bushwick salon

Bought bus tickets for me and Jess to go to NYC the week after next. We’re staying for a week to mind my sister’s cats (she just moved there and doesn’t really know anyone and taking Jess with me is more fun). So we’ll be staying for a week in the lower east side 2 crazies in the big city. Already making a list of cool stuff to do. Feel free to offer up any  non-tourist places/activties. I’ve been a bunch before with other people, but this time I get to do what I want to do.

So far:

-I found this vintage style nail salon in Bushwick called Wild Oleander. Check out the site, it looks amazing

-sales racks at Top Shop

-the largest Sephora

-the Strand bookstore

-the Highline

-Obscura antiques and oddities

-Search and Destroy

We’ll see what else. Anyone know of a badass record store??? My favorite one closed