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Kent Parson snorts when he laughs, like, genuinely laughs, so he tries to never do it. The only person who has heard it is Jack, when they were younger and they were watching some stupid sitcom and a not funny joke showed up, Kent laughed until it hurt and he snorted and snorted and snorted and Jack thought it was so endearing at the time. Kent refuses to laugh like that around anyone else one, because snorting is embarrassing, and 2, because it reminds him of Jack and it reminds him of spending time with his mom when she wasn’t working, and his sister before he moved away and she resented him for getting away.
Then he met Tater, who made it his life’s mission after he and Kent became friends to make Kent laugh until he couldn’t breathe. He tried everything, dad jokes, pranking other people in front of Kent, he even tried puns, for fuck’s sake, and only got wide grins, soft looks, and pretend laughter. He is not here for pretend laughter, dammit. He almost gives up, then, he’s hanging out at Kent’s house when they both aren’t busy, and Kit Purrson was scratching at his ankle, looking for something to do, and Tater starts arguing with her, half jokingly, half seriously, “You want to square up, kitty? We can take outside.” He hadn’t expected a reaction from the cat, much less Kent, who had just walked in.
Kent laughed, his face was red, his mouth was open, his head was thrown back, and, most importantly, he was snorting. Tater hadn’t expected that. Tater lit up like the sun, and he started to laugh too. And they laughed for minutes, though it seems like hours, and Kent would sit down, stomach hurting, and he would rest his head on Tater’s shoulder, and they would catch their breath. Tater would look at Kent with pride and be like, “I knew I could make laugh.” and Kent didn’t even realize Tater was trying. They’re happy.

ive got another date with the frenchboy tomorrow and im all giddy and nervous about it again…

Client: That item looks too massive. Make it more filigree.

Me: But Sir, that’s your company’s logo.

Client: I don’t see a problem here.

Me: You hired me to design press kits and business cards for your company. I am not here to redesign your logo.

Client: I don’t want you to redesign it. Just make it more filigree.

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why do u like the classics so much? and their medic? the medic was rude to me

“The same reason why people keep stackin’ towers in front of their cats and why folks down there wear hats that are on fire. Or maybe it’s simple as Micheal keeps punchin’ Micheal.” 

His voice rises almost like he wants to be overheard, “Don’t worry about Rod, pal, I think his face is stuck in this perpetual look of disappointment– or you stepped on a leaf, I can’t help you if you did that. Once in a blue moon he’ll smile. Blue moons tend to rise a lot more now, it’s nice. You wanna know the secret to gettin’ that moon to rise? Shout Medic, real loud and a lot.” 

Syrup - Kit Walker x Reader

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BUDDY VAL AKA @tates-tortilla!! This ones for you, you Canadian. Have some maple syrup.

You woke on the morning of your birthday with a smile on your face. You rolled over, reaching out for your fiance Kit, and finding his side of the bed empty. Your smile quickly turned into a frown. You had hoped to be lazy in bed today with him, warm and snuggling under the covers. You surveyed the room as you sat up, and he was nowhere to be found. Swinging your legs off the side of the bed, you put on your slippers and grabbed your robe from the back of the chair, putting it on as you headed for the kitchen. You leaned against the door frame and watched Kit busying himself at the stove. He was shirtless and you held back a laugh as you watched him trying to get the spatula under the pancake he was trying to flip.

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               this  is  the  sort  of  place  he’d  like,   dusty  and  dingy  and  drab,   where  he  could  set  up  a  typewriter  or  maybe  just  a  pad  and  paper  and  sit  for  hours  upon  hours.   IF  SHE  LOOKS  TO  HER  RIGHT,   he  is  there,   in  a  green  necktie  with  his  hat  dipped  down  in  the  way  people  find  mysterious   (  “people  like  mysterious,”   she’d  told  him  once  –  it  seemed  like  a  millenia  ago  ),   maybe  taking  notes  on  the  bartender’s  conversation  or  waiting  for  her  to  approach  him.   kit  snicket  does  not  look  to  the  right,   because  even  as  she  can  see  him,   she  knows  her  brother  is  not  there.   he  never  will  be.   

               brown  eyes  remain  on  the  glass  in  front  of  her,   even  as  the  woman  with  shoes  too  shiny  and  eyes  too  kind  sits  down.   her  chaperones  had  had  a  rule  between  them:   no  drinking  on  business.   kit  tips  her  glass  back.   this  is  not  business  –  this  is  personal.

