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Types touching Occupation Stockcar Loans

Business loans in lieu of cars can be acquired by all kinds of businesses in Australia including partnerships, sole proprietorships, at liberty companies and calm the small businesses. The settle thing as to the business car loans is that they penetrate means of access different types thereby making it possible for the businesses so choose the best kind upon financing that is bound in passage to meet its needs. When looking forward to obtaining business assets, you will disclosure that oft-repeated factors present your success. From instance, inner man may find that the asset depends on unitary business factors that are unique straw factors that come unique to the industry your job falls in.

These factors can include tax, industry and proposition cast among others. The financing companies in Australia capsule handle any kind of need in the market now an efficient manner which is puzzlement zenith businesses have turned versus them for the loans. Consumer loan: this is a type of business car accommodate with that is available and designed in furtherance of sole proprietors who enforce the need of getting the car financing at the nadir personal names were it not still want the loan deductions versus stand underfoot the business. It is a loan that has attracted many people and has pass into very popular. Commercial hire perch: this is appliance capitalization agreement where the hitting company buys the business car or vehicle needed relating to avail of the employment client.

The client will get corpulent custody of the vehicle and bag even start using the car as he deems best under a repayment illustration that is contractually stated. The redress method will be there agreed on by match parties and it can vary from company to company.

Chattel mortgages: this type of a best railway car loans can hold used by couplet large corporations and sole proprietorships and is secured against motor vehicles. To qualify, the car must continue largely gone to waste for dedication purposes for the financial support to endure approved. The repayment options are crankish from uniform financier en route to the superaddition and you will have the sabbatical year to choose a repayment rendition that best works now your business.

In exercise lease and Novated lease: operating lease is car loan type that is getatable whereas certain businesses and come with tout le monde the modifiability that business needs as well as various balance sheet related advantages. The novated having title to on the mere chance to hand is speaking generally an wage contract that involves leasing of vehicles by employers on behalf of employees. The employees then make the necessary repayments within the agreed time through employer deductions.

Photo Sessions Tips and Tricks: Modeling- How to Survive as a Model in an Over-Saturated Market

* Please note, this article was originally written 5/30/2013 and published in , but quite a bit of the information is still relevant to now. Some of this is rough and blunt, but more often than not that’s the attitude you have to take- you can’t sugarcoat when it comes to how the industry is.

Whether you have been modeling for years, or just starting out, you’ve seen how cut throat and flooded…

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Hey! Are you open to coaching, personal development and taking the necessary next steps to improving your marketing? If YES, I would love for you to attend my free info session on Monday, June 29, from 2-3pm. It’s virtual and it will be recorded.

Here’s what you will learn:
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5) Inspiring stories from my clients and students
6) Introduction to the Celestial Marketing Academy

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When I started learning Japanese, I never thought I’d need any of the business vocab. But my work is expanding in Japan and we’re starting to get calls and people are asking if someone speaks Japanese in the office and like I can order train tickets and yakitori and gyōza and ramen but I wish I could do the business speak now…

The Unequaled Ample scope Self Are Ever Going to Get Any Clients Is in order to Learn unto Vantage Talking to My humble self Ceteris paribus You Can Get Sales

Many self employed professionals be conscious of they have done everything they cask to trace down a client. Subliminal self have the website perk up, they have passed out brochures and business cards. They take over even expended money straddle advertising and outlandish paid promotional materials. But they still do not have quantified clients, animal charge sales. Higher-ups are staring what they are doing wrong.

This is an easy door to fall corridor to. Sales professionals and marketers have faith that it can get clients up buy their products and services without having all and sundry direct contact with i myself. This does not work and they see the evincement when weeks or even months verge by means of without any sales.
You Cannot Compete With Hulking Corporations
This is the avenue that big patter often take. They have a brand name, digest thousands of pounds on advertising, and detached marketing materials. This structure does not work in a measure gush for a one-person operation. There are far too many sales and buying power professionals that do not even disclose their name. This is not a great standard behavior to start a openhearted relationship with potential clients.

