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Guys I just realised something..

ACOTAR is based off of beauty and the beast right? And in Beauty and the beast Belle’s father is captured and kept captive by the beast. Feyre’s father has been gone for a mysteriously long while now with his business trade or whatever he is said to be doing. Now think about it, when has sarah ever been known to do something whithout secret motives or plans behind it? And who was far away without any protection from Rhys and could easily be kidnapped by a certain king and used as leverage against Feyre? Mmm? Think about it.


Blue Sargent (17 years old), one and only daugther of Maura Sargent and an unknown man, born and Raised on Nassau, New Providence.

Blue was born in a family full of women, never had a father and never needed one. Her family’s business - trading, and they trade literally everything - legitimate goods, stolen goods, secrets, gossip, fortune, trading routs etc. Blue was involved in family business till the day she met Ronan, who came to Nassau for the first time and wanted to sell his first plundered goods. Since then they became quite inseparable - two unbelievably salty and flaming characters, but they got along together splendidly, and despite all superstitions, Blue became a member of Ronan’s crew, and not just a regular pirate; she was second in command and nobody aboard Rex Corvus doubted her.


In the interests of clarity and for anyone who gives a monkey’s, here’s where I’m at.

Like so many people, I’m worried about the effects on our civilisation of what appears to be an increasing emergence of forces and instincts across Europe and the West with anti-democratic, deeply authoritarian and worryingly demagogic elements.
Whether they come from the left or the right of the political spectrum.
Whether they were part of voting For or Against Brexit.
For or Against Trump.
Or any other of the votes or referendums that are going on.

Any attempt to exploit and stir up the very real worries and fears of people who feel they have been ignored for too long must be regarded with caution.
Too many times in the past that particular tactic has been used to benefit the people doing the stirring and not those they say they want to help. People who see huge amounts of wealth being piled up by those reaping the rewards of business de-regulation and global trade deals but whose own lives and communities are seeing none of it.
They just see more public services being cut, more money being taken away from their local authorities, less opportunity for a secure job, fewer prospects for themselves and their children.
Some communities have lost their own industry and sources of employment as a direct result of other countries benefiting where labor is cheaper and workers are more easily exploited. Or through advances in technology and a skills market that they have become shut out of, with nothing to take its place.
Those communities are justifiably very angry.

How people feel about this has become mixed with a mistrust of the very people and institutions that they’re supposed to be able to rely on - their politicians, the political system itself, the media, the financial sector, the list goes on and on.
A fear that those very institutions have been hollowed out from the inside by people out for all they can get at the expense of everyone else.
A fear that those institutions of democracy have become just a shiny surface with very little of substance left within.
Many good people, of real intregity and with a genuine desire to do something about it are out there working hard to address that mix.
At the same time, it is a mixture ripe for exploitation by people who have no intention of improving those institutions or re-energising the principles of democracy they should represent. They just see an opportunity to further their own self-interested agendas dressed up as a concern for ‘ordinary, hard-working people.’

The shift of the whole political establishment towards the so-called 'centre’ in the 90’s and early 2000’s appears to have created a disconnect in the traditional relationships between various political parties and the people they have always been relied on to represent.
The policies that were pursued then, whether intentionally or not, have been part of encouraging, on the one hand, massive inequality and systemic insecurity domestically and, on the other, a terrifying uncertainty and destabilization internationally.
Subsequently, with no meaningful answers to any of it being offered up by the political establishment, we’re witnessing a move towards populism.

There are no real answers in populism. Just attempts to exploit strong feelings.
Push back against populism and it’s empty rhetoric collapses. Which is why it tries to shut down rational discussion and thoughtful debate. It has to preserve its allure and power by remaining unquestioned and uninvestigated.
So it is that populism can open the door to the threat of demagoguery and all its attendant attacks on the things that any civilized democracy needs to survive - a political system that truly represents the will of the people not just certain sections of it, a fair and balanced press, free and fair elections, an adherence to the rule of law, the existence of an effective opposition, the right of people to demonstrate and organise, and everything else we value for a truly democratic society.
Of course, the important thing to realize, and the thing that the western establishment is now having to come to terms with, is that it is the apparent weakness and corruption that has been allowed to grow in those very things that creates the opportunity for populism and demagoguery to thrive in the first place.

This is how civilisations can break down, how empires can end.