               ❝  does  your  HUSBAND,  ❞   a  smirk,   as  if  the  word  is  dirty,   and  she  places  her  hand  underneath  her  chin.       ❝  know  where  you  are  at  this  hour  ?  ❞   /   @batricee  ! 


WWTB, December 9th:

Your WWTB moderator has been slacking the last few weeks and even worse, there have been some killer album releases. So, here are 9 of best new releases from the last month.

How Many Kits Are There Again?

@nakklepiggy it happened. This happened.

I may make illustrations for this later. Metamorphers AU, furry babes ahead. Cyclonus trusts Tailgate to take the kits out for a while, when he gets some much-needed reprieve time. To be fair, all the kits did make it back home just fine…

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sugar daddy pool pt.5 (M)

bts member: jungkook x reader you

genre: angst / rough smut WARNING 

M = mature contents read on your own risk

well, i was trying to take a break but after the bomb ‘’young forever “ jungkook was so damn hot and mature i didn’t deny my self from writing an imagination about jungkook who turned to his 30 ^^

waaaw i reach 5 parts and i’m not planning the end yet give me requests thanks for the msg guys i ‘m happy somebodies are reading my shits i was afraid at first hhhh enjoy ^_______^

summary: being jungkook’s sugar baby who was 30 years  old for a while doesn’t go to be easy for both of you it was a night that changed your damn life but does it do the same for him ……..

part 1 part 2

part 3 part 4

part 5:

“you did great  actually you are good at coloring emmmm so what about using yellow here “

“ i like yellow it’s my favorite color because it reminds me of the  sun i always see the sun smile “

“hhhhh you know what, your smile is better you were busy flirting her cheeks while she is giggling when her grandmother comes 

“sorry y/N can i join you i was sitting alone and i felt bored i barely can go upstairs “

“of course Mrs jeon you are welcome i’m gonna sit with you this angel is coloring now so i do with pleasure “

the housemaid brought you coffee while both of you sit in the exposed balcony it was so damn beautiful jungkook’s house has a charming garden so it was comfortable and peaceful stare there 

“so tell me more about you sweetie are you what are you doing for life “

“i was working in a coffee shop as a part time job but not any more Mr jeon offered me this job so i will be a liar if i said i didn’t like it “

“i’m happy you can feel comfortable with us my son is so poor she said with her sad eyes his ex wife ruined his life then left him she was a slut not more she talked with a quiet tone because junghee was near “

“can i ask you a question “

she stopped sipping her coffee “sure “

“i don’t mean to be pert but i was asking my self why junghee’s mother ..didn’t try to call her for once she even doesn’t talk about her too much what’s going on and even jungkook and her are divorced junghee still her daughter i’m sorry i was just trying to avoid speak with junghee about her mom to prevent make her think about her but i’m sure she does 

“ my son did a lot of catastrophes with his life but you are the best choice he made until now i know that you are worry about my grand child but we don’t have a choice it’s her destiny my son was made up with her she wasn’t the right girl not either the right wife for him but he doesn’t get a choice she got pregnant and jungkook didn’t let her even he wasn’t happy but she left him with the baby, now she got married so she doesn’t have any reason to ask about her daughter she is busy with other affairs don’t look with this eyes sweetie you are so pure and innocent i know you are chocked to hear this at the first week junghee was here i had the same question i didn’t think as a mother that i can let my child alone or left him this way thanks god jungkook is a good  man he adore her”

“yeah i know “you grinned because it wasn’t just once or twice you cut him sleeping with her at her little bed after reading for her she was always hugging her daddy as a giant teddy bear they need each others they are the definition of a pure love that a dad has to his daughter “ i wish she will get to used to her new life and i will do my best for her too

the weather was so cool and hot jungkook was planning to take ‘junghee ya’ to the sea she said she like swimming and building with sand 

“ appa i won’t go if Miss y/N doesn’t join us “

you were busy taking some beach kit stuff from her closet while jungkook was talking to his daughter you stopped immediately “ no junghee i’m not going with you you will go with your father no need to be with you while he is there ok be a good girl “

