Sorry for the brief leave of absence, guys; I’ve been working on some personal stuff for the sake of my portfolio; I’m trying to get into a few studios for an internship. So have some rare personal artwork that have nothing to do with MLP!

The first one’s the image I’ll probably use for my business card. I’m using the bear/constellation combination again because my classmates have told me they enjoy the way I draw bears (to the point where “bear” is the usual suggestion if I ask what I should draw), so I thought it’d be cute if my business card had a bear theme to it too. C: It’s painted and drawn with nothing but watercolors.

The second one is an unfinished concept for a character in my next Retelling storyboard. This time the fairytale I’d like to retell is the 3 Little Pigs. The pup here isn’t finalized at all, but I’m liking the direction thus far. O:

As always, MLP AUs, Headcanons, and art will commence shortly, I just wanted to share with you guys this stuff. C:


Today there was no doodles because i was working on this. ♥

Some new visual identity for myself, new logo (just updated) and finally a business card. I love to apply the shit i learn in uni on my own stuff, even tho is not really my thing (graphic design). Also had fun drawing the cuties on the corner in the back. Can’t wait to print them. :D

Hope you guys enjoy this post either way. x)