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Don’t Know Me (Chapter 1/?)

Prompt: Everything seems so great in Jughead’s life. He’s a part of a wealthy family, he’s got all the girls fawning over him, he’s getting great grades. One thing. Betty Cooper can’t stand him. He’s arrogant, rude and just awful. But Betty soon finds out not everything seems to be cut and dry for the beanie wearing boy.


Jughead walked in the Riverdale High halls like he owned the place. He looked like he did. A Riverdale Football team jacket, expensive shoes and sports car out front. His dad was the fourth richest person in Riverdale (after the Lodges’, Blossoms’ and Mantles’ of course).

He acted the part too. With all the girls (and some boys) falling for him every step he took; he was the epitome of a typical jock from a teenage high-school chick flick. He fit perfectly with the popular, rich kids at Riverdale as he was one himself. Every day he sat with Cheryl and Reggie for lunch, the two most popular people in the state. Every afternoon he played football on the field and every night there somehow would be another girl in his bed, fucking him and the next morning that would be the gossip in this school walls.

He had the seemingly perfect life.

“Donnie darko,” Reggie nudged him on the shoulder as he joined him walking down the hall. Reggie had somehow come up with different pop culture nicknames for him every single week. Jughead didn’t mind, not if he wanted to get tackled on the field extra hard today.

“Hey Reginald,” Jughead shot back as Reggie laughed. Moose (Riverdale’s resident dumb ass athlete) joined their group. “How was Vanessa?”

He scoffed, “she is the least interesting person I’ve ever met. She doesn’t stop screaming and it gets so fucking annoying.” He proceeded to knock a person onto the floor as everyone laughed, “get out of the way fag.” Reggie proceeded to kick him in the stomach and kept walking, pretending like nothing happened. “Adding her to the book of conquests. Two out of ten.”

Jughead couldn’t help roll his eyes, “You guys still do that thing?”

“I’m surprised you backed out. It’s growing full. We’ve basically hit everyone straight girl here except for a few.” He glanced over to Betty Cooper who was helping the poor guy up. “You should re-join Jug. You’ll probably make it full seeming as you always take a lady home with you every night.”

Moose chuckled, “your dad isn’t home from his business trip yet? Man, try something different, bring back more than one.” Reggie and Moose fist bumped as Jughead couldn’t help gagging.

“You two are fucking idiots. I’m going to my locker.” Jughead stirred in the opposite direction, heading back to the entrance.

“You lose man!” he could hear Reggie yell behind him, getting quieter every step he took.

As much as he hated Reggie and Moose, they seemed to be his best friends. They did all the stupid shit together and Chuck like to put it “you don’t disrespect the bro code.”

He was so relieved when he got to his locker. It was his supposed safe place from the rest of the football heads. He twisted the knob open and hit it open to relieve his most secreted item. His notebook. Inside were some photos from years ago, nothing he’d brag about today. However, he couldn’t help his eyes linger to one. It was a polaroid of him at a booth in Pop’s taken by his old best friend Archie Andrews. What a long time ago before popularity and wealth got the better of him and grabbed the attention of Cheryl and Reggie.

What a much better time.

It was now lunch and he sat across Cheryl Blossom, head cheerleader and all round bitch. Jughead pulled out a cheeseburger with some fries and a can of Coke.

“That is disgusting,” she commented taking out her salad. “Do you eat anything other than carbs?”

“Do you do anything other than be a big-time bitch?” he retaliated taking juicy bite into the patty.

Cheryl rolled her eyes, “you fucking ass.” Threating him with a fork and sticking it in her salad.

“Says the one who’s a literal walking cliché.”

Both of their eyes wondered to the three people who entered the lunch area.

One of them was the raven-haired beauty, Veronica Lodge, the richest person in Riverdale, debatable when compared to the entire state. Not only did she have her own reality show but also could buy the whole town in a heartbeat. She looked rich too, wearing expensive gowns and heels to school like it was a casual thing you did.

The next one was Archie Andrews, Veronica’s boyfriend. Cheryl stopped staring when the red headed musician walked in. Unlike the rest of the group, Cheryl confided in Jughead. She (unlike Chuck and Reggie) acted more like a friend to Jughead and she had previously told him about the slight crush she had on the Lodge heiress. Archie saw him looking at them and gave a cheerful smile at Jug, which he in return gave a glare.

“Why can’t one of you asses date her instead of Archie. At least then she’d hang out with me,” Cheryl muttered to herself.

The last person was Betty Cooper. He gave her a glance which she gladly returned with a scoff.

Elizabeth Cooper hated Jughead.

