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Im a Translator, so I meet up with clients from businesses alot when they need to connect with another company abroad, I dreamt that my boss wanted to extend into the music industry and wanted me to fly over to bighit for an interview, to put it plainly I managed to meet all the boys and they tried their hardest to speak to me in English and if was so fucking cute I woke up sobbing.

Awwww that’s so sweet ❤❤❤❤❤ I hope you do meet them omg 💕💕💕

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PSA to Artists and Art Lovers: Don’t use Artists&Clients

TL;DR:Artists&Clients profits off the hard work of independent artists while failing to provide the support those artists are paying for by failing to pay artists on time. Spread the word, #boycottArtistsNClients.

Artists&Clients, if you’re not familiar, is an art escrow service that offers security for both the artist and the buyer in doing art commissions. The buyer places money in escrow awaiting completion of the project, and the project is (or can be) watermarked until the client marks the job as done and releases the funds to your A&C wallet. Once the funds are in your wallet, you can withdraw the funds manually, which the site says takes up to 24 hours to appear in your PayPal account, or wait for one of the monthly auto-payouts.

Sounds great, right?

Well, it was until they stopped paying me.

See, I was getting the monthly payments, usually, with manual payouts taking place in the case of tight financial situations. Unfortunately, this month was a tight financial situation. Our car was stolen twice within less than a week, and there were a lot of expenses associated with getting it back and locking it down (which, knock on wood, has been working so far for us, the car hasn’t been stolen since). And, as luck would have it, we had just moved, so the meager savings we had was tapped in that move.

So I needed the $34 I had in Artists&Clients. Sure, it wasn’t a lot, but it would have been enough to buy another frugal round of groceries to make it the two weeks until payday. So I put in a request on the 4th of August to get my payout from A&C. Figuring that it’d be a day to get the money, then another 3-5 days for PayPal to get the money to my bank account, that would leave us with a bit of money to last the remaining week or so until I was paid on the 18th.

Two days later, I was nervous. Three days later, incredibly anxious. Five days later, and I was really scared and a little bit angry. I sent off an email to the A&C folks:

Which they still haven’t responded to.

I sent a ton of tweets to them, starting the day after my first email. I even messaged them on Facebook, which I use very rarely. They finally got back to me today on Twitter:

This is the sum total of all of the communication I have received from A&C regarding this issue. And while I’ve been paid, it would be nice to at least get an off-hand “sorry” for the 13 days of stress and anxiety. If it weren’t for the charity and goodwill of my awesome friends, my husband and I would have been eating ramen and peanut butter sandwiches for the past week. Instead, when I put the word out about being shafted by A&C, my friends sent us delivery food and some groceries from Amazon. The kindness of these wonderful souls blows me away.

The greater stress, to me, wasn’t the lack of $34 dollars that could have made the difference for us. It was the fact that there was not a single peep from the A&C camp. I began to wonder if I would ever see that money. I wondered if I was ever going to get paid for the work I had done. I felt taken advantage of. I still feel taken advantage of. They sat on my money for nearly two weeks and then thank me for my patience.

Dude, I ran out of patience over a week ago.

I don’t have any more patience, all I have is anger that they ignored me for nearly two weeks while I tried to reach out to them through multiple channels: e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook. And to not even say sorry? Not cool. I tried to point this out to them in a reply to their tweet:

I got no response to this from A&C.

For their escrow services, Artists&Clients charges 15% of your commission fee. They also add on a PayPal service charge when you get a withdrawal, the exact percentage of which varies based on the size of your withdrawal. For my $34 payout, I only received $32.37, meaning PayPal’s fees for that transaction were approximately 4.8%. For my $40 in commissions, I received only 80.9% of that total amount.

So, in short, A&C can get bent. Don’t use them. Tell your artist friends not to use them.

I am a freelance marketer working from home with 50% of my clients being local businesses. After one client received a one star review, they contacted me:

Client: Can we block people before they leave a bad review?  

Bonus: this particular client still uses an AOL email.

What Happens In Vegas

Pairing - Jungkook x Reader (Taehyung is a main character as well)

Genre - Stripper Au

Word Count - 2778

Part 4/?

Warnings - Sexually Explicit Content (Y/n Is a stripper)

A/n - For anyone who reads my “Assassin” fanfic, I want you to know that I’m working hard on it just having a bit of writer’s block. Anyways I hope you enjoy this part. Thanks for reading! (:

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part SevenPart Eight

My work week had gone by really fast. I had been really busy with clients and in my spare time I was on the phone with Jungkook. I found myself anticipating his call, I was growing fond of the sound of his voice.