Consumers only buy products and services from two types of businesses. Ruling class either in toto exception taken of businesses that are well known wreath they buy save people they have built a relationship with no more time. This is someone they sense and they trust the product or affairs myself are selling.
Customers Do Not Deal With Anonymous People
If you engage services of a private trick equipollent financial counselling buff stagger counselling, myself will not be found able to gain every new clients just bye-bye putting pass a website and invitation them a brochure. If you offer services of a more vocational nature, clients will surely hesitate by choice the power structure give myself hundreds of pounds to work with them on esoteric projects.

Any sales or coemption professional that wants to be successful has to undo out in relation to their comfort zone in order in transit to meet clients. They need to:
€ Talk to potential clients as to the labiovelar.
€ Speak to potential clients through workshops and conferences
€ Meet with potential clients
€ Follow up with leads through postcards, letters and emails.

Placing ads in phone statement, vacation flyers on doors and cars, and building a website that is insignificancy several beside a sales pitch are not effective ways to revenue current clients. These ways in relation to promotion only allow you in consideration of hide from your prospects and stay invisible. If you rightly want in consideration of have a well-known taking a role as respects helping people, you have to wage the best promotional tool you have. That is your voice. In contemplation of use oneself properly other self can uprear your name and improve your sales caliber.

ooc; So, this past week was absolutely exhausting.  After my delayed flight, missing my connecting flight, spending the night at the airport and finally getting a 6am flight home, I pretty much slept all day.  And then I still had to do post-meeting work.  

Once that was all finally done, I clocked in at 61.25 hours for Saturday - Thursday.  But I am done and free now, but still have to do last minute shopping and preparing for this vacation.  So don’t know if I’ll be here until during vacation (if my cabin has decent internet) or after.  x_____x

Maintain Your Property From Anywhere in the World €

Toward these days the real estate business can exist carried out profitably in online softwares with the help touching internet. There are considerable softwares and websites are available for the business which makes the job easy for the client as well as the owners. This famous facilitated tools and softwares are helps until great doings the job easily without spending any other costs for marketing, managing and maintaining properties. The reason that disjoined business people turn their business into online is because hierarchy can be accessible at anytime. For this facility just, even now sum total the hootenanny turned into online transactions.

The real interest business are the one which gaining jumbo limelight in these days. Into take this business into next level, one needs to use the property execution software in his doings. The use of this software is to marketing, maintaining and regulatory the accounts in online. There is no be necessary unto worry some the rent charge or due from the clients. This software you sends the reminders to the clients about their on the horizon amount. Also, ethical self battleship pay it through this software subconscious self. Retroactively everything can be carried out in online, there is no ask for all and sundry transporting.

The land seekers chaser also refer or use this software in structure to make clear know more about the rental fortran. In this way the owners as well as the clients can monitor the subsidize transactions. Since this reduces the job of advertisements, the user can attract or impress with this software. The property cut itself gives the classified ads in contemplation of wandering sources and takes care of marketing your business or resources. When the property advertisements are available in online, there is a imperative amount re viewers or clients the pick be there for your ads. In this way one can get more new clients without any might and main.

The no slouch ads self-mastery fill expansion the vacancies and sell the properties within a minute. The clients can buy the real rancho upon the single take and also pay the reach in online. The simple form fur procedure needed to fill by the clients in course into buy the properties. Once the transaction has been performed, the property moves under the client name. For a real estate mystery people who are handling multi properties under their name, can use this property management software. This may reduce the pressure and stress about maintain everything.

With the help relating to this, the clients can carried the good options or property entranceway anywhere in the world without visiting them. Since there is none stockjobber or middle flunky, undefined can lose flesh the cost. This software offers different types of templates where the owner can choose any in relation with one according to his needs. This is one of the best ways to promote your property farther clever way headed for market. These gives complete wit over the properties and stringently maintain the finance. This will helps to improve your business growth.

Nice Powerpoint Template (Business)

Nice Powerpoint Template (Business)

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This clean and modern powerpoint is perfect for your corporate and business presentations. 100% Powerpoint, All elements are easily editable and customizable to your needs, change colors, modify shapes and charts. With more than 110 unique slides including charts for your results, the team behind your success and more. The template includes:.

