Why are people mad that Trump stopped funding abortion in other countries? Why should we be paying for people in another countries abortions? Let their government handle that, it's not our responsibility. Bush senior threw it out, clinton brought it back, bush Jr. threw it out, obama brought it back, now trump got rid of it again. Where were you all the other times this was thrown out, I didn't hear from you then. Can someone explain to me, with a legitimate argument why we should be funding other countries abortions?

I think the casino bankrupter’s immense cognitive dissonance comes in part from his plan to financially benefit from running for president. Like his opponents did. He sat in the shadows for years planning his idiotic campaign. He knew he would never compete with Ronald Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, W, or Obama.

He clearly did not plan on beating Hillary Clinton. He started the birther movement just in case he wanted to run against obama. I’m sure his cohorts said don’t worry we’ll ruin him and do everything we can to dismantle his plans so you’ll look like more of a savior.

We’ve all been set up to just make a selfish dying old man richer. I’m ashamed to be American.

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Serious topic: I read Bush sr.'s experience in WWII, and that made me felt thankful of his services like how I feel with most veterans. To protect your country as young men must be a huge responsibility! (I feel the same way when hearing the story of my grandpa, who was a youth soldier during a revolution in my country) What I do not like is when people accusing me of liking him politically, too. (1/2)

Sure I may disagree with some of the things he believed in politically, but that does not stop me from honouring his bravery and courageous deeds. Because he said that he lost a dear friend on that war, and that really made him feel shitty. I am glad that everyone, even most blogs here on tumblr, honouring his contributions during the WWII regardless of his political views. I wish more people can do that. (2/2)


Absolutely agree anon; Although I will admit don’t know much about him (I lose interest in American history after the FDR era, so as a result I’m really ignorant about a majority of presidents after FDR). From what I have read about Bush Sr. though, I can’t say I agree with him on a lot of things nor can I say he was a good president really.

But his WWII story is very impressive indeed and I can and will respect him for what he did. I can also say I like the fact that a lot of blogs on here give him respect/credit for what he did during that time despite his political views; That’s a maturity you almost never see on this website.

The government’s response to the AIDS crisis was infamously terrible. Former President Bush, Sr. once “responded to a reporter’s question on HIV research with the insipid comment that most people don’t approve of ‘that lifestyle,’ implying that funding HIV research wasn’t a priority,” recalls Peter. It could be worse: Reagan’s White House press secretary Larry Speakes once mockingly implied that another reporter who pressed the issue must be gay himself, to even care.

That kind of allergy to action is despicable, but at least they weren’t campaigning for concentration camps, like California’s Proposition 64, sponsored by the Prevent AIDS Now Initiative Committee. Yes, they actually called themselves “PANIC,” presumably because “Early Virus Identification and Liquidation” was taken. PANIC insisted that all they wanted to do was add AIDS to the CDC’s list of communicable diseases, but public health authorities warned that PANIC was downplaying the consequences of this, including mandatory testing and mass quarantine.

5 Dark Realities Of Living Through The 1980s AIDS Crisis

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Not sure which I find most hilarious; the dialogue, the Reagan voice, the party favor sound or the drawings themselves.

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The truth behind the signs
  • Aries: is an oldest child who has a nerd bf probably
  • Taurus: sometimes smells pretty nice
  • Gemini: was once in love with Mickey Mouse
  • Cancer: the best one
  • Leo: usually eats the last piece of pizza
  • Virgo: hork
  • Libra: pretentious but mostly about items you order from mcdonalds
  • Scorpio: yodels alot
  • Sagittarius: unclean UNCLEAN UNCLEAN U N C L E A N
  • Capricorn: allergic to all food but not tatertots
  • Aquarius: once had a naughty dream about George W Bush Sr
  • Pisces: hork
The Time the United States Blew Up a Passenger Plane—and Tried to Cover It Up

Fury and frustration still mount over the downing of Malaysia Air Flight 17, and justly so. But before accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of war crimes or dismissing the entire episode as a tragic fluke, it’s worth looking back at another doomed passenger plane—Iran Air Flight 655—shot down on July…

Interesting read and not surprised that most major media outlets are not bringing it up…

Such a shame (breaks my heart, but then bscly all of history = oppression and white supremacy)  that so many innocent people have died now and then due to conflict. 

*On a side note, why the hell did G. Bush Sr. think this was an ok thing to say during a time when the US screwed the hell up?? “I’ll never apologize for the United States. Ever. I don’t care what the facts are”

Reagan (11 mass shootings)
Bush Sr (12 mass shootings)
Clinton (23 mass shootings)
Bush Jr (16 mass shootings)
Obama (162 mass shootings)

That is all I have to say about that!!!!!