business man with mouth open and sticky notes on forehead and shirt

ice cream gays & very warm days

yes i did name it that just to piss u off 

based on the iconic ice cream and pool boy photos of 5/15/17

warnings ; none, sfw except for a few sexual jokes

pairing ; phan obviously 

summary ; dan is a bored pool boy who works for a rich and snotty couple on the rich side of london. but somehow, flirting with the ice-cream man who works outside their mansion makes it a little better. 

God, it was hot.

Dan didn’t care how many times he had to trundle down this asphalt street in the blistering heat, he was positive he would never get used to it. He just wouldn’t get used to the ground beneath him practically melting through his sneakers, sweat dripping from his forehead into his eyes and making his hair even curlier than it naturally was. 

Dan pressed his chapped lips together, wetting them with his tongue. He looked up, pushing his hair back on his sticky forehead and searching the horizon. 

Just down the street, there he was. Prowling his usual location, practically right in front of the house Dan worked at for the largest shift of his day, his pink cart shining, the bells tinkling. 

It was a good summer job; cleaning pools. It just sucked ass when the people giving you money are power-hungry jerks with the biggest pool in the UK. 

Phil made it a little better. 

Today he was wearing a short sleeved button up that showed off his lean arm muscles quite well, as well as black shorts. He was standing behind the small cart, digging through the basket for something. Dan grinned, leaning against the cart on his elbows.  

“Hey cutie,” he said nonchalantly, reaching into the cooler and taking out an ice cube, proceeding to press it to his face. 

Phil raised his head quickly, practically hitting it on the cart on the way. Dan laughed as his face went red, and he rolled his eyes. 

“Hey, Dan.” His voice sounded annoyed, but Dan knew he wasn’t. This was just the way they talked. 

Dan examined the piece of ice before shrugging and popping it into his mouth. “You look busy today.” He giggled. “How are you not burning up out here…?”

Phil huffed slightly, standing up straight so he could fully watch Dan, tugging the collar of his shirt up to wipe his forehead, exposing a strip of pale skin of his stomach. 

“Oh trust me, I am.” He sighed. “I burn like a marshmallow. But this is my job, y’know? There’s no avoiding it.”

Dan nodded slowly, almost sleepily, considering the heat was melting down his senses. “I get that.” He glanced down at the cooler, filled with dozens of different colors. “Can I get-”

“Strawberry double-scoop, with sprinkles and a cherry.” Phil made a clicking noise with his tongue at Dan, winking. “Gotcha.”

Dan laughed lightly, watching him open one of the containers. “Damn. Do you memorize all of your customer’s orders?”

Phil shrugged. “Only the cute ones.”

A blush burned at Dan’s cheeks, but he rolled his eyes to cover it up. “Wow. Smooth.”

“You love it.” Phil looked back up at him, smiling like a four year old who had just successfully copied the bill of rights. Happy and bright. If Dan’s heart wasn’t already melted, he was sure it would melt again. 

“A little bit. But don’t get cocky.” 

Phil held out his hand, handing Dan the ice cream. Dan took it graciously, going to dig through the pocket of his slightly skimpy pink shorts. He had gotten them about a week before, definitely not so he could impress Phil. Of course not. 

“Mmh, sorry, can’t let you pay for that,” Phil said lightly when Dan held out the change. Dan frowned, his rosy lips slightly turned down. 

“Why not?” He raised his eyebrows. 

“Because it’s on the house.” Phil reached down again, shutting the container and looking back up to smirk at Dan like a hyena. He pushed Dan’s hand away gently. 


“Won’t Mr. and Mrs. annoying-ass be upset if you’re late?” Phil asked, just to change the subject. Dan scowled at him. 

“Thanks for reminding me.”

He glanced down at his wrist, noting that his arm was considerably tanned since the beginning of summer. 

“Nah, they’re gone by now.” 

Phil nodded, just as something came to Dan’s mind. He snickered, leaning forward on the cart, closer to Phil. 

“You said you’re hot, right?”

“Dan, you’re a bloody idiot.” 

Dan picked up the nervousness in Phil’s tone, and glanced back at him from the edge of the pool. He was standing right outside the gate, in the grass, fiddling with his fingers. He looked terrified, which was adorable if Dan was in any position to be thinking so. Dan giggled. 

“You’re not scared, are you?” He spun on his heel, crossing his arms in a soft of challenge. “You’re not gonna get in trouble. They’re gone, remember? Besides, this is my job.” Dan scoffed, pouting slightly. “And they pay me hardly enough, the least they could do is let me have a little fun.”

