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Reactions still open? I think I send this one over quite a few times but tumblr was eating it? I remembered that one again just now^^ Souw Reaction for RFA+ Saeran please. How would they react to coming home to a crying MC, who announce that she has seen them with another girl somewhere. Of course all of this is just a huuuge misunderstanding (and I am sure at least one of them had just a Seven in disguise in front of them xD )

Jumin: He would be so shocked at the accusation, and would actually be rather hurt by it, and the fact that you thought he was cheating.

He would immediately explain that it was simply a business client, and that he would be happy to introduce you both to prove he wasn’t cheating, and that you were the only one he ever wanted.

Yoosung: He would be surprised when you asked him who the girl in the library with him was, and he would actually not understand at first. When you told him he was rarely around anymore, and spending most of his time with her, he would understand.

He would explain it was his new partner for the project he was working on for class. He would apologise for spending so much time away from you and with his partner.

Zen: He would actually be rather upset that you thought he was cheating on you, but would understand that the way the press had phrased it, did make it seem like that.

He would introduce you to her, and explain she was an old friend from his… motorbike gang days. He would explain how he had just met her and they had went for coffee to catch up.

707: He would be shocked that you thought he had cheated. He would feel very hurt at first, but would listen to you as you reminded him he was rarely home lately.

He would explain that he was meeting with an old agent he used to work with, who was helping him get out of the secret agent business for good.

Jaehee: She would be extremely surprised when you confronted her, and would immediately explain that the person was merely a friend.

She would happily introduce you both, but would let you know that it was alright, and that she had been spending a little too much time away from home.

Saeran: He would simply start laughing. He wouldn’t be able to stop until he saw you were crying, then he would drag you to Sevend room and out of his closet, he would pull out the outfit the ‘beautiful and very attractive’ woman had been wearing.

He would explain how Seven had decided to wear a dress and wig that day, and you didn’t have to worry as his brother really wasn’t his type.

I went on a little hike in September and the sunset was magic. The book by the way is Dear Life by Alice Munro, so good!

How you guys have been doing? any good book suggestions? there’s a pumpkin soup and lots of hot beverage cinemagraphs to come soon, sorry for the delay with images, we’ve been busy with client work and then I felt generally tired from life

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Good Design Business Cards by Murmure

“At Murmure they think that behind a good project always lies a good client. For their new business cards, the Art Directors assume their graphic and strategic ways. A premium business card whose main information is conveyed by the punchline which is herself highlighted by the graphic and printing qualities.”

Murmure creative agency specialises in strong visual identities in fields such as arts, culture, music and luxury. The agency is directed by two artistic directors (Julien Alirol and Paul Ressencourt) and aspires to produce and develop singular creative and aesthetic projects adapted to its clients’ desires.

I was at a client’s house to talk about building a website for their gardening business.

Client: How much for a website?

Me: That depends on…

Client: (interrupting) Just answer my question!

Me: As I was saying, it depends on what you want. The design, the number of pages required, et cetera. I have a list and based on that I can make a price.

Client: Tell me how f**king much it is! I have a $150 budget.

Me: That won’t even buy you the design.

Client: Bullshit! Complete bullshit! Just answer my question!

Client’s Wife: Are you stupid? Just tell him how much!

Me: Goodbye. 

I’m a graphic designer. I recently got a message from a possible client who wanted a logo for their new business.

Me: Alright, do you have any ideas about what you would like?

Client: Yes, I will send you what I have in mind.

The client proceeds to send me a scribble on a scrap piece of paper with their business name on it, and the word ‘Logo’ that was circled above their business name.

Client: Okay, so this is my idea: my business name, with a logo above it.

Me: Uh… Okay, do you have an idea of what sort of logo you wanted?

Client: Not really, I was kind of hoping you’d just draw up some ideas and I’ll just pick the one I like. 

Me: This could take a long time to do. What is your budget for this?

Client: I have $30. How much do you charge?