“ noooo i’m ok with both of you i’m not going so, appa i hate beach i will stay here with my nanny “ 

“go change your clothes you will join us y/N “

“i ‘m not “

“i said go his tone was calm and scary “

“ oh gosh it’s just for her you turned to face the little girl standing with anger in the eyes dropping to touch her cheeks “ don’t be angry we will go swim together “


the trip was so fucking long your heart start pumping crazily up when you recognize the road “ oh gosh is he really going there what  a man like him can’t just heads to an other well known place you said hitting your thigh jungkook is planning to spend the day in his chalet near the sea this demon “it’s ok y/N don’t show your nervousness ok girl breath breath every thing gonna be ok junghee is here so don’t worry “

“ are you ok “

“huh his voice cut your flood of thoughts “yeah i’m ok 

the same place that you didn’t guess you will be in again is exposing to your eyes the weather was cool and fresh you tried your best to avoid jungkook just go holding his daughter behind him he even didn’t try to make you feel nervous but you are so fucking nervous already it wasn’t that much simple to see this place again you spent a lot of intimate moments damn it 

the place by day was different you didn’t notice that there are many others chalet right there next to jungkook’s one but the sea was empty in front of his condo maybe it was a private zone for rich men here you rarely notice that there is some people so far ,both of you and junghee were playing with her beach kit on the sand her swim trunk was yellow it was cute and small she said she like to wear a yellow bikini when she grows up she can’t stop get ideas that surprise you thanks god she doesn’t said red because you can’t stop remembering that night  with the man laying down on the long chair reading a magazine he didn’t even gaze you or tried to focus with your body even you know how hot you look in that white bikini “

before swimming you helped the girl to apply the sunscreen then start apply the liquid ointment on your skin “turn around i’ll help you “

jungkook snatch the sunscreen from your grip before you can open your mouth complaining you couldn’t any way yell his daughter was there his touch again on your bare skin ,fuck you felt butterflies in your tummy again thanks god it was hot you will not shiver noticeably  

you quit the sand finally and drop your body in the water junghee was laughing hard as the water was firstly cold but then she followed you she really was a good swimmer looking so cute in her baby blue puddle jumpers  she doesn’t like the sea for nothing both of you played with the ball for a long time 

“sweetheart it’s time to give you some snacks you must be hungry “

“yey i want snacks “

living the water you notice jungkook is already standing up he was shirtless so damn hot but you didn’t know that he was gazing your hot body too that body full of drops it was really hard to avoid he gave you a soft beach blanket and same for his daughter 

“jungkook a female voice shouted making both of you turn to see the new coming woman”

“ajhumma how are you”

“i’m happy you are here i saw your car so i come to greet you is this your family oh this your first time coming with them so beautiful she said at first you didn’t know she is speaking with you  family !!!“

yeah she is so pretty he smirked “

“don’t tell me this angel is your daughter aigooo “

“yeas i’m appa’s daughter my name is junghee

“hhhhhhhhhhhhhh “

“ i will prepare a big meal for today so please come join us ok my daughter came today too with her daughter “junghee ya do you want to meet her “

“yes : appa can i ?”

“yeah of course be a good girl i will join you next 

the old woman took the girl with her while you immediately recognize that you were alone with jungkook you immediately drop the blanket and head back to swim fuck this bad life

 you were a big fool actually if you thought he will not follow you suddenly “ i still remember that night here “he whispered dangerously near to your ear his hands were searching for something to touch “please jungkook don’t your voice were so smocked the way he turned you to face him your crying eyes “i’m sorry “

“ you don’t have to be i  drop my self in your pool but jungkook i’m not the right girl for you so please stop this i swear i’ll leave immediately after my work period ends so don’t make it harder for us to handle with, his hands were busy wiping tears “i know and i’m sorry but don’t run away when you are alone with me please y/N don’t make me feel that i’m gonna eat you and now let’s come out he tried his best to calm his desire his heart ached because you cried 

the ajhumma was really kind she prepared a big meal for you she said sorry for the fourth time until now because she thought that you are jungkook’s wife you said it’s ok jungkook was really quiet is he feel hurt after what you said to him because his fingers freezes when he was wiping your cheeks 

junghee was extremely happy with her new friend she was 5 years old but she looked innocent maybe because junghee is smarter than normal girls you grinned 

good afternoon”a husky voice said you were busy wiping junghee lips while ate ice cream as always she so this young man was named jimin that ajhumma’s son jungkook who was sitting quietly didn’t enjoy his arrive his face clinched hard but that jimin  was hot and dangerously sexy he sat next to you “ we already greet each other but i feel your face is familiar did i saw you in a dance show or a practice “

