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Major Arcana

0 The Fool – New beginnings, optimism, trust in life; Reversed: Delays

1 The Magician – Action, the power to manifest; Reversed: Misunderstandings.

2 The High Priestess – Inaction, going within, the subconscious; Reversed: Manipulations.

3 The Empress – Abundance, nurturing, fertility, life in bloom; Reversed: Neglect

4 The Emperor – Structure, stability, rules and power; Reversed: Chaos

5 The Hierophant – Institutions, tradition, society and its rules; Reversed: Hypocrisy

6 The Lovers – Sexuality, passion, choice, uniting; Reversed: Separation

7 The Chariot – Movement, progress, integration; Reversed: Defeat

8 Strength – Courage, subtle power, integration of animal self; Reversed: Fear

9 The Hermit – Meditation, solitude, consciousness; Reversed: Isolation

10 Wheel of Fortune – Cycles, change, ups and downs; Reversed: Stagnation

11 Justice – Fairness, equality, balance; Reversed: Lies

12 The Hanged Man – Surrender, new perspective, enlightenment; Reversed: Stubbornness.

13 Death – The end of something, change, the impermeability of all things; Reversed: Limbo

14 Temperance – Balance, moderation, being sensible; Reversed: Impatience

15 The Devil – Destructive patterns, addiction, giving away your power; Reversed: Freedom

16 The Tower – Collapse of stable structures, release, sudden insight; Reversed: Control

17 The Star – Hope, calm, a good omen; Reversed: Darkness

18 The Moon – Mystery, the subconscious, dreams; Reversed: Paranoia

19 The Sun – Success, happiness, all will be well; Reversed: Failure

20 Judgment – Rebirth, a new phase, inner calling; Reversed: Regrets

21 The World – Completion, wholeness, attainment, celebration of life; Reversed: Incomplete

Suit of Swords
• Other Names: Staves, arrows, spades
• Element: Air
Attributes: Active, male
Astrological Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
• Direction: West
Season: Pagan – Spring / Esoteric – Autumn
• Self: Mind, thoughts, intellect
Jungian Function: Thinking
Body Part: Head
Qabbalistic World: Yetzirah – the Formative World

Air is seen as the intellect, logic and reasoning. An active element, Air circulates and so cleanses; it carries your thoughts and dreams; is also expansive when hot and is said to be expressive. Your mind or thoughts can be seen as clear or clouded; speech requires breath, which requires air.

Swords represent logic, the mind and your thoughts. They deal with problems and troubles, planning, communication, ideas, your intellect and how you use it. They represent your daily and life struggles, problems in general. The very nature of a sword is aggressive and warlike. Combined with the swiftness of air, the combination can see situations arise quickly. The ability to see clearly means resolution is quick also. Swords people are great thinkers. You will find them in study, research, academia, the sciences, law courts and libraries. They love to learn and live to do it in any capacity.

Keywords: decisions, worries, problems, issues, tension, communication, intelligence, disagreements; arguments, logic, reason, cognition, ideas, inspirations, balance, equilibrium, the mind, mentalism, thinking, facts and figures, definition.
Reversed: vicious, ruthless, manipulative, cold, unemotional, spite and malice, accidents, inertia, indecision, confusion, mental blockages, biased, illogical, mental health issues, negative life changes.

• King – Serious, controlling, rational and mind/intellect-focused; Reversed: Foolish
• Queen – Intelligent, writer, communicative yet cold; Reversed: Ineffective
• Knight – Fierce, determined, aggressively pursues goals; Reversed: Boredom
• Page – mentally unstable or intellectually immature, acts without thinking; Reversed: Stupidity
• Ace of Swords – A fresh start, a sudden opportunity or idea, clarity; Reversed: Improbable
• 2 – Indecision; Reversed: Conflicts
• 3– Heartbreak, betrayal; Reversed: Torment
• 4 – Meditation, rest, retreat; Reversed: Disturbance
• 5 – Mind games, hostility; Reversed: Treachery
• 6 – Leaving, accepting help, going somewhere better; Reversed: Trouble
• 7 – Secret plans, abandoning ship; Reversed: Clumsiness
• 8 – feeling powerless and stuck; Reversed: Escaping
• 9 – Overactive mind, anxiety; Reversed: Martyrdom
• 10 – Feeling defeated, self-sabotage; Reversed: Sabotage

