business client

I just sent a client his business cards.

Client: I don’t like them. They’re not what I was expecting.

Me: That’s not good, what were you expecting?

Client: When you sent me the artwork, i was like “F*ck, that’s SIIIIICK,” but the business cards don’t make me say that. 

Me: But it’s the same artwork as what was sent to you.

Client: On my phone, it was glowing, especially when it was dark, you could see the artwork better.

Me: Are you aware that your phone has a light behind the screen?

Client: How do I get that for my business cards?

Me: Are you prepared to pay $800 per card?

Call Me Mistress – Ramen (M) (Part 1)

Summary: A long-term client hires the Mistress to help celebrate his best friend’s birthday.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, with guest appearances by Jimin and Jooheon (Monsta X)

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 10,537

Warning: Sub!Jungkook, Domme!Reader, BDSM, femdom, sexual themes, spanking, public humiliation, sexual harassment/groping, alcohol, profanity

Series: Call Me Mistress

A/N: Jungkook’s story will have multiple parts because the opportunity to share the Mistress’ business practices with new clients was too good pass up. Hope you enjoy!

Client List: Prologue | River (Namjoon) | Ramen, Pt. 1 (Jungkook) | (more forthcoming)

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trash-lover-crazy  asked:

Hello there!! I really really love your blog, it gives me Life ❤😄 you are so good at writing!!. Also I wanted to make a request for a headcanon where MC is playing the Pocky game with RFA +Saeran+V 🙏🙏. If you don't want to it's totally okay^°^

LOL, we love Pocky Game scenarios! Hope you enjoy these~


  • He’s helping you prepare party favors for the next RFA event in a few days
  • You two had been working for hours so he offers to get some snacks
  • When he returns, he’s holding a pocky in his mouth
  • “Hey, MC, wanna play a game?” he asks with a wink
  • You’re know he’s just teasing you, so you decide to get him back
  • You lean forward and press the stick between your teeth
  • He goes along with it
  • Until you guys get close…really close…
  • Then he just Nopes out of there


  • He was in a really intense game when you stopped by
  • He tells you he’ll be there in a second and to grab a snack if you want
  • You notice a box of pocky beside him
  • In fact, he’s holding one on the side of his mouth at that moment while he’s engrossed
  • You quietly come next to him, nibbling away at the biscuit
  • He did say to grab a snack
  • He doesn’t even notice until he feels heat by his cheek
  • He turns his head and there’s a brief moment of contact with your lips
  • When he realizes, he just slaps a hand over his mouth and turns really red
  • “Yoosung, you didn’t like it?”
  • “No! No–er–not that–um–”
  • He shuts of his computer suddenly
  • “Do you…wanna play again?” he asks sheepishly


  • You stick a pocky in your teeth
  • “Hey, Jaehee, you wanna–”
  • “I prefer Hello Panda. Thanks though!”


  • He recently returned from a business trip to Japan
  • The clients had given him this huge basket of goodies
  • He tells you to take whatever you want
  • That’s when you spot the pocky, which you say is actually your favorite snack
  • He gives it to you and you place one in your mouth
  • He asks what’s so good about it
  • He’s never had that commoner snack, so he doesn’t understand the hype
  • You hold the box out for him to take one
  • But he takes a bite of half of it from the one in your mouth
  • You’re already flushed, but then he smirks
  • “I’ve also heard of the Pocky Game, but I’ve never played. Want to try?”
  • You agree a huge mistake really
  • You both go through the whole box because you keep dropping out when you both were centimeters apart


  • You see a whole crateful of pocky in the corner of the room
  • You gasp and go to check it out
  • “I love these! Hey, Seven, can I have one?”
  • He agrees…on one condition
  • He sticks one in his mouth
  • He expected you to drop out right before your lips met…
  • But you went all the way and now he was just a flustered tomato
  • You really liked pocky okay
  • He stops you before you can grab a box
  • “I–er–thought of another condition!”
  • He sticks another three pocky in his mouth and winks


  • He had found a new favorite snack besides ice cream
  • Lately, you barely saw him without a box of pocky
  • Feeling a bit bold, you take one from the box and ask if he’s played the Pocky Game befoer
  • He doesn’t answer, so you stick the pocky in your teeth and gesture for him to do the same on the other end
  • He rolls his eyes and snaps the biscuit out of your mouth
  • He kisses you straight on the lips and walks away
  • You’re just standing there stunned for a good five minutes
  • You played yourself


  • He’s heard of the Pocky Game, but he’s never played it before
  • So, when you suggest it to him, he’s willing to try something new
  • On the first attempt, he gets really shy and breaks off the biscuit a little more than half way through
  • After composing himself, he asks if he can try again
  • You agree and take the other end of the biscuit in his mouth
  • Hon-hon-hon…let’s just say he isn’t shy this time around…

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Another successful delivery in the books! Here is a cart I designed and built for a local church looking for a portable piece with storage to display their information. I added some locks, magnetic stops on the doors - and a really gorgeous blacked out top to bring it all together. So happy with how this project turned out. Information center ✔️ Onto the hospitality cart!

Jealous S/O: Junkrat, McCree, Genji, Lucio and 76


  • Confused. Poor boy was just doing his business with a female client and so to return home and find you in tears was a little overwhelming.
  • Probably says the wrong things at the wrong time and messes up pretty bad, you might need time to cool off after that
  • He’ll do anything to make it up to you, he even suggested blowing up the local strip club with all the female strippers just to prove his point
  • At this point, you’d probably dissolve into laughter, hugging him and telling him that he was the biggest goof you’d ever met.
  • However, you also apologised for being over dramatic and making him frantic. Lots of cuddles to follow.


  • You couldn’t leave Jesse alone for five minutes without another woman try and crawl her way up his arm
  • You were at some old-fashioned bar with your boyfriend, you were returning with drinks when you saw the girl trying to win him over
  • Hearing McCree’s awkward laughter made you want to get in there and save him more than for your own benefit.
  • So, you placed the drinks not too far from where they were. You approached McCree full on, taking his hat and putting in on your own head, arms sliding up his chest to rest on his shoulders. “Sorry love, this one’s all mine.”
  • The woman scoffed, rolling her eyes and walking away. You beamed up at Jesse. “Ya know darlin’ I’d like it if you acted like that more often.” He winked.


  • If you felt intimidated by one of his female friends, you would grow silent around him, not as “punishment” but more as a self-conscious thing.
  • This would often result in him showering you with affection to make you feel better
  • He’d try his best to tell you in advance if he was to visit said friends in the hopes to protect you from beating yourself up afterwards.
  • This technique never did seem to work as you felt the same every time, but you really did appreciate Genji letting you know instead of hiding it from you.
  • When you weren’t quite as a result of jealousy, you often became pouty and cling, which he loved because clingy y/n is the best y/n.


  • You were waiting for him backstage after one of his concerts. You could hear him finishing up the meet and greet outside his dressing room door where you were waiting
  • The number of fans began to die down, you could hear the excited chatter grow quieter from outside. There was one voice you picked up on though
  • The meet and greet should’ve been over a long time ago but there was one “fan” keeping his attention, she was speaking in a long and drawling tone, shamelessly flirting.
  • You pulled open the door and met the gaze of a tall red head leaning over your boyfriend. You grabbed Lucio’s arm. “Meet and greet over. Goodbye.” And pulled him back inside.
  • “You’re cute when you’re jealous.” Lucio smirked and booped your nose. You scowled playfully at him and clung on to him as a sign that he was yours.

Soldier: 76:

  • Seeing him even in a 10ft. radius of someone you’d consider “competition” would be enough to send you off in a competitive fury
  • He appreciated the sudden change in affection but was often oblivious to the reason why.
  • When he finally wanted an answer out of you, he’d sit you down – letting you cuddle him as much as you want – and convince you to tell him what was happening.
  • You could never tell him if you were looking directly at him, so often you hid in his jacket as you muttered quietly.
  • “You’ll never lose me to someone else. That’s a promise.” He kissed the top of your head and ran his hands through your hair.

Black Hat has been sitting at his desk for hours, filling out paperwork and discussing business with clients. It was almost 3am, and he needed a break. He stood up and stretched, feeling a few joints pop and sighed in relief. Pushing in his chair he decided to tour his grand home and admire the art along the walls. The halls were quiet and dark, it was soothing to him. Walking past Dementia’s room he could hear soft snoring, but Flug’s room was quiet. He cracked open the door to find the room empty. ‘That fool is still in the lab!’ He thought to himself before storming off.

