Barbara Bush may be known as the quieter of the Bush twins, but when it comes to global health, she’s anything but. At 32, the Yale graduate is co-founder and CEO of Global Health Corps, a nonprofit organization that pairs young volunteers with health and development organizations.

We caught up with Bush earlier this summer at the U.N., where she spoke about the role of entrepreneurs at this year's Global Accelerator conference, which discussed innovations needed to tackle issues like reproductive health, job creation and water and sanitation.

She hadn’t set out to work in this field, she told us.

Read our interview here: A Trip With Her Folks Turned Barbara Bush Into A Global Activist


Some vintage, hilarious Amy Poehler and Tina Fey playing the ba-Bush ba-Twins on Saturday Night Live


Third photo set of our Two Days of Twin Love spam in honor of our fourteen-year-old identical twin characters, Harper Leigh and Leigh Harper, from The Enchanted Cottage of Oceania: An American Fairytale 

……Jenna and Barbara!

They may be the daughters of a former president AND the granddaughters of a former president, but they seem to be carving their own unique paths. They’re not on the list for powerful affiliations or current careers however… they’ve been added to our favorite twins list for one very simple, kind gesture….

I personally found it very admirable that they took the time to write a truly loving letter to Malia and Sasha Obama when they first moved into the White House. It must be a bit scary to be incredibly young and then realize that your mom and dad are now world leaders and subject to praise– and criticism– from around the world. I think it showed great character on the part of the Bush twins, as no one other than another First Daughter would ever really know what it feels like to be in that position. And for that reason they absolutely had to be included in this spam! :-)

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SophiaBush: because you asked. and because it’s tradition!! here’s your first #linstead #twinstead pic of the season #squad. #findfavoritemural #takeidenticalphoto #threeyearsandcounting #boarderingonsuperstition https://instagram.com/p/5YBTh0DiMD/


As if it isn’t out there enough that Amalia is my younger sister. And we go to each other for everything because family is everything. From fashion to music and food we share everything. we also have our differences yet lots of similarities. We look up to any sisters, siblings out there in support of each other. We have been obsessed with twin sisters, rapper and songwriter Tk Quann & one of Urban Bush Babe founder Ciprianna Quann. The beautiful sisters are so close and support one another and thats what we believe in. Not only do they are rock our fashion faves and what we wear but definitely also has reassured us of who, what and why we need to stick together as sisters both in a fashion and family sense.

{Tk Quann}
Stage name Tk Wonder is a stunning fashion icon, singer and song writer. Tk’s style is insanely so awesome and cool. Her image is bold, confident and definitely jumps out at you with a cool factor.

Check out her music: http://youtu.be/V5E25N316V8

{Cipriana Quann}
Co founder & Editor in Chief of online publication known as Urban Bush Babes. Cipriana and her good friend Nikisha create a definitive source for natural hair, fashion, health, music and arts and culture. They have stated that Urban Bush Babes is created for “anyone who goes beyond the labels and steps outside of the box, they are comfortable in their own skin and embrace others”, we started Urban Bush Babes for people to connect, inspire, and share with those who are in a similar journey.
That is definitely what I am all for and Cipriana is killin it with cool.

Check out their blog:

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If you’re wondering if your outfit is on point… Ask yourself… Does the purse match the socks?👌 Special thanks to this lovely gentleman for being willing to pose with his mom’s new flap purse! (The fact that they match was a total coincidence…) #art #handmade #plastic #collage #repurpose #reuse #recycle #reclaimed #upcycle #ecofriendly #earth #supportlocal #makersdistrict #inbend #oregon #pnw #summer #design #color #salem #artfair #artshow #travel #twinning (at Bush’s Pasture Park)

How Twins Struggle for Individual Identities

TODAY’s “Secret Lives of Twins” series concludes with a look at the challenge that many twins face: to find their own identity, independent of their siblings. TODAY correspondent Jenna Bush Hager, a fraternal twin herself, reports.