Because Tae didn’t want me talking to him I had to sneak around, which made me feel bad at times. But it was all friendly. It wasn’t like we were flirting or anything of the sort, we were simply conversating.

The last couple of weeks we talked about a lot, anything and everything. I found it extremely easy to talk to Jungkook, he wasn’t judgmental and listened to everything I had to say. I didn’t talk to many people on a daily basis besides Taehyung and the clients at my job so i found it nice having a friend to talk to.

Jungkook was going to be in town to meet with an author that lived out here this weekend, and we had planned to meet up. We weren’t going to meet up at the club for obvious reasons, but we were still undecided as to were we were going to meet.

I was at the club and needed to speak with Taehyung, I wanted to find out how busy he’d be this weekend so I could see if I could meet Jungkook. His office was on the third floor of the club in the back so I made up there.

He had the door slightly cracked and I could hear female laughter. From her extremely high-pitched laugh I could already guess who it was. I opened the door and saw Stephanie who was not wearing any clothes sitting on Taehyung’s lap. As soon as she saw me she jumped off of his lap and grabbed the robe she had on his desk.

“Am I interrupting something?” I asked as Taehyung’s eyes shot up at me.

“Not at all, she was just showing me something.” He said.

“Bullshit.” I scoffed crossing my arms at my chest.

“Get out.” Taehyung said to Stephanie directing her to the door. He closed it behind her and faced me.

“What’s wrong with my baby girl?” He asked softly stroking my cheek.

“Don’t touch me.” I said swatting away at his hand.

“I don’t like that tone, y/n.” He said walking back to his desk and sitting down on it.

“You do this every time you hire someone new, am I not enough for you?” I asked.

“I’m not cheating on you, we were just messing around. Calm down.”

“Calm down? Do you know how humiliating this is for me? Everyone knows that my boyfriend is screwing other women!” I yelled.

“Watch your mouth! I am not screwing anyone.” He snapped back. “She was just showing me her new dance. You know I have to approve all of the new girl’s dances.”

“I don’t like the feeling of sharing you with other women Tae.”

“You aren’t sharing me, I’m all yours. I come home to you every night and I wake up to your extremely sexy face every morning. These other girls wish they could have that, but they don’t only you do.” He explained as he grabbed my hand and pulled me in closer to him.

He was wasn’t lying or being over dramatic. All of the girls at the club wanted to date the rich, attractive young man who owned the club and I had him. I’ve always had him. That fact made some girls treat me differently. Some girls treated me like royalty because I was dating their boss. Other girls treated me like the plaque because they thought that if they hung around me I would go back and tell Tae the illegal things they were doing in his place of business.

A lot of the girls were involved in heavy drug abuse, they would either get high once they left the stage or before. A lot of girls had so much shit going on in their lives that they felt like drug abuse was their only escape. Most of the girls did drugs and they thought that they were hiding it, they weren’t. Tae knew exactly what they were doing, he just didn’t care.

When I walked out of Tae’s office Stephanie was standing outside of the door.

“Y/n, don’t get the wrong idea. I’m not sleeping with Taehyung oppa, I would never do that.” She said.

“Don’t go into his office anymore alright? Go back down stairs and meet clients.” I told her.

“Okay.” She replied as she turned around to walk away.

I was annoyed just by looking at her. She knew exactly what was she doing. She was trying to seduce Tae, hoping that he would leave me and date her. Poor girl, she really had no idea what she was getting herself into.

She was fooling herself if she thought that Tae would date anyone besides me. Girls come and go, but I am the only one that stays in his life. He may flirt around with them from time to time but he would never make them his.

The only good thing that came about walking in on Tae was that he was feeling guilty. He’d never admit it but when I told him I wanted to take a day off this weekend he agreed to it, easily. He said that he was going out of town for the weekend and he wanted me to relax.

I took out my phone to text Jungkook and let him know that I could meet him.

Jungkook’s POV

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Jungkook took out his phone to read his messages. Y/n had replied that she had some time this weekend to meet him. He was feeling excited, just talking to her was not enough. He really wanted to see her and he would be able to this weekend.

They had no clue where they would meet. Jungkook thought about it for a while, movies? Dinner? No no that was too boring and typical.

