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  • Seven: *putting up Christmas tree*
  • Seven: Sorry can't hear you over the sound of a 'hOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS ITS THE BEST TIME OF THE YEEAAARRRR'
  • Seven: There's side view, rear view, and what else?
  • MC: ..what else
  • Seven: I loview ;)
  • MC: Get lost you dorky bun
Keep your life private and you’ll enjoy it. Never put your business in public and then expect the public to stay out of your business. If you have a problem with someone don’t tell social media, tell the person involved.

At the end, it’s the little things that you remember. 

Ten years from now, you’re not going to remember how expensive the designer watch that your first love bought for you was, or the times when he claimed his love for you with a bouquet of roses. You’re going to make hundreds of similar memories with different people and eventually, you’ll forget all about the grand, carefully planned out moments. 

Instead, all that’s going to be embedded in your memories are the little details. Some days when you’re feeling sad, the memory of you two laughing at an especially bad joke is suddenly going to pop up and make you smile again. At 3A.M., when you’re unable to fall asleep, you’re going to remember how you snuggled with him late at night and how he whispered in your ear about how happy he was to have you in his life. 

It’s not going to be about your senior prom or the trip you took to Hawaii, but about the late-night video chats and soft kisses stolen under the moonlight. What he leaves you with are the memories of you two sharing earphones and listening to your favorite music, your first time holding hands with his thumb mindlessly rubbing over yours, and the rush of emotions that charged through your veins when you softly called his name out to yourself. 

Although at first you won’t remember the little details of your love story, in the end, they are all that are going to matter.

—  little things