Suit of Cups
• Other Names: Chalices, Grails, Cauldrons, Hearts, Vessels
• Element: Water
Attributes: Passive, female; cold, wet
Astrological Signs: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio
• Direction: East
Season: Pagan – Autumn- / Esoteric – Summer
• Self: Emotions, love, receptivity
Jungian Function: Feeling
Body Part: Heart
Qabbalistic World: Briah – the Creative World

Water is seen as the emotions, your feelings, and your intuition. Considered passive, water can be deep or shallow; you like the ocean, are responsive to the moon; your tears can rise and fall; out of control, your emotions flood;

Cups represent your emotions, feelings, your subconscious, intuition and psychism. They deal with love affairs, all relationships, inner expression, your reactions or responses and the pursuit of happiness. Generally passive and not outwardly extrovert, creativity through expression are some of the traits of this suit. Careers are usually in the arts or creative pursuits, they are, poets, painters, florists and designers, nurses, social workers and care-givers. Cups people are happy in the background doing their own thing, though they are often actors distinguishing the limelight from private time like no others.

Keywords: creative, intuitive, clairsentient, psychic, passive, affectionate, receptive, imaginative, caring, relationships, love, dreams, sensitivity, romantic, artistic, spiritual, compassionate, tactile, nurturing, the unconscious mind, domesticity, culture, expression, flexibility, fluidity, calm motion, serenity, empathetic, aesthetics and beauty.
Reversed: needy, co-dependent, intense, neglectful, fantasists, uncaring, cold, unfeeling, moody, unresponsive, illogical, lost, negative, pessimistic, emotional, overly sentimental, tearful, selfish.

• King – Repression of deep feelings, possible alcoholism; Reversed: Selfishness
• Queen – Emotionally nurturing, intuitive, sensitive; Reversed: Ignorance
• Knight – Romantic, adventurous, following one’s heart; Reversed: Pessimism
• Page – Creative, inspired, learning artistic skill; Reversed: Gloomy
• Ace of Cups – emotional fulfillment, joy; Reversed: Indifferent
• 2 – Partnership, mutual attraction, compatibility; Reversed: Abandonment
• 3 – Celebration, fun with friends, laughter; Reversed: Jealousy
• 4 – Boredom, dissatisfaction with what is being offered; Reversed: Avoidance
• 5 – Dwelling on the negative, self-pity; Reversed: Alienation
• 6 – Sentimentality, kindness, help; Reversed: Discouraging
• 7 – So many choices, indecision, getting lost in fantasy, wishing and dreaming; Reversed: Lethargic
• 8 – Abandoning something in search of something better, vision; Reversed: Sacrifice
• 9 – Indulgence, self-satisfaction; Reversed: Disintegration
• 10 – Emotional bliss, happiness, attainment; Reversed: Disruption

Suit of Wands
• Other Names: Batons, Staves, Rods, Clubs, Staffs, Scepters
• Element: Fire
Attributes: Active, masculine; hot, dry
Astrological Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
• Direction: South
Season: Pagan – Summer / Esoteric – Spring
• Self: Will, actions, desire
Jungian Function: Intuition
Body Part: Genitals
Qabbalistic World: Atziluth – the Archetypal World

Fire is energy and action, passion, drive and ambition. An active element, it can cause permanent change; is expansive; can be aggressive; is pro-active and undeterred.

Wands represent creativity, energy, passion and action. They cover your spiritual pursuits, your career and creative projects. Leadership, self-growth and general optimism are some traits of this suit. Careers are usually in business, they are leaders, entrepreneurial & sales focused. Wands people like to get ahead and are generally pro-active in all their activities. With an unrivaled healthy vitality, they are often accomplished sports people.