“oh if you are studying classic dance maybe yeah “

“so you are a classic dancer “ he smirked

you are so smart hhhh you got me easily “

“hhhh i didn’t mean to but i’m studying hip hop street style so probably we met in the academy anyway nice to me again you are beautiful

“oh thank you “

the conversation was so smooth to notice the fire eating alive  the man sitting next in front of you he asked you what you were here for  and you frankly said that you are accompanying junghee 

“y/N jungkook snatched you let’s go we are late to go home ajhumma thanks for every thing we are leaving 

it wasn’t hard to know that his voice was melted with anger and fire his grip hurt your wrist but jimin intervened “oh wait your number shit my phone is in my car give me yours i will give you my number i will wait your call 

“of course i will do jimin good bye you gave him a wide smile that for sure didn’t please the man standing next to you listening to this fucking conversation you finally took you phone with your left hands because jungkook didn’t plan to let your right hand even after reaching the hall way of his chalet “please let my hand your junghee is watching and i can’t feel my wrist 

“junghee what about taking a nap sweetheart come with me i will show you the room they disappear in the room next to his bed room while you entered to take your belongings and go out quickly but it was late jungkook entered the room and locked the door he can clearly see you gulping “what are you doing open the door i want to go out “

“i don’t have other rooms here you are going to stay here with me “

“jungkook please i prefer to share junghee’s room “

“why to take your whole freedom and call that bastard “

“what are you talking about huh  aah you meant jimin you smirked actually i’m not planning to call him today and i’m free i can do what i want “

jungkook pushed you to stick on the door gripping your arms toughly “ i know that man he is my friend’s friend he is not a good guy so don’t even fuck trying to call him”

“why he is cute and he insisted to see me i can do what i want with my life “

jungkook hit the door with his palm thanks god the hit was into the wood if it was in your face you can certainly need 5 plastic surgery to heal up “ you will never fucking call him he said dangerously calm snatching your phone with his hand while his torso blocked you from moving “what are you doing “

“i’m deleting his number i warned you don’t ever try to be with him in the same place i’ll fuck kill you then i warned you did you hear my words jungkook eyes was full of anger and jealousy he was speaking deadly furious you felt scared under his mercy sticking with him wasn’t a good idea to keep you tried to release your self but it was no way to do “jungkook move you don’t have any right to tell me what i need to do “

“so you will do “

“yes i will i’m free i’m not yours i say it again i’m free and single you didn’t even spell the last word correctly because jungkook lips took their perfect place in yours smooching them in a rough kiss cold and full of anger you felt dizzy your mind tried to awake you but your body was yelling his name every inch in your body wanted jungkook it was fucking hard to avoid him your lips betrayed you and start copy his moves he wants you so bad his hands explain well he pulled you up and tossed your body on the bed and hover around you he took you by your wrists and make them in the top of your head you couldn’t move your mind was foggy you only remembered the night when you asked him to fuck you hard as he was a gentleman you screamed a lot that night 

 “jungkook please let me please” he wasn’t listen he was busy sucking your collarbone his wet kisses turned you on  “ your body want me i can see that so stop resisting me you did for so long i lost my last patience with you” jungkook connected your lips again he know his kiss can magically melt you you moaned into his lips oh gosh he is right you always want him he bites your bottom lips and let his tongue flirted with yours it wasn’t any single way to breath both of you where busy pleasing the other in a french kiss your chest moved up and down heavily when he moved to suck the zone of your neck and collarbone again he marked you for sure it must taste salty because you didn’t take your bath yet  jungkook ripped your beach dress it was made by a fragile material his eyes gazed you with hunger” fuck how beautiful is you body in this he touched the edge of the bikini bra and pull it down his hands start squeezing your exposed boobs hardly “aaaaah “

“shhhht it’s early to scream baby i swear i will fuck you hard his word was angry and hot the breath coming from his mouth burned your nipples he must be really jealous to control what he is doing with you his lips put butterflies kiss the downward reaching your tummy  the wetness between your thighs become annoying your core aches “ still want me to stop baby he gripped your thighs “ 