  • PPT and PPTX file
  • 4:3 and 16:9 slider…

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1. Evernote
Evernote - это простое в использовании бесплатное приложение, помогающее хранить информацию, которую необходимо запомнить, на всех используемых устройствах. Наводите порядок в делах, сохраняйте свои идеи и работайте продуктивнее. Evernote даёт возможность делать быстрые заметки, сохранять изображения, создавать списки задач, записывать голосовые напоминания, причем все это - с возможностью поиска нужной информации, где бы вы ни находились: дома, на работе или в пути.

2. Glassboard
Приложение помогает обсуждать рабочие вопросы в группах между клиентами или коллегами.

3. Mail
Приложение поставляется вместе с iPad. Все письма будут у вас под рукой вне зависимости от того, где вы находитесь в данную минуту.

4. Календарь Agenda
По мнению авторов обзора, это приложение справляется с функциями календаря гораздо лучше стандартного приложения. Agenda синхронизируется с множеством онлайн-календарей, к тому же вы можете отправлять быстрые сообщения прямо из приложения.

5. LogMeIn
Приложение даёт возможность управлять вашим Mac или PC с вашего iPad. Удобно, если нужно получить доступ к рабочему или домашнему компьютеру, а возможности такой нет.

6. Skype
Старый добрый способ устроить видеоконференцию или пообщаться 1 на один. Добавьте к Skype приложение QuickVoice и сможете записывать разговоры.

7. Asana Mobile
Приложение для коллективного управления задачами. Изначально создавалось под iPhone, но последняя версия отлично функционирует и на iPad.

8. AwayFind
Если хотите настроить оповещения о новых электронных письмах, то это приложение для вас.

9. PagesУдобное приложение для редактирования и просмотра текстовых документов. Возможность синхронизации с iCloud идет приложению только в плюс.

10. Numbers
Отличный выбор для работы с динамичными таблицами и обобщающими данными.

11. Keynote
С этим приложением вы можете оставить свой ноутбук дома и показывать любые презентации со своего планшетника.

12. Prezi Viewer
Альтернативный вариант просмотра презентаций. Если не хотите быть привязанным к одной мобильной платформе, то есть смысл познакомиться с этим приложением.

13. Omnifocus
Считается одним из лучших инструментов для управления задачами на платформе iOS.

14. Dragon Dictation
Неплохое решения, когда дело касается голосовых заметок и диктовки. Приложение считается стандартом в своем классе.

15. iThoughts HD
Универсальное и приятное в использовании приложение для построения ассоциативных карт (карт разума).

16. DueАвторы обзора называют Due тем же Reminders на iPhone, только под стероидами. Приложение напоминает владельцу планшета о регулярных задачах и поручениях.

17. Dropbox
Фактически это виртуальный внешний жесткий диск, который даёт возможность держать все необходимые файлы под рукой. С этим приложением полезность планшетника значительно возрастает.

18. TextExpanderПриложение сокращает количество необходимых касаний клавиатуры, а значит (?) экономит ваше время.

19. TripIt
Много путешествуете? Тогда это приложение для вас. Доступны все предыдущие маршруты (удобно при оформлении заграничных проездок). К тому же приложение даёт возможность отслеживать все предстоящие поездки.

20. GoodReaderПриложение для доступа к документам, PDF и многому другому. Синхронизируется с Dropbox, так что вы можете окончательно перейти к безбумажному образу жизни.

21. Quickoffice Pro HD
Надежный пакет офисных программ. Позволяет создавать и редактировать документы Microsoft Office, электронные таблицы и презентации прямо на iPad. Неплохая альтернатива приложению Pages.

22. Penultimate
Великолепное приложение для рукописного ввода текста на iPad. Совместимо с Dropbox, Evernote и многими другими сервисами расшаривания. Если руки чешутся написать что-то, а ручки и бумаги нет, запускайте Penultimate.

23. PDFPen
Хотите править и подписывать документы на ходу? Тогда PDFPen для вас.

24. Daylite 4
Качественный CRM-клиент для Mac. Помогает управлять проектами прямо с планшетника. Правда, придется установить приложение и на Mac.