Keywords: intuition; creativity; vitality; sexuality; spirituality; vision; energetic; outgoing; impulsive; motivational; pro-active; spirit and spirited; optimistic; enterprise; commerce; business; careers; opportunities; the thrill of the chase; competitive; growth; personal development; inspirational; enthusiastic; sexual; passionate; action; movement; initiation.
Reversed: rash; impetuous; ruthless; greedy; narrow-minded; hyperactive; brash; manipulative; conniving; mean-spirited; overly optimistic; risk takers; heartless; aggressive; selfish; misleading; sadistic; distrusting of others.

• King – Career focused, mature, passionate; Reversed: Impostor
• Queen – Confidant, focused, has zest for life; Reversed: Fatigue
• Knight – An adventurous risk taker who follows his passions; Reversed: Apathy
• Page – newly inspired, excited about life and work; Reversed: Passive
• Ace of Wands – New beginnings, creative spark, fertile ideas; Reversed: Unpromising
• 2 – Contemplation, assessing one’s life direction; Reversed: Dispute
• 3 – Reaping the rewards of your efforts; Reversed: Idleness
• 4 – Celebration, safety, the home; Reversed: Discord
• 5 – Competition, minor struggles or disagreements; Reversed: Timidness
• 6 – Success, accolades and achievement; Reversed: Disapproval
• 7 – Feeling defensive and on guard; Reversed: Yielding
• 8 – Speed, things manifesting quickly; Reversed: Stagnation
• 9 – Pessimism, gearing up for the worst; Reversed: Weakness
• 10 – Feeling oppressed, exhaustion, too many responsibilities; Reversed: Impractical

Suit of Pentacles
• Other Names: Disks, Coins, Deniers, Stones, Diamonds
• Element: Earth
Attributes: Passive, female
Astrological Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
• Direction: North
Season: Pagan – Winter / Esoteric – Winter
• Self: Body,
Jungian Function: Sensation
Body Part: Feet
Qabbalistic World: Assiah

Earth is seen as the material, the physical & the sensual. A Passive element, Earth allows growth & production; promotes prosperity; is the foundation on which anything is built.

Pentacles, represent all things material and physical, what you experience using your senses. They deal with your money, business deals, material possessions, your job, arts, crafts, your home & garden. Working hard & getting the job done are attributes of this suit. Pentacle people don’t mind getting their hands dirty whether that’s working with the land or in a factory. Strong & dependable, often found in the trades, removals, farming, landscaping & homemaking.

Keywords: sensual, sexual; strong; lithe; dependable; reliable; stoic; practical; skilled & skillful; artistic; common sense; traditional; regular; straightforward; grounded; sensible; lush; fertile; growth; luxury; wealth; prosperity; apprenticeships; scholarships; dull; dutiful; realistic; down-to-earth; materialistic; money motivated; domesticity; health & fitness; exercise.
Reversed: miserly; slave drivers; workaholics; pleasure seekers; neglectful; shoddy work; dullards; negative; pessimistic; superstitious; thoughtless; penny pinchers; lazy; unforgiving; selfish; greedy; covetous; moronic.

• King – Enjoys the good life (food, drink and leisure), financially secure; Reversed: Hoarder
• Queen – Healthy in body and finances, grounded and calm; Reversed: Unreasonable
• Knight – Cautious, sensible and slow to progress; Reversed: Inexperienced
• Page – Student, commitment to learning; Reversed: Rookie
• Ace of Pentacles – Financial reward, clarity of life purpose, goals; Reversed: Debt
• 2 – Balance, multitasking; Reversed: Impractical
• 3 – Meaningful work, enjoying one’s work, suitable career; Reversed: Mediocrity
• 4 – Hoarding, feeling poor, holding self-back out of fear; Reversed: Greed
• 5 – Minor money troubles, health problems, feeling like an outsider; Reversed: Helplessness
• 6 – Charity, accepting and giving help; Reversed: Cruelty
• 7 – Patience, waiting for your plans to bear fruit; Reversed: Unemployment
• 8 – Hard work, focused efforts, laying the groundwork; Reversed: Skill-shortage
• 9 – Luxury, rest, financial and material comforts; Reversed: Dependency
• 10 – Financial success, strong business relationships; Reversed: Restrictions

There is no Minor League in business.

