Hummingbird’s breeze.
I was relaxing on my deck enjoying the view and this calm evening, smiling at how much fun father’s day has been. Breakfast in the love cabin with Noah. Our service at church recognized and honored fathers. Brunch at Jan’s where we got to hear some frank and tumble conversations, and a fab! Roast beef sandwich.

Then Noah and I spent the entire afternoon bushwaking, rough bushwaking up in the mountains above Beulah. No trails, just steep inclines engulfed by glorious tangles of scrub oak, cactus, rocks, bones and underbrush galore. Often it is was like swimming. We stood on ground not before stood on by people, likely. We powered, glided and yoga’d through it. Coming across the Second Mace Trail, the energy of past travelers swirled, whispered and bathed us in our shared humanity right there in the middle of nowhere.
After it, all we found our way home.
We both took quick showers, gussied up and dined in style, Beulah style that is ;) with a fab steak dinner at the Beulah Inn.
Such deep conversations with Noah all day, I am at complete ease that the next generation will do well in and for our world.

I had a real challenge then. Noah went home and I thought how much I’d like to share this all with you. I feel you with me so often during the day, but sometimes I really miss being with you.
I reminded myself that it’s not time to become lonely or give in to missing you, but become aware with spirit. So I started to write my thanks for this day.
And… The most amazing thing happened!

As I’m sitting in my chair on the deck, a hummingbird flew very close to me, hovered all over me very close up. Her (yes it was a female) breeze caressed all up and down my bare legs. Her cool powerful air breezed my chest, my face, and all around my head. It’s a really amazing breeze.

Then, she landed on my phone I held in my hand on my chest that I’ve been composing all this on, and just looked at me for awhile. We shared a moment.

Mmmmm it’s really nice being blessed with such love and beauty in a day.

Life certainly has its struggles, even on this day, but I am choosing the path of appreciation.