The signs as stuff people in my creative writing class have said
  • Aries: "God bless A-FUCKING-merica."
  • Taurus: "Turn off the music, Mae, we're trying to pray to Steve Bushemi."
  • Gemini: "Hey, here's a new rule: shut up."
  • Cancer: "I'm gonna go rescue that bird."
  • Leo: "I'm always a slut for being a slut."
  • Virgo: "No swearing in my classroom."
  • Libra: "Marshall is triggered by pasta."
  • Scorpio: "Who else likes to sodomize Jesus?"
  • Sagittarius: "How am I going to get into the NFL now?"
  • Capricorn: "I HATE 13th century France."
  • Aquarius: "Don't kinkshame Emily Dickinson; she's not here to defend herself."
  • Pisces: "We can't scream while Sarah's here."

How’s it going fellow kids?! Sure has been awhile. In this episode we talk about why Planet Jackers are called Planet Jackers, make firm our resolve to devote our next podcast to Steve Bushemi, and then a little bit of banter about writing for movies (like a Zim movie) vs TV like we know anything about that at all, because we’ve written for neither.

Next episode will not take a whole year this time, I promise, I actually already started editing it so next week or so it should be coming at you! Double your pleasure.

anonymous asked:

wtf... you look like Steve Buscemi but not old or ugly?? Really? I always thought you look like a young, cute Alton Yelchin.

Lmao Steve bushemi and Anton Yelchin are the two I consistently get told I look like (and Ben from the secret life of the American teenager before I got to college and filled out) which is funny cuz they look nothing alike