A cruel truth about business: different to the world of sports there is no fairness. 

If you start a company in your garage - you don’t compete with all the garage companies in the town or the country…

From the first day on you swim with the sharks. 

All unicorns, Fortune500 enterprises, old money, the syndicates and undercover organizations, … - they all operate right next to you. 

Most of the times you might get away by being overlooked. But once in while you might find yourself eye to eye… 

Try to be aware of - but not intimidated by that.

How to still have a chance:

  • don’t panic.
  • find your niche and exploit it.
  • understand your customer better than anyone else.
  • be fast and really good.
  • build a love band.
  • Understand staying in business as a form of success. 

Your m

Not too sure what happened to this spread, but it reminds me of the stickers that I give my younger tutoring students… 🐚also, why did I think that I would have less to write in my bujo in the summer?? I have SO much going on that I can hardly keep track! Thursday alone I had two interviews (one for part-time nannying, which I pretty much got on the spot, and one at Winners that I will hear back about next week)… next week I am meeting new tutoring students on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, plus I recently got the opportunity to do some promotional work for really good pay but super long hours in the hot sun. At this point I’m not even sure what to say yes and what to say no to!!!

Curiosity Stroked the Cat

Request: “Ok ok hear me out, what if Peter is out with Ned, and comes back home later to see that the reader is wearing his suit, and gets immensely turned on. Is this even possible to make? Cause I’d live for this!”

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 2.7k

Warnings: Smut

Snuggling a little tighter into your jacket as the chilly breeze sifted through the streets of Brooklyn, you turned the corner to find yourself in front of Peter’s apartment block. It was becoming a common occurrence to end up here after you had decided to get fresh air to think, your feet always managing to lead you to the greatest source of comfort in your life. After learning about his big secret, it had just felt so much easier to lay your own out on the table, since there was nothing in your life that surpassed the severity of holding on to a secret identity that important.  

So, tugging your heavy boots into the front foyer and up the stairs, with a light rap at the door, Peter’s Aunt was greeting you with a warm smile.

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Meryl Streep, Penny Marshall, and Carrie Fisher

Photographed by Art Schreiber at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles on December 2, 1996.

Friendship is the recess from the graduate school of life. My friendship with Penny and Meryl has the sense of a secret handshake of shared sensibility, of shared history. Penny is disgruntled, courageous, and funny.
Meryl is maternal, grounded, funny, and so loyal it’s impossible for you to hate her for her talent, her long marriage, her many children, or her beauty, which seems unlikely to dimish anytime soon.

We three are in the same business in three different ways, though we originally started out in the same union. Penny and I changed careers in midstream around the same time and branched off into work behind the camera; Meryl remains luminous and astonishing before the lens. Penny and I are suspicious party throwers, exhausted workaholics who understand each other through various overlapping idiosyncrasies; we finish, if not anticipate, each other’s sentences.
Meryl’s empathy runs rampant; she never loses faith in her friends’ ability to bend back into shape. Or her ability to speak in shorhand and silence. I have been sustained by these women through adverse times and personal difficulties. We play for fun and for keeps till the bell rings.