“I dunno Dan…” Phil bit down on his lower lip, searching his face. “I left my cart out there…” 

Dan groaned, walking over to him and grabbing his hand. “It’ll only be a minute. It won’t melt, it’s in the freezer.” He gave Phil his best puppy dog eyes, flashing him a smile so sweet he was sure to get cavities. “Pleasee?”

Phil sighed, unable to look away for a moment. “Fine. But only for a minute.”

“Yay!” Dan cheered, grabbing Phil’s wrist and tugging him farther into the yard. “I promise, you won’t regret it.”

Phil nodded, pulling his hand away and laughing. “I am pretty hot…”

Without warning he was stripping off his shirt, cannon-balling into the turquoise water, splashing practically the whole courtyard. Dan squealed, shielding himself from the spray. 

“Jesus, give me a warning next time you’re planning on undressing and spraying me.” Dan didn’t realize what he had said until it was too late, Phil had already winked. “Oh, shut up.” 

Phil grinned, swimming backwards and letting the water push his hair back into a quiff. “Aren’t you coming in?”

Dan grimaced. “Er, now that I think about it…”

Phil raised his eyebrows, incredulous. “Are you kidding me?”

Before Dan could think to run, the boy was pushing himself out of the pool, dripping wet. He shook his head like a dog, flicking water everywhere. “C’mere.”

“No!” Dan backed away, giggling at the dumb game he had gotten himself into. “Make me!”

“Oh I will, pretty boy.”

The words made him blush but Dan ignored it, attempting to escape to Phil’s left. Phil didn’t fall for it, grabbing him by the waist and holding him still. 

Dan thrashed, laughing and trying to push him away, but it was no use. Phil nearly flung him over his shoulder, carrying him back to the pool and throwing him in. 

Dan hit the water with a loud splash, the cool sensation flooding against the skin and causing temporary euphoria. When he came up for air, he sighed, running his fingers through his hair. 

“Good, yeah?” Phil asked, grinning and hopping in after him. 

“Yeah,” Dan replied almost dreamily. “Thanks for making me get in.”

“Hey, no problem.” Phil shrugged. “If it weren’t for you, I’d still be out there in the sun.”

Then came a silence between them, but it was comfortable. Dan floated on his back, watching the trees that grew around the courtyard sway in the slight (warm) breeze. 

Finally, Phil spoke again, and Dan popped his head up to listen. 

“You know, I wasn’t kidding about what I said.”

Dan raised an eyebrow, watching Phil play with the water, moving his hands to form tiny waves. 


“About you being cute.” He looked up, the corner of his lips pulled up in a lopsided grin. “You’re my cutest customer, and I mean that.”

Dan could feel his face going pink again and he brought his hands up to his cheeks, whether to cool them or hide the blush, Dan didn’t know. 

“Well I meant what I said too.” Dan snickered softly. “About you being hot.”

Phil groaned. “I thought you meant temperature wise.”

“I did.” Dan shrugged, a strand of hair falling between his eyes. “That too.”

Without noticing, one of them had moved closer, (neither was quite sure who but it really didn’t matter), and Dan placed a hand on Phil’s shoulder. 

“Hey…” Dan trailed his fingertips up Phil’s shoulder to his neck, and then up to his jaw. Phil visibly shivered. “I wanna pay you back.”

“For what?” Phil asked, his voice coming out a bit hazy and distracted, distracted by Dan’s fingers mindlessly moving up and down his cheekbone. 

“For the ice cream.” Dan let out a little huffy laugh. “Lemme take you out for coffee sometime.”

Phil couldn’t even bring himself to argue. He couldn’t bring himself to say ‘no, Dan, that ice cream was free because I really like you and I hope that free ice cream makes you want to be my boyfriend’. 

“Yes,” he breathed. 

Dan smiled, and then sighed, dunking back under the water momentarily. 

“Summer, right?” He said teasingly when he came back up, making a groaning noise. 

“I dunno.” Phil shrugged, grabbing Dan’s waist and pulling him close. “Summer isn’t so bad.” 

New Pet | Part 9

I’m so sorry it been so long. Here is a late Christmas present because I’ve been slacking. I’ve started on part 10 so it should be done soon.

Warning: language and smut

Word count: 1,833 words


I wake up in a hospital bed and my body felt to be paralyzed. I was so sore that I couldn’t move anything on my body besides my head. I can see two shadows outside of the curtains around my bed, and they look like they are arguing over something. I can’t hear anything though, the world is just mute. I feel myself let out a small grunt even though I can’t hear it I can feel it vibrate through my throat and out my mouth.