Unless alternatives are brought into existence that not only address the real concerns that people have but also put forward real, meaningful and workable solutions then eventually change is forced to work through whatever options are available. No matter how imperfect.
Or potentially dangerous.
So, at this moment, if we are unhappy with the options before us, the most urgent need must be creating those new alternatives. And accepting that, while populism continues to rise, whatever already exists to oppose it is not working and must change. Either transform or be left behind completely.
Alternatives that encourage an economy that rewards responsibility and innovation as well as wealth creation.
That allows that wealth to be shared more equally.
That supports communities in having more control over their own needs.
That allows people to feel secure enough in their identity and the values of their community to be open to other ways of seeing the world.
That allows everyone to have the opportunity for a good education, a solid job, a comfortable home.

These are not easy things to bring about, obviously.
If they were we’d already have them.

So where do you start?


Actions speak louder than words and eventually you have to put your money where your mouth is.
If you care you have to at least try. Even if you fail. You have to try.
You start from knowing what you don’t know and how ridiculous you seem and how unprepared you are.
But you start.
And you listen and try to hear.
And go where it takes you.
Try and leave behind left and right and see if you can contribute to solving actual problems that people are having.
Stick to your values.
Stand up for fairness.
For justice.
For kindness.
Stand up to their enemies.
Try not to do more harm than good.
Not give a shit what people call you or accuse you of.
Unless there’s truth in it.
Then have the courage to learn from it.
Be merciless about your own ego.
Know that sometimes you can be what most gets in your own way.
And just keep going until you’re not helping anymore.
If you ever did.
But at least you’ll know you tried.
You have to start somewhere.

And you have to start.

Don’t Believe Today’s Unemployment Report:

Today the government told us that the month of July created 255,000 jobs, far beyond the estimate of 180,000.  In fact the headline revised June’s numbers up by 5,000 jobs.  They also told us the unemployment rate stayed the same at 4.9%.  But as people say, “the devil is in the details”.

So let’s get to those details:

1)  Un-adjusted growth was just 85,000 jobs.  What does this mean?  Simply if the government didn’t apply a seasonal adjustment to the numbers the jobs report would have been dismal, falling far short of the estimated 180,000 jobs.

2)  May’s dismal numbers were revised lower by 10,000 jobs.

3)  Labor Force Participation Rate remained at 1977 levels, and we all know how great the economy was in the 70′s.

4)  Waiters, waitresses and bartenders continue to be one of the largest job creators.  Now I don’t want to berate waiters, waitresses and bartenders but the fact remains those people working in that industry only make so much money, as a whole they certainly aren’t middle income jobs.  Unfortunately for all of us the government is trying to build a strong economy on their backs.

5)  Jobs in construction and manufacturing remained weak, one of the weakest in the report.  America was built on these jobs and from the 1950′s forward were the backbone of the middle class.  Unfortunately for all of us the government is doing nothing to create these types of jobs.

6)  Despite the governments claims that the housing market remains strong, construction payrolls are the weakest since 2012.

7)  Obamacare to the rescue, one of the biggest job creators which saw healthcare jobs increase by 49,000.

So don’t just listen to the talking heads, don’t be a headline reader, the facts within the report prove the numbers weren’t so good after all.

How to defy Donald tRump:
Donate to standing rock. They could use water, blankets, canned food might be good.

If you’re gay be open about it, as long as it’s safe to do so.

If you’re straight then be the best ally you can. especially if you’re white, you’re at less of a risk so you have the power to be a little more radical.

That also goes for white people. We’re not at the same risk as poc, so we need to stand by our poc friends. Stand in front of the gun at protests if you have to. Police are less likely to shoot you.Shop at locally owned businesses, and by fair trade products if you can. He’s big business, it’ll really get under his skin.Christians should show their support for jewish, muslim, and other religions. If anti-semitic and islamophobic people are constantly confronted with non christians in their everyday lives they’ll be forced to admit they’re just people, not terrorists, and not less than anyone else.Don’t ever put up with bigots, I mean be incredibly, publicly, pissed off when you have a run in with a small minded conservative.Punch a Nazi in the face, it’s very americanTeachers should talk about issues in their classrooms. Students should ask their teachers to talk about it.make art. I mean write slam poetry about these issues, make political cartoons that expose Donald and his cabinet for what they are. Journalists, wether it’s for a blog, a magazine, a local newspaper, keep up to date with things and spread the news like wildfire. Plus, if Donald can’t be bothered with an original cake then he’ll hate to see a constant flow of original work.Donate to planned parenthood. He wants to defund it, we’ll just see about that.Never stop spreading news about the achievements of poc. Mikaila Ulmer, the black girl with the lemonade deal, she if infinitely more important than donald
Chapter 1: Encounter

Writing stories was something I had given up in college (I had traded it in, along with singing, for a career in business). Now that I traded business in for something else now (I’m a teacher now at a university), I figured I should give it a go again. Seeing all the different Newt Scamander imagines has inspired me (Shoutout to @beastsandfantasticthings!) and so I decided to do a bit just for leisure.