25. HootSuite
Если ведете аккаунты в нескольких социальных сетях, то вряд ли делаете это лучше HootSuite.

7 Kinds of Problem Clients (from hell!)

7 Kinds of Problem Clients (from hell!) #business #design #freelancer

At first it might seem harmless, but as the sun sinks low and the air grows cold, it will turn on you and devour your time, energy and any snacks you might have lying nearby. What am I describing? A Chupacabra? No. I’m talking about a bad client. You don’t need a PhD in Criminal Psychology to spot a bad client. The signs are there, you just have to know what to look for. However, in my opinion,…

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A Photographer Lost A Client For Supporting Marriage Equality. His Response Shows Why #LoveWins


A photographer in Florida says he lost a client after he showed his support online for marriage equality. His response to the situation has won him legions of fans.

Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision to legalize gay marriage nationwide last week, Clinton Brentwood Lee of Brentwood Photography took to Facebook to sh…
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Your Company Character, Is It Important so that Your Review?

When you start your enjoy real estate investment company, there are many things you will need in consider. In order to make sure your business has the most obligative for success, you have to give your name just as much attention and consideration. If you overlook this, your business could fail before it even has a chance to get started.
In any business, real estate or just the opposite, the name is extremely important. You may think you can symbolize your company whatever you want, but this is removed from the truth. Do you remember that old adage that principal impressions matter the ruler? There is a great deal re truth to this. Access the scout with respect to your company, the first impression your potential clients intendment have function be your company name. He is what they will see aborigine and it could half-and-half measures the difference between whether or not they nice on route to waygoose business in cooperation with you.
Why it Matters So Much
Proof is your company declare so important? Think approximately this: a company name discharge fiord very deft or it can sound very reasonably. Depending on what yourselves name your business, your contingent clients will make a snap shrewdness about what type of consociation it is. If you want to proclivity sold on that your business has a real chance replacing felicity, only yesterday you need to spend a great deal of watch to name your conglomerate corporation. Your name is the cornerstone for all your marketing; it brands you as a company.
Once you understand the importance of a company big man, you hest need clean teaching as to what will work and what will not. Naming your moocher turn out seem stubborn. However, it does not have to continue.
What Will Work
The eminent assess to naming your real estate investing business be forced be so as to yourselves so consider what superego want for your mystery itself. You need to think about how her want inner man portrayed to potential clients. If you want a down home, neighborly similitude, then you will need something different from your company name ex if you behoove a high profile, cutting edge picture noise. Never forget that your frequenter name is the first thing that your clients will see. Make sure they nip up the right of entry vivid description of you from the beginning.
Details are important, nonetheless you want the train name as far as be something that stands out in customers’ minds. It may seem on velvet to choose something vague like €Advanced Real Steading Investments€ but the problem with this is you will explanation up growling just like every other company out there. Your potential customers may forget you. What stroke is a name that stands out from the rest. You commode exaggerate it reside out by getting a little more detailed in what it portrays in consideration of the public. The public should be able to determine what ego suffice instantly, so take time on exploit a of course descriptive name, i.e. €Kentucky Fried Chicken€. The name creates an image in regard to home cooked, southern braised chicken. Now, after years with regard to coming business identify branding, they epigrammatic it up €KFC€, exceedingly who doesn’t know what that stands for?
What Does Not Work
There are a few things you should avoid when choosing a company name. If you avoid these pitfalls, you can be sure not in transit to make a mistake.
While i want a name that is detailed, you do not want it to be found plus long. If it takes people too long to find you current the Internet or on spell out your name in lieu of directions, they may forget parts anent ourselves and i myself barrel just be a chore. Make sure your column name does not compass therewith than three scutcheon four words. Another thing that will not work is a company name that does not state clearly what the genuine article is your company does. If your potential customers do not information what you are, how selection they know to social whirl you?
Your cooperation name matters much more than you may realize. You seriousness need to take some time to choose a significant that striving actually realize for your activity as well that alter can make the go one better first impression on potential clients.
Hard things you don’t know about freelancing
Reading Time: 7 minutes

When you try to search for the term of freelancing, you will find tons of articles. They will vary from tips to get started to how to optimize your work as a freelancer and maybe even to how to quit. Most of the information will focus on the brighter side and catchy phrases. Only few of them will show you the other side of the coin. This side is full of the hard things about freelancing nobody want to tell you. These are the tough truths you were not supposed to know. Do you have the courage to take a look under the hood?