Me: More than that - especially for what you are expecting of me. If you are one day able to have a higher budget, I could do more for you, but currently I am unable to do anything for you. 

Client: But I can get it done online for $30. Professional graphic designers are expensive!

Me: True, but a design on the cheap is not going to look professional, while a design by a pro will look more professional and be better for your business. You get what you pay for, essentially. 

Client: Exactly! That’s why I came to you! You could do one professionally! 

Me: Not for $30 I can’t.

Lightwood-Bane Family Headcanon:

  • Max Lightwood-Bane growing up idolizing his Shadowhunter dad. 
  • Alec bringing Max to the institute with him to train when Magnus was busy with a client. And Max happily sitting off to the side watching his dad train, mesmerized by how strong he was. 
  • When Rafael comes into the family, and Alec starts to teach him things about being a Shadowhunter, Max insists on joining in. Neither Magus nor Alec have the heart to tell Max he can’t actually become a real Shadowhunter. 
  • Max grows up training with Raf and Alec. He’s usually able to keep up with them in terms of fighting, and when he’s not no one says anything if he uses a bit of magic to bring him up to their strength/skill level.
  • The time comes when Raf gets his first runes and Max asks his dads when he’ll be able to get his. 
  • Cue heartbreaking scene where Magnus has to pull Max aside and explain to him that Downworlders can’t get runes like Shadowhunters. 
  • Max getting angry because he doesn’t understand, he just wants to be like his dad. He wants to be a hero like his dad and Raf, he wants to be a Shadowhunter. 
  • Magnus smiling and explaining that being a Warlock is even better, you get magic and you can do whatever you want and don’t have to follow orders from the Clave. 
  • To make things even more painful Max gets frustrated and yells at Magnus, saying something like “I don’t want to be a stupid Warlock! I want to be a hero! I want to be like Dad!” and running off to his room. 

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Client: We’re going to need the same signage you made for our new store too. How much will that cost?

Me: Let me find a printing shop in that area and I’ll get you a quote.

Client: You can’t just tell me?

Me: Different print shops charge different rates, you don’t want to have them printed here and shipped, that’d be pretty expensive. I’ll let you know.

Client: Cool, I need that in twenty minutes.

Me: It’s going to take longer than twenty minutes.

Client: So an hour?

Me: Print shops will be closed by now, I can have them by the end of the day tomorrow.

Client: Why does it take so long?!

Me:Let me put it to you this way. You know how you complained about that “crazy woman” that called earlier demanding that her 10,000 unit order of handmade products that she placed this morning needed to be shipped out tomorrow or she would take her business elsewhere? 

Client: What about it?

Me: She’s at your mercy. I’m at the mercy of another company, and right now, you’re being her for me.

He left without saying a word and waited patiently. Quotes were received and approved. I never heard another peep of complaint.

“Hello, could you tell me everything about how to do your job?”

“Sure! I require payment in order to tell you all the information I’ve learned over the 15+ years of experience I have sewing, and past 3 years doing this specific job.”
(Translation: ???????????????)

“I could hire someone to do your job for that much money.”

(Translation: SUCK MY DIIIII-)

Tarot Clients in Crisis - How to Help

If you’ve been reading tarot long enough, at some point you may encounter a client on the verge of a breakdown.

Whether the client is having a panic attack, reacting to a personal tragedy, talking suicide, or posing a danger to others, a client in crisis-mode can rattle even the most stoic reader.  You need to be prepared to handle this scenario should it ever arise.

I’ve been on that side of the tarot table on a few occasions and it’s never easy.  It requires great sensitivity, common sense, and a grounded presence.

Here are my recommendations on what you need to do if a tarot reading turns dramatic:

Remain calm.  Put on your listening ears and be 100% present. Sometimes people just want a safe, non-judgmental place to release.  You can be that, provided this is not an escalating situation and you can remain centered.

