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I really liked that lineart of Germ you made, so here’s my coloured version!

(I’ve also tried to do a little shading but I definitely need improvement doing that)

Awwwww- This is so cool!! OH my gosh- I liked both the shading and the non shading version to be honest. 

Either way, you did a really good job! 

Thank you for the submission! ^(owo)^

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Hey man! First off, I want to say that you are doing a great job. People are always saying the English voice work is bad, but I have so much respect for you and the rest of the English voice actors. Revali and Teba were a couple of my favorite characters in this game. As someone who wants to pursue work in voice acting, I would love to know what you believe are the most important things to know about the job, and what you believe is required to be up for it. Thanks in advance!

For the more business-focused elements of this question I would invite you to scroll through my blog to check for previous answers to other forms of this inquiry - I know it’s a very daunting proposition, and I promise to go back when I have some spare time and try to more thoroughly tag more of my posts.

In the meantime though, here’s a quick bullet-list of things I feel are really important:

1) Find excitement/validation through being the character - the best acting involves no acting at all; rather than going through the motions to ‘complete a job’ you are legitimately just becoming an entirely different person/creature and speaking lines as requested. My best performances have come from when I plant myself into the scene and entrench myself within that environment as fully as possible.

2) Know how your “work mind” operates, and then capitalize on it - you will know best how you prefer to tackle work; whether you need lots of breaks, if you go all-or-nothing, if you try to give all your focus on one task at a time, etc. When I am in a ‘zone’ I tend to try and get as much done as I possibly can as long as I feel like I’m not throwing out my voice in the process and I’m feeling equally confident about each of my delivery choices; I also have lots of cases where I say “I’ll take care of this on Thursday”, have a sudden massive ping of inspiration on Tuesday night, and knock everything out then. Figure out what your best method is, and then use it to your advantage.

3) Default to “As Soon As Possible” so that delays are just normal schedules - Whenever possible, I use the fact that voiceover leaves me with a lot of time at home to tackle freelance projects as quickly as possible. Not only is the lightning-fast turnaround extremely appreciated by clients, it also paints me as a go-to talent; clients who get sudden jobs or have another talent fall through tend to come to me to “fix their issue”, and that means more work and more income for me. On the flip-side, all of my clients have been extremely understanding on those occasions when I need just a little more time (or in the case of my recent fever, a lot more time). When speediness is your normal operating mode (which is also great for your business ethic in general), people are way more likely to be happy to compromise when you ask them for an extension or to cater a little more to your needs here and there.

4) Stay Humble; Give back to your Fans - The first part of this should be relevant to everyone, but it’s totally understandable if you’re strapped for cash and can’t really afford to “share the wealth” with your audience. If you ever find yourself in a good routine with your work to where you have a lot of extra income coming in, however, I implore you to look into turning around and spending a portion of that income to build up the community you’re a part of. It’s not really much of a loss to begin with (many cases of expenses geared towards your branding or reputation can be claimed on your taxes as an advertising or other business expense), and having that group of people who support you and are genuinely, positively impacted by you/your career/your actions goes a long way to reminding you why you’re a part of this craft…and more importantly, why you matter.

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okay but iwaizumi witnessing oikawa being taken away for real this time and blood bending the hell out of his captors, no remorse

Okay but I really highkey love highly unstable benders, esp as a result of getting overwhelmingly emotional (or is that just me?)
Here is angry water & blood bending Iwa-chan! ᕙ( * •̀ ︿ •́ * )ᕗ

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I'm sorry if someone already asked this, but I was wondering if you had a juminzen first time having sex headcanon?


Cries, but yes I do have a first time headcanon for JuminZen, thanks for asking. I imagine their relationship happens after the they get closer during the whole Echo Girl fiasco at the end of Zen’s route. Before I get into details regarding their first time having sex, I also want to give a little more context.

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Victor’s Short Program score

Yuri Plistesky breaking Victor’s SP score had me wondering. Around how high was Victor’s SP score?! Well, turns out, they showed a us his score, AND Yuuri’s way back at episode 4. Although it’s may or may not be the world record set up by Victor, it’s at least a good estimation around how high Victor Nikiforov’s SP scores were. To add to that, they even showed us their program elements for the previous season’s SP. Screenshots under the cut.

