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please tell me the girl genius universe contains a genre of overwrought not-quite-romance novels in which minions find their perfect masters and through various melodramatic and contrived situations fall in loyalty


New Wands in the Shop & Major Changes

This is not the same sort of update as I normally do. Just letting all of you know there are going to be some HUGE changes to my shop. I got a notice from Warner Brothers last night that I cannot use anything with ‘Harry Potter’ or content of the book in my work. It was a little discouraging, but I mulled it over and will continue to make wands and just list them a little differently. In a way, this works out better so people can choose a wand specific to their personality rather than anything pre-sorted and I can expand on things more inspired by other books like Lord of the Rings and Magician: Apprentice. I am having to redo all my listings to reflect these changes, but do not worry! I will still continue to do custom orders to your specifications and will have everything re-listed this week.



Oh well that’s quite a big question! I guess in a nutshell I would say I am a type A workaholic who is also an artist. I am a student of life, business, literature, and humanity. I wear too much black, drink too much coffee, and eat too many carbs. My drink is scotch neat. My guilty pleasures are soft pretzels, Mexican food, and cookie dough ice cream.
I am happiest when I am laughing and having fun with people I love or when I am creating characters and being immersed in a new world. I’m not sure I know how to exactly answer this because I’m still learning it myself. But that’s sort of the exciting thing about life isn’t it?

You are always learning and growing and changing and becoming something new.

For the history lovers…. amazing book about the thriving black business in Tulsa in the 1920s .

Sad this is barely talked about in history there were black pharmacies, movie theaters, lawyers, doctors, restaurants , grocery stores etc

Conflicts for thought.

There are no guns, planes or birds,
Where people say insulting words,
There’s race, gender, sex and status,
No prejudices in the education syllabus’.

Tribes, families, communities and church,
Just exchange of words in the world of work,
Marches and boots and hair and culture,
Predators and prey like mice and vulture.

Religion can calm and heal and ease,
It’s those dumb voices who mock and tease,
Drugs and faith and confident language,
Most insults are lack of studying and garbage.


Some character designs and concepts I did to participate to a project (I wasn’t chosen at the end, but whatever). It should have been an erotic-themed story settled in the closed environment of the Japanese nobility of the early XIII century, a love story between Kiyou (daughter of an important government officer) and Utahime (a blind koto’s teacher). For this plot I took heavily inspiration from a novel written by Tanizaki Jun'ichirou, “Shunkinshou”.
I’m sorry if I haven’t been so active lately, but I’ve been very much busy.

19/04/17 12:53
I’m feeling so unproductive today! I’ve managed to complete my some more business mind maps but I know my history coursework needs amending massively for tomorrow. I really dislike coursework with a passion but this year I have three pieces to complete (Literature Poetry, Literature Prose, and History)
Right now I’m just really looking forward to lunch in seven minutes and hopefully I’ll be a little more productive in my next free.


*88/100 days of productivity*

14.4.16// quite a busy day! I had Yoga in the early morning, lectures in the morning, and theater in the afternoon - I saw an ordinary version of Ibsen’s “A doll’s house”, not really satisfied actually.
I tried a study hall as today studyspo but there’s too much confusion in there and I definitely prefer the library.

11:59pm // how I spend my Friday nights, planning and bullet journaling

I usually get super lazy on weekends and lose a lot of my momentum as a result. This year I’m trying to stay committed on weekends while also enjoying my time off with my boyfriend.

This is my assignment master list for 4 out of 5 of my classes (one is a studio and doesn’t really have due dates). Just looking at October/November makes me want to cry but if I get a start now it shouldn’t be so bad.


April study challenge day 15: Colour Coding

Quite often I like to pick a colour scheme for my notes based on the folder divider that I have for that unit. For example, with the bottom photo my divider is blue so I chose a variety of shades of blue for the notes of that unit.

In History, I mainly colour code based on geographical location (such as empire in India) or by key time period/phase (such as New Imperialism). This is quite useful when it comes to structuring an exam answer.

I rarely colour code my class notes for English (because I prefer to have them a little messy so I can just get my thoughts down) but my neater notes are mainly colour coded by text and if I colour code my practice answers I do so by each of the five Assessment Objectives (focus on task, authorial methods, context, link to genre, other interpretations).