If the client is in tears, let them cry.  Don’t feel a need to “fix the situation.” Just be present. Offer a tissue if necessary.  In some cases, reaching out and touching their hand may be perfectly fine. (If crying makes you uncomfortable, you may feel compelled to change the subject – don’t.)

If you decide to continue on with the reading, be mindful of the words you use. An innocent remark or interpretation could be a trigger for someone in distress.  Be honest about what you see but use compassionate lingo.

If they get angry and blame you or the reading for their state, take nothing personally. It’s not about you. Just remind them that you care and continue to offer your support.

Refer them to the proper help. You should give them the names of at least three mental health professionals so that they have options to choose from.

DO NOT try to take the role of a licensed therapist. This is not your job and it poses legal and ethical problems.  Let them know that you cannot legally assume this role.  Once again, give them referrals to the proper help.  Make sure you protect your business by having a disclaimer on your site that clearly states your work is for “entertainment purposes only and not a substitute for psychological help.”

If you are frightened, or if they are having trouble communicating, do not handle this alone. Seek help immediately.  Call 911 if necessary.

In some cases, you may want to contact other sources of help.  This could mean contacting a loved one – or reaching out to local mental health authorities.  The client may end up being very angry at you for this but if there is a threat of violence or suicide, this may be your only option.  Although strict confidentiality is important for tarot readers, if someone’s life is at stake, you’re going to need to break that.

Sometimes, you may have to end the session or refuse to serve the client, especially if you feel at risk.  Good boundaries are essential.  Set yours and stick to them.

A situation like this can leave you shaken. Do energy work after your sessions to restore your balance.  Give yourself some time to gather your self and get back on track.

Lastly, send them as much love and light as you can.  If you have a strong relationship with the client, reach out later to see how they are doing. Care. We’ve all been in difficult situations and sometimes what we need more than anything is simply the presence of someone who cares.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”  ~ Plato



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2014

Some resources:

National Alliance for Mental Health:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
(800) 273-8255

National Youth Crisis Hotline
(800) 442-HOPE (4673)

National Domestic Violence Hotline
(800) 799-7233

National US Child Abuse Hotline
(800) 422-4453

Planned Parenthood Hotline
(800) 230-PLAN (230-7526)

Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN)
(800) 656-HOPE

National Domestic Violence/Child Abuse/ Sexual Abuse
(800) 799-7233

Abuse Victim Hotline
(800) 662-4535

National Institute on Drug Abuse Hotline
(800) 662-4357

National Help Line for Substance Abuse
(800) 262-2463

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On the other side of the coin:  How To Read Tarot When Your Life is a Mess

So, I’m working on a website for a real estate firm who have decided to branch out into financing, to allow people to buy their own homes, when the client tells me he’s been bankrupted eight times and is required by law to tell anyone he enters into a contract with involving money that he’s not allowed to run a business.

Me:  You’ll be offering mortgages to people to allow them to build their own homes, and you’re not allowed to be running a business?

Client:  Yes, but I’ve told you.  That’s all right, isn’t it?

Me:  I’ll have to mention that on the website.

Client:  Is that relevant?

Me:  That’s relevant.  I can’t begin to tell you how relevant that is right now.

Car accident with me in the cab, and you want to charge me for the trip? Kiss a big customer goodbye.

I was on a business trip to a client in Philly, located just far enough away from the city to be a very expensive cab ride, but not so far as to warrant a rental car. I flew down, got an airport cab there, was there for a week being picked up and delivered from my hotel by taxi, and on friday the client called a cab for me to return to the airport.

The driver of my cab was distracted and not driving with safe attention to the road, so after a couple miles he hit another car. Fortunately it was a low-speed collision, just barely not fast enough to deploy air bags, and everyone walked away unharmed. However, I had to wait for the cops to show up to give a statement, and I insisted the cab company send another car with another driver to take me to the airport. A couple minutes into waiting I realized the driver had left the meter running, which I insisted he stop.