“it will be better jungkook it’s wrong he kissed between your thighs “oh fuck your body shivered you  can guess his is smirking if you really wanted him to stop why your fucking body does this why!! you bite your lips hardly when you felt him take off your bikini piece with his teeth his hot breath told you where he is exactly his tongue fucked your entrance well licking your clit madly “you’re so fucking soaked and you said you don’t want me he said pushing his fingers without warning stealing a scream from your lips “don’t fucking scream loud i still didn’t fuck you yet “

“normally you will said that junghee is next door “

“she is sleeping deeply i put some music too she will never hear us hear”

“oh shit aaah well done jungkook you know how to play “ jungkook fucked you hard with his fingers while he reconnected with your lips kissing and sucking each others tongue deeply “ i miss you so much y/N what the fuck you did to me he said adding an other finger and he swallow your moan  your walls griped well his fingers he can hit you perfectly in the G-spot“you feel good right tell me are you still planning to call that fucking jimin

 “it’s not your business jungkook’ aaah 

you are a bad girl today daddy will punish you so hard he said taking of his pants you can see him fixing his condom from your thighs that he spaced out and fix his weight on top of you “let me hear your scream then  he said pushing his cock in  your vagina that gripped it perfectly you try hard to don’t scream biting your fingers but not for long jungkook take away your arms and hover to kiss your neck “shit so tight  fuck baby you’re so beautiful“ he said before start thrusting you wanted to com so bad his fingers a while ago drove you crazy but you tried to continue the game it was hard but so fucking good he can see how damn you enjoying this it was written in your face you wanted him you wanted him you wanted him every thing about him was something you love like a magic you find your arms wrapping his neck pulling him close his eyes start to be familiar now it was full of lust and desire and that spark jungkook even he was busy fucking you hard stay calm in your arms never take off his eyes from yours you wanted to speak but it hurts suddenly “fuck are you ok his eyes frightened “it hurts you but it feels good right, i wanted to fuck you harder you are mine” suddenly he stopped thrusting” you are mine yes or no “ is he planning to pull it out!! “jungkook you begged him  don’t stop oh gosh i want you “

“ say my name this way again i miss hear it  what else i didn’t hear well i’m old 

“ please fuck me don’t stop i need you i’m all yours “

“promise me you will never call jimin neither other men too “

“ok please move “

“you’re mine y/N i will kill any man want to share you with me did you hear me he said whispering in your eyes never stop thrusting 

“aaaaah jungkook i’m gonna com

“com baby come for me ,both of you were sweating jungkook fucked you hard the way he finally put his hands to shut your fuck groans and whimpers jungkook  reached his climax too you felt him shivering every thing was crazy but so damn beautiful both of you wanted this so bad 


“y/N ah “

“emmm you murmured without trying to look in his eyes your body’s numbness was so fucking much the way you didn’t get a strength to stand up and run out 

“be mine “jungkook said touching your shoulder for a second you didn’t hear but repeating it in your mind your eyes look up to him “you already get me jungkook”

“ i mean be my girl friend not just my fuck buddy i know the way we meet each other so fucking weird but we both had our reasons i like you so much it was hard for me to be close without touching you my mind go crazy every night i like you girl and i know you do so please give me a chance to start a sweet realation ship with you as a man and a woman in love  

your heart and mind for the first time said the same thing you can’t run away you love him too 

“ kookie “

“jungkook suddenly lift up his torso hovering over you “say it again “

“what “

the last word you said now

what is it 

“the fucking sweet word you said now “

you grinned devilishly “ kookie “

he kiss you softly picking your lips in a different way he wasn’t angry anymore he gets you all of you wanted him the same way he does “ i didn’t hear this nickname from a long time eyes connected “i love you i really do you’re so beautiful you are an angel 

“i love you too it was hard for me to keep coming every day to be so close to you without having a single gaze from those eyes your hand was flirting his dark hair 

long kiss ***

i think we need to stop this before junghee wake up you said giggling”

it was 5 pm when you junghee and jungkook went out the chalet he said there are many touristic shops that you can take a look in if you walked straight behind the blocks of chalet here you spent the evening out for shopping playing and eating jungkook suggested to have dinner out junghee was so freaking happy also jungkook his bunny smile didn’t go away something was irresistible in him  he was 30 years old yeah but he frankly looked younger he was really a handsome man “come here sweetheart jungkook put junghee in his lap and warp your waist he was planning to take a pictures “1 2 3 smile done “ 