My friend Ed Moses said years ago that there were tribes who roamed the earth and each one ahd a magic person, even in as unlikely a place as show business, the capital of opportunism, ulterior motives, what someone can do for you instead of with gratitude. My friends, my close friends are my family, my kin. We worry when we feel that one of us is not doing well; we revel in one another’s successes. Both these broads wear my ring, share a mutual masseuse and, yes, even a tendency to gossip. These chicks are born stars. And their aim is true.
*Carrie Fisher on her best friends
(Vanity Fair Magazine, USA, March 1997)
Frank Ocean's dad sues him over his Tumblr response to the Pulse shooting
The singer claimed his dad directed a homophobic slur at a transgender waitress.

Last summer, after 49 people were killed at Pulse in Orlando, Frank Ocean wrote a Tumblr post in response detailing his experiences with homophobia. In the post, he alleges that his father called a transgender waitress a “f*ggot” when Frank was 6 and “dragged me out a neighborhood diner saying we wouldn’t be served because she was dirty.”

Ocean’s father, Calvin Cooksey, has filed a defamation lawsuit against his son over the post, seeking $14.5 million in damages.

Cooksey reportedly claims that Ocean fabricated the incident and that the note cost him business opportunities in film and music. This isn’t the first multi-million lawsuit Cooksey has pursued. In 2014, he filed a $142 million lawsuit against hip-hop entrepreneur Russell Simmons for characterizing him as a “deadbeat dad” on the website Global Grind.

Yikes. To be continued. 

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Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial thinking requires that you view the world differently. You can learn to view situations from a different perspective by observing and listening carefully. Business opportunities are everywhere; you just have to learn how to recognize them when you come across them.  How would you solve these three problems?

  1. Check out your community. Are there problems that people are always complaining about? Can you think of a creative way to resolve the problem?
  2. Check out your friends. How do they use certain products? Do they have to make adjustments? Do they use them for other purposes? Do you have an idea for a more convenient use?
  3. Do you have younger brothers and sisters? What annoys them? Is there a business idea that would meet their needs/wants that would also meet other kids their age?

anonymous asked:

What do you think slytherins would be like finding out their friends ditched them on an important date to go do something else? (for instance a milestone birthday or a celebration of success being ditched for another birthday or even just other people) Im just curious

• they’d try to act like they don’t care first, cos we gotta uphold that No Emotions™ image

• so they’d like smile and be like ‘yeah sure no problem, I’ll just go by myself’ but they’re actually super pissed about it

• pettiness level 100000. literally whenever that friend wants something from them in the future they’ll bring up how they ditched them on that important day.

• may or may not unfollow their friend on every social media (‘oh i see, NOW you care about what I do’)

• will not text the person back for at least a week, because they’re 'busy’

• gleefully awaits the opportunity to ditch their friend, because paybacks a bitch

• will not tell their friend they’re pissed off like EVER even though everyone can clearly see that they are

• they will get over it at some point, but don’t expect it to happen anytime soon

Harry Styles’ Natal Chart Analysis

So many of you have been asking me to do this forever and I finally finished it and decided to post it! It’s quite long but quite worth the read.  (And very interesting.  Especially if you want to see what you have in common with him!) 

A general note: none of this is written from any bias or from what we as fans already know. It was taken from websites and books that I own, as well as my own knowledge of the signs and how they affect a person.  Read this willing to note the positive AND negative aspects of his personality. 

Please feel free to ask me any questions about my own personal feelings/interpretations of this, or chime in with your own! 

Without further ado and below the cut, here is… the Natal Chart of Harry Styles.

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anonymous asked:

I came to ask for hartwin fic recs and saw your ask box caption and now I'm laughing while typing coz I finally decided to descend into hartwin hell after sitting in sidelines for years and appreciating artworks, so this will be my first time reading hartwin fics, and your dressing room #1 is free, yea, what are the absolute must read hartwin fics? (fandom classic or not, doesn't matter) Thanks in advance :)

Dressing Room #1 is always free, oh yeaaaah. ;)

And welcome to the wonderful world of Hartwin fanfic! You are in for a treat. I went on a massive Hartwin binge when I first got into fandom and literally failed to bookmark anything I read, so sadly my list will be fairly small.

