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hi, i’m sorry if you followed this lil sideblog of mine expecting daily shance posts, but the truth is i’m a very busy college senior who barely has their life together,, but! i’ll still be posting shance things every now and then when i think of them and when i find time to sit down and post.

i have a lot of shance art wips sitting in my files, waiting to be finished, for the wonderful people who sent me ask prompts a while back. (we’ve got a his dark mateirals au, soulmate au, protective shance, and a revival of Garbage Bitch Lance™ in the making) so expect those before 2017 is over! and i’m really sorry they’re so late but life kinda sucker punched me and i was crushed by art block,, thank you for being patient with me tho ;v;

and i haven’t forgotten about the little mermaid au either! i just never finished typing out all my ideas bc it suddenly turned into a bullet point fic. i wrote 2k words worth of notes and haven’t even made it to the second half. so that au will be posted probably in november when i have a week long break from school.

also! i’m gonna be at kumoricon in 2 weeks and will be cosplaying shiro so if you’re there, hmu and let’s take some selfies! (and if you’re cosplaying lance the day i’m cosplaying shiro, let’s take some cute shippy pics! with your consent ofc!)

and last but not least, please feel free to talk about shance with me any time! my Big Mood is always shance and i love brainstorming ideas with people. i may be very busy, but please feel free to talk to me anyway!

📅🕯️Busy Witch Routine🕯️📅

Hello Witches,

Now, I know as much as we’d prefer to spend our days riding broomsticks and brewing our potions in the big ol’ cauldron.

We still have responsibilities * shudders*, some of us are mothers, students, workers, or just people with a hectic schedule.

These are ways to get some witchy practice without completely throwing off our daily routines.

                                  🌅 Waking Up 🌅

  • Do some Yoga poses for 2 minutes.
  • Brush your teeth counter-clockwise to banish negativity from your day.
  • Stir your Coffee/Tea in a clockwise motion to invoke positivity to you and your day.
  • On your way to work, whisper a silent greeting to the sun. Enjoy its warm rays on your commute.
  • If you’re willing, try to pack or purchase a healthy snack like fruit and veggie bowls.


  • Ditch the soda! Try rejuvenating yourself with water instead, maybe add some lemon, cucumbers, or even fruits to your water to detoxify your body.
  • Meditate for 2 minutes, but don’t forget to eat and energize your body again.
  • Carry crystals with healing and or corresponding energies pertaining to your work, school or plans for that day.


  • When cooking/ cleaning, take a moment to play some of your favorite music to invoke spiritual energy.
  • Take a few minutes to google something you’ like to know! Crystals? Candle colors? Moon phases? Research and learn something new!
  • Mediate! Even if it’s for another 2 minutes. Anything counts! Clear your mind and relax.
  • Whisper a “Goodnight” to the moon, enjoy its glow for a few seconds.

Hope this helps you in your journey! We actually do things on this list and it’s been easy to manage! 

~Kinara and Nessa

Threat Starters

❝ Are we clear? ❞
❝ Come back again and you won’t be able to even come here ever. ❞
❝ Do as I say. ❞
❝ Don’t even think about it. ❞
❝ Don’t move or the person dies. ❞
❝ Don’t touch me ever again. ❞
❝ Don’t you dare! ❞
❝ Touch them and I’ll kill you. ❞
❝ If you don’t have what I asked for before the deadline, you can kiss your loved one/s goodbye. ❞
❝ If you don’t step down from your position, I’m taking drastic measures to make it happen. ❞
❝ Shut up and answer what I request. ❞
❝ Shut up, and hand it to me. ❞
❝ I just need it and I’ll be off. ❞
❝ This’ll hurt less if you don’t move. ❞
❝ Shut up or I’ll make you shut up. ❞
❝ Your life is on the line here. ❞
❝ If you do that, I’ll shoot. ❞
❝ Watch it! ❞
❝ What’s your problem? ❞
❝ If someone isn’t careful… ❞


anonymous asked:

How would the bosses and children react if a creepy MissingNo. appeared in front of them ?

First off, it’s my husband’s birthday so here’s a gem to share with you all. I’ll have more “serious” pictures up at a later time.

Second, long time no see. I’ve been busy, training and stuff, so no time to dick around (at least not this kind…). But things are slowing down a bit so we can start making our way back here! Sousuke didn’t want to keep posting when I wasn’t around because he’s a huge sap. Which doesn’t make any sense given that he started this damn blog without telling me.

Anyway, we’ll be posting pictures and stories and answering your questions again! It’s nice to have some free time after being so busy.