The doors to the lab swung open and Black Hat stood there, furious. Flug jumped up and squeaked in alarm, not expecting his boss to be up at this hour. “Uh, Jefectio! W-what are y-you doing up this early?” Flug asked, his body trembling in fear. “I should be asking you the same thing, Flug. You humans need sleep in order to function, get to bed, NOW!” Flug gulped, “I-I can’t, sir…” Black Hat stomped over to his desk and slammed his hand onto it, leaning forward and grabbing Flug by the shirt. “What do you mean you can’t?” “W-well, I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t, so I came back to finish the device you wanted, a-and-” He pauses, and Black Hat looks at the desk to see the device fully finished, and a new project started. “Flug, you finished it already, you idiot! Why aren’t you in your bed!?” He growls and tightens his grip. “Oh, well, I still couldn’t relax, s-so I started something simple to try to calm my nerves…” Black Hat loosens his grip. Flug needed to relax. He let’s Flug go and stands up straight.

“Yes, Jefe?”
“Come with me.”

Black Hat leaves the lab and walks down the hall, Flug following close behind him. They turn a few halls before Flug realizes where they were headed. He immediately gets nervous, certain thoughts running through his head. Black Hat stands in front of two massive doors, opening them to reveal his own bedroom. Flug had never seen his bedroom before, and he certainly hadn’t seen a bedroom so big. There were large decorated drapes covering the windows, slightly drawn to let in the moonlight. The bed itself was gigantic, especially considering the fact that Black Hat didn’t need to sleep. The whole room had a Gothic feel to it, covered in couches, rugs and candles.

“Come along, Flug, don’t just stand there.” Flug snapped out of his daze to see Black Hat already in the room, sitting in a chair next to the bed. He sheepishly shuffled in, the door slamming shut behind him. There was no turning back at this point.

Now there he was, standing in his boss’s bedroom, at night, with the only light source being the moonlight creeping in from the windows. Black Hat gestured to the bed and Flug swallowed hard. His mind was racing, tons of thoughts going through his head at once, making him dizzy. He hesitantly obeyed, walking to the large bed and sitting down at the edge. Black Hat groaned, standing up and shoving Flug onto the bed before putting the blanket over him.

“Jefe? What are you doing?”
“You are going to sleep, Flug, that is an order.”

Flug shifted in the bed, slightly uncomfortable with everything going on. After realizing the reason he was brought here he sighed in relief, knowing Black Hat just wanted him to sleep. The bed felt even bigger than it looked, as he was laying there all alone.


Black Hat stood at the foot at the bed, watching him.

“Yes, Flug?”

“I-I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep…”
“And why is that?”

Black Hat growled slightly, and Flug curled up into a ball under the blanket, whimpering to himself. Black Hat sighed, boy did he look pathetic. Flug looked at the floor, slightly embarrassed.

“N-no reason…”

Flug could feel Black Hat’s eyes burning into him, and he could feel Black Hat silently judging him. He felt helpless and vulnerable.

Black Hat realized what Flug wanted and mentally gagged, but if it would make Flug sleep… it might not be so bad. He sat on the edge of the bed before scooting over and sneaking under the blanket, laying behind Flug, spooning him. He felt a jolt go through Flug’s body and heard a yelp of suprise.

“Sir?! What are you doing?!”

Black Hat didn’t answer, burying his face into Flug’s shoulder and letting out a huff. He could feel that Flug was very tense, but knew that by human nature he’d eventually relax and become calm. Flug felt warm, and it felt… nice? Pulling the man closer he wrapped his arms around Flug’s waist, hooking their legs together.

Flug could feel his cool breath on his neck, and he was surprised at how cold his boss felt. He was very confused, but enjoyed having someone so close, despite the fact that it was some satanic being of a species he probably wouldn’t even be able to comprehend.

After laying there for a few minutes Flug relaxed, letting his muscles go to jelly and sinking into the bed. He felt very drowsy and his eyelids grew heavy. Letting out a sigh, he began to drift off, letting sleep overtake his mind.

Black Hat felt Flug’s breathing slow, and knew he had fallen asleep. He smiled to himself triumphantly, before realizing he would have to leave. He absolutely hated to admit it, but he… enjoys the cuddling. His neck snapped back and he shook his head, trying to clear his mind of such thought. ‘No! You are Black Hat! You can’t enjoy something as feeble as cuddling. That’s too… cute. It would absolutely ruin your image!’ He thought to himself angrily, unknowing to himself he had pulled Flug even closer. Looking down at Flug’s sleeping form he swore at himself; he shouldn’t find something this cute. Especially if that something is a human.

With a sigh he rested his chin on Flug’s shoulder, eyeing him lazily. His kind didn’t need sleep, but was still capable of it. He’d never wanted to do it until now. With a groan he decided his work could wait till morning and laid his head on the pillow, closing his one good eye. He let himself relax and he drifted off to sleep, still holding on to Flug’s form.


(Yes it’s Radmond fanfiction featuring two OOC boys probably) 

KO had been the one to find the first rose. He’d been cleaning up after the first official Plaza Prom, and had found the somewhat wilted flower laying on the punch table. He hadn’t thought much of it, really he only mentioned it to Rad and Enid because he felt sad that somebody had forgotten their flower. “I know if I’d gotten Mommy a fancy rose and she’d lost it, she’d be super upset about it!”, he explained, giving his two best friends the KO Puppy Eyes. 

That’s how Mr. Gar’s shop ended up having a vase (KO had made it himself out of macaroni, somehow…) with a much happier looking rose resting in a couple inches of water. Nobody questioned it, probably because nobody really cared, but the little addition seemed to brighten the shop a bit. KO was convinced someone would come in and recognize the flower, even though Rad insisted that nobody would remember “Some dumb flower” well enough to actually miss it to begin with. 

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intj-dictator  asked:

Hey Eila! I remember you talking about how you are an UI/UX designer without having learned about anything like that in school. How did you get interested in this? And how did you learn more and get experience? Any good online resources to suggest?

How to Become a UX/UI Designer - A Comprehensive Guide

I’ll just do a comprehensive guide on this :D

Is UX/UI designing right for you?

You’ll love User Experience Design if…

1. You love analyzing & solving problems

As a UX designer, your job is to deliver the most effective way to solve users’ problems and achieve business goals through design.

To accomplish this, you must understand:

  • The business: The nature of your client’s business and what they want to achieve.
  • The users: Who are they? What do they need to solve their problems?
  • The overlap: How can you provide a user experience that aligns users’ needs with the business goals?

When you have insights into these key factors, you can translate them into an optimized, implementable design solution. It can be anything from an improved user flow or information architecture, more focused messaging, or new features.

2. You love psychology (cognition & behaviors) — To design for usability, you need to understand how different types of users behave, think and process information.

3. You love researching — It’s a huge advantage to know what the competitors (of your clients) are doing and what works for them. Stay on top of trends among your target users and what’s new in the design & tech world. These insights will help you make design decisions.

4. You value functionality and efficiency as much as aesthetics — Sometimes you must sacrifice beauty, but if it boosts sales by 20%, so be it. A good designer can balance the best of both worlds.

5. You are attentive to details — There are more components to a website or app than its primary features. You must make sure to cover all scenarios that users may need, even rare ones, like error messages, forgot password popups, on-boarding, etc. You don’t want users to get stuck in limbo somewhere, become frustrated, and quit forever. This comes with experience and from studying other people’s products.

You’ll love User Interface Design if…

1. You love to communicate visually

As a UI designer, your job is to design the best way to visually communicate a clear message at first glance. You’re not just a “pretty-maker.”

Your design’s purpose is to communicate:

  • The brand: What is the brand image? Fun & young, sophisticated & classy, or formal & reliable? How is it different from the competitors?
  • The goal: What can users accomplish on this website or app? What is the most important call to action? Is it to sign up, subscribe to a newsletter, or buy something?

2. You love psychology (perception) — You have a huge advantage as a designer when you understand how visual elements affect people’s perception. How does certain colors, typography, or layout make people think and feel? You can guide users to take the actions you want, or even increase their perception of the product’s value.

3. You love consistency—A website or app is much more memorable and easy to use when the design is consistent. Pick a visual style that fits and stick with it. The same elements should be linked the same function (e.g. everything related to signing up is orange).

4. You are adaptable — Aesthetic is subjective. And your clients know more about their business than you do. What is beautiful to you may get a huge backlash from their users. You should make recommendations based on your expertise as a designer, but it is ultimately your clients’ business, and they have the final say.

Continue to the next sections on design resources, how to get started as a UX/UI designer, and tips on becoming a better one.

I moved the full post to my design blog on Medium and rewrote it to be 100x better. Here’s the [link right to the post].

