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Riding to the south of France on the bike. I have my trusty rucksack full of everything I need for indefinite wild camping. The side cases have clothes, books and a few pairs of shoes. The top box is empty. I will be documenting the trip for all the wild camping and bushcrafting involved and will soon be doing loads of gear reviews. Specifically looking at all the different approaches one can to take when venturing into the outdoors and what I have found works best. Taking into account the 6 most important criteria when choosing gear… pack size, practicality, weight, comforts, cost and quality. Also a massive thank you to all my followers. This summer I hope to increase my content in both quality and quantity 🖒

This leather sheath/sleeve keeps your classic Opinel no. 6 knife safe and protected. Whether you keep your knife in your pocket or your bag, this sleeve makes sure your knife doesn’t accidentally open (if you forget to lock it closed) and protects the rest of the contents of your pocket from scratches. The sleeve also prevents the wooden handle from getting mashed up from keys and stuff.



Desert fox kydex mask with shock cord and cord -lock retention for a Gransfor’s Bruks Wildlife hatchet .

if you require a kydex mask for a GB sfa , wildlife or belt hatchet please email me at the address below .

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from rtknives@hotmail.com


Check out this badass hunting backpack with seat! I am honestly thinking of getting one for myself. If you happen to own one let me know what you think!

Get Your Tenzing TZ TP14 Turkey Hunting Pack with Seat Today!



Bushcraft Survival Black With Integrated Fire Starter

You never know if and when you may find yourself in a survival situation. If that happens, you simply need to have proper equipment with you. Bushcraft Survival Black is a sturdy and strong knife with a 1/8-inch  (3.2 mm) thick blade.