All told I was there maybe an hour between waiting for the cop, talking to the cop, convincing the cop not to force me to go to the hospital (I had a black eye before the accident and the cop was really worried that I was terribly injured and too delusional to realize I had been hurt), and waiting for a new cab to show up. So, while I’d left early for my flight, by the time I got to the airport I was going to have to rush to make it.

You’d think if you had a cab company and your driver had a car accident with a passenger in the car, you’d see to it that they got to their destination safely and hope they don’t sue you, but not only did the second cabbie run the meter and ask me to pay, but he told me the owner of the cab company had insisted he get the fare from the first cab’s meter and insist I pay it too. He had the decency to look ashamed about all this, so I wasn’t too nasty to him personally, I told him calmly that I recognized that the law allowed that I could be charged for the trip although good business practice would dictate otherwise, but that if I hadn’t been charged I would have given him a good tip, while now he’d get no tip as I was offended. And then I told him what to tell his boss I was going to do…

You see, my client there was a major bank… it wasn’t Bank of America, but a few years later it got bought by Bank of America, so you can think of it as being that size. And, they had people in to consult with them and work with them often, and they always used this cab company for all the local travel. I would be going back there in two weeks, so I simply phoned up my client on monday morning to let them know about the accident and asked them very nicely to please find another cab company for me to use when I would be there.

My contact at the client was, of course, horrified, and made sure that they, their employees, and their consultants and contractors would never be using that cab company again.

PSA to Artists and Art Lovers: Don’t use Artists&Clients

TL;DR:Artists&Clients profits off the hard work of independent artists while failing to provide the support those artists are paying for by failing to pay artists on time. Spread the word, #boycottArtistsNClients.

Artists&Clients, if you’re not familiar, is an art escrow service that offers security for both the artist and the buyer in doing art commissions. The buyer places money in escrow awaiting completion of the project, and the project is (or can be) watermarked until the client marks the job as done and releases the funds to your A&C wallet. Once the funds are in your wallet, you can withdraw the funds manually, which the site says takes up to 24 hours to appear in your PayPal account, or wait for one of the monthly auto-payouts.

Sounds great, right?

Well, it was until they stopped paying me.

See, I was getting the monthly payments, usually, with manual payouts taking place in the case of tight financial situations. Unfortunately, this month was a tight financial situation. Our car was stolen twice within less than a week, and there were a lot of expenses associated with getting it back and locking it down (which, knock on wood, has been working so far for us, the car hasn’t been stolen since). And, as luck would have it, we had just moved, so the meager savings we had was tapped in that move.

So I needed the $34 I had in Artists&Clients. Sure, it wasn’t a lot, but it would have been enough to buy another frugal round of groceries to make it the two weeks until payday. So I put in a request on the 4th of August to get my payout from A&C. Figuring that it’d be a day to get the money, then another 3-5 days for PayPal to get the money to my bank account, that would leave us with a bit of money to last the remaining week or so until I was paid on the 18th.

Two days later, I was nervous. Three days later, incredibly anxious. Five days later, and I was really scared and a little bit angry. I sent off an email to the A&C folks:

Which they still haven’t responded to.

I sent a ton of tweets to them, starting the day after my first email. I even messaged them on Facebook, which I use very rarely. They finally got back to me today on Twitter:

This is the sum total of all of the communication I have received from A&C regarding this issue. And while I’ve been paid, it would be nice to at least get an off-hand “sorry” for the 13 days of stress and anxiety. If it weren’t for the charity and goodwill of my awesome friends, my husband and I would have been eating ramen and peanut butter sandwiches for the past week. Instead, when I put the word out about being shafted by A&C, my friends sent us delivery food and some groceries from Amazon. The kindness of these wonderful souls blows me away.

The greater stress, to me, wasn’t the lack of $34 dollars that could have made the difference for us. It was the fact that there was not a single peep from the A&C camp. I began to wonder if I would ever see that money. I wondered if I was ever going to get paid for the work I had done. I felt taken advantage of. I still feel taken advantage of. They sat on my money for nearly two weeks and then thank me for my patience.