Hate is a very strong word but she would use it to perfectly describe their relationship. She hated Jughead like there was no tomorrow and she would happily show you how much.

They hated each other. Betty could not stand him what so ever.

“Stop making love eyes to Cooper,” Cheryl broke his trance. “You know how much she hates you. She’s such a bitch. I’d use much harsher words but blood is thicker than water.”

“I don’t like her, not even one fucking bit,” he threw his burger gently back on his tray. “I’m going to my locker.”

He disappeared behind into the shadows and reappeared at his lonely locker. Thankfully the hall was completely empty. He proceeded to open his locker door and pull out his journal. The leather on the cover started to peel off. The pages were already a yellow colour. He quickly bent down and stuffed it in his bag.

“Hey Jughead,” a female voice came from behind the locker door. He looked up to see a pair of tanned legs, going for miles. She was wearing a pastel pink skirt, high waisted that ran down to her thighs. A glimpse of blue was underneath the fabric; he didn’t want to ponder that much on it. He noticed her hair wasn’t in her usual ponytail but instead down on her shoulders.

“Betty, what do you want?” he asked getting back up.

“I want you to apologise.”

“For what?”

“For Reggie knocking and kicking Kevin down in the hall this morning. He ended up in the ER!” her shouting echoed the thin walls.

Jughead smirked, “you’re cute when you yell.”

She took a step closer. He saw in her eyes the anger she held for him. “Shut the fuck up Jughead. Apologise to Kevin or I tell Weatherbee what happened and you’re going to regret even doing anything…”

“Why do I have to apologise for something Reggie did? I’m not his dog Betty.”

She clenched her fist, something to refrain her from going insane. She gritted her teeth slightly.

“You’re such a fucking ass hole. You know that? You used to be nice. The nerve you have, to show up to this school after you fuck a girl and leave her miserable while you move on to the next one. You show no respect for anything.” Her face turned red and tears started to appear in the corners of her eyes but she blinked them back. This was no time for crying. “To think, I actually liked you. I thought you were decent enough to call a friend but you’re just a sick douchebag.”

“Anything else Juliet?” he raised a lazy eye brow.

Betty took a heavy exhale, clenching her fists further into the crescent shaped scars in her palms. Kneading her eyebrows together, he turned his back to her. “Yeah, I feel really bad for every single girl who has laid in that bed of yours. You’re utterly disgusting.”

He laughed, turning around to walk away from her. “See you later princess.”

Her blood was boiling. Her body started to heat and before she knew it, she punched his locker. Her clenched fists left an indent, bending the metal inwards like a crater hitting the Earth’s surface. She proceeded to storm off in the other direction, to go wash her bloody hands off.

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fake ah crew aesthetics/inspo for a dumb fanfic [5/6] >> jack pattillo

“Jack was ex-military. The Air Force to be exact. Tall and stocky with a full bushy beard and glasses, he didn’t look at all like a criminal. He cleaned up nicely when he wasn’t with the crew; often wearing a nice dress shirt and tie, along with an expensive watch. But when he was with the Fake AH Crew, he resorted to a much more casual hawaiian shirt and shorts. The others always gave him hell for it, but none of them could deny that what he lacked in fashion sense, he made up for in criminal skill. He was the pro pilot and getaway driver, a man able to expertly lead a double life with his outwardly sweet-looking nature. His pretty Australian wife had no clue on what he was up to during his business trips. The man tried to keep it that way, because he swore that if she did, she’d leave him for sure…”

Closing Time

I’m partaking in the 8 Day Writing Challenge as created by @snowballackles

Day 1, Dec. 28: You are the cute server from the bar, and I keep on drinking so you could refill my glass?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

You glanced over at the green eyed man who sat at the end of bar. He had been there for just under two hours, and had had a constant stream of alcohol, but he didn’t seem to have gotten drunk yet. Maybe a little tipsy, but you could tell that he was no stranger to nights like these. He was cute too, hell he was damn sexy if you were going to be honest. He had a slight stubble, and while you normally preferred more clean shaven man, you kinda digged it.

You turned your eyes away from the handsome stranger to watch a man walk out with a girl on his arm. It was getting closer and closer to closing time, and more and more people were beginning to leave the bar. You walked over to the jukebox and flipped through it, as you liked to DJ the music if nobody else had anything they wanted to listen to.You found the song you wanted and put it on, unaware that the man at the end of the bar was watching you.

You were good looking, there was no denying that, and while Dean hadn’t come to hook up with a random girl tonight he still found himself watching you as you moved around the place. You came back behind the counter and cleaned a glass, immersing yourself in the song. It was cute. Dean almost thought about not saying anything, and just watching you, but he just couldn’t keep his mouth shut.”Semisonic?” He asked.