This is just me writing to relax and exercise my writing muscles again. I’m doing a series on Newt Scamander and a female reader, starting with the events in the movie, and then continuing through Newt’s journey around the world for his book. I like me my jealousy, drama, and fluff, and the occasional action and adventure, so that will definitely find its way into my writing.

I’m also considering taking some requests, but it depends on how this goes.


Of course, I do not own the characters of Newt, Tina, Queenie, etc. etc. All rights go to their respective owners.


It was nine in the morning when you entered your office inside the MACUSA. Your heels clicked against the polished marble floors as you walked towards your desk and eyed the stack of papers you needed to go through. As an Auror, you not only worked out in the field, but you also had to make sure you did the paperwork involved, filing reports on the witches and wizards apprehended for rogue behavior. 

“Good morning, (Y/N)”

To your right, seated at a desk, was Porpentina Goldstein, Tina for short. Her short brown hair was tucked neatly behind her ears as she continued to scribble some comments on the papers in front of her after greeting you.

“Good morning, Tina. I’m sorry I ran a bit late, we could have come to work together!” you replied, seating yourself at your desk beside her and pulling the papers towards you. You actually lived in the same building as Tina, and had almost decided to share an apartment as you and Tina had grown quite close, having worked as Aurors for quite some time now; unfortunately, the largest apartment the building had was a 2-bedroom one, and with Tina living with her sister Queenie, you did not want to intrude and force yourself on them. Still, you were at their apartment (and vice versa) quite often for dinner.

“That’s fine, I also had some other errands to do.” Tina said nonchalantly. You sighed. You knew that those errands often involved investigating the New Salem Philanthropic Society, and that had recently gotten her into trouble; she had been demoted to the wand permit office due to an altercation with a No-Maj in front of witnesses, and you knew she had a long way to go before she could fully redeem herself in the eyes of President Picquery. Biting your tongue regarding all that, you get back to work. You’d rather not discuss it knowing Tina was still testy about what had happened.

“I’ll just head out for a bit for lunch. Get a hotdog.” Tina said as she finished her papers and put on her coat and hat. You look warily at her.

“Tina, please…be careful. I don’t want you getting hurt.” You smile wryly. Tina gave you a small smile–more like a grimace–in return.

“Of course, (Y/N). I’ll be back in a bit!” as Tina disapparated.


You finished the stack of papers on your desk and were heading out for a break when you see Tina rush in, firmly holding on to the arm of a man in a blue coat with a leather suitcase in his hand. Despite Tina’s serious look—indicating she had apprehended him for some wrongdoing—the man did not look at all like he was scared or guilty of something. His green eyes looked around the MACUSA in wonder, and he allowed Tina to bring him to where your superior, Percival Graves, had his office. You remembered that there was a big meeting there now and Graves had said not to disturb him, and so you ran back a bit to warn Tina, but you were too far back. Before you could even get Tina’s attention, Tina had gone into the office with the man and his suitcase.

You go down to the Wand Permit Office when you saw that Tina did not return to the desk beside yours. While she really was demoted, you didn’t really mind that she sometimes still worked beside you and used her former desk—no one had really claimed it anyway. You were worried that something had happened to her. As you go down to the office, you see Tina, looking panicked and dejected, as she fumbles through the man’s suitcase filled with pastries and baked goods in front of Graves. Puzzled, you see the owner of the suitcase also look mildly surprised. As Graves walks away, you rush to Tina.

“Tina, what happened? Why are you going through this suitcase of food? And who is he?” you eyed the man up and down. He looked at you and gave you a small smile but immediately looked away, his reddish-brown hair slightly hiding his eyes. There was an awkwardness to him, and a shyness that seemed slightly charming.

“This man just came here to New York today, and a beast escaped his suitcase and caused so much trouble at the bank! Plus, there’s a No-Maj who saw everything and he didn’t obliviate him!” Tina gave an exasperated sigh, closing the suitcase.

A fellow Auror suddenly appears, whispering hurriedly in your ear. There was some destruction some blocks down, and it looked as though magic was involved—or some beasts. You were needed. You turn to Tina and the man and grab the suitcase from the desk.

“This might have something to do with your suitcase, Mister…?”

“Scamander. Newt Scamander.”

The apartment was completely destroyed (practically a heap of rubble), and No-Maj’s were thronging outside shouting at a police officer about seeing something huge destroy the building. One of them shouted about a possible gas explosion.

