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If you think about it, all these thinkpieces about how Millenials are “killing” various industries reveal a pretty colossal sense of entitlement.

Under normal circumstances, if a given industry finds itself unable to sell products to a given market demographic, we’d say it’s that industry’s fault for failing to offer products that that demographic is interested in buying.

It only makes sense to blame the target demographic itself if we’re assuming that the established industries have some intrinsic right to that demographic’s disposable income that’s being denied - which is clearly nonsense.

And I thought Millennials were supposed to be the entitled ones?

Things to Know Before Starting A Magic Business

There are many people who want to make money from their magic, so as to turn it into a main source of income or even a side source- and that’s wonderful! However, the state of the magic industry is not so good- filled with scammers, and bad business owners, and other negative people. Here’s some tips to make sure you don’t become another negative thing to add to the bunch.

A Business is not a Holy Mission. A business is a business. While owning a magic business may be part of your spiritual journey, that doesn’t make your service completely holy, flawless, or relevant to absolutely everyone.

Communication: If you’re going to be late, or having difficulties that affect your business- let your customers know early. 9/10 times they’ll be like “it’s okay, I understand!” because it does happen even to the best of us; we get busy and we can’t pay as much attention to our magic business. Don’t wait until your customer is angry with you to let them know that the service you’re offering may be late. This ties into the next few points-

Don’t fucking yell at or be passive aggressive towards your customers?? Literally just. Oh my god. The amount of times I’ve heard of people getting yelled at by the reader/shop keepers/other magic busines owners etc, because they didn’t like their reading, the reading was extremely late, the reading was of low quality, the spirit was actually super abusive- like. Dude. It’s absolutely pathetic that this is the only industry where being rude to your customers on a regular basis is still acceptable. As a business owner, if your service is shit it is literally your fault. No exceptions. Yes, you are still a human being and will fuck up from time to time. However, that doesn’t mean can you take a Holier Than Thou stance towards the customer and be passive-aggressive towards them. You must have the confidence required to accept criticism and responsibility for shit service if you are going to start a magic business, because you will fuck up from time to time.

Don’t fucking guilt-trip?? Again, goes with “don’t be fucking rude” but. It literally cannot be restated enough because this STILL happens a lot!! If your store/conjurer goes “well it’s your fault that your entity is hurting you”, or “it’s your fault that your reading sucks”– run, run and never go back.

Shit-Talking Customers: Some stores literally shit talk their own customers?? Holy shit???? Don’t fucking do that?? Like the fact that I actually have to say that really shows how wonderful and beautiful the magic industry is [sarcasm]. This ties into the next point-

Confidentiality: Keep readings and other personal matters of your clients private, do not discuss their matters with anyone else unless the client specifically gives you permission to. It’s not the end of the world if they don’t want the reading/service received posted:you can have the option to post anonymously (without the client’s name), or the client may be kind enough to write you a little testimonial without the reading/service being posted, and allow the client to choose if they are okay with one of those options. So again, give them multiple, customized options to review/provide you support, and only post readings with your client’s permission.   

Make use of “Disclaimer: All readings/services are for entertainment purposes only.” There’s a reason why nearly every magic business out there worth its salt has that, and it’s because of this thing called the law. Sadly there’s still no solid scientific proof that any of what we are doing is real, so you need to have this to protect from potential lawsuits and the like.

It’s illegal to offer spiritual services to minors without parental permission.  Again, the law. Readings and the like count as religious/spiritual services, even if you personally consider them secular. These are illegal to offer to anyone under the age of 18 in the United States. Of course, there will be those who try to sneak by this. So to save your own ass, have “By ordering my services you certify that you are of legal age, 18 years of age or older, to do so” somewhere on your page. This protects you because of course you can’t exactly ask for solid proof of age over the internet- so by purchasing a reading, the client claims they are of legal age, and if they are not, then they are the ones who could get in trouble because they lied about their age. 

Feel free to reblog with other tips or your experiences! 

Germany Economic Facts

- Germany is the most populous country of the European Union
- Ethnic groups: German 91.5%, Turkish 2.4%, other 6.1% (made up largely of Greek, Italian, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, other European); Danish minority in the north, Sorbian (Slavic) minority in the east
- population is well educated with modern and cosmopolitan views
- fair amount of plurality in the lifestyles and diversity in the cultures
- demographic challenges such as aging population, immigration issues, depleting incomes due to world economic crisis
- the business culture in Germany is unique in the world
- engineers and managers are given higher appreciation than accountants and lawyers; the people on the job have good academics and technical proficiency
- hierarchy is prominent in almost every organization and most of the power is vested in the hands of top level senior managers
- roles and responsibilities are strictly defined and the business processes are very well defined
- people tend to be less social in the working environment and separate work life and personal life
- teamwork could probably be best described as a group of individuals working to a specific leader towards a recognizable goal
- one of the qualities of Germans is that they put facts ahead of emotions and hence behave very objectively
- they have a direct communication style  
- German industry is very diversified and in many sectors it is a global leader
- Germany’s greatest strength is its automobile industry
- the country committed itself to developing renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power
- infrastructural facilities are very strong in Germany which facilitates the growth of any business in the country
- it has one of the world’s most technologically advanced telecommunications systems
- the broadcasting media, especially TV and radio, is deeply penetrated as more than 90% of homes have cable TV, which provides ample opportunities for effective business promotions and marketing
- internet population is 20.416 million which is 5th-largest in the world despite a population of only about 80 million
- well-developed transportation systems in terms of airways, railways, roadways, ports etc.

