Wanna know the thing I’ve learned about this year that’s changed how I look at the world more than anything?


You know, the machines at bowling alleys that set the pins back up after you’ve knocked them down.

The thing about pinsetters is that they’re oddly difficult to get ahold of. In fact, most models of pinsetter haven’t been manufactured at all since the 1970s; the majority of bowling alleys get theirs secondhand, and competition for the increasingly rare supply of spare parts can be fierce.

You probably knew that there were once over a dozen different varieties of bowling that were popular throughout North America; what you might not know is that most of those varieties have gone extinct not because nobody is interested in playing them, but because the particular kind of pinsetter they require can no longer be obtained in sufficient quantities to keep bowling alleys in business. Indeed, the most common reason for a bowling alley to go under isn’t lack of customers, but having pinsetters that can’t be repaired when they break down because the parts and the institutional knowledge required to do so no longer exist!

Like, people will cross the planet to get their hands on replacement pinsetter parts. It’s like a goddamn post-apocalyptic scavenger hunt out there to keep these ancient contraptions in working order.

For bowling.

I’m sure it’s a metaphor for something or other, but hell if I can figure out what.


Finally started studying for my finals which start on 29th January. It’s my first semester and I must admit I kind of really failed. I didn’t learn continuously and skipped too many lectures. Ugh. I’m really motivated to do better next semester. Now I’m just trying to make the best out of the mess I made. Here you can 👀 my business administration studies notes.

10.2.18 // studygram: alimastudies

I’ve realised I haven’t shown any of my business notes and I didn’t want to neglect them so here you go 💕 I am currently thinking of dropping business next year but I’m still not too sure andddddd half term has finally started woohoo !!! 🖤  

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ICYMI: This month, Lush released a new bath melt called “Inner Truth” that flows into the pink and blue colors of the transgender rights flag. 100% of the proceeds go to National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) and Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity, and stores feature displays about the issues and disparities facing trans people. Amazing. (via Seventeen)

Business Prosperity Spell Jar

Today I had a moment to myself and decided to do a bit of spell/energy work to improve our business prosperity! I tried to keep it simple because I had about ten minutes before my toddler came crashing in simple energy is best and easiest to work with!

✨ you will need ✨

  • A small sealable jar
  • Fireproof bowl
  • Lighter or matches
  • A small piece of green paper
  • Green pen
  • Green candle (I used a ginger candle for added prosperity, success and money) a white candle will also work in a pinch
  • Small spoon to handle your herbs
  • Oats (I used sprouted oats because they symbolize a power boost generated for growth) for money
  • Cinnamon for abundance and success
  • Clove for money
  • Dill for luck and money
  • Basil for wealth and success
  • Comfrey root for attracting money
  • Himalayan salt for protection and boosting
  • Bergamot essential oil for business success, prosperity and money

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have cleansed yourself, your spell items and your workspace. I do this by visualizing a strong wind coming to dispel negative/unbalanced energies, and then by drawing energy from the Earth to flow through everything until it’s been balanced again. You can use whatever method of cleansing works best for you though!

Light your candle, take a moment to thank it for its energy, and then pick up your slip of paper. Write down your intent with the green pen (keep it simple and close loopholes). I chose ‘money and customers come to us in abundance - with no harm to others and no harm to us, so I will it and so mote it be.’

Take a moment to let your intent flow freely into the paper, then fold it three times towards you — the idea being you are attracting things to you. Once it is folded, carefully light the paper and place it in your fireproof bowl to burn to ash. As it burns, imagine your intent being sent outwards to the Universe.

After the paper had burned completely, make sure it is out so you don’t burn yourself, and add a pinch of Himalayan salt to the bowl. Mix well until all the ashes are combined with the salt, visualizing the salt both protecting and boosting your positive intent as your spell begins to connect to the Universe. Set aside.

Take your spell jar and begin to add your ingredients: I went with clove, cinnamon, comfrey, dill, basil, oat, then repeated backwards to balance. I then added a pinch more oats with the ashy salt, and filled the jar to the top with salt. Lastly, I added a few drops of bergamot essential oil to complete the ingredients.

After stoppering your jar, take a moment to balance the energy from your candle and then complete the spell by sealing your jar with melted wax.

Finish by thanking your candle and blowing it out, then by connecting to the Earth (or however you cleanse yourself) to let both positive and negative energies flow through you until you are once again balanced and grounded.

Your spell jar is now complete! Prosperity and wealth should soon be on their way to you. Thank you for taking the time to read this! Please let me know if you’ve tried this and it’s worked for you.

Peace, love and light be to you! ✌🏼💚✨

Keeping business paperwork straight starts to get a little surreal when you’ve got people going by their Internet handles in legal documents. I’m reviewing my receipts and I’m like:

“PsychoBunny23? Who the hell is PsychoBunny23? Oh, right - I paid them to translate something into Latin back in 2014.”

This person has a degree in the study of a dead language, and this is the name they choose to do business under.

7 Things Not To Apologize For

DON’T - neither in business nor in private:

  1. Setting priorities & making room for it
  2. Saying NO to something/someone
  3. Taking time to form your own opinion
  4. Closing a chapter (a bad job, a toxic relationship, etc.)
  5. Standing your ground
  6. Following your dreams & working on YOUR future
  7. Defending/protecting what matters to you

Best of luck.
Your m

Fun facts:

  • The California Raisins were commissioned as an advertising campaign by the California Raisin Advisory Board, a state marketing commission representing raisin-growers throughout the region

  • Though wildly popular with the public and the recipients of several entertainment industry awards, the California Raisins proved ineffective as advertising because their subject matter was so esoteric that most viewers had no idea what - if anything - they were meant to be selling

  • Skyrocketing costs eventually led not only to the cancellation of the campaign, but ultimately caused the California Raisin Advisory Board to be disbanded

  • It’s estimated that the various television specials and short films collectively cost over twice as much to produce as they ever generated in increased sales for California raisin-growers

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s beautiful.

America needs teachers committed to working with children who have the fewest advantages in life. So for a decade the federal government has offered grants — worth up to $4,000 a year — to standout college students who agree to teach subjects like math or science at lower-income schools.

But a new government study obtained by NPR suggests that thousands of teachers had their grants taken away and converted to loans, sometimes for minor errors in paperwork. That’s despite the fact they were meeting the program’s teaching requirements.

“Without any notice, [my grant] was suddenly a loan, and interest was already accruing on it,” says Maggie Webb, who teaches eighthgrade math in Chelsea, Mass. “So, my $4,000 grant was now costing me $5,000.”

Since 2008, the Education Department has offered these so-called TEACH grants to people studying to get a college or master’s degree. The deal is, they get to keep the grant money if they spend four years teaching a high-need subject like math or science in schools that serve low-income families.

If they don’t keep their end of the bargain, the grants convert to loans that need to be paid back. But, the study finds, many teachers believe they kept their end of the bargain but are now being asked to repay that money anyway.

Dept. Of Education Fail: Teachers Lose Grants, Forced To Repay Thousands In Loans

Photos: Kayana Szymczak and Sean Rayford for NPR
Caption: The TEACH grant helps teachers-to-be pay for college or a master’s. But many teachers, like Maggie Webb (left) and David West, say when they began teaching, they were forced to pay it back.