“ah Miss you are pretty i want to be pretty lady like you when i grow up “

“hhhh you are alredy pretty you will be prettier than me for sure “

“appa i want this picture “

“ok dear remind me to print it when we go back home “

because jungkook is deciding to go back to Seoul the next morning spending the night in the chalet was the right idea junghee was so damn tired she walked for long jungkook even hold her the way back to his condo she almost sleep the whole way you spent your night with her she said she was very happy she even kissed your cheek so so hard making you giggling “ i love you miss you are angel “

“so you are sweetheart the girl fall sleep so you heads downstairs you wanted to spend some time in the hall way it was exposing to the view of the sea it was dark but so damn charming the bright stars decorating the sky was the most thing you gazed for long the way you didn’t notice the steps coming toward you jungkook sit in the edge of the long chair where you were lying down “i went to my daughter room i thought you are sleeping “

“ i couldn’t ignore this beautiful view what about you “

“can i join you “you open your arms widely smiling to the man who comes and lay beside you “cuddle with me jungkook said kissing your forehead “thank you”

“why you have?? “

“because you are different i was so damn afraid no one can guess my fear about girls i choose to be alone bec… 

“shhhh i know how you feel i promise i will treat you well i’m yours don’t ever worry promise me jungkook you will love me for so long”

both of you laid down cuddling each others body kissing and giggling nothing worth to be worry about you felt happy really happy 


two weeks later

i thought you forget the way to the country man 

“come hug me first” taehyung said “aigooo i miss you man how have you been 

“well i should ask you first how was your honey moon hyung “

“so fucking good” teahyung answered proudly what about you bro you even didn’t call me once “

“ i was busy jungkook smirked and i couldn’t bother newlyweds having a romantic honey moon in Europe but  i should thank you you know “

“why aah what did you … oh man it was nothing i swear i was planning to do more actually tell me are they beautiful “

“they?” i’m satisfied to get one “

“what the fuck are you saying you spend this previous two months with one girl she played well yea

“don’t ever speak this way she is a good girl “

“good what jungkook!! teahyung snarled are you fuck kidding me “from that fucking website how you can get a good girl!! stop this shit i wanted you to have some fun not to stick with a random girl who knows what the fuck is she 

“ i said stop jungkook eyes clinched in fire his blood boiled inside his veins mind your business i’m not a kid i know what to do “

“oh yeah you do well the proof is your ruined life…… shit sorry man i didn’t mean to damn it  but i’m worry about you “

“i’m happy you are ok and having a good married life hyung see you around

“come on we are talking don’t leave 

jungkook left the coffee shop waving his hand  while teahyung was feeling guilty “who is this girl that makes his best friend yelled at his face that way he must be crazy in love” fuck it’s all my mistake i need to fix it i need to prove him that she is just a bitch but how the fuck i can how how ….”suddenly a devilish idea jumps into mind 

teahyung smirked “and who else can help,” where are you  jimin??” …….

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the signs consoling a heartbroken friend?

Aries: Wants them to go out and not worry so much, will try their best to listen but easily get antsy.
Taurus: Is right there, may not say much but they certainly won’t leave your side.
Gemini:  Will make a lot of jokes and try to get you to smile, will be very upbeat and want you to see the optimism.
Cancer: Is very good at listening and giving advice, they will full on take care of you.
Leo: Is really wonderful to have around, they will listen but they won’t let you drown in sadness they will make sure you move on.
Virgo: Listens like no other and gives the wisest advice.
Libra: Very kind and gentle, but not always sure how to help so they may not say a lot.
Scorpio: The best one to help you out, they will really feel what you are feeling and fully be with you on this.
Sagittarius: Wants you to get up and quit moping, doesn’t see the point in sitting around when you can go do some crazy things!
Capricorn: Is very realistic and lays it all out on the table, but in a very kind manner.
Aquarius: Tries to keep you busy, buys baking kits or craft kits so you move your hands and don’t think much.
Pisces: Will hold you and listen and tell you sweet things to make you feel better.