“What are you thinking about?” Jimin asked as he walked over to Jungkook’s desk. Before Jimin had finally decided to propose to his girlfriend he had dated around a lot. He knew what girls liked  and Jungkook thought that he could use that to his advantage.

“If you were going on a date that’s technically not a date with someone, where would you take them?” He asked.

“Date? Bro it’s been so long since you’ve dated. Who is it with?” He asked.

“It’s with a friend, and this friend is currently in a relationship. So we need to do something that isn’t necessarily romantic.”

“So you are dating a girl who is already dating someone?” Jimin asked.

“I’m not “dating” her per-se we are just spending time together.“ Jungkook replied resulting in a look of disbelief from Jimin.

“Who is this girl? Tell me who she is and I can give you a good idea of where to take her.” Jimin said.

“You don’t know her. Just give me some ideas, I need to leave soon so I can get on the road before it gets too dark.”

“Wow, you really don’t want me to know do you? Okay well why don’t you let her choose? If she picks the place it basically guarantees that you guys will have fun.

"Smart idea. Thanks man.” Jungkook said standing up from his desk and heading out with Jimin.

“Tell me who she is.” Jimin said as they rode down the elevator.

“Later.” Jungkook said as the elevator opened and he walked out leaving Jimin confused and curious.

By the time Jungkook arrived in Vegas it was pretty late. He had planned to meet Y/n tomorrow so he decided he’d check into his hotel and get ready for bed.

The next morning he woke up and got dressed. He wore a navy blue shirt with a  leather jacket and jeans. He then decided to text y/n to see if she was on her way.

Jungkook told y/n to pick the place for them to meet and she chose the state fair. He planned to meet her there so after he was dressed he headed there.

Once he was there he waited for her to show up. Within a few minutes she called him to let him know she was there and they met at the entrance.

“Hey, you look nice.” Y/n said as she greeted him.

“You look, wow.” Jungkook said as she examined her. This was his first time seeing her outside of the club. She was wearing shorts and a simply shirt but she looked gorgeous.

“Thank you.” She replied smiling at him.

Jungkook bought their tickets and the headed inside of the park. It was crowed so they were walking pretty close to each other.

“How was your drive here?” She asked.

“Not too bad it only takes me around and hour and a half to get here.” He replied.

“How was your work week?”

“Same as always, nothing spectacular happened really.” She answered.

“Wow, I haven’t been to the fair in forever.” She said looking around.

“Yeah, neither have I. What should we do first?” He asked.

“There are so many rides I want to try. How about we do that first.”

Jungkook and y/n spent their time getting on a lot of the rides at the park. Jungkook would steal glances at y/n and he couldn’t helped but smile.

She had a constant look of enjoyment on her face, as if she was remembering a good time she had previously had when she rode the rides. She smiled often when Jungkook was with her but today was different. Her smile was lighting up Jungkook’s world and he was almost worried that she would notice if he stared for too long.

“I guess now it’s the part of the night were I show off how much of a man I am by winning you a stuffed animal.” Jungkook said as they walked passed the games.

Y/n let out a soft chuckle. “Well you could but I don’t know how my boyfriend would react if another guy won me a prize.” She said.

“Ah, I had almost forgotten about him.” He said looking down awkwardly. It was true, for a while Jungkook felt like he was on a date with a regular girl who was single. He had forgotten he was on a date that wasn’t technically a date with a stripper who had a possessive boyfriend.

He had totally forgotten about Y/n’s background for a while. Being with her he only saw who she was in that moment. The smart, beautiful and charming woman that he found irresistible.

“Me too, almost.” She replied interrupting his thoughts.

“Really?” He asked.

“Well I mean you are just so entertaining with your corny jokes that I haven’t been thinking about my boyfriend.” She replied.

“You think my jokes are corny? I am so hurt.” Jungkook replied placing his hand over his chest.

“Your jokes are very corny. But I like it, it makes me laugh.”

“Well, I’m glad my corny jokes can be of amusement to you. You ready to eat?” Jungkook asked looking around for a food stand.

“Yeah, I’m starving. Come on, I’ll show you the best place to get food here.” She said grabbing his hand and intertwining it with his as they walked along.

They ordered their food and then y/n led Jungkook to less crowed place where they could sit while they ate.

“This is nice.” Jungkook said as they sat down and he took in the scenery.

“Yeah, I used to come here a lot but I haven’t been back since my parent’s passed.” She replied.

