bushwick bill

gregorism  asked:

what do you make of the semi ironic fan love guys like gucci and cam recieve(i think way back their rappers of choice were ODB,bushwick bill). it always comes from the same type of fan,educated,metropolitan and working in or heavy interested in the creative industry. i dont doubt a lot of them really love these artists but it looks a bit iffy from a distance almost like they're laughing at them sometimes.

Here’s the thing: Fuck irony. The ironic consumption of art and entertainment is just a pose adopted by people who take shame in their enjoyment of things that they’ve been taught to not like. It’s a few degrees removed from the ridiculous idea of a “guilty pleasure” (which is insane - there should be no guilt in pleasure as long as it doesn’t bother or hurt anyone else). Insecure jerks construct these distances to subconsciously protect themselves from judgement but in doing so they only reaffirm the cultural divides and rigid identity expectations that have done nothing but made the world worse for as long as the world has existed.

With these particular rappers it’s especially frustrating because they are all reasonably serious artists who are in on the jokes more often than not. The reason they appeal to people in creative industries is because they themselves are creative as fuck! They’re straight up geniuses and irony only robs them of autonomy in their own humor and creativity.

This shit needs to stop. If you are a white person and you want to listen to black music then go for it. If you’re a tall person and music made by midgets is jamming to you then jam it. Rich to poor, educated to “ignorant,” city to country, whatever, whatever. All of this is perfectly fine and healthy. No good or sane people will be bothered by your taste as long as you are able to acknowledge your position of difference and show some basic respect for the art and the artist and the cultures that produce them. Access is awesome when you use it right. But don’t act like someone else’s life or work is a hilarious joke, your hilarious joke, just because they are different.