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Recording A Voicemail Greeting

I totally forgot to include this in my telephone etiquette post! If you want to record a bilingual voicemail message (i.e. please leave a message after the beep…), below are two ways to do it.

For a personal and/or casual business phone (basically, most versatile):

konnichiwa, ____ desu. tada ima, denwa ni deraremasen. pi- to narimashitara, messeeji o nokoshite kudasai. yoroshikuonegashimasu / doumo arigatou gozaimasu.
Hi, you’ve reached ___. I am unable to answer the phone right now. After the beep, please leave a message. Nice to meet you / thank you very much.
I know the “nice to meet you” sounds unnatural and weird in English, but it’s a pretty normal departing message in Japanese, especially for those you are unfamiliar with (and you never know who’s going to call!). Also, I guess you could say moshi moshi instead of konnichiwa, I like to because it sounds more fun. 

Very generic and more formal greeting:

tada ima, denwa ni deru koto ga dekimasen. pi- to iu hasshin on no nochi ni, onamae to, goyouken o hanashi kudasai.
Right now, I cannot get to the phone. After the beep, please leave your name and message.