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Ed Kemper assigned part of the blame for his crimes upon a society that allowed individuals such as himself to slip through the cracks.  Before his release from the mental institution to which he’d been sentenced for murdering his grandparents at age 15, the naturally anxious, then 21-year-old Kemper was assured that he would see a social worker and parole officer each twice a month.  However, when the day of his release came, Kemper found himself simply thrust back onto the streets without any mention of a support system.  “Two weeks after I was on the streets, I got scared because I hadn’t seen anyone,” he recalled.  “Finally, I called the district parole office and asked if I was doing something wrong … was I supposed to go to my parole officer, or would he come to see me, I asked.”  The man on the phone gruffly asked if he had a problem.  Kemper told him no.  The man then told him that they were very busy with the clients that they had, but that they would “get to him.”  They never did.  “I didn’t have the supervision I should have had once I got out,” Kemper stated. “I think if I had, I would have made it.”        

I went on a little hike in September and the sunset was magic. The book by the way is Dear Life by Alice Munro, so good!

How you guys have been doing? any good book suggestions? there’s a pumpkin soup and lots of hot beverage cinemagraphs to come soon, sorry for the delay with images, we’ve been busy with client work and then I felt generally tired from life

love you all,


Old Souls (Part 7)

Summary: Your aunt runs an antique shop in the lower parts of Manhattan, and asks you to work in her shop once a week. You happily take the job, but then on your first day you have a strange encounter with an unusual customer - Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier. Things ensue as the two of you end up becoming friends - and maybe even more - as you reminisce about the old things that you love as well as your mysterious pasts.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader  

Word Count: 1,863

Warnings: Angst, a gun, descriptions of blood

A/N: Hold on to your asses because I’m about to cause mayhem.

Other Parts Here

Originally posted by coporolight

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anonymous asked:

26 Sterek

26. “According to US Weekly, we’re married.” Also on ao3!

“According to US Weekly, we’re married.”

Stiles punctuated his statement by slapping down a copy of the offending tabloid magazine on Derek’s coffee table, none too gently. The table wobbled a bit from the amount of force he used, a steaming cup of coffee nearly spilling all over the table.

Beaming up at him from the glossy front page of the magazine was a blown up picture of him and Derek on the set between shoots. It was slightly blurred around the edges thanks to being zoomed in on so very much, proving just how much of an invasion of privacy it was.

He couldn’t know for sure who had taken the photo, the article not disclosing the photographer, but Stiles had a sneaking suspicion of who it was nonetheless. He would have bet anything it was that creepy little snake Matt Daehler, the disgusting paparazzo who had made a name for himself by stalking celebrities and their families.

For the past few weeks, he had caught glimpses of someone slinking around behind the scenes, the hairs on the back of his neck rising whenever he did. Just a few days ago his suspicions that it was Daehler had been confirmed when he witnessed him lurking around one of the sets.

And now a picture of him and Derek was being circulated nationwide, various tabloids and newspapers hosting articles speculating about it. The picture was even being discussed on talk and morning shows that apparently had nothing else to talk to.

He folded his arms over his chest and raised an unamused, expectant brow at Derek who merely blinked up at him. When Derek failed to say anything, Stiles gestured emphatically down at the magazine.

In the picture, Derek was wearing one of his outfits for the movie: a dark navy blue waxed cotton jacket over a black sweater, dark jeans, black boots, black sunglasses…and a wedding ring. It was crucial to the role he was playing, the movie focusing on a single father raising his daughter while struggling with depression and PTSD.

It was sure to be a classic, full of emotional scenes highlighting the everyday challenges of life with mental illness, centering on the main character, Tyler, learning how to juggle his own issues along with his daughter’s. Rather than glorify or romanticize both Tyler’s mental illnesses and his self-care, the film explored the nitty gritty truth of depression and PTSD and suicidal thoughts.

However, while Derek’s wedding ring was necessary for the movie, the matching ring on Stiles’ hand was not.

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anonymous asked:

Hiiiii! Your imagines are rlly cute! Can I have an RFA + Saeran where they accidentally find out MC has a crush on them? Like they overhear it or something. How would they react?

Thank you so much! That’s so cuuuute, here we go… (sorry it took so long, it’s been a crazy week for me…)

RFA + Saeran reacting to finding out MC has a crush on them


  • When he flirted with you, you would giggle and get really blushed.
  • But he thought you were just shy or get flustered easily, he would never think you were falling for him, you were always so nice to everybody, how could he tell?
  • He appreciated your friendship and how you were always willing to help him with rehearsals, you were not a good actress at all, but you read the lines to help him memorizing his
  • You really tried, but bless your heart, you were so stiff and sounded so uncomfortable. He didn’t mind, it was cute to watch you do your best to help him. And you would do anything to him, anyways
  • One day, you were  watching him on stage during a rehearsal. The musical would still take a few weeks to debut, but the director insisted on rehearsing like it already was the real deal
  • His co-star was a little late to this particular rehearsal, so Zen suggested you filled for her
  • You got desperate, you read the lines with him, but of course you didn’t memorize it, you were just helping him remember his
  • The director didn’t mind, it was more about adjusting the lightning and the markings, you could even improv if you wanted to
  • You went up on stage, you felt butterflies on your stomach, he looked so fucking handsome under this light, with that costume… it was too much for you to handle
  •  The director explained that was the scene on which the girl confesses her feelings for the guy before he gets on a plane for a trip who knows how long it could last (lololol so cliché, I’m sorry)
  • “What are you doing here? I thought you didn’t want to see me anymore” he said, acting as he was shocked
  •  You gulped as your eyes locked “I… I couldn’t let you go without you knowing how… how I truly feel.”
  • “What do you mean?”
  • You took a deep breath, here it goes: “ It’s just…  there wasn’t a single day ever since we met that I don’t think about you. I wake up thinking if you slept well, if you had good dreams, dreams about me. I go to sleep thinking how was your day, hoping we can meet in my dreams, and… I… dream about the day you’ll accept me and will rush to my house, take me in your arms, make me hop on your bike and we’re gonna go to a very beautiful place, as beautiful as you and… we’re gonna dream together, and make those dreams come true, Zen.” Then you remembered the plot “ So… so… don’t go into that plane, or… take me with you.”
  • Wow, he was impressed, could it be that helping him practice make you act like a pro too? And how did you manage to blush like that?
  • He hugged you, your heart was ready to come out of your mouth, and he leaned for a kiss… closer and closer… until you heard a “Cut!”
  • “That was good, although his character doesn’t have a bike. And you shouldn’t have called him Zen, but overall that was… interesting.” Said the director, you weren’t paying attention because you just wanted to kill him for interrupting!
  • “Wow, MC! That was so cool! Where did you get that dream thing from?” he was holding you by your shoulders
  • “Well, you always say things like that to me, about meeting in my dreams, I just… never really forgot about that…”
  • “Oh… really?” “Yeah…” and then there’s that awkward silence. “Oh, your co-worker is here, I should get going now” you gave him a soft smile and got off the stage, your heart was racing so much, you headed to the bathroom, trying to compose yourself
  • “Good, you’re finally here. If you have a crush on him too, this scene would be amazingly believable” the director said to the actress
  • And Zen was like… “Say what now?”
  • “Oh for God’s sake, Zen, that girl clearly can’t act! She wasn’t acting!”
  • “I just got here and I noticed too, how couldn’t you, dude?” said the actress
  • HOLY SHIT… you had so much to discus once this rehearsal is done