The curtain flies open and I watch as J walks into the room by the side off the bed. His mouth is moving, he is trying to tell me something but I can’t make out any of it. “I can’t hear you.” I hope I say. I’m not completely sure though, it’s different when you can’t hear yourself. J’s face has a blank expression drawn across it, I couldn’t tell if he was mad or concerned, maybe both. I watch as his face quickly turns to straight anger and he turns back to the doctor.

He was mad, frustrated, and scary. I could only imagine how the doctor felt standing there having J rip into him. He just kept shaking his head, and walked away. ‘He walked away from J?’ I feared for that man, nobody ever walked away from J and lived to tell about it. J didn’t seem to mad about it though, he walked over and sat down in the chair next to my bed, grabbing a hold of my hand. Moments later the doctor comes rushing back in, holding a pad of paper and quickly writing something down on it. He flips it towards me for me to read and it says, “We need to do more tests to check why you have no hearing. Mr. J has approved of them and we will be going now.”

I look over at J as he shakes his head like he is approving of what the doctor wrote down. I shake my head instead of trying to answer verbally, I didn’t like talking without being able to hear myself. The doctors turns around and waves for some others to come take me to get the tests done. As they start to roll my bed down the hall I look back and J stayed behind the curtains. He grabbed the doctor’s arm, stopping him in his path and telling him something. It looked like J put the fear of god into him.

As we roll through the halls I watch as we pass each room, imagining all of the different stories of each person in each room. A couple rooms down I see David lying in a bed with a cast covering a lot of his body, ‘Has J seen him yet?’ I hope that J isn’t mad at David, it was my fault for distracting him while he was driving and for even wanting to go out last night. As we get to the the small dark room containing a big machine they bring my bed to a stop and help me move over to the bed like table to get some scans. It took awhile and I hated sitting there motionless in this spinning machine.

After the scans were down they rolled me back to where I began, behind the curtain with J. As the curtains opened J raised his head from his hands and jumped to his feet, saying something to the doctor. J shook his head as he turned back to me with a slight smile, the doctor handing him the pad of paper with the pen. He was quickly writing something down and smiled brightly when he came to an end. “Your hearing should be back soon. You’ll be okay. We can leave,” with a small smiley face right below it.

I couldn’t help but grin as J handed me my bag with my belongs and helped me out of the bed. He kisses me in the forehead as he walks out of the room, closing the curtain behind him, allowing me to get dressed. I step out, fully dressed, showing myself off to him. His eyes stare me down as a slowly walk closer to him and he extends his arms out towards me. Running into them, I give him a hug like I would never see him again. We walk out to the car and head home, J was driving this time, ‘He’s probably afraid to let anyone else drive me.’

We pull up to the house, J walking me inside, being greeted by Brooke the second I step into the front doors. Her hug smothered me, but I felt so welcomed. As she pulls away she tries to tell me something, quickly getting cut off when J’s mouth starts to move. Her face fills with shock as her hands cover her mouth. She pulls me in tight before she leaves to the kitchen.

Moments later she walks out holding some sticky notes and a pencil. She puts up one finger, it saying, “Hold on one second.” She starts writing on the paper revealing to me what she had wrote. “I’m so sorry that you can’t hear dear. Mr. J says you will be fine though, that’s great. You should go lay down and I will make you some food.” I shake my head, acknowledging that I had finished reading what she wrote.

I start to head up stairs, J following behind me with his hand placed on my lower back. As we get up to the room I hurry and change into someone comfy clothes as J helps me into the bed, covering me with the fluffy, rich purple, comforter. He leans down and kisses me on the cheek then stands back up straight and softly points at the doorway as if he was asking to leave. He probably had business to do so I just smile, closing my eyes and shaking my head lightly at him.


I wake up to the sound of Brooke placing a bowl down on the nightstand next to me. My eyes quickly open and I fly up, looking at Brooke and saying, “Do that again!” She points at the bowl and I shake my head. She picks it up and sets it back down on the table and there it is again, the sound. “Brooke, I can hear again.”

She places her hands up by my ears and snaps as I smile at the sound, “You can, can’t you?” I was so excited I jumped out of the bed and ran out of the bedroom to go look for J. I look up and down the hallway and see two of J’s guards standing outside of his office, ‘He must be in there.’ I run down the hall and the guards watch me as if I was crazy. I push past them, not caring on what they had to say and open J’s office door. I wasn’t going to tell him yet and see if he noticed. I walk in, trying to act like how I was when we first got home.

