Choíche Is go deo. (Chapter 3)

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“How t’ hell do I get dragged int’ t’ese situations?” Niamh mused as she pinched the bridge of her nose and squeezed her eyes shut. She was currently crouched behind a bush with two giggling twins. You wouldn’t have thought they were now 16 years old, apart from the fact they no longer looked like young boys, now a bit mature looking. Manboys . Niamh snorted inwardly at the thought. As a now 15 year old girl she couldn’t help but be even more attracted to them, but unfortunately all the other girls noticed them too. Murphy with his brooding looks, a small smatter of facial hair that he let grow making him look older, and Connor with his chiseled facial features and hair that was always somehow perfectly mussed. They both had a gaze that could pierce your soul and seem to see right through you. They had only just turned 16 a few days ago but age is nought but a number and they hadn’t changed a bit, they were still the same little shits she had always known.

“It’s easy Ni, all ye gotta do is knock on and distract her so she don’t look out t’ window.” Murphy grinned as he waved his arms around for emphasis, always the animated talker he was.

“And t’en me and Murph can rearrange t’ garden gnomes, ye get outta t’ere. Job done.” Connor smirked and clapped her shoulder in reassurance, proud of his grand plan.

“She’s gonna know it’s me t’ough.” Niamh protested with a frown, she really didn’t understand how she always got roped into their stupid fucking plans.

“Nah she won’t, she t’inks yer a good little catholic girl so-” Connor started but was soon interrupted.

“I am a good catholic girl.” Niamh growled with narrowed eyes making the twins look to each other and giggle again. Little shits.

“Aye when ye ain’t wit’ us.” Murphy laughed and nudged her playfully.

“C’mon Niamh, t’ree muskateers aye?” Connor said trying to flash her his dazzling smile to win her over, little fucker knew that always worked. Three muskateers indeed. She heaved a sigh and stood up, smoothing out her shirt and trying to gather some courage.

Connor and Murphy’s ‘grand’ plan was for Niamh to knock on Mrs Byrne’s door, the old lady hated near enough everyone and she had a weird and large array of garden gnomes in her large front garden. The old lady was known for constantly watching out her window spying on all those ‘damned kids’, worried about them ruining her garden. So naturally, Connor and Murphy wanted to rearrange the gnomes, in some compromising positions. Niamh knew damn well if they got caught there would be hell to pay but she could never say no to those two sets of blue eyes. They both grinned at her and Murphy pushed her forward a little to help her no doubt. She slowly made her way to the front door knowing the old woman would be watching her from the window, she swallowed hard as the front door swung open and the woman glared at her, making her insides feel like they were flopping about.

“Little Niamh Flannagan, what are ye doin’ here?” She asked confused, the lady didn’t mind Niamh, as far as she knew the young girl was as good as gold and she would never be up to no good. Oh just how wrong she was.

“I’m sorry Mrs Byrne, I didn’t mean t’ disturb ye. It’s just I was on me way home and I started feelin’ sick. Could I please have a glass o’ water?” She asked politely, thankful that her nerves had actually made her look even paler and sweaty. The old woman’s stare softened as she looked her over.

“Ye don’t look well dear, come inside.” She smiled warmly at her as ushered her inside. Keep her away from the window. She remembered and she followed the woman to the kitchen, making sure she was facing away from the window so she couldn’t see. She sipped the water but nearly choked when she saw Murphy and Connor get to work in the garden, she needed to make sure Mrs Byrne didn’t look out the window or they’d all get caught, but before she could say anything the old woman spoke up.

“So are ye still hangin’ around wit’ t’ose MacManus boys?” She asked disapprovingly, causing Niamh’s eyes to snap to hers.

“Yes Ma’am, t’ey’re me best friends.” She explained with a smile, but the smile soon faded once she saw the look the woman was giving her.

“Ye shouldn’t hang around wit’ t’em Niamh, t’ey’re not’in’ but trouble. Yer better t’an t’at.” She clucked at her. Niamh couldn’t help but feel anger at the woman and she was relieved when she saw the twins give her two thumbs up signalling they were done and she could get the hell out of there.

“Wit’ all due respect Mrs Byrne, Connor and Murphy are t’ best people I know. T’ey’re kind, t’oughtful, generous and very protective o’ me. I feel safe wit’ t’em and not’in’ ye or anyone else can say can change me mind. I feel better now, t’anks for t’ water but I best be goin’ now.” She said defiantly as she placed the glass on the counter and walked out before anything more was said.

She stalked down the path still feeling annoyed that someone had insulted her boys and they frowned at her face when she rounded the corner to the bush they were hiding behind once more.

“Ye alright?” Murphy asked concerned, only to get a nod for an answer as she carried on walking, the boys falling in step either side of her.

“Just wanna go home.” She sighed. The twins exchanged glances wondering what on earth had happened whilst she was in there but knew to leave it be for now. As they reached her house they were startled to find both their Ma’s waiting on the front porch for them.

“Oh fuck.” Murphy mumbled under his breath, they all knew with just the looks they were getting that Mrs Byrne had indeed put two and two together once she saw her gnomes in homoerotic poses. When the boys Ma stalked down the steps there was a loud thwack as she smacked both boys around the heads, making Niamh wince at the boys’ ashamed faces.

“Get inside, all o’ ye.” She fumed, glaring at the three of them.

They all sat at the kitchen table, both the Ma’s sat at the head of the table scrutinising them all.