  • You weren’t even trying to hide, he was just too oblivious
  • You two were always hanging out at your place or his. You would help him study or try cooking new dishes , and sometimes play LOLOL
  • That night, you were at his house, you helped him study and now you were off to play LOLOL, but the doorbell rang
  • It was his mom, saying that he should watch his sister because she was busy (I know he cannonly has a sister, but I don’t know her age, let’s say she’s 9)
  • He whined a little, saying he already had plans with you, you said you would love to help, his mother smiled and said this could be a good training for both of you
  • You gasped in embarrassment, Yoosung didn’t get it oh my God…
  • She was soooo cute, like a girly brunette younger version of him, the same violet eyes you admired so much…
  • And she was adorable too, you took care of her while Yoosung just cooked . You helped her with homework and let her braid your hair.
  • Yoosung looked at you and said how good you looked with your hair like that, you should show off your ears more, they were really cute. And now you were a blushing mess.
  • His sister noticed and giggled a little. “Yoosung got a girlfriend~~~~” she sang
  • “Stop blabbering nonsense and get ready to bed!” he nagged. You couldn’t hold back your frustration, you knew it was just a joke, but hearing the possibility of you being his girlfriend was just blabbering really got to you.
  • She got ready to bed, but who slept was him, he was just so tired from all the studying and taking care of such an energetic child.
  • He dozed off on the couch, you and his sister made him company in the living room coloring some drawings
  • “Can I tell you a secret?” she said, you said yes
  •  “I have a crush on a boy in my class. He has black hair, blue eyes and he has a Ben 10 backpack!  But he doesn’t like me back…”
  • “How do you know, did you ask him?”
  • “No! I could never!” “Well, if you don’t ask, you’ll never know…” you were giving relationship advice to a 9 years old kid, what were you doing with your life?
  • “Did you ask my brother if he likes you?” you gasped and coughed “W-What? Why… why would I ask him that?”
  •  “I’m not stupid! You like my brother, don’t you? You like him! You like him! You like him!” oh god, she was being so loud, he was going to wake up!
  • “Yes, yes! I like him! Ok? I like him very much! Please keep it down!”
  •  “So why are you not being a couple?”
  • You sighed “Because adults are complicated and weird. And your brother is the weirdest of them all…”
  •  “And you still like him?”
  • “I’m complicated and weird too… Oh! Look at the time! You should go to bed, young lady! And I… should go home…” you were so embarrassed you just had to get out of there
  • You tucked her in and before you left, you planted a soft kiss on Yoosung’s forehead
  • After you left, she went back to the living room: “You are so dumb, you know that?”
  •  “Yes… yes… I know.” He said, running his fingers through his forehead


  • You two were always so busy because of the cafe, you didn’t actually expect her to notice your feelings with so much happening on the business right now
  • But your clients noticed, and boy, did they shipp you
  •  There was this elderly lady who would always come every morning and she was trying so hard to be your wingman (woman?)
  • “You and your friend are so adorable, young lady. Don’t you think she’s a doll?”
  • “Yes… she is very hard working too.” Wow… thanks Jaehee
  • “Is she taken? My son would be a perfect match for her.”
  • “Oh, I don’t really know, you should ask her that, although I don’t think it’s very appropriate” Well… she didn’t want you to meet the guy, that was already something… right?
  •  This lady would just give you that look, you were so embarrassed and frustrated
  • One day, she actually brought his son to meet you, he was really polite and cute, but yeah… you were not feeling it
  • She watched as you serviced him and got curious, he didn’t seem your type of guy, I mean, if you have one type, would it be like him? You never really talked about that stuff, actually, she would much rather avoid these topics, and you were so understanding you didn’t insist on,  she really appreciated that, she really appreciated how you were doing your best to make her feel comfortable with whatever
  • Your shift ended and you were about to close, you were cleaning the balcony and she was going to the stock room, but she freezed when she saw that guy coming in, she hid herself behind the door.
  • “Oh… we’re already closed, sir.”
  • “Yes, I know. I just wanted to talk to you, I won’t take much of your time, I swear. You see, my… mom kept talking about you, and… she was right, you must be the most adorable girl I’ve ever seen.”
  • “Oh… that’s really sweet, thanks.”
  • “Yes, so… I was wondering if I could take you on a date someday, you know…”
  • “Oh, I’m really flattered, but I… kinda already like someone?”
  • “You do?” he said and Jaehee thought the same. “Well… he is a lucky guy.”
  • “Girl, to be honest”. HOLY SHIT! “And I’d be the lucky one if she actually… noticed me, but I think her biggest love is coffee, as she always says.” Were you really opening up with this random fella? Girl, these feelings were really getting to you, huh?
  • “Well, good luck to both of you.” And he left.
  • “Her biggest love is coffee, as she always says”? Were you really talking about her? She really did say that a lot, so… no, it can be, can it?
  • You two were gonna have a long talk after you closed, and not even coffee could make her feel the excitement she was feeling right now


  • He invited you to some business party, these events were incredibly boring, but he said you had the ability to make things interesting somehow, so inviting you was just a logical conclusion. Okay…
  •  And he was right, it was really boring. You almost felt resting your head in his shoulder and just taking a nap right there, he was so warm, his suit was so soft, and he smelled so good… focus, MC!
  • He introduced you to a lot of people, and his father asked him where did he find such a treasure for a girlfriend. “She’s my friend, don’t make her uncomfortable, please.”
  • “Oh… I’m not uncomfortable, don’t worry.” Take the hint, Jumin
  • Mr. Chairman just giggled, his son was such a smart man, he couldn’t even noticed this big crush right there?
  • You were really tired and couldn’t hold back a yawn, Jumin smiled softly, his smile was going to be the death of you someday
  •  “I’m sorry I kept you for so long, I’ll just say goodbye to an acquaintance, but you can wait for me in the car, I’ll be there in a second. And… here, you look cold” he put his jacket on you and patted your shoulders before nodding and making his way back to the party, you let out a deep sigh and went to the car
  • Driver Kim was waiting for you with the door open, you said you were gonna wait outside
  • You started talking about whatever with Driver Kim, you were just trying to distract yourself from the alluring smell in the coat on your shoulders
  • “Mr. Han will not be happy to see you standing  here in the cold, miss MC, you should wait inside the car.”
  • “Don’ worry, I’ll tell him you tried to make me go inside, but I’m too stubborn.”
  • “Just like him, huh?”
  • You giggled, a little surprised: “Yes, like him. But that’s the only thing we have in common, I guess…” you closed your eyes and leaned your head on the car’s  window “I mean, he’s so elegant, so calm, I’m so sloppy and desperate… desperate for him to notice how crazy I am for him…” you were very sleepy and kept on mumbling about your feelings
  • “MC?” you heard that deep  low voice and raised your head, you didn’t want to open your eyes, but you did, just to find him looking at you curiously… oh fuck!
  • “Let’s go inside, it’s cold and we can talk more comfortably. Driver Kim is already set.” Were you that sleepy that you didn’t even notice Driver Kim gooing to the car or was this man a fucking ninja?
  • You two got into the car, you had no idea what was this cold he was talking about, you were sooooo hot, your face was burning
  • Driver Kim warned: “Buckle up, it’s going to be a very long ride” Yeah, no shit…


  • You knew you should back away since now he was dealing with all his brother’s problems, yet you kept catching yourself going to see him in the hospital
  • He didn’t mind, seeing you always made him feel sitting under the sun, anyways… and now he really needed some light to help him
  • The nurses loved seeing your interactions,  you looked so cute together, but you always had to tell them you were just a good friend…
  • Sometimes you would come and watch Saeran while he would go home and take a shower
  • But he couldn’t stop worrying. Saeran wasn’t stable, what if he hurt you? So he managed to install a camera and a wire on the hospital’s bedroom
  • Saeran was always loud and would never stop tossing and turning on the bed, but when you were there, he would just be quiet, like he was in some catatonic state
  • But one day he spoke to you: “Why you keep coming here?”
  • “I’m worried… about you and your brother.”
  • “Yeah, right… you just care about him, don’t need to lie to me.”
  • “Why would I lie to you? You are a big part in Saeyoung’s life, everything and everyone who are important to him are important to me too.”
  • Saeyoung was watching this, did you really mean that? That  was so considerate…
  •  “Oh… so cute… you have a little crush on him or something stupid like that?” he said sarcastically
  • “Definitely something stupid like that.” Saeran scoffed, but that almost sound like he was genuinely laughing. With just one sentence, you were able to amuse both the twins, you were really something…
  • He came back to the hospital and could not look you in the eye without blushing, you just smiled and waved a goodbye to Saeran. Then you lightly squeezed Saeyoung’s arm and messed his hair a little. “Take care, Choi boy.” The nurses were shrieking so much awwww
  • Saeyoung followed you with his gaze until you reached the elevator.
  • “I have no fucking clue which one of you it’s the biggest idiot here”  Saeran glared at him


  • He was trying different kinds of therapy  since he was released from the hospital
  • You found out he was really good at painting and drawing. Watching him so concentrated trying to find the right color was just… hypnotizing.
  • So once in a week, you would take him to a painting class and then to the park so he could practice with more freedom
  • One day, a big dog ran to you, he had a leash, but you couldn’t see the owner, so you let Saeran drawing and went to look for the dog’s owner
  • You walked a lot and got really tired, so you sat on a bench, sighed heavily, and looked to the dog and laughed
  • “You remind me of someone, you know?” the dog had these beautiful acqua eyes, they looked mysterious and a little intimidating, but yet… so mesmerizing, exactly like Saeran’s.
  • “Why can’t it be easy for humans like it is for you, mr. dog? You see the dog, sniff her butt and that’s it! But with us humans, is so… tough. I like this guy, I like him so much I can just watch him paint clouds and trees and flowers all day, I like him so much I don’t even care talking about him to a dog, because every human I know tells me to get away from him. What do I do, mr. dog?”
  • The dog start shaking his tail and licking your hand, you laugh. “Yeah, if I do that, he’ll probably think I’m crazy.”
  • “MC?” Saeran appears behind you, a guy is with him. “This is… mr. dog’s owner.”
  • “Her name is actually Priscilla” and he takes the dog away from you, you freaking weirdo
  • As Saeran referred to Pricilla as “mr. dog”, you could only assume he heard good part of your “conversation”, but you weren’t sure, so you just avoided any visual contact.
  • “Come on, I’ll buy you ice cream” he said and started walking, you ran after him. “And in exchange, I’ll let you sniff my butt.” God, just kill me now
Occupations Masterlist:

The Music Industry~

OKAY, so under this cut you’ll find a list of #55 jobs your characters can hold in the music industry aside from classic band members/solo artists. I know for bandom RP especially it can be hard to come up with unique jobs for OCs that still enable them to create connections. I’ve organized everything into categories for easy searching and defined even the most intuitive titles, so hopefully this helps!