Dude, I ran out of patience over a week ago.

I don’t have any more patience, all I have is anger that they ignored me for nearly two weeks while I tried to reach out to them through multiple channels: e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook. And to not even say sorry? Not cool. I tried to point this out to them in a reply to their tweet:

I got no response to this from A&C.

For their escrow services, Artists&Clients charges 15% of your commission fee. They also add on a PayPal service charge when you get a withdrawal, the exact percentage of which varies based on the size of your withdrawal. For my $34 payout, I only received $32.37, meaning PayPal’s fees for that transaction were approximately 4.8%. For my $40 in commissions, I received only 80.9% of that total amount.

So, in short, A&C can get bent. Don’t use them. Tell your artist friends not to use them.

How to Build a Creative Mind That Will Never Run Out of New Ideas

Do you ever think you’re just not the “creative type?” Well, it’s not true. Creativity isn’t just for artists, musicians, or filmmakers anymore – it’s for everyone.

Regardless of our lifestyle, we’re all faced with tough decisions and new problems to solve. Creativity is simply being able to think of these problems from different perspectives and discover solutions that haven’t been thought of yet.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to code a new piece of software, or make a hospital more patient friendly, or improve a company’s culture – creativity plays a crucial role in finding new and better answers.

This idea that “we all have creativity” is a theme embedded throughout Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All.

It’s a very practical and insightful book by two brothers, David Kelley and Tom Kelley, who draw extensively on their work at the innovative consulting firm IDEO and Stanford’s Institute of Design (also known as the “”).

The Kelley brothers do a great job describing not only how creativity can be applied to any area of life, but also how anyone can build “creative confidence” – the belief that we can create something new that adds value to the world.

Here are the main principles behind building creative confidence no matter what walk-of-life you are from.

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I made a web site for a small local business. One afternoon the client phoned me to say he was having trouble setting up Outlook on his laptop. IT wasn’t my problem, but because it was no bother I offered to meet him at a local cafe that evening to get it set up for him. While I worked on his laptop we engaged in the usual small talk.

I looked and felt awful that day, and conversationally I explained to him that I was looking after my mother-in-law while we waited for a space to open up in a care home. She had advanced Parkinson’s disease, and it had been quite draining for all of us.

The client smiled and broadly extended a handshake. I took it, though I was a bit confused.  

Client: (proudly) How would you like A CURE for her Parkinson’s Disease?

He then went into a sales pitch for the MLM, “miracle” cure “magic health juice” he was selling on the side. 

Needless to say there is no cure for Parkinson’s Disease, and if there was you wouldn’t sell it in a dark café to a web designer doing you a favour as part of a pyramid scheme.  In fact, I’m pretty sure if this guy had the cure to Parkinson’s he probably would know how to sort out his Outlook inbox.

I took a deep breath, summoned all my professionalism, and politely declined his “very kind” offer. I finished the work and went home. After reflecting on the incident, I l decided to part company with the client, as there was no way I could continue working with someone who had seen my family member’s sickness as a sales opportunity. This was my client’s response to being fired:

Client: You’re being very unprofessional.

"The Business Relationship"
  • "The Business Relationship"
  • Miyano Mamoru (Fushimi Saruhiko), Nazuka Kaori (Hirasaka Douhan)

Side: Green Drama CD

#4: “The Business Relationship"  by Kabei Yukako (GoRA Yellow)
extracted from “K of Radio Go!!”

Noted that it is stated as “TBA - will air on Jan 15?” here.

The secret drama is finally revealed and it is something Fushimi fans will be extremely excited. This is set in that one month Fushimi left Scepter 4 (due to somebody’s cunning plan) and working to climb to J rank. 

Will leave it to whoever who wants to transcribe it.

Summary below:

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