Ok but like…My Australian ass has been sitting on this idea for a while now but…

Would any of ya’ll read a superbat fic set in the Asutralian Goldrush?

Bruce is a rich English settler turned bushranger and Clark is an American poet trying to find gold for his family back home. 

They eventually cross paths and shit happens.

But idk if anyone else would be interested in reading it 


"Recording of contact with enemy"
 "Recording of contact with enemy"

“During the Vietnam War wounded were generally speedily evacuated by helicopter. But this recording, made in 1969 during a contact between Australian troops and the enemy, shows how, on occasion, medical evacuation could quite difficult. The tape has been edited to compress time - the whole event takes place over about an hour to an hour and a half.”

Despite being made over thirty years ago, this recording remains a powerful reminder of the dangers faced by Australian soldiers during the Vietnam War.


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Mad Dog Morgans Hideout
John Fuller (aka Daniel Morgan; 1830 – 9 April 1865) was an Australian bushranger. This nightscape was taken from Mad Dog Morgans Lookout near the town of Walla Walla in the Riverina NSW, Australia. It is reported that Morgan used to hide here and use this highpoint to keep a lookout for bounty hunters.


X-jack by Bushranger

If your car ever gets stuck in mud, sand or snow, make sure that you have this handy contraption in the trunk – X-jack by Bushranger. This jack will get you out in no time. The secret of this reinforced air bag lies in a wider footprint to avoid sinking, as well as in specially designed triangular grip feet that keep the jack well grounded. X-jack is an exhaust operated device which has a lifting capacity of incredible 8.800 lb (or 4.000 kg).

Synonymous with Outlaw
Bushranger (Outlaw) AU | Shingeki no Kyojin (SNK) | JeanMarco
By Organization for Transformative Works

A commission for the wonderful @lifeisaponderland, who entrusted me to write a Bushranger AU.

Pairing: JeanMarco [ Jean Kirschtein / Marco Bodt ]

AU: 1860s bushranger / Australian outlaw AU


‘Gentleman Jean’, a kind and rugged bushranger, seeks justice for the actions of the police and finds himself curious of a strange man that stands up to him.

Jean had always found it easier to understand horses than men.


“I am not working with you,” Marco retorts, drawing his eyebrows into a line behind his glasses. He adjusts them and frowns at the honesty he sees on my face. He is not impressed with my answer and I cannot blame him for his misgivings. I am an outlaw, bearded and dirty, dressed like a man about to steal a town’s fortune. He has every reason to distrust me, but yet I find myself wanting him to. He is still here, sitting and waiting for me to speak. I am not deserving of such patience.

Read this chapter on AO3.

If you are interested in a commission, feel free to send me an ask.

"Hearts to hearts and hands to hand, beneath the blue and white we stand..."

“Hearts to hearts and hands to hands, Beneath the blue and white we stand We’ll shout god bless our native land Victoria! Victoria!”

This would’ve been what you’d heard if you were in the MCG change rooms last night when Victoria won the 2010/11 Ryobi One Day title, and their 5th One Day Title.


Tasmania won the toss, and sent in Victoria to bat first - a costly decision. In a rain affected match, Victoria went all out for 194 (from 36.4 overs) with Brad Hodge top scoring with the willow at 61. Brad Drew and Ben Hilfenhaus the pick of the Tasmanian bowlers, Drew with 3-36 (7 overs) and Hilfy with 2-57 (10 overs)

The 194 that Victoria set on the board prooved too much for the Tasmanian’s to overcome, scoring all out for 109 in 31 overs. Ed Cowan top scoring with 32* with Dirky Nannes and Mark Cleary both picking up 3-fa.

Victoria won by 84 runs (Duckworth-Lewis Method)