Source: A YUM brand/Taco Bell Market Analysis info sheet on Germany

another thing that annoys me is the whole “nah the thing is only good because RDJ is playing himself” like no bro RDJ is a real person who is playing tony stark, a fictional character he probably relates to in some level so he’s able to bring a special something to the role. RDJ is an iron man comics nerd RDJ walks around wearing vintage iron man t-shirts RDJ peppered comic references in his improvised lines RDJ tried to push for specific comic arcs RDJ has brought up specific iron man issues during interviews i am about 96% sure that RDJ secretly wants to fight people who diss iron man canon

Did You Just Throw a Spoon At Me?

Once, a lady threw a tea-spoon at me because she wanted me to refill her iced tea.

However, what she didn’t notice is that I had already filled her glass when I walked past her table. She must have been too busy horking down her veal parmesan the size of a hubcap in front of her.

When I walked up and asked her why she felt the need to throw a hard, metal object at me to get my attention, she said: “I need you to fill my…” (looks down) “…oh. You must ha– … huh… nevermind.”

As I was walking to get my manager, I heard her hiss at her husband, “No, I’m not going to apologize to A WAITRESS!”

Yes, that actually happened in real life.

Moral of the Story: that lady went full retard. NEVER go full retard.

when i’m working, i get asked about my tattoos every once in a while.* it annoys me for several reasons. mainly, it’s my body & i didn’t get them for you & i don’t want to explain the reasons behind them at all, really, unless we’re friends. we don’t commonly ask each other so directly why we make other style choices so plainly in our society (why did you get that haircut/why the goatee etc.) so it seems odd that it is a thing a lot of people feel the need to ask a stranger. also, i work in busy service industry jobs & time is money, son, so, let me get it & don’t slow me down with boring, intrusive questions.

i’m at the point where i have a good number of them, mostly under clothes unless it’s super hot out. but i’m considering getting more, not only because i want more, but to fill space in more visible places in hopes of shutting people up a bit more? instead of ‘why did you get THAT tattoo’, maybe it will sound dumb enough to prevent the question ‘why did you get ALL your tattoos’? i don’t know, that might be a naive hope.

*luckily the touching & grabbing that often accompanies these questions seems to be waning? this used to happen A LOT & i used to be FAR too fucking gentle in rebutting it.

Dear Valued Guest,

While most hotels, especially chains like this one, DO competitively price-match, there is a bare-minimum rate that I do not have the authority nor ability to set your reservation below (which just so happens to be $60.) Even my manager can’t alter the price beyond that without asking Corporate’s permission first, which they almost never actually grant for us barring a few extraordinary circumstances (which this most certainly IS NOT.)

If you want your $50 room, I suggest you go ahead and book directly through the site you mentioned. But before you come down to my desk and make ridiculous demands, you could at least have the decency to verify that this is in fact the correct hotel instead of pulling up the name of a cheaper sister-property and trying to fuck me like a bitch.

My name is NOT Marcellus Wallace.

~ H. H.

The Most Profitable Industries In 2015

When it comes to picking the right investment, the bottom line of industries themselves matter.

To find the most profitable industries, FORBES took a look at the forecasted 2015 net margin of 19 major U.S. sectors. With a 21% net profit margin, healthcare technology tops the list as the most profitable industry, according to Factset. Read more >

The Server Nightmare (Night Sweats)

The server nightmare is when you come home from a long day of waiting tables expecting to find comfort and solace in your bed, but your stupid thoughts interrupt that and you wake up in a cold sweat because you realize you forgot to bring extra ranch to the fat bitch stuffing her face at 43.

You are the only server in the restaurant and the guests keep flooding in, all of them in a rush to order. You are completely in the weeds and there is absolutely no one around who you can ask for help.

I hate those waiter dreams. They are the worst. Talk about bringing your work home with you.

If you work in a restaurant you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s a very real thing and it’s downright horrible because when you finally wake up (exhausted ) from this terrifying nightmare, you inevitably have to face reality and to go back to work only to do it all over again in real life. And it’s waaay worse the second time around.

Lucky for me, I stopped caring 3 years ago and since then, I’ve been having the best sleep of my life. But to all the others out there: I know what you are dealing with. Stay strong.