You looked over at the man in the corner with a half smile on your face. “Is there a problem with that?” You asked, making your way over to him with the drink he had been having for the last hour in your hand. 

To be honest Dean didn’t mind the song, it was good for a 90s alternative rock song, but the fact that you were listening to 90s music meant that you were a bit too young for him. Or so he assumed. You noticed Dean looking at his empty glass, and you held up the bottle of alcohol.”You want another?”

“Would you?” Dean held the glass out to you, and poured some more into the glass. You were used to men, having worked at various bars since you had gotten out of college, and you tended to know what they were thinking a lot of the time because of that, and you knew what this man in front of you was thinking.

”I’m 31, by the way.” Dean lifted his eyebrows as your comment, but you were already walking away. His eyes followed you, or rather your butt, as you told an old man that he had had enough. It was obvious that he was a regular, but once he left it was just the two of you in the bar. Dean finished his glass, and the clink of the empty cup on the bar had you walking over once more.

“So is this supposed to be a sign then? You want me to leave?” Dean asked, a slight smirk forming on his gorgeous lips.

You smiled and looked at the clock,”I’m not kicking you out just yet,” you informed him.

“Good then can I have another?” You obliged, before putting the bottle away, letting the man know that it was the last drink he could have.”Do I have to leave after I finished this?”

You looked over at Dean and bit your lip. You had vowed to yourself that you would never hook up with a guy who came to the bar, nor would you grow feelings for a guy who came to your bar. But damn, even the hot boys weren’t this hot, and this man didn’t seem to be an alcoholic, at least not in the common sense like most of the men who came here. You found yourself answering his question before thinking,”No, you can stay longer if you’d like.”

You felt your cheeks heat up, and the man chuckled,”Your cute, you know?” Yo let out a dry laugh, and busied yourself with organizing all the bottles and glasses.”You seem hesitant.”

This man had you pegged, just like you had him pegged. You could tell that he liked you, for more than sex, and you guys hadn’t said more than a few sentences to each other. You could tell that he had a hard life, maybe he had been in the army, but he didn’t seem the type, He had killed before, you could see it in his eyes. He was also caring though. He wasn’t a bad man.

Dean could tell that you wanted to talk to him, but you were slightly afraid, it was clear you had the hots for him. You were a good girl, not the usual slutty bartender stereotype, and Dean liked that. He felt himself wanting to get to know you. “Why are you nervous?”

You turned around with a smile on your face,”Okay, Sherlock. You’ve got me,” and you were a geek too,perfect,”I don’t normally like to talk to…to guys who I find attractive that have spent the whole night drinking beer at the bar. It’s a small town, usually anyone who comes here is an alcoholic, but it doesn’t seem that it’s that way with you.”

Dean smiled and nodded, finishing his drink, “I understand. Wanna get me another?” You laughed and Dean smiled. “Listen, umm, I have a brother, he’s probably texted me a hundred times already, but I turned my phone off. It was nice talking to you though.”

You frowned but nodded, you felt slightly let down, you thought- it was silly- but you thought maybe you might have something with him. It was really stupid though, wasn’t it? Even so you found yourself asking if he wanted to meet again sometime.

“Sorry sweetheart, I’m leaving first thing tomorrow, I’m here on a, um, a business trip.” The man seemed sorry too, really and truly.”It’s Dean, by the way.”

“(y/n),” You gave a small smile and a wave which the man, Dean returned, before heading out. At least you knew his name. You went back to doing your closing up routine, singing along to the song, as it was on repeat.”Closing time, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

You looked out the window, and noticed the lights of the car that must belong to Dean were still in the window. He hadn’t left yet. You bit your lip, before taking off your apron and making your hasty way out the door. Maybe you could still catch him. 

And you did. Dean was making his way back to the bar, and you met in the middle, your lips touching together, Dean’s fingers going up to your hair, your hands wrapping around his neck. “Maybe I could stay a little longer.”

I know who I want to take me home.I know who I want to take me home.I know who I want to take me home. Take me home.

once when i was 7 i ate some cereal and instead of drinking the leftover milk i dumped it out and my dad saw and he had me go to my room and get $5 and he burned it in the sink to teach me a lesson about being wasteful and that’s everything you need to know about my dad

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*On the night of the transylvania saphira went to the draculas castle, she began to look around and purrs* hello? is anyone here? (happy halloween)

Wandering his old castle visiting Romanian on a business trip the man blinked.  “I am, though what are you doing here? The castle closed for visitors?” Wanders out with arms crossed. “Are you lost miss?”