First, I am going to start by suggesting you read anything and everything by: AnnaofAza, futuredescending, fideliant, and missbecky. I can’t even choose my favourites among them–all are beautifully told renditions and views of Hartwin, ranging from the downright angsty to bittersweet to fluff-filled toe-curling happiness we all want for them. Close your eyes, pick a fic from these four and I promise you will be happy with your choice :)

I don’t know about fandom classics: I know there are a few that have become quite popular but sadly I haven’t read them (mostly because of time–some of those guys are massive) so I can’t vouch for them but their popularity gives them credence :) 

Here are a few of my current faves:

Pin-Up by moonflowers

Rated M. Harry falls in love with a pin-up model from one of those cheesy calendars. He ends up meeting said model and promptly loses the ability to function like a normal human being. Hilarious, sweet and a wonderful slow build that had me giggling and squirming in my seat.

Follow Me Out, Across The Stars by sassafrasx

Rated M. Eggsy has some serious hero worship for astronaut/explorer Harry Hart. This all comes to a head when Eggsy is picked to join Kingsman in their next mission. Copious amounts of flirting, getting caught masturbating and mutual pining galore. Excellent pacing and humour and SPACE!!

Buy Me Something Pretty by Regency

Rated T. Sugar Daddy Harry and Sugar Baby Eggsy but with a twist. I love their dynamic in this, how they approach it as a business opportunity and how they catch feelings in the aftermath. An interesting dynamic and Roxy and Eggsy’s friendship in this is great.

cannon fodder by ViolyntFemme

Rated E. What if Eggsy was sent to Kentucky instead of Harry? What if it was Harry left behind, thinking Eggsy was dead, ruminating with grief and regret on their last fight? An excellent retelling of canon events that sheds light on Harry’s vulnerability, employs excellent use of side characters and traitorous agents, and Harry and Merlin’s dialogue is superb.

Broken Crown by Damned_Writers

Rated M (warning for depictions of war and PTSD). I haven’t yet finished it (it is so dense and really heart wrenching so I am still taking my time with it) but literally one of my favourite fics I have read in a long time. Harry is prince-turned King of England, Eggsy is the gardener. They meet when Harry thinks Eggsy is trespassing on royal property. What follows is a whirlwind romance set agains the backdrop of WW2, misunderstandings and uncertainties, how duty and responsibility and war draw them apart and back together. The writing is masterful, lyrical and the way they write Harry and Eggsy… it has literally made me cry. I adore it so much, even if it kills me. Influences from The King’s Speech and Testament of Youth.

under my skin (tried so not to give in) by venvephe

Rated E. Eggsy uses kissing Harry on missions as a diversion tactic. Then it stops becoming a diversion tactic and just an excuse to Eggsy to snog Harry. 

Okay, so my rec list is hella lame and I apologize. But I am going to tag @thisbirdhadflown for two reasons: so they can give more recs if they so wish and for everyone to check out their blog because they are doing the lord’s work. They rec Kingsman fics a lot. In separate posts and in once-a-month posts. They don’t just focus on Hartwin either so you get a bit of everything. I hope my paltry list gets you started! :)


It’s Deeper than Some Damn Tee Shirts*********

It seems as though all anyone is ever talking about these days are the Kardashian-Jenner clan. The family rose to fame through a series of public moments, including a sex tape featuring the most talked about daughter, Kim Kardashian. Perhaps the most influential source of their fame stems from their reality series, “Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s.” Additional business opportunities, like cosmetics deals and clothing companies, have emerged through the success of their show, which leads us to where we are now. Although the girls have always been discussed in some manner, lately the conversation has turned from how outrageous their antics are to highlight, what many believe to be, their blatant and unrepentant attempts to seize much of the black culture.