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anonymous asked:

Hcs for RFA'S, V, and Saeean's reaction to MC being jealous cause their getting hit on? Thanks ^3^

No problem, anon!

Tbh, I feel like I didn’t use the right words to convey what I meant in my head, but nevertheless I hope it makes sense! When I was writing this request yesterday, I felt like my brain was melting and I kept writing gibberish lol (remember when I got that question which was like ‘post a gif to describe how you feel’? That’s why I posted the one of that skeleton and the brain lol).

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this request! ⭐ My requests are open ⭐


·         You were with Yoosung at a fraternity party. Initially, the two of you had stayed together, but Yoosung had been pulled aside by some of his university friends and since you didn’t know anyone else at this party, you started pouring drinks for yourself.

·         After finishing your third drink, you go to look for Yoosung – surely, he was done by now?

·         Well… He was, but he was talking to another person… And they seemed to be getting really close to him and kind of touchy-feely. You couldn’t help but get mad; you were tempted to throw your drink at that person.

·         Yoosung didn’t even seem to be pushing them away, instead he looked like he was enjoying it! If he was going to be like that, you were going to show him exactly how it felt.

·         You found a random guy who was alone and began to copy what the person was doing to Yoosung, checking every now and then to see if he noticed. It didn’t seem like he had, but Yoosung had actually been watching you from the corner of his eye, getting jealous too.

·         Needless to say, your plan was working, even if you weren’t aware of it.

·         When you excused yourself to get another drink, Yoosung followed you. Nobody was around, so when you got there he hugged you from behind, though your body tensed up with more jealousy. He thinks he can flirt with someone and then come back to you and act like it didn’t happen!?

·         “You were talking with another guy… I was hoping you would tell him to leave you alone.”

·         “Same could be said for you. You allowed that guy to get all close to you and wrap his arm around you.”

·          He was surprised. Like… they were flirting with him!? And you tell him that you were pretty much mimicking what that person was doing to Yoosung, and he feels bad. He didn’t mean to hurt you or create a situation with double standards!

·         “___, I’m so sorry! I didn’t realise! I thought they were being friendly!”

·         And you can’t stay mad at him, because damn you know he isn’t the best flirter. He’ll try his best but get too embarrassed to go further – you could believe him.

·         You turn around and throw a wink at him, “If you’re truly sorry, how about you show me?” and gesture towards the stairs.


·         When you two are done you stay super close to each other for the rest of the night and you smirk at the guy who was flirting with him. Yoosung has this huge, noticeable hickey on his neck and you feel smug. They might’ve tried to steal Yoosung’s heart, but only you know the true way to win it.


·         Tbh, you’re used to people flirting with him – he’s getting more and more famous, he’s great at acting, and goddamn he’s the most beautiful being alive. And you aren’t normally bothered by it because most of them are just fans who know he’s taken, and a lot of time you agree with what they’re saying Zen does too

·         However, you were accompanying him for a premiere of his new musical, and although people were taking awesome pictures of you, there was this one interviewer who was… being a little pushy, to say the least. He was asking standard questions at first, like what Zen thought of the musical and what his favourite moments were, so you just stood next to him and held Zen’s hand to remind the interviewer that you were his s/o.

·         Unfortunately, this interviewer wasn’t taking the hint – in fact, he was ignoring that you even existed! He was beginning to get a little too close to Zen for your liking and he was beginning to ask him some personal questions. You tried to tell the interviewer to finish the interview, but he flat out ignored you and continued to talk to Zen. Now you were getting kind of pissed.

·         You tried to tell him to stop again after he began asking whether or not you could satisfy Zen, but he pushed you out of the way and did he just touch Zen’s hair!?

·         This interviewer was a creep. You needed to get away from him. You were mad, to say the least.

·         You had enough and dragged Zen away, shouting at that asshole of an interviewer to stop following you. You felt super upset and humiliated.

·         When you were sure the interviewer wasn’t following you anymore, you stopped and hugged Zen hard. You couldn’t even stop the tears from falling.

·         Zen hugged you back, stroking your hair. His heart sank when he heard you crying and he apologises for what happened, even if it wasn’t his fault – he really only has eyes for you!

·         He had been trying to tell the interviewer to lay off with the questions, but he kept getting interrupted. On any other occasion, he would probably tell you not to be so jealous because he only had eyes for you, but this was different. Besides, he can hardly judge you for getting jealous, since he gets jealous when other guys look at you with lusting eyes.

·         When the event is over and you two are heading home, you see the interviewer again. You’re about to get emotional and want to start a fight, but Zen takes you by surprise; his hand is on the small of your back and he dips you, kissing you passionately. If the interviewer wasn’t put off before, he is now.

·         “Don’t worry, babe, I’ll show you how much you mean to me when we get home. This is only a preview.”


·         It was just another day at the café for the two of you. She was serving customers while you worked on making more pastries since they were close to selling out. Things seemed perfectly fine until you briefly left to get some more flour.

·         When you returned, you saw her talking with a customer. It seemed fairly normal at first, but when you overheard the customer, you could tell that they were flirting with them. Jaehee didn’t seem too interested, thankfully.

·         At first you just continue making the pastries, figuring this is just an over-friendly customer.

·         However, when you hear her complimenting Jaehee, saying she would make a great mother, and offers her her phone number… You get pissed. Her words weren’t just any ordinary flirting!

·         You knead your dough with jealousy… Imagining it was her face. You really wanted to throw a hot coffee at them, push their face into a sticky chocolate cake, or even re-enact that Cruella Devil scene 

·         And then the customer leans over the counter, trying to get closer to her and kiss her, and you’ve had enough of this – you know Jaehee can protect herself, but you can hardly sit back right now!

·         You stand in front of Jaehee, eyes blazing with fury: “If you aren’t here for coffee, get out!”

·         Even if she’s strong enough to defend herself, she’s thankful to you. She was about to deal with them herself, but seeing you protect her actually makes her feel happy. It reminds her that she doesn’t have to deal with these types of people alone, because you’re by her side.

·         You tell her she’s so much better than some creep who only cares about her body!

·         Jaehee’s about to throw the number away when you get the idea to send it to Seven… You know, so he can mess with them.

·         Jaehee just wanted to do her job, goddammit.

·         Jaehee reminds you that she would never cheat on you with someone else – you’re a huge turning point in her life, after all, and she only has eyes for you. She would never let you go.


·         You usually joined him whenever he made business deals with clients. He doesn’t believe in luck, sure, but he believes that when you’re by his side, his business deals are more successful.

·         Except… this deal was not going so great. Well, the business side of it was, but this client was getting on your nerves. They were trying to make advances on Jumin, and not only were you by his side, he had introduced you as his significant other! And he was wearing a wedding ring, so you couldn’t understand why they weren’t getting the hint!

·         Sure, you got a tad jealous when women flirted with Jumin, but this was different. They were flaunting themselves in front of him and acting out of line for just a client!

·         You were expecting them to whip out a marriage contract any minute now, tbh.

·         What irritated you was the fact that Jumin wasn’t pushing them away and he was going along with it. Like who did he think he was!?

·         Jumin on the other hand doesn’t exactly care, and thinks you understand that they’re being ridiculous. He has the love of his life right beside him and he just wants to get this deal over and done with.

·         You wanted to pull the hair out of this client’s head and let out your jealousy, but at the same time you weren’t about to damage C&R’s name. So instead, you sat with a scowl the entire time, becoming more and more jealous and annoyed.

·         After the business deal is over, you ignore him. Your arms are folded, you’re walking ahead of him, and you look pissed.

·         He keeps calling your name, but you don’t care. Instead of going in Driver Kim’s car, you decide to walk home. But Jumin isn’t allowing it.