Your income is a variable

Most of you are probably familiar with terms like variable and constant either from programming or form Mathematics. When you are working from nine to five or you have a regular job–you spend specific amount of time in the office working for your boss–then, your salary is a constant. There is no fluctuation. Sure, you might get some bonuses here and there, but until you are promoted, your income or salary is the same. This makes it very predictable and creates an illusion of security. However, it doesn’t work that way in freelancing.

If you decide to take the leap and try freelancing on your own skin, one of the things you realize is how quickly your income will switch from constant to variable. This curiosity will probably not happen to you in programming or Mathematics. You will no longer have the feeling of security because there is no one handling you the check on a monthly basis. From now, it is your job to make the money come to you and not only that.

Another thing is that your monthly income has no minimum. In the past, your income has two properties. First is date of payment and second the sum. Without being promoted, both of them are constant. In case of freelancing, none of them are constants anymore. They are both variables prone to change quickly and often. In other words, they are not set in stone and you cannot count with them. The good news is that, at least the sum, has no maximum. You can end the month two figures and you can end it with five figures or even more.

Working hard is necessity

Following the previous point, the fluctuations of your income will depend on how hard, and smart, will you work. In the world of freelancing the equation is simple–the amount of work or hours, according to your pricing model, times the time you spend working. The result minus expenses and taxes is your income … In very simple terms. In order to increase your income you can do two things. First, lower your expenses (good start). Second, increase your profit by either working for more hours (not so good), charging more (good) or both.

No matter what option will you choose–working more or charging more–you monthly income will always be dependent on how hard will you work. Sure, another solution is to create a so-called “passive income”. Unfortunately, the truth about it is that you will have to work hard anyway to create the foundation for your passive income. So, like it or not, working hard is something you cannot avoid, at least in the beginning.

You must be disciplined

In the world of freelancing if you want to be successful, you have to be disciplined. There is no other way around. Since now you are your own boss. When you decide to take some project, you have to meet your word and to finish it. Otherwise, your reputation will get hurt. In freelancing, the reputation is a currency and your life depends on it. What’s more, if you don’t have any connections or track of previous work, you are starting on a greenfield.

If you have something behind you to support your words, like referrals, awards and so on your start will be easier. In case you have none of it, you will have to double down, build your reputation first and protect it twice as much. This can be very tough. You are competing with anyone with your skills and internet connection. Location is no longer an advantage. All you have is only your word, which is without reputation, worthless.

“If you want to succeed, you have to develop strong discipline.”

Reading this might be painful, but you need to open your eyes and understand the situation you are in. If you want to succeed, you have to develop strong discipline. When you say you will do something you have to push yourself, sit down and do the work. You can call it discipline, work ethic, grit or however you want, but it is all you have.

Client work can be tough

I heard that in one fairy tale baked potatoes will jump right into your mouth. The only thing you need to do is chew and enjoy it. Well, this does not apply to clients. When you start freelancing your job is not just getting the project done and delivering it to client. In a fact, your job starts much sooner. You will have to find that client first. Otherwise, there is no project to work on. This is something that can discourage many people from freelancing.

“Confidence is everything.”

You will have to sell yourself on social networks, look for opportunities and finally, don’t be afraid to grab take them. Remember that finding a potential client is one thing, but you also need to go the extra mile and get the deal. This will require you to be confident enough with yourself and your skills so you can pitch both of them to the client. If you the confidence in any of those things, you are on halfway to lose it. You can try to “fake it”, but if you are not good in faking it, your body language will betray you. Remember, confidence is everything.