Recently, Kendall and Kylie Jenner posted vintage style musician tee shirts to their online clothing site, with the likeness of artists such as The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur and Ozzy Osbourne. It would have been a harmless, even reverential gesture had they not decided to place photos of themselves over the images. Not only did they receive a massive amount of backlash from Hip Hop fans in particular, the move provoked a counter blast from Biggie’s mother Voletta Wallace. She took to Instagram, along with Suge Knight, to express her immense feelings of disgust towards the Jenner’s for failing to contact her, or Tupac’s estate, for permission to create clothing that features her deceased son. Suge Knight chimed in to support Ms. Wallace, also taking the time to send a direct message to Kylie’s ex Tyga about his uncondoned use of Knight’s ‘Death Row’ logo for his own personal clothing line. After witnessing such a catastrophic out poor of negative feedback, it’s very hard to believe that the two didn’t see this one coming.

In an effort to stop the bleeding, the girls pulled the tees from their online site and had their attorney’s draft a formal apology, which they promptly posted to their social media outlets. Unfortunately for Kendall and Kylie, the damage had already been done, and on one too many occasions. If we have ever given them the benefit of the doubt, how long should that courtesy be extended? If it’s not defacing black icons, it’s using lingo and wearing fashion (not to mention companion preference) from the heritage. It can often be difficult to use the word ‘appropriation’ in a situation like this because it implies that another’s culture was “borrowed” when, in fact, it was taken without notice and devoid of acknowledgement for who gave birth to it. Now, the idea that one must clear permission to utilize a fashion statement from a specific culture is ridiculous, but what’s even more preposterous is trying to rename and rebrand that which was never yours to begin with. It’s like using toilet tissue for the first time and loving it so much you decide to call it “ass paper” and tell your friends you invented it. There is no way this world would allow anyone to overlook Joseph Gayetty’s contribution to society. Sounds like a good old fashioned double standard.

As often as African-American’s love to invite other races to “the cookout,” it has remained obvious that many of us enjoy seeing others properly appreciating our culture, but when they become too bothered by the idea of acknowledging where their inspiration originated, many will feel the need to question that individual’s underlying issue with voicing their admiration for what we do and how we do it. As for the rest of us, that courtesy was short lived and passed long ago. We peep the process.

One Jump Ahead - Avengers x Reader (May Song Challenge)

Words: 2613
Pairing: Avengers x Reader
Featuring: Wade Wilson, and practically all of the avengers. I’m not kidding.
Warnings: SWEARING, Mention of hacking, guns, fighting, explosions, punching, basically every form of violence an Avengers movie uses.
Summary: Inspired by the song One Jump Ahead from Aladdin, you are a thief just trying to make it in New York. After graduating high school, things got hard. And like Aladdin says, gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat, but little does your friend know that you steal more than just the necessities. And when the Avengers get on your trail, things take a turn.
Authors Note: I LOVE ALADDIN. I love this fic. it’s a super long fic, obviously, so let’s see how this goes! Kinda OOC Wade because he doesn’t break the fourth wall, but, ya know. Just go with it.

What is this challenge? Jadyn’s Version. Ao3.

Song Challenge / Avengers / Full Masterlist

“Three…two…one,” You smiled when the alarm started to go off. You were already blocks away from the alarm, and it was one of the easier robberies. That store gets robbed a lot, they should really look into security.

You stopped when you landed on the roof of the place you claimed as your home, not that it was much, though. You watched the sun rise and took a bite from the bread you just stole from the store, the amusement of seeing the cop cars coming around the corners to get to the blaring alarm. You’ve got to be the best thief New York has ever seen. Young enough to pass off as a million characters, easy to hide, and you know everything there is to know about New York.

You jumped down the hatch to your small home that no one knew existed. It was the attic of an apartment building that has restricted access at the door, but no one went in the doors anyway; so you have heat, air conditioning, and if you sneak around, a bathroom.

“Getting into trouble a little early today, aren’t we, (Y/N)?” You heard the cunning and deep voice who loved to tease you.

You laughed and split the bread in half. “You’re only in trouble if you get caught,” You snapped, a smirk on your face. “Want some bread?”

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