J looks up at me and is startled to see me out of bed. He quickly looks down and starts to write something down on a piece of paper. He holds it up, it reading, ‘You’re up? How are you feeling?’ I take a seat across from J leaning back and crossing my legs.
“I’m fine. J, I really don’t like the sound of your pen writing.” I let off a small smirk as J’s eyes widen.

He stands up, looking at me with a confused look on his face, “What?” I start to giggle as he walks around his desk and grabs a hold of my cheeks. “You can hear me?” I shake my head as he starts to smile, showing off his grill.

“How is business going? Still dealing with that one guy?” He seemed to be busy and I wondered if it was still that man.

“We got the money for him, but I don’t know how I am going to get it to him yet.” He runs his hands through his bright hair, I could tell that he was frustrated.

I walk over and sit on his lap placing my arms around him, “It will all work out, I promise. You’re the best at what you do.” I pull away, leaning back in to give him a kiss. It’s been awhile since we had kissed like this, like we were infatuated with each other.

After a bit he pulls away and groans, “I really can’t right now. We’ll celebrate when this deal is done.”

I put a sad look on my face as I stand up and start to leave the room, shaking my ass trying to get J to notice me. I walk into our bedroom as I sprawl myself across the bed, laying there by myself. I strip off the comfy sweats I have on and reach for my phone on the bedside table. I pull up a game and start playing.

I see bright green from the top of my screen and look up. I lock my phone and set it in my lap and look up at the eyes that are roaming my body.

“Nevermind, I guess I have a little time.” he growls at me with the back of his throat and walks to the foot of the bed. He slowly crawls on top of me and straddles my hips. He grabs a hold of my wrists and pins them down to the bed.

“I know you tried to shake your ass at me. Do you want to be in trouble? Bad girls get bad punishments.” He leans down and places a kiss on my collarbone. His teeth quickly sink into where his kiss landed and I scream out in pain. “Do you not like when daddy does that?”

“It’s not pain, more like pleasure,”I say as I bring my head up, grabbing a hold of his bottom lip with my teeth and pulling away slightly.I watch as his eyes slowly roll back letting out a small groan and he grabs a hold of the front of my shirt, quickly ripping it off of me.

“Do you want daddy to fuck you?” J asks as he throws my shirt onto the floor, pinning my arms back above me.

“Yes daddy.” I beg for it as his kisses start moving down my torso. His bright eyes look up at me as he starts to push down my pants, taking them to my ankles.

Someone knocks on the door and I see J’s face get angry, “What is it?”

“Boss, he has contacted us with a meeting place for tonight.” The guard says through the door as J quickly gets up.

“Fuck! I’ll be back,” he kisses me on the forehead as he rushes out the door, slamming it behind him.

#255: 'Too Much'

How Long Will I Love You: Too Much- One Shot #255

(+past one shots)

No visuals in this one. 

“Right, yes, we’re looking for something in the Beverly Hills area,” you explained to the real estate agent on the phone. Of course, he had to call, right as you were in the middle of what felt like, one hundred different things, to discuss the features of the Los Angeles home that you and Harry were looking into purchasing.

You cradled George, fresh and new and very sleepy, but fighting it all of the way, in one arm. He was looking around with heavy eyes at all of the activity bustling about the kitchen. His wide eyes, bright with curiosity. You were busy making faces at him, and quiet coos, that only he could hear, to keep him happy, while you listened to the real estate agent drone on, in your ear. “Hi,” you chirped. “Hi, George. Hi, little man.” The eight week old, baby, who had just discovered that he could giggle, gave a little cackling baby laugh and smiled, popping the dimples in his cheeks. He cooed brightly, and reached out to twine his fingers in your hair, smacking them lightly against your cheek. “Uh, huh,” you answered. “Yes, at least five bedrooms would be ideal, but we’re open to other floor plans. Something open-concept, safe neighborhood, we’ve got young children at the moment. My husband wants a pool, but you know…” You shrugged. You paused, gawking. “Open to renovation?” You rolled your eyes. Didn’t you just say that you had young children? “Uhh…I mean, little things, yes. But, I think we were looking for something more turn-key.”

“Have you thought about Brentwood Park? That’s a great neighborhood, not quite in the Beverly Hills area, but it’s a very high-end and safe area.”

The twins both squealed and laughed, high-pitched, from where they were sat at the kitchen table, eating their lunch, and getting Alfie overly excited. He was bounding around their chairs, and each time he did, his hip would bump the table and cause it to wobble, nearly spilling cups of milk.

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