“So we’ve already discussed yer punishments, ye know what ye did was wrong, we certainly don’t have t’ explain it t’ ye.” Niamh’s Ma started.

“Boys, ye’ll be doin’ Mrs Byrnes garden for a month, and her shoppin’ and anyt’in’ else she might need.” Their Ma stated with a grin, the boys groaning a little and sinking further into their seats.

“And Niamh, yer not allowed to go t’ yer school dance.” Her Ma said, making her heart sink as her head snapped up, tears threatening to fall instantly. The school dance was coming up in just less than a week and Niamh was so excited to go as it was her first dance. She had already got her dress which she had worked hard for, doing chores for the money and her and the boys had all agreed to go together as friends. The boys looked at her, pained looks on their faces as they knew just how much she wanted to go, and they knew this was all their fault.

“But Ma-” Murphy started but his Ma cut him off before he had a chance to plead his case to her.

“No buts, yer all in serious trouble. I don’t want to hear it. Now let’s go.” She said sternly as she stood up, giving Niamh’s Ma a goodbye as she dragged the boys out by the scruffs of their shirts, not giving them time to even look at Niamh.

Niamh’s Ma felt bad, she knew how much her daughter wanted to go to the dance, but she needed to learn a harsh lesson. She loved the MacManus boys as if they were her own but her daughter was always going along with their plans without thinking of the consequences. She would never stop her seeing the boys as they were best friends and even though they were always getting into trouble, it was never anything serious, they were just being young and mischevious. But she needed Niamh to see that sometimes she really needed to think about things and say no when she knew it was something she shouldn’t do. This was the only way she really knew how to get through to her. Niamh stood slowly from her chair, the lump in her throat getting bigger, she didn’t want to sit with her Ma any longer and she slowly walked upstairs. She sat on her bed and saw the dress she had ready, hung on the hanger on the front of her wardrobe. It was such a beautiful dress and she actually felt pretty in it. The boys hadn’t seen her in it and she was excited to show them, maybe they’d actually think she was pretty. But now she wouldn’t get the chance. She lay down not even bothering to get undressed and sobbed, she knew why her Ma had done this, she wasn’t stupid, but she couldn’t ever imagine not going along with whatever the boys wanted her to do. She couldn’t help but be mad at them for this though, she hadn’t wanted any part in this and they begged her to help them so of course, she did. Now she’d miss out and they’d get to go to the dance and have all the girls fawn all over them whilst she was stuck at home alone and miserable. Despite being mad at them though she knew, she’d still do anything for those two idiots.


September 11th 2001: 9/11 Terror Attacks

On this day in 2001, thirteen years ago today, two hijacked planes were crashed into the World Trade Center towers in New York City and another into the Pentagon building in Virginia. The Twin Towers collapsed and part of the Pentagon was badly damaged. A fourth plane was intended to strike the US Capitol Building in Washington DC but its passengers seized control from the hijackers and crashed the plane into a field in Pennsylvania. Nearly 3,000 people died on this terrible day and thousands more injured in the attacks which sent shockwaves around the world. The attacks were planned and carried out by members of the terrorist group al-Qaeda, and masterminded by Osama bin Laden, who was since been found and killed by US forces. The aftermath of the tragedy prompted greater focus on national security both in the US and abroad and contributed to the invasions of, and subsequent wars in, Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, thirteen years on, we remember the thousands of people who lost their lives on 9/11.

“America is under attack”
- White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card telling President Bush about the attacks

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Barron is just a kid. He looks so out of his element and I just feel for him. I hope people leave him alone. I cannot imagine what I'd feel if I had to take his place. He looks like he's not dealing well at all. I remember when people picked on Chelsea Clinton, because of her teeth and hair. It's just so cruel. And the horrible things they've said about Malia & Sasha. Even the Bush twins were picked on non-stop. The kids should be off limits.

I can see that too. i’m pretty sure barron dealing with having a father such as Trump is enough, he doesn’t need to also get bullied by the world. Now i dont know how he’s coping and how he’s being treated in his school, but i hope no one’s giving him shit in there either for being DT’s descendant. i mean can u imagine. poor kid


In vino veritas – and, for Sagittarius, in booze blurtiness: When buttered, they’ll spill all your secrets and many of their own. Tactlessness aside, Sagittarius is just plain fun to drink with. This is a sign of serious partying (what else would you expect from the sign of Sinatra, Keith Richards, the Bush twins and Anna Nicole Smith?). They’re the people who chat up everyone in the room, then persuade the entire crowd to travel somewhere else – like a nightclub, or a playground, or Cancun. Good-natured hi-jinks are sure to ensue (including a high possibility of loopy groping; spontaneous Sag is a brilliant booty call).


A Twin Otter lands on skis in Norman Wells, Northwest Territories, Canada. Twin Otters are commonly used in the north as bush planes because they have high maneuverability, can be adapted to use skis (for winter) and floats (for water landings), and have short take-off and landing requirements. They are manufactured in Canada.


Not so much picking on these children, but if Sasha or Malia Obama got a DUI, killed a dog, got pregnant out of wedlock, or got busted for underage drinking at bars like the Bush twins, the double standard Right Wing attack on President Obama would be unending.

It says a lot that conservatives were madder about Malia Obama getting a summer job and Sasha Obama going to Harvard than they were about the Bush twins multiple arrests for underage drinking