·         He at first doesn’t understand why you’re acting this way? He thought the business deal went fine!

·         It takes him a lot of convincing you to at least go in Driver Kim’s car… The walk is kind of far, after all.

·         When you arrive at the penthouse, you just want to look yourself in the bedroom and ignore him, but he wants to sit down and talk about your feelings. Elizabeth purrs and runs her body against you, and you reluctantly agree when Jumin says that even Elizabeth wants to know what happened.

·         You explain how frustrated you were that he was allowing the client to flirt with him. You felt angry that he would let that happen when you were next to him!

·         You expect him to say it was to secure the business deal and you shouldn’t get so jealous, but his words surprise you.

·         “___, I know what I did was wrong. I shouldn’t have let them continue with it.  Please remember that I would never betray you.“

·         To apologise, he takes a day off work so he can spend more time with you… And he makes those strawberry pancakes that he knows you love.


·         You had dragged him to the beach; he had never been as a child and you wanted to change up the scenery of your dates. Sure, you liked movie nights… But the world was out there, ready to explore! He had dealt with the agency so you wanted him to go outside more often (he was probably super deficient in vitamin D, poor guy).

·         When he saw you take off your shirt and shorts to reveal your swimwear… His glasses almost broke and he nearly fainted, “I was shore it’d swim-suit you!”

·         It turned out to be a pretty awesome date so far – he was cracking puns one after the other, you two had had a sandcastle competition (he wasn’t very good at making them, since his kept falling apart lmao), you splashed about in the sea and threw water at each other, and you collected super cute seashells!

·         It was all good… Until someone came up to him, saying they needed help with their phone. Immediately you grew suspicious; sure, he was good with technology, by why did they choose him? The beach was filled with a ton of other people, and it didn’t seem spontaneous either!

·         Supposedly their phone screen wasn’t working, so Seven agreed to help them out. You sat close to him and held onto his arm, making it clear that he wasn’t single. That didn’t deter this person, though.

·         They kept making advances! The small talk quickly turned into flirting! Meanwhile Seven wasn’t stopping them, but you tried to convince yourself that it was because he was focused on fixing this phone.

·         They kept on going on about how he was good with his hands, and it made you mad. You knew they weren’t just talking about his craftsmanship. It made you feel sick that they wanted him like that, because they didn’t even know who he truly was.

·         The whole time you’re glaring at this person and you consider burying their head in the sand, however that thought disappears when Seven is done. You expect them to go away at this point, but they want to ‘thank’ Seven…

·         You aren’t having that! As they’re about to ‘thank’ him, you grab Seven and pull him back, telling them that they don’t need to. You can’t help but shoot them a death glare, the type where you could pierce through their body and shatter their soul, and tbh they’re so creeped out that they leave.

·         Seven’s honestly confused. Were they really wanna flirt with him? He thinks he’s kinda trashy… But he notices that you still look annoyed.

·         You say that you felt super jealous watching them flirt with him… And he wasn’t pushing them away.

·         And immediately he’s super sorry! He wasn’t even focused on them to begin with, he was kind of just nodding along… He can’t even understand why they were flirting with him anyway – he didn’t have a beach body and he was super pale!

·         Nevertheless, he sees that you’re uncomfortable about it and he hugs you super tightly and gives you a lot of forehead kisses. He tells you that he doesn’t have any eyes for anyone else and you mean the universe to him.

·         “I didn’t have any eelings for her, I swear!”

·         He keeps on making pun until you start to smile and goddamn, you hate it. You can’t stay mad at him!

·         You two continue with the date and he spends two hours trying to win you a prize at a rigged arcade… He eventually gives up and hacks into the machine so he can win the biggest stuffed toy for you!

·         He buys you rock in all the flavours he knows you’ll like, but he gets super excited when they have Dr Pepper flavoured rock!

·         When the sun sets, he wants to show you that he only has feelings for you and he wants to prove his love for you, but he burned really bad because he forgot to reapply his suncream… So, you two decide to go home where you can put some aloe vera on this poor guy.


·         You two were on a date at an art gallery, and even though he was blind he was able to tell you all about the paintings if you told him the name of them. Even if photography was his specialty, he knew quite a bit about paintings, more specifically the renaissance-era ones.

·         You were guiding him through another room when you heard a loud gasp and a squeal – it seemed to be one of V’s fans. Your assumption was confirmed when they ran up to him and started to talk about how much they liked his works. This was quite normal and you sort of stood to the side, allowing him to talk with the fan.

·         However, things got… Interesting. You saw the fan gradually get closer to V, they started talking about things other than his works and soon they were flirting with him. You were slowly getting more and more jealous because the fan was interrupting your date and V wasn’t making any effort to push them away.

·         But what made your patience snap was not the fact they gave him their phone number, not the fact they were calling him pet names, not even the fact that they kissed his cheek as they took a selfie with him.

·         They called him DaddV.

·         Only you were allowed to call him that!

·         Now, even if you were fuming on the inside, you didn’t want to start a physical fight in the middle of the art gallery. That would be embarrassing. You had to be the better person.

·         Instead, you slung an arm around V’s shoulder and smiled sweetly at the fan, even though on the inside you wanted to punch them in the face and leave their bloodied face as a piece of art for everyone to take a picture of.

·         “Hey, I’m ____, Jihyun’s significant other. He’s really handsome, right? He’s really good at taking pictures, isn’t he? It’s such a shame that he’s mine and we’re on a date!”

·         Your words dripped with sarcasm, your eyes burning with jealousy and anger and your grip on V was getting tighter and tighter.

·         They immediately backed off, either terrified or thinking you were weird and creepy.

·         V senses that something is wrong, and you tell him that you got jealous when the fan was getting too close to him and calling him all those pet names.

·         Meanwhile, V was a little confused; he thought they were just being over-friendly! And since he’s so sweet and nice, he finds it difficult to say no to people or politely tell them to leave him alone!

·         In a way, he was happy that you didn’t deal with it through violent means, though he’s still apologetic. He tells you that he was sorry for not being able to push them away, and that feeling of jealousy you once had now turns into… sadness? Guilt?

·         V tells you not to be sad, because he only has eyes for you! And he’ll try to be more assertive when he wants to tell people to leave him alone.

·         You two link arms as you explore the rest of the gallery. You don’t see the fan for the rest of the night.

·         “___, I would never leave you. You’re the light that guides me through this dark, unpredictable world.”


·         You two were just on a date at the aquarium - Saeran said he had never seen a shark before so you wanted to take him out to see them and other sea creatures! It was just going to be the two of you because Saeyoung wasn’t allowed to come… You could do without the terrible fish puns.

·         The date had been going well, though you hadn’t seen any sharks yet… Saeran did get to see some stingrays and even if he tried to hide it, you could see the joy and awe in his expression as he touched one of them.

·         It didn’t go so well after you entered the jellyfish exhibit. You had become so mesmerised by the jellyfish that you didn’t notice that someone was flirting with him and getting too close for comfort until you turned around to see where he went.

·         Honestly, he doesn’t get it. He’s never experienced flirting in his entire life and has no idea of how to flirt, so he just feels awkward and confused. He can only believe compliments if you’re the one saying them, since he trusts you the most. In fact, he looked like he didn’t want to be there, so you stepped in.

·         Maybe it’s because you wanted to protect Saeran from this person who was making him uncomfortable or because you were feeling a little jealous that they were hitting on your man, but you stepped in between the two of them and told the person to back off. You were his s/o!

·         You sort of begin to rant at them, anger rising in you as you told them it wasn’t okay to invade a stranger’s personal space – you’re tempted to smash the glass separating you from the jellyfish so they get stung, but Saeran taps you on the shoulder, telling you that you guys should leave. You instantly calm down, shoot a glare at the person, and leave the jellyfish exhibit.

·         He’s actually grateful that you stepped in – he wanted to tell them to leave him alone, but words were failing him. However, he does wonder why you suddenly become clingier as you head towards the shark exhibit. When you tell him that you got angry and a little jealous, he’s a little confused.

·         He’s pretty much like, “Why? I didn’t like them. They were pissing me off”

·         Nevertheless, he does let you link arms with him – he’s not normally affectionate, especially in public, but he’ll make an exception now.

·         When you get to the shark exhibit, his reaction to the sharks is worth it. He’s in awe, his eyes glued to them as they swim around. When one comes up to the tank, he puts his hand against the glass as if he wants to touch it.

·         He allows you to take a selfie with him in front of the tank, and even if he won’t admit it… He really likes the photo. He’s saved it as his lock screen <3

·         And when you get ice cream later, he buys a huge tub of it… And lets you share it with him.