“I see. Well I’m glad we came today.” He added.

“Me too, I’m glad that I’m here with you.” She said smiling at him.

“Are you cold?” Jungkook said removing his jacket and placing it over her shoulders.

“I think he’s cheating on me Jungkook.” Y/n said out of the blue.

“Really? Why do you think that?” He asked.

“I don’t know, I just feel it.”

“Why don’t you confront him about it?” Jungkook asked.

“He’ll just deny it. Then he’ll get upset with me for accusing him.” She replied.

“Does he hit you?” Jungkook asked. He had been wondering for a while now but didn’t want to put her in an awkward place by asking.

“No, he would never hit me.”

“Okay, just making sure. No one deserves to be treated like that.” Jungkook told her. He felt like there was a thin line he didn’t want to cross when talking about her boyfriend. He wanted to make sure he didn’t talk to negatively about him as to not offend Y/n but he couldn’t stand the guy. He noticed that when they lingered over the topic of him or how he treated her for too long Y/n would change the subject of the conversation. Jungkook didn’t know if it was because she felt guilty spending time with him or if she really just didn’t like talking about her boyfriend.

“This is really good.” Y/n said taking a drink of her shake.

“Here.” She said as she offered the cup to Jungkook to try.

“That is good.” Jungkook said trying it.

“Try this.” He said as he placed some of his food on fork and feeding it to her and then wiping the piece of food that got stuck to her lip off.

“Wow, I should’ve ordered that.” She exclaimed.

Jungkook watched her as she ate. She would nod her head a lot and hum a bit when she ate something. He thought that even the way she did that was cute.

“Is there something on my face?” She asked self consciously.

“What? No why?”

“Because you’ve been staring at me all day.” She said using the napkin to wipe her face.

“I have, really? Sorry. Your are just so damn beautiful.” He finally said. He thought that he had said that in his head but y/n’s expression proved that he had actually said it out loud. Although honestly, he didn’t regret it.

“Really?” Y/n said looking down.

“Yes, why is that a shock to you?” He asked.

“I don’t know, It kind of freaks me out how my heart reacts to you complimenting me.” She said.

“How does your heart react?”

“Not the way someone who is in a committed relationship should react to compliments.”

“I shouldn’t have said anything I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.” He said.

“No, no. I’m not uncomfortable at all. I like this, whatever we are doing.” She said.

“Me too. I like this too.” Jungkook had no clue what they were doing either. He would be lying if he said this was just a friend spending time with another friend. He knew that he selfishly wanted to be more than friends with y/n, but at the time that was impossible. Jungkook tried to decided if he should use his better judgement and run, as fast as he could. He didn’t want to, he couldn’t at this point. He desired to be in y/n’s life in anyway that she allowed him to.

“Oh by the way, what time are you meeting with the author?” She asked.“

"I’m meeting him around five.” He said looking at his watch.

“Oh, should we leave now?”

“Yeah I guess I should head over there.” He said. He was a bit disappointed that he had to leave. He hadn’t been able to see y/n in weeks and even though they had spent the entire afternoon together he didn’t want it to end yet.

They soon decided to leave exiting the park. Jungkook walked y/n to her car and It was a long walk so Jungkook made sure to savor every minute of that time talking to her. When they finally arrived to her car he opened the door for her.

“I had fun.” She said.

“I had a great time, thank you for meeting me. Maybe we can see each other before I go back to Cali?” He asked.

“I’d love that.” She said.

“Okay, I’ll call you.”


Jungkook opened his arms to engulf y/n in a hug. He didn’t mean to do it, but it just happened. Being honest he wanted to kiss her, but he knew better.

“You are really warm.” She said as she snuggled closer to his chest.

Jungkook looked down at y/n and decided he couldn’t help himself anymore.

He pressed a soft kiss on her head and pulled her a bit closer. Y/n looked up at him and smiling and he finally released her from the hug.

“Well I guess I’ll see you later.” She said.

“See you.”

Occupations Masterlist:

The Music Industry~

OKAY, so under this cut you’ll find a list of #55 jobs your characters can hold in the music industry aside from classic band members/solo artists. I know for bandom RP especially it can be hard to come up with unique jobs for OCs that still enable them to create connections. I’ve organized everything into categories for easy searching and defined even the most intuitive titles, so hopefully this helps!

