Conclusion 2x04

Spoilers ahead

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  • How did Andi solve that cube so fast?
  • I have a problem Jonah and Cyrus could be in the same room together and I’m screaming JYRUS!
  • Buffy basically finding a her twin and realizing that she doesn’t need to be that competitive
  • Warning #Jyrus overload up ahead
  • Jonah legit asked Cyrus how to say Doshious Magosious in Hebrew he’s such a dork and I love it
  • Jonah teaching Cyrus how to skateboard
  • Jonah telling Cyrus he’s “one of a kind”
  • Jonah getting all worried when Cyrus goes flying like superman over the bush
  • Cyrus getting all excited when he breaks his thumb and calls it his “milestone”
  • Anyone else notice how Cyrus rolled his eyes at Buffy when he told her not to sign to big
  • I’m not okay with that, like Andi Shack is there you can’t just take The Shack
  • We now know the reason why Bex left
  • Cece actually said something nice to Bex
  • All the Mack Chat kids dressed in all black 😂
  • Next episode based on preview…
  • Andi and Amber have a sleepover
  • They sneak into the carnival
  • Andi goes on the ferris wheel
  • Andi’s phone rings
  • It’s Jonah calling
  • Amber sees this and she obviously gets jealous and it looks like she leaves Andi at the top of ferris wheel
  • The cops show up
  • I really want to see next episode now
  • By the way Tj stealing that ball away from Buffy during the basketball game is just messed up and I really hope Marty shows up next episode
  • BOWIE!
  • Bowie comes back
  • Which mean Bex and Bowie time, or maybe not I just really ship them and I’d wish they’d date but I’ll wait
Rant #20328 'The Meow'

I’m not afraid of calling myself a feminist.

Feminism is about equality. I find more and more people are quick to distance themselves from the term, which often comes with the 21st stigma of being a manhater who refuses to shave. This is complete bullshit which sets back the fight for equality.

Senator Bushby ‘meowing’ at Penny Wong is a disgusting reflection of the ongoing misogonistic attitude that is prevalent within many male politicians. The fact that he tried to justify himself as not being sexist being:

“Her reaction to the issue of the secretary’s appearance was like that of an angry cat. It could have been a male or female cat,” is an insulting attempt to dismiss any claims of sexism, to allow him this leniency would be ridiculous and appalling. Adrogenous cats! At it again! Doe’s he take us all for idiots?!


  • If she had NOT reacted it might not even have been reported. Far too many cases of sexism in politics are dismissed and ignored. She did nothing wrong in standing up for herself. I applaud her.

“ All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

  • MEOWING at another politician who is trying to speak, whether in defense of their party or not, simply highlights how low politics has gotten over the past decade. It really is just schoolyard tactics. How. Immature. Who voted for this guy? How can ANY self respecting woman join or support the Liberal party. (I’m going to avoid getting into an Abbott rant… but there is much to be said about his views on women.)
  • Penny Wong is not making an issue of her sex, nor has she made an issue of her sexual orientation. She’s someone who deserves utter respect. Bushby made an issue of her gender and she responded in kind. How DARE anyone use this to degrade the character of Penny Wong. This is not a one-off issue.
  • Wyatt Roy pointed out in defense of Bushby, that there’s no sexism in politics, the PM Julia Gillard hasn’t been made an issue of in regards her gender. Not entirely true. It’s often been made a point of that she’s a woman who has chosen NOT TO HAVE CHILDREN. OR GET MARRIED. Shock! Horror! A few years ago, this was a huge drama. If she had been a man would it have become an issue? FUCK NO. When Julia Gillard was brought onto Sunrise as Vice PM they asked her to put groceries in order of price, descending order. WHAT.

How can anyone try to suggest sexism isn’t rampant in politics? It’s simply being swept under the rug. If a woman cries out in protest she is dismissed as a moody, oversensitive, bitch. We need strong women like Penny Wong to take a stand. We need misogynistic bastards like Bushby to be chastised. We need this to be stamped out.

It is unacceptable.

