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I’ve had these asks in my inbox a while ago. I wanted to reply but I kinda didn’t have the time and now I am busy with studying and… well… i’m sorry for taking so long. I’m super busy with university stuff right now and despite not having any lectures, I have to study a lot. I’ve written 31 pages to summarize the math script of this semester within the past 4 days and my handwriting is really small, so… eh. ;w;


@kagamin3ko thank you so much! I really don’t consider myself a senpai, but some people kept calling me senpai and I’m… just not used to people looking up to me like that. I appreciate it a lot ;w;

@space-star-kitten OMG your 2nd favorite?! That probably changed by now, considering how long I took to reply, ehehehe…? But I’m happy you think so, thank you <3

@sapphirescarletta123 OMG you are so lovely! I am sorry I haven’t drawn much lately, I hope I can draw some more ErrorInk and a lot of other things soon again! I have so many things I wanna draw, yet there’s no time… also your art is pretty cute as well! Keep it up plz! 

And of course, I am feeling hugged, dear anon! Thank you so much. I wanna hug all of you guys in return. qwq


Thanks to everyone for following me, all of you really! I’d love to make something cool to celebrate that I’ve recently hit 2k followers but… once again, I’m too busy and I’d hate to make promises I can’t keep. But I’ll think of something. I hope .w.

concept: t'challa and bucky get into a fight because they find out that both of them have given tony the pet name of ‘kitten’


The Motto: Support your brothers. Love all the cats. Be a good person. @support-your-brothers

Trying to get on with things and suddenly thinking about Lana just… sitting with a lap full of kittens. I don’t know why or when or how. But Lana with a lap full of kittens just being unbelievably cute and Lana unable to keep up the Serious Business Sith™ act because kittens

I’ve always really liked Psylocke’s outback costume.

One of my favorite brands of crack is...

Sansukh crack, of course!

So the lovely determamfidd has managed to recruit me to the Dain Ironfoot Appreciation Society and although I know she will have to adhere to Tolkien canon and that poor Dain won’t get to see Gimli come home, I still can’t help but think of the following scenes:

“There, there, lad,” Dain would say, patting the Elven-king familiarly on the arm.  Lad was a bit of an exaggeration obviously but the ruddy tree-shaggers all looked so disconcertingly young.  “The bairns have all taken a shine to your own young fellow - he’s rather good with them, isn’t he?  Perhaps he’ll give you grandchildren eventually.”

Thranduil, who’s too busy having kittens, mumbles something that makes Dain’s eyes widen.  “Well.  I wouldnae deprive an orphaned wee badger a new parent, even if he happens to be an Elf.  So I suppose ye best get yourself used to being called "Grampy” by our wee ones, aye?“

(Look, I don’t think Dets would actually orphan any of the Dwarflings we know and love from Sansukh but can you imagine Laerophen actually adopting them, if that happens?)

And then there’s Dain teasing Gloin about Gimizh’s "Elf sweetheart” except that he’s wrong and it’s really going to be Gimli’s Elf sweetheart and boy is he going to join Gloin and Thranduil over drinks again because he’s a good king and it’s his job to prevent his cousin and fellow King from coming to blows over their boys… 

(Yeah, this is all Thorin Oakenshield’s fault somehow.  Dain is sure of it… )