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So I have a small home business where I have clients come in and I will tailor their wedding dresses, suits, military uniforms, and so on. I get a lot of happy customers because I am decently priced and rather quick with it. But I can NOT stand Mothers of the Bride. Who try to control every aspect of their daughter's wedding dress. I am like trying too fit it to your daughter and make sure she doesn't escape her top. It's not your fantasy wedding you didn't get, don't ruin it for your daughter.

I went on a little hike in September and the sunset was magic. The book by the way is Dear Life by Alice Munro, so good!

How you guys have been doing? any good book suggestions? there’s a pumpkin soup and lots of hot beverage cinemagraphs to come soon, sorry for the delay with images, we’ve been busy with client work and then I felt generally tired from life

love you all,


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Hey Eila! I remember you talking about how you are an UI/UX designer without having learned about anything like that in school. How did you get interested in this? And how did you learn more and get experience? Any good online resources to suggest?

How to Become a UX/UI Designer - A Comprehensive Guide

I’ll just do a comprehensive guide on this :D

Is UX/UI designing right for you?

You’ll love UX designing if

  • You love analyzing & solving problems - UX designing = designing the most efficient and simplistic way to achieve business goals through a product. You must analyze:
    • 1) The client’s business, their goals & vision
    • 2) The target users’ behaviors & preferences
    • 3) All possible flows that users may interact with your product (e.g. website, app) and achieve what you want them to achieve.
    • Then, find the best solution that translates into user flow charts and wireframes.
  • You love psychology (cognition & behaviors) - As a UX designer, you need to understand different groups of users, the differences in their behaviors, and why they do those things.
  • You love researching - It’s a huge advantage to know what competitors (of your clients) are doing and what worked for them, or recent trends among your target users, or what’s new in the design & tech world. These will help make design decisions.
  • You are able to put functionality and efficiency first - Sometimes you must sacrifice beauty, but if it boosts sales by 20%, so be it.
  • You are attentive to details - There are many more components to a website or app than what you’d usually see. You must think of all scenarios that can happen like error messages, forgot password popups, blank states, on-boarding, etc. You don’t want users to get stuck in limbo somewhere, become frustrated, and quit forever. This comes with experience and studying other people’s products.

You’ll love UI designing if

  • You love to communicate (a clear message) visually - As a UI designer, you’re not just creating whatever you want that looks nice. Your job is to design the best way to visually communicate your client’s brand at first glance. Think of how you can translate these points into visuals:
    • What are they trying to tell their customers?
    • What kind of brand are they? Fun & young, sophisticated & classy, or formal & reliable?
    • What is the most important call to action (in line with business goal)? Getting users to sign up, subscribe, buy something, or sign a petition?
    • What distinguish them for their competitors?
  • You love psychology (perception) - As a UI designer, your goal is to influence users to take the actions you want by using colors, typography, and layout. Understand what catches attention, how to direct the eyes to the most important part first, etc.
  • Your workflow is consistent and systematic - A website/app should have a clear colors scheme with 1-3 fonts, not a big mess of 7 different greens in 12 fonts for no purpose. The same colors and styles should link the same things (e.g. everything related to signing up is orange). Planning what elements you will use and why from the beginning will save you a lot of time.
  • You are adaptable - In the end, you are being paid by a client. You can make suggestions that you think is best, but sometimes it is the client’s final say, especially when it comes to visual style which depends on personal preferences.

Always a bonus

  • Communication skills - You must be able to effectively communicate to your clients why you make certain design decisions, and how they would help improve their business.
  • Basic coding skills - Knowing how to code allows to effectively communicate with developers and avoid impossible designs (i.e. designs that are impossible to code, or would take a way to long to do so). You should at least know how responsive design and bootstrap grid work.
  • Networking skills - This is especially important if you’re a freelancer. One easy way to find work is networking at tech and startup events, as well as getting referred through connections.


Design tools

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Random TsukkiYama writing ideas

Math Teacher!Kei / Science Teacher!Tadashi
Exchange Student!Tadashi / Host!Kei
Student!Tadashi / Teacher!Kei
Lawyer!Kei / Victim!Tadashi
Hairdresser!Kei / Costumer!Tadashi
Sick!Kei / Worried Friend!Tadashi
Librarian!Tadashi / Studier!Kei
Scientist!Kei / Creation!Tadashi
Author!Kei / Character!Tadashi
Master!Kei / Slave!Tadashi
Business Man!Kei / Client!Tadashi
Stripper!Kei / Dragged Friend!Tadashi
Porn Star!Tadashi / Friend!Kei
Kindergarten Teacher!Tadashi / Single Parent!Kei
Fashion Designer!Kei / Apprentice!Tadashi
Model!Kei / Photographer!Tadashi
Actor!Tadashi / Director!Kei
Fallen Star!Tadashi / Human!Kei
Angel!Tadashi / Demon!Kei
Female!Tadashi / Female!Kei (Tadako and Keianna if you need names)