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To be honest, there IS a certain type of game that’s better because it’s stuffed full of mechanics. It’s hard to describe what exactly the formula needs to be, but there’s this certain kind of loose, not-quite-fully-open world where it’s like, hell yes there’s a crafting system, collectibles, a trade quest, races, animal breeding, a business sim, rts elements, base building, a relationship system… It’s the kind of game where you really don’t feel bad for picking and choosing whatever bits you want to play or ignore, where the overarching plot is so airy and distant that you’re not impatient to get back to it. It’s a very particular type of game, I mean, most games suffer once you get past 2-3 mechanics, but when you find one, it’s a real gem.

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Taylor explained that she felt there were issues brewing before this dancer thing and that was just the last straw and that there might have been a personal element to it along with business elements. She was done after that. I don't know about you guys but I wouldn't be happy with a so called friend pulling that move. But whatever.



Love city night life; great cultural, recreational, and educational facilities; high rise apartments; quaint houses in the suburbs; ranches; farms; and all the modern technology your heart could desire? If so, Simburbia’s the place for you! Simburbia has it all - and sims will flock to it. But wait, there’s a seedy underbelly too - grimy businesses, a criminal element, not so nice houses, a “no tell” motel out by the airport, and Simburbia’s own version of Area 51. There’s even a rumor that sea monsters lurk beneath the dark water of Simburbia bay. What path will your sim choose in Simburbia - black widow, beach bum, business mogul, mad scientist? Or, something better or worse?

Simburbia is the result of more than 3 years of work in CAW. Simburbia has all community lots from all expansion packs except a Rebel Hangout, Student Union, Cafeteria, Business Park, Wasteland, and Dried Up Beach as most have no functionality outside their associated expansion pack. Riverview Lite was used as the base for Simburbia because I thought it would be quick and easy to add all the expansion pack lots to it for a fully functional, all encompassing neighborhood. I also wanted space for large lots to use Roaring Heights rabbit holes and my “Enchanting” series of suburban houses. Was I wrong! Much terraforming has been done and streets/paths revised. Sea level was raised considerably to make Simburbia water deep enough for dive lots. Routing was completely re-worked. My hope is that players will hardly recognize Riverview as the base for Simburbia. Note: Simburbia is a large world with many objects, plants/trees, and lots! A higher end computer may be required to run it. I have a moderate gaming PC and run Simburbia without problems. The only lag experienced is a few seconds at 3 a.m. and/or 5 a.m. when the game resets NPCs and so forth. ~~SimmyRN

Magickal Uses for Buckwheat

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Venus

Element: Earth

Magickal Uses: Money and Protection. Grind the seeds and sprinkle around your house in a circle to keep evil from it. Use it to form magick circles on the floor around you while performing magick. Add a few grains of buckwheat to money incense and keep some in the kitchen to guard against poverty.

Color Correspondence Magick:


Earth energy. It is feminine in nature and related to its sister the Moon and Saturn. Being a relatively balanced combination of Red, Yellow and Blue, depending on the intensity level, it can be used successfully on Monday, Friday or Saturday. Brown is one of the more complex colors, with varied associations.

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so recently, i’ve been thinking a lot about my favorite element of randl’s relationship - the beautiful thing that makes their dynamic so appealing.

it’s so great because they’re both independent, capable men. they grew up believing in hope and success, and they went to school and graduated and did well for themselves. they married two beautiful women and had five equally beautiful children between them and raised families in good houses. they built lives for themselves that so many adults hope for, and on top of it, they started a business. they made this thing, filming funny, weird stuff and putting it on the internet, gaining sponsors and attention. and they grow in popularity, start to figure out their brand. they hire employees and do well for themselves, again, as these incredibly intelligent, passionate, capable men. the life they live isn’t one to be ashamed of - they’re powerful and dominate their field, a field which they’ve helped create. and it’s wonderful, and they’re adults. family men, businessmen, tall men. they’ve made it. a good life. a life worthy of pride.

