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Image: Bookshelves at Amazon’s New York City store. (Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images)

Back when Amazon first introduced the Kindle, and e-books were all the rage, a lot of people thought printed books and the stores that sell them were going the way of dinosaurs. But a decade later, print is outselling digital, and many independent bookstores are thriving. Even Amazon is opening brick-and-mortar stores (seven so far).

NPR’s Lynn Neary looks at how indie and chain bookshop are setting themselves apart from the competition.

Be More Than A Bookstore: A Brick-And-Mortar Shop’s Key To Success


Andrew with fans in an Atlanta bookstore - June 1, 2017

softanklefat  ||  🚨IGNORE ME CALLIG HIM ABRAHAM 🚨 😂 I was nervous & typing too fast- I was minding my business at the bookstore & looked over and Andrew Lincoln was standing there looking for Manga to read 😍 I was so unprepared (apparently so was he, by the way he’s looking @ the camera) lmao but omfg I’m SHOOK BITCH. He’s so nice! 🌞

I was reading a Zelda manga 😂 and he asked me about it. He’s really nice! He was super casual and understanding

… literally he was just talking about what Manga was appropriate to buy for his son. I was reading some Zelda shit and he was like “oh yeah Zelda is cool! Y'all want a picture” but he was doing the Rick Grimes accent 😩

I want a book magazine

Like, popular and easily accessible. Maybe YA marketed since it’s so popular.

Imagine it: Book reviews, author interviews, book box reviews, spotlights on certain genres, interviews with people in the editing and publishing industry, ads for upcoming books, places to buy book-themed goods, recipes of foods from books, looking a fan art and stuff inspired by books, news from the publishing and bookstore business. 

I want it. Badly.

Angel Eyes

Summary: An angel/demon AU featuring demon!Bucky and angel!Reader based on this request:

Pairings: Bucky x reader

Warnings: Religious imagery, probably some blasphemy, language, unprotected (graphic) sex

Word Count: 2,915

A/N: Ask and ye shall receive. I kinda got carried away with this one. I do hope it’s okay? (.gif has nothing to do with the story. I just like staring at it)

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What happens when an angel knocks up a demon? You get a devilishly handsome half-breed with angelic charm and passion like hellfire running through his veins—you get me. Maybe I’m not as impressive as Lucifer, I didn’t fall from grace, I didn’t cut off my wings to spite my father—I never had wings—but I am more impressive than other demons. I’m stronger, smarter…just overall, I’m better. My unique position comes with perks from Luci, but jeers from full-blood demons. They say I’m not pure, that I have a disgusting heavenly glow about me. They say I don’t belong in Hell.

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Injured Football Player Ch 4

Originally posted by buchanstan

Summary: The reader and Bucky take a stroll down memory lane since the they are at home after Bucky’s surgery.

Word Count: 1126

Italicized parts are flashbacks.

A/N: I am feeling so much love for this series! Thank you guys so much! I am going out of town this weekend, so I will post part 4 today and part 5 when I get back into town! If y’all want to be added to the tag list, just ask! Enjoy!

(Chapter 3)

*gif not mine*

 The first week after Bucky’s surgery, you stayed home with him. You both just stayed at the house relaxing and enjoying being able to be together without one of us running off to work.

 One afternoon, Bucky had to answer some emails, so you decided you would go into your office closet and pull out pictures to look at. As you made your way through the early years of your life, you heard Bucky call your name.

 "I’m in my office,“ you called back to him. Looking at a picture of you and your best friend since birth when you both were 6 years old.

  Bucky walked in to see you on the floor with all the pictures spread out, "Taking a trip down memory lane?”

 You smiled, “Yeah, I thought it would be fun,” you patted the ground next to you, “Come sit with me.”

 He joined without hesitation. He pulled up a picture and smiled, “I love seeing pictures of Baby Y/N. You were so adorable, I just hope our babies look like you.”

 You smiled at the picture he was holding, “I will never, ever curl and tease my daughter’s hair like my mother did.”

  He laughed, “That is the Texan way! The higher the hair the closer to Jesus!" 

 You let out a loud laugh, "Where did you hear that?”

 "I’m pretty sure I heard your mom say it,“ he laughed looking around. He saw a black box with a red B on it. He picked it up, "What is this?”

 You saw what he had and you blushed a little, “That’s my Bucky box.”

  He raised his eyebrows, “Bucky box?”

 You nodded, “Yeah, I put pictures and things that have to do with you in there." 

 "May I?”

 You nodded as you watched him open the box.

 He chuckled when he saw everything, “I can’t believe you kept all this stuff,” he smiled at you.

 You shrugged, “Everything is special in its own way.”