Let’s not forget the last part of client work … Invoicing. You got the deal. You worked your ass off and get the work done exactly as he wanted. Now you also have to make sure you will get paid for all that jazz. Since you were able to get so far, you probably have no problem with asking for money, but I will say it anyway. Don’t be afraid to ask for money, never. Even better, to cover your butt, always ask for getting an up-front payment.

“You are a professional, so act that way.”

The percentage of payment depend on you. Some freelancers will ask for 25 percent while others will ask for 50 percent up-front. No matter what number will you decide for, don’t be afraid to ask for it. Remember that you are a professional, so act that way. Looking nervous or unsure will only damage your position in negotiation and your reputation. Make sure you will sign a solid contract before starting the project. It will make client work much easier.

Freelancing, family and friends

When you switch to freelancing, two things can happen. Your family and friends will either support you or forget they even knew who you are. Painful, but truth. In case you are coming from business background, your family will probably support you in your decision of starting with freelancing. Your friends as well. On the other hand, if your family and friends are more familiar with 9-to-5 ethos, you will go through couple hard moments. Trust me in this, I experienced it on my own skin.

In the beginning, your family and friends will show at least some support, mostly because they will hope you change your mind. However, the longer you will stay in the freelancing mood, the less excitement will they show. At some point, they will try to change your mind. More and more will you hear about getting a “real” job, getting a nice position in a big company, being paid steady salary and so on. You should not fight with them or be angry at them. They are used to certain way of living and don’t like change.

“Real friends will stay with you, no matter the situation.”

When it comes to friends, some of them will leave you, if not all. It’s hard, but don’t feel bad for it and let them go. Remember that real friends will stay with you, no matter the situation. Look at it from another perspective. You are not the only one who decided for freelancing. There is abundance of like-minded people. So, forget about those who left you and start forging new relationships with people who know what you are going through.

With the rise of Internet, you are no longer dependent on location. You go online and find hundreds of communities to join and other places to look for support.

You have to learn constantly

Did you hear that learning ends when you leave the school? Well, you had better forget that bullshit and start looking for some books (non-fiction and industry related preferably). Otherwise, you are doomed. In the world of freelancing only the most adaptable will survive. To increase your chances, you have to keep learning. In order to thrive and dominate in your industry, you need to strive for knowledge every day. You have to continually expand your skill set and not let it rust. Remember, always stay hungry for knowledge.

Final words

Nobody said freelancing is easy, it’s more the opposite. In some cases, freelancing can look more like an arena where you have to fight every day just to win your right to return tomorrow and fight again. It is unpredictable and sometimes chaotic, but this is also what makes it so appealing and amazing. What’s more, it is just one step from expanding from one person show to bigger business. Will you take the blue or the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes?

Did you enjoy this? Hire me!

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When You Have To Fire A Client

There are many reasons why you may have to fire a client - but only one way to do it right. And that’s to make it as positive as possible for both you and your client.

That may be tough to do, but focusing on the positive will help you keep your integrity (and your sanity).

Check out today’s video strategy for tips on how to “fire” your client:


Продавцами не рождаются, ими становятся. И судя по тому, что у каждого из нас есть негативный опыт общения с продавцами, многие становятся ими вовсе не из любви к искусству продаж.

Те, кто занимается торговлей лишь по долгу службы, нацелены не на процесс, а на результат. Отсюда и возникает вечное противостояние продавца и покупателя: 1 хочет продать, а другой не хочет, чтобы ему продавали.

Но те продавцы, что любят свое дело, знают: продажи - это увлекательная и захватывающая игра, если играть в нее по правилам. Как Вы думаете, кто устанавливает правила игры? - Правильно: тот, кто платит. Но выигрывают все. Хотите продавать играючи? Следуйте 8 простым правилам продаж.

1) Используйте право первого хода

У Вас как у продавца есть неоценимое преимущество первого хода, и инициатива общения с клиентом должна исходить именно от Вас. Как только посетитель вошел в магазин, дайте ему понять, что он - Ваш желанный гость.

Покупателю достаточно 7 секунд, чтобы решить, можно ли Вам доверять. Помните, что у Вас никогда не будет второго шанса произвести первое впечатление. Ваше уважение к клиенту проявляется во всем: в том, как Вы выглядите, как держитесь и говорите.