but then, between them, they’re still learning. at heart, they’re still little boys running around and looking in abandoned houses. they’re teaching each other and willing to be taught in return. they’re figuring out what it means to be best friends, brothers, how to love each other and what boundaries they’re allowed to bend - touching, laughing, living. they’re figuring out so many incredible things about life through this wild adventure they’ve created together. they learn strange, weird, and funny facts, and they teach them to us. they look at life from another perspective, find the hidden joys, the oddities. they’re open to interpretation, to new methods, to parallel universes. they’re questioning the way to do things, what it means to entertain, to create and enjoy, and they chase the weird. they break and bend and shake up this world, and they face it, together, like two wide-eyed boys willing to learn and experience all that this relentless and fascinating existence has to offer. they’re not afraid to be silly or gross, to laugh or question. they’re so bright and wonderfully malleable, constantly learning and correcting their previous close-minded behavior. and they do it together, bring out the best in each other. they laugh at each other, tease each other, and make a safe space between them where they can be silly, where they can be dumb. it’s not all mortgages and business meetings, it’s creation and experimentation, collaboration and connection with their fans. it’s this everchanging adventure, and they’re along for the ride, putting themselves in ridiculous situations and constantly expanding their perceptions. and that’s so wonderful to me, especially for two white men who seem to have it all - a family, a business, an element of fame. they’re so powerful in general, and they’re so smart and capable, but instead of using it for some boring, cookie-cutter jobs, they create. they make a new realm of hilarious shenanigans, and they let themselves be young again. they bring out the little boy in each other, silly and wild and excited. and i just adore that, i really do. i think it’s so important to hold onto youth, to creativity, to wonder, even when you’re a father and an icon. 

that’s why i love their dynamic, that within each other, they find they’re allowed to step away and just be silly, be ridiculous, be friendly. their youth never dies. i don’t know, i’m just emotional about them always ahah

Odd Logo Design

A logo is an essential business element. It acts as an extension of the company’s image and somehow helps in building a strong brand identity. It is often used on letterhead, marketing materials, promotional products, and even on employee’s custom embroidered uniforms. Coming up with a good company logo is not so easy. The images that make up the whole logo should be able to correlate with the message that the business want to impose to its potential customers. It is best if the customers will be able to easily identity what products or services the company is offering by merely looking on its logo. But sad to day, not all companies are aware about these things. And it is the reason why so many business establishments out there bear an awkward logo design. And such kind of logo often becomes the talk of the town.

Here are some of the companies that are put in the limelight because of their controversial logo designs rather than good business performance. 


Arlington Pediatric Center is an outpatient medical facility for children. As you can see in the logo, the images do not communicate the appropriate message. Looking at the images itself, who would think that this is a healthcare facility for children? I think this logo will best fit on centers for pedophile.


Another logo design for a computer repair shop that sends wrong meaning. Replacing the letter u with an image of a computer mouse (which happens to be illustrated with another meaning) makes it a bad logo design.

 Kudawara Pharmacy is a Japanese company that dispenses and sells medicinal drugs.  But looking at those little logo figures, it seems that the letter K (with 2 dots above the letter) looks like two people doing something interesting.

Instituto de Estudos Orientais is an institute for higher learning based in Brazil.This is another logo design with double meaning. What the images actually want to portray from this logo is an oriental house in front of a setting sun. Unfortunately, the logo designer fails to illustrate it in a nice way that’s why at first glance, some will think it is a logo for a porn site.

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The two latest Bioware games (ME3, DA:I) had multiplayer aspects seemingly injected as separate portions tacked on to a largely single player experience. What are your thoughts on this? Do you feel the interconnectivity of the world now just makes sense to having multiplayer even it they were largely afterthought entities with no connection to the actual game?

I think you’re projecting. ME3 and DAI both have some of the strongest interconnectivity in terms of their multiplayer and single player modes that I’ve seen. The narrative supports it - both games are about gathering military forces to fight some sort of super strong foe on a macro scale, so it makes perfect intuitive sense that those military forces might actually have to do things - tasks, missions, etc. The gameplay supports it - the primary and secondary game loops players engage in during ME3 and DAI MP are the same. Kill this dude, capture that thing, recover the doodad, use your powers. Sure, the scope of the features in MP might not be as immediately broad as the scope of features in the single player, but that’s more because there are different design constraints on MP more than the fact they were “tacked on”. You aren’t getting multiplayer conversations or cinematics, but that’s not even part of the core game loop.

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