 He pulled out pictures, movie ticket stubs, concert tickets, and a piece of paper. He looked at it and his eyes widened when he realized what it was. He let out a small gasp, “This is your receipt for the bookstore,” he smiled, "I took your receipt from the cashier and wrote my phone number on the back of it.”

  “You were pretty smooth back then Barnes,” you took the receipt and looked at it.

 "I still remember that day like it was yesterday,“ he kissed your hand.

 "I do too.”

 You were taking six classes and two of them required two textbooks that semester.

 "Who’s bright idea was it to take six classes in one semester?“ You mumbled to yourself walking through the aisles.

 You were looking for your last two textbooks for your History of American Military class. You had to put down the six books you already had down to look for the two you needed. You finally found the last one. You jumped up and held the book in the air in victory. When you looked over, you saw a tall, dark, muscular man standing at then end of the aisle.

 You blushed in embarrassment, "Nice, Y/N.”

 You bent over to pick up the stack of books when you took one last glance at the man.

 He gave you a big smile as he walked up to you, “Do you have enough books there?”

 You chuckled, “I think professors don’t realize that the amounts of books that they require are cause us back problems.”

 "Here,“ he tucked his one book under his arm, "let me carry those for you.”

 "Oh no, it’s fine. I’ve got them,“ you tried to act like you could easily carry the books.

 "I haven’t worked out yet, so this will be my weights for the day,” he smiled at you.

 "You don’t mind?“

 He shook his head, "Not at all. Have anymore books to get?”

 You tucked a stray hair behind your ear, “Uh, nope that’s it.”

 "Alright, let’s go,“ he walked along side you.

 Thankfully there wasn’t anyone in line. The man put the books down. He smiled and stuck his hand out, "I’m Bucky Barnes.”

 You shook his hand, “Y/F/N Y/L/N.”

 "That’s a beautiful name.“

 You blushed as you looked down for your wallet to pay for your books. After you paid the cashier handed you your receipt, "Excuse me, do you have a pen I can borrow?” Bucky asked the cashier. When he handed the pen to Bucky he turned to you and grabbed the receipt that was sticking out of your top book, “Okay, Ms. Y/L/N, this is my phone number. Please, call me. I would love to take you out.”

 You smiled and grabbed the business card for the bookstore and wrote your number on it, “Now you have my number in case I don’t call you quick enough." 

 He smiled down at the card, "I will call you.”

 "Sounds good. Goodbye Bucky Barnes.“

 "Goodbye, Y/F/N Y/L/N.”

 Bucky smiled at receipt, “You kept the receipt.”

 "Of course I did. I couldn’t believe that someone so hot was talking to me,“ you looked at a picture you guys took the night he was drafted to the Cowboys. 

 Bucky got up and walked out of the room without a word. "Buck, where are you going?” You hollered at him.

 "I’ll be right back,“ he walked back in with his wallet in his hand.

 "What are you doing with your wallet?” You looked confused.

 He opened it up and pulled out a card and handed it to you. You smiled as you felt tears well up in your eyes, “You kept the card I wrote my number on?”

 He nodded, “I knew the moment I saw you celebrating finding a textbook, you were the one I wanted to spend every moment with.”

 You moved closer to him, “Bucky, you never sees to amaze me, you know it." 

 "I like to keep you in your toes, doll,” he cupped your cheek, “I am so glad I went to buy my textbook that day,” he kissed you.

 You pulled him closer to you, “Bucky,” you let out a breath.

 "I’m fine. I promise,“ he kissed your neck.

 You let out a laugh, "I’ve heard that before.”

 He pulled away, “Don’t laugh at a man when he is trying to show the woman he loves how much he loves her.”

 "Sorry,“ you kissed him.

 Being with Bucky always seemed so simple, such an easy thing to do. No matter what is going on, you can always count on Bucky. You always felt sorry for your friends who couldn’t seem to find a decent boyfriend, because you were so lucky to find the love of your life in college.

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amusingdisplacement  asked:

Are there any black-owned independent bookstores/sellers that you know of?

Here’s a couple of online stores:

Pan African Connections Bookstore

A Cultural Exchange

Afri-Ware Inc.

Becoming God’s Answer

Black Art Plus

Dare Books

Eso Won Books

Frugal Bookstore


MeJah Books

These are just a few, but you can see the entire directory of book stores at where you can search by state for brick and mortar stores near you. Additionally they update the list periodically and list wether a store was verified as operational. 

PLEASE SUPPORT BLACK OWNED BOOKSTORES! According to this article there are about 54 black owned bookstores left in America! THATS INSANE! SO PLEASE SUPPORT THESE BOOKSTORES~

I wish these people would learn what infrastructure is, and also learn the difference between a business and a community centre.