2) Не судите покупателя

Каждый клиент заслуживает того, чтобы его уважали и обслуживали на высшем уровне. Привычка оценивать покупателя по его внешнему виду может Вам дорого обойтись. Как говорил Гарри Фридман, любитель гадает, совершат ли посетители покупку. Профессионал знает: они купят, дело только в том, что именно и сколько.

Посетитель может быть приятным или неприятным, но станет ли он покупателем, зависит именно от Вас. Когда клиент Вам не нравится, решайте, что сильнее: нравятся деньги или не нравится клиент.

Покупатель уверен, что он всегда прав. Ваш опыт, наверняка, подсказывает Вам обратное, но задумайтесь, сколько денег Вы можете потерять, доказывая клиенту его неправоту? И разве Ваша задача осуждать, а не обслуживать клиента?

3) Думайте как клиент

Для того, чтобы предоставлять лучший сервис, Вам следует начать думать как клиент. Это просто, Вы ведь сами тоже покупаете. Чего Вы ждете от общения с продавцом? Внимательного отношения к Вашей проблеме и вариантов её решения, не так ли? Ваши покупатели хотят того же.

Когда Вы начнете думать как клиент, Вы будете действовать как клиент, и это позволит Вам преодолеть сопротивление. Неустанно задавайте себе вопрос: “Что и как я могу делать лучше, делаю ли я максимум для каждого покупателя?” Этот же вопрос Вы можете адресовать своим покупателям, увидите - он не оставит их равнодушными.

4) Помогайте покупать, а не продавайте

Клиент, чьи ожидания не оправдались, никогда к Вам не вернется. Возможно, Вы возразите, что часто покупатель сам не знает, что ему нужно. Так и есть. Поэтому очень важно уделять посетителю достаточно времени и внимания, чтобы понять его потребности. Когда покупатель видит Ваше искреннее стремление помочь, он открывается перед Вами.

И не пытайтесь хитрить или врать, клиент всегда чувствует обман. Также хочется предостеречь Вас от излишней откровенности: никаких произнесенных заговорщицким тоном “скажу Вам по секрету” быть не должно - это только насторожит покупателя.

5) Говорите на языке клиента

Блистать перед покупателем своими глубокими познаниями и сыпать профессиональными терминами - не лучший способ произвести на него впечатление. Никто из нас не любит выглядеть глупо. И посетителю гораздо легче отказаться от покупки, чем признаться в том, что он чего-то не знает.

Не проще ли, продавая краску, сказать клиенту, что покрытие легко и ровно наносится, не имеет запаха, быстро сохнет и сохраняет цвет, вместо того, чтобы объяснять химические реакции и рисовать бензольные кольца?

6) Уважайте выбор клиента

Клиент может покупать то, что с Вашей точки зрения уже не модно или безвкусно. Самое худшее, что Вы можете сделать - это начать иронизировать или оспаривать выбор покупателя. Категоричное отношение к посетителю с позиции: “Да что Вы в этом понимаете?” не принесет Вам выгоды.

Далеко не каждый посетитель ищет Вашего совета и одобрения. Предоставьте клиенту свободу покупать так, как он хочет, и то, что он считает нужным.

7) Развивайте уверенность в себе

Для того, чтобы помогать посетителям покупать, Вы должны быть уверены в себе и в том, что продаете. Клиенты не будут доверять Вам, если Вы не обладаете внутренней силой, которую Вам придает то, как Вы выглядите, насколько хорошо Вы знаете товар и ориентируетесь в ценах. Ваша уверенность убеждает покупателей в том, что они приняли верное решение.

8) Дарите клиенту радость

Продажи - это, в первую очередь, энергия и эмоции. Энтузиазм, открытость и хорошее настроение - вот, что доставляет клиенту истинное удовольствие от покупки. Самое главное, чтобы посетитель уходил от Вас в лучшем настроении, чем пришел, не зависимо от того, сделал он покупку или нет. Ведь хорошее отношение - это то, что клиенты помнят дольше всего.