“Hmm…that sounds good. Tina, you could use that as a cover,” you motion to Tina. Tina nods, and, gripping her wand tightly, goes through the crowd, casting charms and convincing them that it was simply a gas explosion. The man—Mr. Scamander…or Newt was it?—was already in the building and you followed him up the rickety flight of stairs, your own wand at the ready and leaving the other Aurors to fix the destruction as best as they could. As you go up, you notice that Mr. Scamander was way ahead of you. For someone who looked gangly and all limbs, he was pretty strong. And fast. As you raced upwards amongst the brick and mortar flying back to their places, wood neatly back into door frames, you stop at the fourth floor and see Newt on a bed in an open apartment, fiddling with a suitcase identical to the one in your own hand, and a No-Maj passed out on the floor.

You immediately drop the suitcase in your hand and rush to the No-Maj. He was out cold, and you immediately see a bite mark on his neck. You knit your eyebrows, trying to remember what beast could have done that: you had thoroughly enjoyed your class on magical creatures back in Ilvermorny, and while the information wasn’t always useful in your line of work now, you still continued to read about them in your leisure time.  

You didn’t need to think long, however, because a creature with quills and a very strong bite hurtled out of the woodwork and launched itself onto you, biting at the cuff of your coat making a squealing noise. In surprise, you fling it across the room with a small scream of your own. Newt launched himself onto it immediately, grabbing its hind legs and stuffing it into his suitcase.

“Merlin’s beard, what was that??” your chest was heaving in fear, but at the same time you couldn’t hide it: your eyes were gleaming with fascination. Newt looked briefly at you, before looking away again—although he gave (you?) a small smile again on seeing the fascination in your eyes.

“That…was a Murtlap.” With a click, he locked the suitcase.

Tina burst into the room, took one look at the groaning No-Maj on the floor, you askew on top of the No-Maj, and Newt with his suitcase, and groaned.

“Is the niffler thing on the loose again?”

“Yes…and perhaps some others as well…”

“Was the suitcase open?”

“…just a smidge.”

You sighed. The day—and as you would soon find out, the rest of your life—was just beginning.

Part 2: Here

Aaron’s Review: Outlaw Star

Well, there’s no easy way to explain myself for this one. So I’ll just be blunt. Outlaw Star is…boring. But not for the reasons I thought it’d be.

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Guys, Gals & Non Binary Pals, this is Animated Aaron’s review of Outlaw Star.

!The Premise!

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Set in space, Gene Starwind & Jim Hawking run a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ business and get a job as body guards for a thief named Hilda. After Hilda gets killed by magic using space pirates (you read that right), she leaves Gene a ship he then dubs the ‘Outlaw Star’ along with a woman named Melfina who can operate the ship. The ship’s purpose? To locate the ‘Galactic Leyline’, an ambiguous destination fabled to give immense treasure and power to anyone who claims it. So, the race is on to locate the ‘Galactic Leyline’, get Melfina’s memory back (yes, that old trope) and get rich in the process.

!The Show!

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Okay, so this show isn’t as well-known as other space operas because it came out around the same time as another sci-fi western, Cowboy Bebop. Thus, it gets compared to the much more famous of the two (technically three if you count ‘Trigun’). This isn’t a rip off obviously since animation takes a long time, but it’s hard not to look at this anime and think ‘Cowboy Bebop’.

Outlaw Star has this very cyber punk look to it as well as a sleek animation style and unique character designs. Everything is crisp, but isn’t exactly polished. It’s not rough, but you can tell the direction for the action scenes, shading, coloring and line work were a huge priority. It sucks that it’s from the 90’s and thus the animation itself hasn’t aged well. I want to praise the art much more and it’s not distracting per say. However, it’s clearly a 90’s show. Which doesn’t work in the shows favor. But I’ll get to that later.

!The Characters!  

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Clark Kent has a southern accent.

Sure, he can hide it just fine. If he’s being Superman on Official League Business™ you won’t hear a trace of certified Kansas farm boy in his voice.

But when he’s home? When he’s relaxed and working on the farm?

That’s when the y'all’d’ve’s come out and he relaxes into his comfy way of speaking and he doesn’t even really notice.

Client: Can you write the “Terms and Conditions” for our website?

Me: I’m sorry but we can’t do that. That would need to be done by someone that knows your business’ terms and conditions of trade with input from a lawyer to make sure that it with your local laws.

Client: Great, we need it up on our site this afternoon.

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*Pay 20G to This for the crown* Don't worry, nobody's gonna be crying after you, it'll only be used on special... scenes.

“That….. Seems suspicious…. Eh, it’s none of my business.”

Thistle trades the crown for the 20G.