Like, firstable: When you say you want a gay coffee shop but not a gay bar, as though you HAD to choose BECAUSE you live in a small town or whatever, you are showing that you maybe don’t totally understand what supports businesses like that. Bookstores are, in this time at least, failures of capitalism. Even huge corporate booksellers like Amazon aren’t turning a profit; brick-and-mortar bookstores cannot survive selling books alone anymore. They just can’t. They become bookstore/cafes, or bookstore/sex shops, or bookstore/game shops, or whatever. Coffee shops have more of a chance, I guess, but it’s still a crapshoot. Bars and clubs have different sorts of business models and offer different services and spaces, which often makes them more sustainable in the long-term in communities that may not have, like, a gay village or whatever. That’s why gay bars are often the first step in BUILDING a gay village! A lot of gay villages are constructed around historic gay bars for a reason. It’s not a matter of either/or; in fact, in a lot of cases, it’s a matter of “first x, then when x creates a space and an infrastructure for y, we’ll build y”.

Secondly, when a lot of these people talk about why they want gay bookstores and coffee shops instead of gay bars, they don’t talk in terms of like, goods and services, they talk in terms of space and safety. Those are needs that a business under late capitalism is not usually equipped to serve! There are certainly businesses that foster a sense of solidarity and community, but a business is not a safe space, because making a business exclusive of people who are unsafe to marginalized (minority) communities can mean excluding a great deal of, uh, business. Gay bars are able to discriminate in ways that coffee shops and bookstores CAN’T - gay bars have covers, sometimes they have events with dress codes, they have bouncers, etc… and again, because their business is built around a specific kind of experience, usually they can do this and still be somewhat financially solvent. A coffee shop can’t turn a patron away because they’re wearing corduroy at leather night! A gay coffee shop WILL be inclusive of straight and cis people, there’s just no getting around it.

What people talk about when they talk about sober LGBT “spaces” often sounds more like a community centre or non-profit than it does a business! They want a space to meet and gather, have readings, have meetings, hold low-key events, meet people, socialize, all with the expectation of safety. That’s a community centre. It’s not a coffee shop etc! A coffee shop, like any business, needs to make a profit under late capitalism to stay open. If your beef with gay bars is that they’re not safe spaces, but you think a gay coffee shop or bookstore IS a safe space, I have a lot of questions for you about what you consider to be a “safe space”, for whom is it safe, etc! (There Is No Ethical Consumption Within Safe Spaces Under Capitalism!!!!!!!!) But like: if you want a community centre, say you want a community centre. Don’t say you want a business that functions within capitalism, and then act like that is exclusive of OTHER business that function under capitalism, because the capitalist business YOU want would be a safe space, and the capitalist business you don’t want to go to would not be. Community centres and non-commercial social spaces are arguably what non-profit organizations try to do! If you want a space like that, get involved with local LGBT non-profit groups, don’t go around dissing gay bars and sanctifying gay bookstores etc. EVEN given how important the place where I worked was to me, it was still dysfunctional in a lot of ways that were directly caused by capitalism being hostile to the oppressed - I would say that that place saved my life; I would NOT say it was a safe space, but again, that was not its purpose. 

Anyway whatever this got long but I hope that clarifies and helps curb more of the weird respectability politics of this bullshit discourse. 


“There is nothing quite like browsing through a store filled with miscellaneous books and London’s Word On The Water is no different – except for the fact that it floats on water. Aside from its everyday title, the shop is also known as The London Bookbarge, emphasizing the fact that the business is part bookstore and part boat.”

Don’t Blink Chapter 8 (John x Reader)

Title: Don’t Blink Chapter 8

Summary:  When (Y/n) takes a simple haunting case on her own, she gets in way over her head. Being transported to the past, she falls in love with a young marine with a killer smile. The only problem is she knows his sons and his girlfriend wants to kill her, and probably knows about twenty ways to do so.

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I miss your writing. :( are you working on anything new?????!

AJDLSHALA THIS IS THE SWEETEST THING EVER???? OMG ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ thank u for even missing my lame writing i’m so honoured,,,, ok bcus u have stolen my heart i’ll give u a gist of one of my terrible wips!!!! 😔💘✨

- bookstore au & tattoo au where jeon is a tattoo artist whose a toughie on the outside with his punk like appearance and tats and piercings and permascowl but is a soft, shy and gooey pudding honey boy on the inside :-( 

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17-18/100 days of productivity


11:02 pm
Done for the day. This afternoon I did my laundry, printed a bunch of materials for class and made notes for my marketing foundation. I feel awesome. Let me be XD
Earlier today, my friend wanted to buy art supplies and stationery and printer so naturally I volunteered to join here (I did not buy anything tho-whispers-self control bruh)


AP video of President Obama and his daughters spending some time on small business Saturday at Politics and Pose in Washington, D.C.