Food & Feasting in Ancient Rome. The festive consumption of food and drink was an important social ritual in the Roman world. Known as the convivium (Latin: “living together”), or banquet, the Romans distinguished between specific types of gatherings, such as epulum (public feast), cena (dinner, eaten mid-afternoon), and comissatio (drinking party). Public banquets, such as civic feasts offered for all of the inhabitants of a city, accommodated large numbers of diners. Dinner parties that took place in residences were private affairs in which the host entertained a small group of family friends, business associates, and clients. Roman literary sources describe elite private banquets as a kind of feast for the senses, during which the host strove to impress his guests with extravagant fare, luxurious tableware, and diverse forms of entertainment, all of which were enjoyed in a lavishly adorned setting. Archaeological evidence of Roman housing has shed important light on the contexts in which private banquets occurred and the types of objects employed during such gatherings.

The dining room was one of the most important reception spaces of the residence. It included high-quality decorative fixtures, such as floor mosaics, wall paintings, and stucco reliefs, as well as portable luxury objects, such as artworks, sculptures, and furniture. Like the Greeks, the Romans reclined on couches while banqueting, although in the Roman context respectable women were permitted to join men in reclining. This practice set the convivium apart from the Greek symposium (a male aristocratic drinking party), at which female attendees were restricted to entertainers such as flute-girls and dancers as well as courtesans (heterae). A dining room typically held 3 broad couches, each of which seated 3 individuals, thus allowing for a total of 9 guests. This type of room is commonly described as a triclinium (“3-couch room”), although dining rooms that could accommodate greater numbers of couches are archaeologically attested. In a triclinium, the couches were arranged along 3 walls of the room in a U-shape, at the center of which was placed a single table that was accessible to all of the diners. Couches were frequently made of wood, but there were also more opulent versions with fittings made of costly materials, such as ivory and bronze. 

A proper Roman dinner included 3 courses: hors d’oeuvres (gustatio), main course (mensae primae), and dessert (mensae secundae). Food and drink were served, intended not only to satiate the guests but also to add an element of spectacle to the meal. Exotic produce, particularly wild animals, birds, and fish, were favored at elite dinners due to their rarity, difficulty of procurement, and consequent high cost, which reflected the host’s affluence. Popular but costly fare included pheasant, thrush, raw oysters, lobster, shellfish, venison, wild boar, and peacock. Foods that were forbidden by sumptuary laws, such as fattened fowl and sow’s udders, were flagrantly consumed at the most exclusive feasts. Elaborate recipes were invented - a surviving literary work, known as Apicius, is a late Roman compilation of cookery. These often required not only expensive ingredients and means of preparation but also elaborate, even dramatic, forms of presentation. Wine wine was served throughout the meal. This practice contrasted with that of the Greek deipnon (main meal), which focused on the food; wine was reserved for the symposium that followed. The wine was mixed to the guest’s taste and in his own cup, unlike the Greek practice of communal mixing for the entire party.

Forty Tarot Business Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me

Starting a Tarot or soul centered based business is hard work. Throughout my time as a professional Tarot reader, I’ve made countless mistakes, been in tricky situations and learned many things about myself and the way I like to work. Running a Tarot business isn’t always glamorous. It can be frustrating and lonely. I wanted to share with you all some Tarot business tips I wish someone had told me.


You are the only one who can decide if you are ready to start a Tarot or soul centered business. There is no grand proficiency test you can take. If you want to start your own Tarot business you either take the plunge or play the waiting game. I played the waiting game and I really regret it.  I sought so much validation in others that I forgot to validate myself. Once I gave myself the permission to go on the journey of starting my own Tarot business, everything changed. Taking the steps to start my Tarot business was the scariest thing I’ve ever done but also the most rewarding.


Know your local, state and federal laws. Starting any business, let alone a soul centered or Tarot business is hard work. I encourage you to do your homework when it concerns your business type, liability, the laws that proceed how you are conducting your business online versus local, etc. If you can afford it, I would highly suggest obtaining legal advice before proceeding. Please do not try to mirror someone else’s business or think that just because someone is doing something in their business it is okay for you to do it too. Keep in mind that there are various different rules, regulations, disclaimers, and laws that precede your location, state, country and the businesses in your area that can and will differ from someone else’s location.


Write a business plan. I know it sounds a bit scary or intimidating but before starting any business, really sit down and think about why you want to be in this business. The next question you should ask yourself is how you would like to help others with your business. Think about what you would like to offer in said business. Do you want to sell readings, courses, printable content, a membership?  What are your goals for your business? Who is your ideal client? What is your niche? These are important questions.


Pick a name. Do not take this lightly. Your business name will be a reflection of you and your services. Switching your business name mid business can be a difficult situation in regards to branding yourself, but not impossible. Try to pick a name that is easy to spell and memorable. Once you’ve chosen a name search to see if the domain name is available and if social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Gmail, etc are also available for that business name. If all is good, I highly recommend purchasing the domain name and signing up for social media websites and obtaining those usernames.


Create a website.  Although this is not for everyone, it looks very professional when presenting your business to others. Gone are the days of needing to know complex coding and HTML. You can get a website up and running with web services like Wix, Squarespace, Weebly,, and Sitebuilder. Your website will be the central hub for you to showcase your services and what your business is all about.


Pick a platform or online e-commerce system to sell your readings and services. For those who own websites that lack e-commerce functionality, Many online and in person readers like myself use external websites to sell our services. There are websites like Etsy, Storenvy, Shopify, Squarespace, BigCartel, Squareup, Paypal etc where you can list your offerings to clients. *Each respective website or service has their own fees and rules you need to be accountable for.


Start a blog. Starting a blog helped me not only connect with my business peers but allowed me to share my experiences, much like I am doing in this post. Blogging also helps to create a community of people with like minded interests. Running a blog helps to create a personal connection between you, your readers and potential clients.


Provide services that excite you. You do not need to sell a particular type of reading just because it is popular. Be unique in your offerings. What I think about when coming up with a new service or reading is what would be something I would love to purchase myself.


Have a clear and simple way for potential clients to find your services. The purchase process should be safe, secure and seamless.


Stay organized. My first few years of business were a wreck. I learned quickly that organization could become my best friend instead of my worst enemy with some simple tricks.

  • Create a separate user account on your computer for your business and business related content. Keeping your personal files away from your business files is half the battle.
  • Use folders both on your computer and in your work space. 
  • Create folders for spread offerings (sort them by card number, topic, etc.) Create a folder for reading templates, business ideas, previous client readings, etc.
  • Start a business journal for business ideas, traffic stats and do some book keeping.  Keep records and logs of readings you have done, the income you have made, expenditures, incoming and outgoing payments, bills, etc. Keeping track of your sales is also beneficial when filing your taxes.


Create a separate e-mail account you only use for when you get paid. I had my PayPal account hacked and someone tried to clear out my funds. Thankfully PayPal noticed the suspicious activity and stopped the transaction. Ever since then, I have a separate e-mail address that I only use for when I send out invoices or charge for a service. This limits the number of people knowing that e-mail address and keeps things a bit more secure.


Obtain a separate phone number for your business. I use to give out my cell phone number to clients. Many clients abused this privilege and because of this, I sought out a separate number. I utilize google voice as it works seamlessly with my phone. A few friends of mine have also used MagicJack, Skype Voice, Call centric and YouMail with great success. With these such services, you can enable do not disturb settings when you are off call. *Each respective service has their own fees and rules you need to be accountable for.


Have business hours. As I mentioned above, many clients abused the privilege of having my personal number. I would receive calls all hours of the night. After having a business number I made it clear what my hours of operation were and placed it on my website, blog and social media accounts. You can also mention your business hours in your voicemail greeting for your business number. Setting business hours also helps you to manage your time.


Use a scheduling application or keep a daily work schedule for when you do readings, appointments, etc. I learned very quickly that having a clear way to share with clients my availability made the purchasing process easier. It also allowed me to allot a specific time in my day for a reading without losing track of time.


Back up your files and computer often. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve dealt with computer crashes and corrupted files. Backing up your content on a continuous basis. It would be ideal to invest in an external hard drive to keep your business files and personal files backed up in case of hardware or software failure. I once had a computer malfunction and lost a forty minute video reading. Since then, I back up my computer all the time. It is better to be safe than sorry.


Create templates. Before implementing templates in my Tarot business workflow, I spent so much unnecessary time designing each reading one by one. I now have set templates for each reading that I offer. I am able to drag and drop photos of the custom reading after taking them and also insert the typed out portion from my word document into the reading template when it is all done.


