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Unexpected ( part 6)

She was only a little nervous when they walked into the venue. She wasn’t new to these kinds of things but it had been a long time since she had been to one. He looked curious at the package she handed the server refusing to let him handle it despite how heavy it looked.

When they got inside and they dropped their coats off he was once again struck by how stunning and different she looked when she got all dolled up. Honestly he preferred her natural look but he did like it when she dressed up from time to time. Placing his hand at the small of her back he escorted her inside proud at how she ignored the flashing cameras of the few allowed press passes.

He spotted his father almost at once but he was busy talking to some client he supposed. He kept (mc) firmly at his side irritated by the roaming eyes that had set on her knowing full well the vulchers would swoop in the minute he turned his back but there was no helping it. He knew his father, he would have to approach him alone first, he hadn’t told him he was bringing a date much less a girlfriend. “I’ll be right back” he told her before slipping away.

It wasn’t vulchers that descended it was shrews, they were getting in a good rhythm until a voice spoke from behind before she could defend herself. “What a magnificent display of fine breeding, please continue I’m learning so much more than talking with my cousin’s business partners”

After they fled in shame trying to hide their faces so he wouldn’t see who they were (mc) turned to her ‘savior’ “I could have handled that…” she told him fighting back a small smile.

“Why of course lady Oda, but you shouldn’t have to dirty yourself with filth like that” he mocked eyes laughing.

“I am not an Oda Date. How many times must I tell you that…where is your lovely wife to keep you in line anyway?” she asked looking around.

“Your part of the Oda clan that makes you an Oda and she’s at home to far along to deal with this nonsense” he told her a bit of pride in his voice.

“They let you loose without a your leash who’s bright idea was that… and congratulations do you know what it is?” she asked taking the glass he handed to her.

“ Its human” he joked before adding “believe it or not i am quite capable of behaving” he told her taking a drink.

“Only because your hormonal wife would have your balls otherwise” she told him tone as sweet as her smile making him and Masamune who had walked up to greet her choke.

He heard her beautiful laughter as he walked toward her frowning a little. “Sorry masa, I didn’t see you there” she apologized smiling at his glare and slight blush.

“Why is he Masa and I’m Date?” Shigezane pouted.

“I didn’t think Nobunaga would show.” Masamune admitted looking around.

“Nobu? I didn’t come with nobu… why wouldn’t he come if he was invited?” she asked curious.

“If you didn’t come here with him who are you here with?” Shigezane asked curious.

“Me” came the smooth cool tone from beside her as he slipped an arm around her waist possessively.

“Oh, your back” she smiled softly at him making him relax a little.

“Happy birthday Sakakibara” Shigezane rushed covering for the way Masamune’s eyes narrowed. “I didn’t know you were acquainted with (mc)”

“Guys, this is my boyfriend” she admitted. “Yasumasa these are a few childhood friends of mine, Date Masamune and Date Shigezane” she introduced.

“Pleasure” he murmured shaking their hands squeezing Masa’s back with a raised brow. “please excuse us, I have someone to introduce her to” he stated after letting go and guiding her away.

“You grew up with them?” he asked voice low as they headed for her father.

“Yes, when my father died my mother…well, I was sent to live with my uncle. He’s a friend of my cousin.” She admitted “I’ve known them since I was seven.”

He was still a bit jealous but he figured connections like that would only make his father accept her more easily. “Father this is my girlfriend, (mc)”

When he looked her over he noticed she stood straighter and her eyes had become wary, a sign of a strong woman which he was sure was needed to handle the men in this family. “I see,” was all he said and watched her face. There was no outrage or dismay in her face and eyes, she still seemed to have her guard up not backing away from his gaze in the slighest. His son had found one with a back bone it seemed. “It’s time for you to go to the stage Yasumasa, leave your girlfriend with me” he hesitated until she gave him a smile, he knew that smile and left her with his father.

She stood with his father as he opened gifts thanking the people who gave them, she grew anxious as he got to the final one, hers. She bit her bottom lip as he read who it was from. When he tore it open he froze eyes wide as he looked at the little bit that was revealed before looking up to her in realization. It was her, she gave him peace the moment he laid eyes on that first painting, The reason he was so drawn to it was because she had been the creator. He looked down to the painting after completely unwrapping it, the first sunset they watched from the onsen they went to down to the last detail. Wordlessly he turned it for everyone to see his eyes never leaving hers.

She jumped when his father leaned a bit closer to whisper in her ear “I want strong grandsons” before walking away and making her blush a shade Yasumasa had never seen before.

His son looked at her the way he had looked at his first wife, the one who had left him through death and not through adultery, and she looked at him the same way. He felt comfortable leaving his son in her hands.

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