TV with the speed, accessibility, conversation and interactivity of Twitter, STADIUM infuses real-time, fan sentiment and feedback into every sports conversation, covering the topics that matter most to sports fans as they happen.
  • The Players’ Tribune: #Verified, a modern forum for athletes to connect directly with fans, will be a live show, exclusively on Twitter, featuring athletes answering fan questions and sharing their insight, reactions and timely takes on important topics on and off the field.  Driven by Twitter and fan-submitted questions, the series will debut in the coming months and will feature regular interviews from some of the most popular players across sports, including Karl-Anthony Towns, A.J. Green and Richard Sherman.  
  • PGA TOUR: Building upon the current live stream relationship between Twitter and PGA TOUR LIVE that features more than 70 hours of live competition coverage across 31 tournaments, the PGA TOUR will live stream 360 video of the iconic island 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass during THE PLAYERS Championship (from May 11-14) on Periscope and Twitter.


  • Bloomberg Media: Bloomberg will debut the first-ever 24/7 breaking news network that will be global, live, social and exclusively on Twitter. The new live streaming news network, to launch this fall, will combine the vast global editorial and news gathering capabilities of Bloomberg with the digital power, conversation and speed of Twitter.
  • The Verge: Coming this fall, Circuit Breaker: The Verge’s Gadget Show is a weekly live program that will review and experiment with the hottest gadgets everyone wants right now, and the weirdest ones we’ll want tomorrow, hosted by The Verge’s Nilay Patel.
  • BuzzFeed News: MorningFeed, a brand new morning news and current events show broadcast live on Twitter by BuzzFeed, will reach an audience that wakes up hungry for the latest in “fire Tweets.” Hosts will bring news and memes to the audience where they are - on their timeline - from reporters in the field to special guests on set.
  • Cheddar: Cheddar’s hour-long Opening Bell will stream live daily at 9am ET from the New York Stock Exchange, beginning today. This expands on Cheddar’s successful Closing Bell show at 3pm ET, which has aired on Twitter since last October.


  • Live Nation: Live Nation will deliver select Live Nation concerts and original content exclusively on Twitter. The concert series launches on Saturday, May 13th with a live stream of the three-time GRAMMY-winning multi-platinum Zac Brown Band. The event kicks-off their highly anticipated new album ‘WELCOME HOME’ (Elektra/Atlantic) and their 2017 tour in their hometown of Atlanta on a sold-out opening weekend at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park. Grammy Award-winning San Francisco rock band Train, Portugal. The Man, August Alsina and Marian Hill will also live stream one of their upcoming shows. Additional artists will be announced.
  • IMG Fashion: IMG Fashion will bring its premium designer and brand relationships to a live content program consisting of exclusive runway shows and behind-the-scenes Fashion Week content for Twitter users, live, from New York, Milan, Paris, London and beyond in September 2017. IMG Fashion will also work closely with Twitter to leverage opportunities exclusive to Twitter users globally.
  • Propagate: #WhatsHappening is a new live daily, entertainment-driven, primetime show on everything in the world that embraces Twitter’s unique conversation. See every side of pop culture, music,  binge-worthy television, celebrity Tweets, and top trending discussions as they unfold around the globe.

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I expected exols to be bitter about bts getting the daesang but the fact that the ex'act album producer said exo “should” have fun is ridiculous. I didn’t that an adult with a business relationship to the topic would have the same maturity level as a few biased teenage fans. It’s also ridiculous how people say we should respect his opinion when he was basically saying bts didn’t deserve to win. “exo should’ve won” and “I wanted exo to win” are so different and this is coming from a non fan.