Work. That was all you seemed to be doing? Sleep. You didn’t sleep much. How could you? When every time you closed your eyes you saw him and her in your bed. The bed you shared every night. “Y/N!” Chibs yelled scaring you a little “What?” You said, “Can you move love?” He asked “Sorry.” You said as Chibs and Juice walked out carrying your mattress. After the mattress was thrown into the back of the truck. Chibs walked over to you. “You okay?” “Peachy.” You said smiling He laughed as he pulled you in for a hug. Leaning into his chest. He wrapped his arms around you. Damn he smelled so good. Leather and the smell of his aftershave. You had to pull back fast. He was one of Happy’s best friends, but it felt too nice in his arms. “Well, thanks for your help. I better get ready for work.” You said talking way too fast. “What about your other bed?” He said noticing you acting strangely. “I’m going to get one on payday.” Chibs didn’t like you having to wait for anything, but he didn’t say anything. You watched them drive off. Then went to get ready for work. It was a busy night at the bookstore where you worked part time. When you weren’t working at the hospital. In between customers, you keep thinking about Chibs and what it would feel like to be in his arms. Touching his strong arms and kissing up his chest. With his kisses starting at neck all the way down your body. That by the time it was closing time. You needed to get home and take a cold shower. Pulling up into your driveway. You saw Chibs bike and your lights on in your house. “What the hell.” You thought to yourself. “Honey, I’m home!” You yelled walking in. Chibs walked out without his shirt on and just his boots and jeans. You honestly thought about running out of the house. Before you took him right in your living room. “Is everything okay?” You said putting your purse and keys down. “Have you eaten?” He asked, “Not yet, but I’ll eat before I go to bed.” You said trying to control yourself “Order a pizza or something. I’ll eat with you.” You smiled picking up your phone and ordering the food. “It’s done, so why are you here?” You asked again. “I got you something.” He said walking toward your bedroom. You followed him only because you couldn’t think of anything he could have got you. Walking into the bedroom. Was a king size bed all made up for you? “Chibs why?” You asked stopping at the door. He didn’t expect you to stop so he landed right on you. “I couldn’t stand thinking of you sleeping on the couch.” He said with his hand on your waist. Turning around you looked at his lips then looked up at him. Learning up you kissed him. When he didn’t kiss you back. You pulled away feeling so fucking stupid. “I’m” was all you could say before he pulled you closer and started kissing you. As the kiss for deeper. He pulled off your t-shirt leaving you in your bra. With each kiss came a louder moan from your mouth. “Are you sure.” He asked The only answer you gave him was when you started undoing his belt. You didn’t hear the key in the front door. The only think you were thinking about what Chibs pulling off your pants. He grabbed you and you jumped in his arms and he carried you to the bed. The last thing you heard was “What the fuck” and Chibs dropping you on the bed.


Just a short drabble for Jily Valentine’s Week. It only veryloosely fits the Bookstore AU requirements but I don’t really care. Becausesometimes I like to pretend my cuties never died and Harry lived a normal, happy life.

“Oh, for Circe’s sake, Harry. Keep up,” Lily demanded as they navigated through the crowded street of Diagon Alley. She had never seen the place so crowded before and it was starting to make her nervous.

“You better listen to you mother,” James said and although she couldn’t see his face, Lily knew he was smirking. The git. “You wouldn’t want her to hold your hand, would you?”

Harry, who had been too busy searching for his best friend, Ron Weasley, snapped his gaze to the back of his mother’s head. He wouldn’t put it past the woman to humiliate him like that so he hastened to catch up to her.

“There’s a good lad,” James said, slapping his son’s back.

“Why’s it so crowded,” Harry asked as he dodged another giggling teenage girl.

“I’m not sure,” Lily said. She looped her arm through James’, feeling much more relaxed now that she had an eye on her entire family. “Maybe there’s…” she trailed off when they reached Flourish and Blott’s. Grinning and winking down at them was a giant poster of Gilderoy Lockhart.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Lily said flatly.

“Aw, did we really go school shopping the same day that ponce decided to have a book signing?” James whined as they pushed through the busy bookstore.

“Mrs. Weasley fancies him,” Harry said. The corners of his mouth twitched upwards, trying his best to keep his teasing off his face.

The three of them watched as Lockhart strutted around the back of the building, making extravagant flourishes with his arms as he posed for the cameras. Lily and James were horrified when the man made the announcement that he would be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.

Ignoring the comically large peacock quill Lockhart pulled out of his robes, James turned to Harry and said, “Harry, your mother and I will not hold you accountable for any detentions you get for tormenting your Defense professor this year.”

“Stop it, James,” Lily scolded, lightly hitting her husband’s shoulder. Her eyes flashed dangerously. “Our son knows better than to get caught.”