Create product and service listing that are easy to understand and compelling. Some things you may want to include in your reading listings are:

  • Subject of Tarot reading or service.
  • Who the ideal client is for the reading or service is.
  • What divination tool will be used. (Tarot, Oracle, Runes, a combination?)
  • How many cards?
  • Estimated delivery times.
  • Previous testimonials from previous clients who purchased said product or service.
  • A link with an example of the reading.
  • Reading or service format (Audio, typed, snail mail, video, live, skype, recorded call, etc)
  • Spread positions (If using a spread)
  • Deck choices (If using decks)
  • Any addons (Extra cards, rush delivery, etc)


Set clear boundaries, ethics, and policies in your business. Also, it is okay to say no. I think it is important to be upfront with who you are, what you do and what you don’t do. This will help prevent being put into situations where you would rather not be put in. Remember that there is nothing wrong with saying no. It is okay to not read for everyone who wants a reading or service from you. I ensure that every client knows my ethics and policies beforehand. Some policies I have in place for my business are payment policies, privacy policies, disclaimers, refund policies, rescheduling and cancellation policies.


Set small goals for yourself (daily, weekly, bi weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) Being a reader with chronic illness, I like to set monthly goals as it helps with my energy management and I also do not feel rushed. I also like to hold myself accountable for my goals by tracking my progress and either changing or evolving a goal if it no longer feels right to me. Some goals you may want to consider are how many sales you want to make a day, week, a month? How can you make X amount of money each quarter of the year?


Comparing your business to someone else’s is the quickest way to discourage yourself. How you measure the success and lessons in your business should not be put against someone else’s. Remember that we all started somewhere. Focus on how you can better your business instead of putting it down.


Be patient. I know this one is easier said than done but rushing to try and make money isn’t the way to go, at least for me it wasn’t. Growing a business takes time. Overnight successes are few and far between.


Find your people. During the first years of business, I found it significantly more important to build an audience and a following before trying to sell to people who had no clue who I was and what I was about. Build your own community of clients and like minded people. Creating authentic interaction, and building trust helped me so much and I highly suggest trying it.


You and your services are not meant for everyone and they shouldn’t be either. Not every client and service provider can be a perfect match. That is okay. Focus on those who find value in your services and who you are.


Do not be afraid to market yourself. With the power of the internet, you can use social media and old school marketing like business cards, fliers, to promote yourself, your content and your business. I know it can be easy to be scared of feeling scammy or annoying but if no one knows who you are or what your business is about, how can you connect with those who are searching for a business like yours? I like to promote by teaching things. This helps create an even exchange of promotional material and digestible content for my viewers. Something that I also like to do is to create a marketing plan and use social media apps to automate the process. This helps take the guess work out of marketing and it is done for a month in advance. Don’t fear doing what you can to put yourself out there. Marketing is essentially a call to action. You are allowed to take up space. There is no shame in that. People need a way to learn about you, your business and if they want to support you. Marketing helps with that.


Engage and collaborate with your peers. I used to be so scared to talk to some of the Tarot readers and diviners in my same field but quickly learned that interacting with one another created awesome friendships and helped us learn from one another in the process. Networking is key. I cannot tell you how many times one of my peers have highlighted me on their blogs or sent a reading referral my way. I have also done the same.


If you primarily sell readings, your income will fluctuate on a consistent basis. You will find that some weeks you will book out, and others you won’t make any sales at all. It was so difficult for me to understand this. Something that may help you obtain a more stable stream of income would be providing self-sustaining services and products like courses, e-books, decks, and mentorships.


Expect naysayers and doubters. Try not to take it personal. Not everyone is going to believe in your business or services and that is okay. You are not there to prove your worth to someone who has already made up their mind that you aren’t worth their time or respect. There are going to be those who want nothing more than to discourage you. Spend time bettering your business, and silence the noise of those who want to see you fail.


Be consistent with your service rates and what you are offering. While you are growing your business it is okay to do rate increases sporadically but having inconsistent rates can put off potential and returning clients. The same can be said for your services. If you drastically change your business model or offerings, it can leave clients feeling insecure with doing business with you. Making changes when necessary and ensure a seamless process for your clients.


Have a working Tarot deck. I had a client of mine bend one of the cards in my favorite deck while they were shuffling. I was horrified. From that moment on I used to never allow the client to shuffle my deck out of fear, but it always felt wrong to me. I now use a working deck or a deck that I use just for clients that if damaged I can easily replace.


Be consistent with self-care and have a plan for it. I cannot tell you how much having a self-care plan has helped me during those days when everything becomes too much for me to handle. Being a Tarot reader who is also diagnosed with anxiety and depression, taking care of myself and having a self-care plan has saved me from potentially detrimental situations. Being a serviced based business, we are used to putting the needs of others before our own. Remember that you deserve the same care, if not more, that you give to your clients. Some things I like to do is paint, write songs, turn off my phone and computer, treat myself to a nice cup of chai tea and take a long walk to help clear my mind. I also have a Feel good file on my computer. This file includes letters and positive testimonials from clients, pictures of cute puppies and successes I’ve had in my business. *Everyone’s self-care plan will be different. Do what works for you.


Refresh your learning. Take some time to read new material, take a seminar, sign up for a local class, meet up with a local group, enroll in a self-study course, watch videos or find blogs in your niche. This will not only help you stay current but also help you grow your business and knowledge.


Learn your reading style and use it to your advantage. Are you a predictive type reader or a holistic spiritual counselor? Are you a psychic medium or fortune teller? Use your unique way of doing things to tailor your reach to potential clients who are looking for your services. Do not be afraid to think outside the box.


Recognize your limiting beliefs and work at chipping them away. One of the hardest parts of starting my Tarot business was accepting that my worth as a reader was not determined by the amount of sales I made. It was difficult at first but I did some proactive journaling and set some time weekly to address the limiting beliefs I had about myself and my business and how I could help alleviate those things. It took some intense work but I am finally at a point where that particular limiting belief no longer affects my work and business.


Make a budget for your business and determine where your money is going? It is important to be accountable for things like taxes, insurance, liability, licenses, book purchases, deck purchases, copyright and trademark registrations, business registrations, domain registrations, web hosting fees, etc.


Celebrate your successes and goals. There is nothing vain about being happy for selling one hundred readings. Pat yourself on the back and realize that your hard work and dedication is paying off.


If you are a Tarot professional who has to hide their practices from their everyday job, like I am, keep your main work life and your Tarot life as separate as you can. Being someone who works in a business where I could be fired and shunned for doing Tarot, I do all that I can to keep my Tarot life private. You may want to use an alias, not show your face or not provide voice readings, etc. It is all up to you and what you are comfortable with. You may be more comfortable conducting your business online versus in person. * Having to hide your tarot reading business to protect your main business does not make you any less of a professional reader. You are just as valid.


Running a Tarot or soul centered business can be lonely. I found that my first few years of launching my business, I didn’t really have a social life in person or online. I spent and devoted a lot of my time to helping my business grow and succeed. While I appreciate the hard work I put in back then, I always felt sad because I felt isolated from the world. When I was working, especially on holidays, everyone I knew was having fun and I resented it a little.  Something that helped me tremendously was to visit local metaphysical shops and attend some of their hosted events. I started to make friends with other Tarot learners and business professionals and it helped fill the void I had in my life.


There is no room for drama, gossip, and bullying in your Tarot or soul centered business. What you say, do or allow in regards to your business speaks volumes for your business, clients and potential clients. I had another tarot business bully me and I promptly blocked them. I didn’t want their negativity in my space or the space of my clients and peers. No one wants to find out that they are supporting a bully because of a tweet, blog post or facebook post you made about someone else. The quickest way for a business to be tainted is if its business owner is involved in drama, gossip, and bullying. Your priority should always be to handle even the most negative situations with the utmost professionalism. If you focus on bullying or negativity, all it shows clients that that is your main focus.  If someone is being disrespectful or hurtful to you or your business, do not stoop to their level. It will only reflect badly on you and your business. Have a plan of action and handle the situation as best as you can.


Remember that set backs happen. It is okay to have a bad week or month. The important thing to do is analyze how you can improve, what you can change and ultimately what lessons you can take from this situation. We all have set backs in our business. Give yourself time to regroup and evolve your business from this situation. I like to get out of my comfort zone a bit and try something new and sometimes that causes a creative spark that I implement in unique services and offerings for my clients.


Take accountability for your actions, your mistakes, and failures in your business. None of us are perfect. Mistakes happen. Did you forget to pay your taxes? Did you forget to send out a reading? Are you behind on several of your services? It is important to understand that if something you have done or said in your business has negatively affected you, your life or someone else, you need to address it and make it right. Hiding behind your mistake and trying to escape from your responsibility does nothing good for your business.

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