US Presidential Elections that took place in Godzilla movie years

1956 - King of the Monsters / Eisenhower

1964 - Mothra vs. Godzilla and Ghidorah / Lyndon Johnson

1968 - Destroy All Monsters / Nixon

1972 - vs. Gigan / Nixon

1984 - The Return of Godzilla / Reagan

1992 - Godzilla and Mothra / Bill Clinton

2000 - vs. Megaguirus / George W. Bush

2004 - Final Wars / George W. Bush

2016 - Shin Godzilla / ????

2020 - vs. Kong / ????


The presidents with the most Godzillas are Johnson, Nixon, and Bush, each with two.

Johnson is the only president to have two Godzillas in one election. (Incidentally, Johnson has been played on stage by Bryan Cranston.)

Johnson and Clinton are the only Democratic presidents to have won Godzilla year elections so far. The other four were Republican.

WWII (European theater) general Eisenhower was reelected the year Raymond Burr was inserted into the 1954 Godzilla, originally a parable for Japan’s experiences in the war.

Nixon’s Watergate incident involving illegal wiretapping and tape recording took place in 1972. Godzilla vs. Gigan’s plot involves a tape recording being used to control monsters.

If Hilary Clinton wins the 2016 election, both she and her husband will have been first elected in Godzilla years. If Donald Trump wins the election, it is entirely possible that Godzilla vs. Kong will never be made due to the demise of human civilization.

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