Feminism is as relevant now as it ever was.

Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels.  ~Faith Whittlesey


I desperately want to get back to playing/posting regularly, but I haven’t played this household since March (that’s right, March), and have literally NO IDEA what was going on based on the screenshots I took. So here they are, presented without comment.

As long as humanity kept records of its existence, serpents were used as emblems of the intelligence of God. In ancient times and as widespread and diverse as Australia, China, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Babylonia, Sumeria, Egypt, India, and Central America, serpents were feared and worshipped as gods for thousands of years. If there is a common origin to the mythology of the serpent, it may have developed at the Great Pyramid of Giza. To this day, serpents or dragons signify divine heritage and royalty in many Asian countries, while in the West the serpent represents wisdom and knowledge…Among nearly all ancient peoples the serpent was accepted as the ultimate symbol of wisdom or salvation.

- Tony Bushby; The Secret in the Bible

A Change Is Gonna Come launch night photos

[Credit for photos to Beth Ferguson, Charlie Morris and Aimee Felone.]

Last night BAME In Publishing co-founder Sarah Shaffi chaired the Q & A with Tanya Byrne, Patrice Lawrence and Catherine Johnson at the launch of the wonderful BAME YA short story anthology A Change Is Gonna Come. 

It was a brilliant panel with a packed audience, and we hope to read more from the debut authors - congratulations to Mary Bello, Phoebe Roy, Aisha Bushby and Yasmin Rahman!

A Change Is Gonna Come is out now in all good bookshops.


Whenever I hear Johnny Cash on the radio,

I think of a girl I once knew with a scar

on her right cheek, and sleepy eyes

the color of emeralds; 

We worked together at the same cafe

where I fell in love with

her thick honey lips and hick accent,

making sexual innuendo at me

whenever she got, “an order up for a weenie,”

and so what if she was a year younger

and still in high school, I was in my first year

of college with acne so bad nobody

would give me a second look,

but this girl was like a burning bush

by the side of the road, a box you are told

never to open, a long trail of gunpowder

leading to the tip of a match,

and pretty soon we were screwing

 in the backseat of my car after work, 

tipping back beers, and making small talk

about the rain;

and though she was not my first, 

she was the first girl

to ever rub me rough, and grab me so tightly

it hurt; the first girl to ask me to slap her

as she bit my lower lip, and smiled.

And though I acted tough,

and pretended it didn’t bother me,

another part of me began to wonder

where a girl so young,

learns to be so tough.

Then, one night she invites me out to her place,

to see her horse, and though

I cared nothing for horses, I hoped

we could find some place for ourselves.

I had to drive ten miles out of town

just to get there, and a cool mist laced

the trees as the gray skies that followed me,

turned dark.

She lived in a small trailer, with some land

and a few horses, and when I walked inside

her mother and father sat across

from each other in silence,

smoking and drinking whiskey.

And it was like they were frozen,

staring off into nothing and she said,

“Daddy” three times before he even

noticed we were there. “This is my boyfriend,”

she said,  and I saw a cold look cross his face 

as he took a drink of whisky and sized me up

like a boxer; “Well, girl you best tell him 

to get on home or your gonna get the belt.”

“Whatever Daddy,” she said, shuffling me

out the door to see her horses.

And still her mother didn’t move

or look, even when she said,

“I’m not a little girl anymore.”

She tried to show me her horses,

but there was a dark and lonely feeling

creeping up inside me, a cold

I couldn’t name or save her from.

A darkness I was afraid to touch,

like the horse that whinney

in its stable, trapped and desperate.


I told her I was sorry, as I left,

and I made myself put my hand 

to her cheek, one last time

because I wanted her to know 

I meant for everything, 

her drunker father, the belt, 

the scar on her right cheek,

and all the scars that were still hidden,

I was too young and afraid to see.


The Darkness - Solid Gold

Engineered by George Perks. Produced and mixed by Adrian Bushby.


The Darkness - All The Pretty Girls

Engineered by George Perks. Produced and mixed by Adrian Bushby.