Lightwood-Bane Family Headcanon:

  • Max Lightwood-Bane growing up idolizing his Shadowhunter dad. 
  • Alec bringing Max to the institute with him to train when Magnus was busy with a client. And Max happily sitting off to the side watching his dad train, mesmerized by how strong he was. 
  • When Rafael comes into the family, and Alec starts to teach him things about being a Shadowhunter, Max insists on joining in. Neither Magus nor Alec have the heart to tell Max he can’t actually become a real Shadowhunter. 
  • Max grows up training with Raf and Alec. He’s usually able to keep up with them in terms of fighting, and when he’s not no one says anything if he uses a bit of magic to bring him up to their strength/skill level.
  • The time comes when Raf gets his first runes and Max asks his dads when he’ll be able to get his. 
  • Cue heartbreaking scene where Magnus has to pull Max aside and explain to him that Downworlders can’t get runes like Shadowhunters. 
  • Max getting angry because he doesn’t understand, he just wants to be like his dad. He wants to be a hero like his dad and Raf, he wants to be a Shadowhunter. 
  • Magnus smiling and explaining that being a Warlock is even better, you get magic and you can do whatever you want and don’t have to follow orders from the Clave. 
  • To make things even more painful Max gets frustrated and yells at Magnus, saying something like “I don’t want to be a stupid Warlock! I want to be a hero! I want to be like Dad!” and running off to his room. 

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I’m let down that I didn’t know what to say in response. I was so shocked. I just stood there, dumbfounded by his statement. He felt so privileged that he verbally attacked me in MY place of business in front of clients.

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“Hello, could you tell me everything about how to do your job?”

“Sure! I require payment in order to tell you all the information I’ve learned over the 15+ years of experience I have sewing, and past 3 years doing this specific job.”
(Translation: ???????????????)

“I could hire someone to do your job for that much money.”

(Translation: SUCK MY DIIIII-)

Officially working a full day for the first time since September! I met with the clients yesterday and it was amazing. 

We were three women in our 30s getting shit done and then we all exchanged business cards and I said, look at us, ladies doing business! Then the client gal said, “HASHTAG LADY BOSSES!!”

And I was like, oh yes, we will get along well. 

Dream job. I can’t believe it actually happened. Working with mostly women from home, doing what I love. 

I still haven’t made any money yet…but that will change in a couple weeks with my first paycheck. 

If I was still Mormon I’d thank god for giving me this opportunity. Instead, I thank myself for being driven, for chasing after this job for FOUR MONTHS, and for the president of the company for seeing my potential. 

I thank all of you for all the good wishes/vibes/prayers sent my way during my job search. 

I thank my husband for being in a position where I could stay unemployed until I found the right job for me. 

Trying not to let my asshole brain tell me that things are too good and it will all end soon. We’re still dead broke, but I’m trying to ignore that currently, since we are getting money back from the IRS, and will hopefully be able to catch up on all the bills quickly.

Stress Reliever; Part 2

Title: Stress Reliever; Part 2

Genre: Fluff

Member: Suho

RequestPart two of stress reliever but with fluff with fluffy ending please?

(pt 1)- smut

Originally posted by kingjunmyeonn

It’s been several months since your job position added another duty. You don’t really complain about it; it relieves your stress as well. Being a leading businessman’s personal assistant is no walk in the park. Whatever he doesn’t feel like dealing with, you have to. That includes an array of nagging business partners, crazy clients, and strenuous paperwork.

You’ve noticed a gradual change though. Mr. Kim has become needier than ever. There were times you had to fetch him food in the middle of the night while he worked, show up to his house on your days off because he can’t figure something out even though one of his business friends would be a better person to ask, and constantly be at his side during work hours. The way he talks to you has changed as well. Sometimes he will have a normal conversation with you. Normal as in family things, or the weather, or holiday plans; anything that has nothing to do with work. He seems to have a personality that wasn’t a relentless business shark. He has a sense of humor, hobbies and interests, and little quirks. But you never know which side you’ll get.

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