business man trip

fake ah crew aesthetics/inspo for a dumb fanfic [5/6] >> jack pattillo

“Jack was ex-military. The Air Force to be exact. Tall and stocky with a full bushy beard and glasses, he didn’t look at all like a criminal. He cleaned up nicely when he wasn’t with the crew; often wearing a nice dress shirt and tie, along with an expensive watch. But when he was with the Fake AH Crew, he resorted to a much more casual hawaiian shirt and shorts. The others always gave him hell for it, but none of them could deny that what he lacked in fashion sense, he made up for in criminal skill. He was the pro pilot and getaway driver, a man able to expertly lead a double life with his outwardly sweet-looking nature. His pretty Australian wife had no clue on what he was up to during his business trips. The man tried to keep it that way, because he swore that if she did, she’d leave him for sure…”