In April of 1990, Michael Jackson was in Washington D.C. to receive an award, the Artist of the Decade, from President George Bush Sr. One of the many related events was a visit to the National Children’s Museum. Jackson was with a large entourage. His bodyguards, managers and publicists were milling with museum officials and selected guests. Photographer Scott Christopher was there to document the occasion. The group was halted as scores of school kids were assembling in the next room. Michael Jackson found a moment and he slipped away.

Jackson dodged into a small exhibit room and Scott Christopher followed. The photographer had developed a rapport with the pop star. They were comfortable with each other. Christopher and his camera had become invisible. Jackson sat down, next to a kid-sized table that held three toy xylophones. Above it on the wall was a photograph of jazz great Louis Armstrong. The trumpeter was rehearsing in a bathroom before a concert. A photographer had caught him in an unguarded moment.

Jackson took the xylophone mallet and began to play. There was a shift in the energy and Christopher sensed it. Michael Jackson was getting lost in his own little world. The photographer recalls, “Michael was within his heart of hearts.” His face began to relax and his eyes lost focus. The man was having fun. He was playing music.

A photographer looks at elements. Jackson was playing with one hand, the other was relaxed beside him. Louis Armstrong held his trumpet at an angle. The contemporary pop star was lost to himself and so was Armstrong. Scott Christopher wanted a shot where Jackson’s arm would parallel the trumpet. He could hope. He also could have popped off a few safe shots. He could possibly ruin the moment. He waited. Jackson continued to play, for himself.

After twenty to thirty seconds, the pressure of the photographer’s finger opened the shutter of the camera for a fraction of a second. Light hit celluloid. An image was captured. Immediately, an official popped into the room and announced the start of the event. Reality beckoned. The moment was broken.

Greenwich Halloween Murder

Greenich, Connecticut, is one of the wealthiest suburbs in North America. One of it’s most famous faces include George Bush Sr., who grew up there. However, on the night before Halloween 1975, something sinister happened in the peaceful town of Greenich; 15-year-old Martha Moxley was murdered in cold blood.

When Martha’s parents woke up on Halloween morning, they expected her to still be in bed after attending a big party the night before. Instead, they saw the unimaginable– Their daughter was lying on their front lawn dead. Her bloodied body was barely recognisable. She had been beaten with a golf club so severely that it had shattered into dozens of tiny, sharp pieces. Her killer then used one of these jagged fragments to stab her in the neck 40 times. It was determined that Martha had been killed in a different location, then dragged into her own backyard. Who could have committed such a bizarre, senseless crime?

Initially, all eyes turned to the host of the party, Tommy Skakel. Tommy is the nephew of Senator Robert F. Kennedy and (coincidentally to some) got off with the crime free of charge despite him being the one to walk Martha home. Although the police were pretty convinced that Tommy was their suspect, they never made any conviction, and the gruesome Greenwich Halloween murder remained a cold case for over 16 years. it wasn’t until 1998, 23 years after the young girl’s murder, that a killer was named: Michael Skakel, Tommy’s brother. According to novelist Dominick Dunne, Michael had once climbed a tree outside Martha’s window and masturbated. He was infatuated with the girl. And in 2002, Michael Skakel was finally convicted of the murder by a grand jury.

The truth behind the signs
  • Aries:is an oldest child who has a nerd bf probably
  • Taurus:sometimes smells pretty nice
  • Gemini:was once in love with Mickey Mouse
  • Cancer:the best one
  • Leo:usually eats the last piece of pizza
  • Virgo:hork
  • Libra:pretentious but mostly about items you order from mcdonalds
  • Scorpio:yodels alot
  • Sagittarius:unclean UNCLEAN UNCLEAN U N C L E A N
  • Capricorn:allergic to all food but not tatertots
  • Aquarius:once had a naughty dream about George W Bush Sr
  • Pisces:hork

Rick Perry isn’t alone when it comes to corruption, violation of ethics, and, abuse of power, all in keeping with the traditions of presidents Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr. and GW. 

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Reagan (11 mass shootings)
Bush Sr (12 mass shootings)
Clinton (23 mass shootings)
Bush Jr (16 mass shootings)
Obama (162 mass shootings)

That is all I have to say about that!!!!!

The Time the United States Blew Up a Passenger Plane—and Tried to Cover It Up

Fury and frustration still mount over the downing of Malaysia Air Flight 17, and justly so. But before accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of war crimes or dismissing the entire episode as a tragic fluke, it’s worth looking back at another doomed passenger plane—Iran Air Flight 655—shot down on July…

Interesting read and not surprised that most major media outlets are not bringing it up…

Such a shame (breaks my heart, but then bscly all of history = oppression and white supremacy)  that so many innocent people have died now and then due to conflict. 

*On a side note, why the hell did G. Bush Sr. think this was an ok thing to say during a time when the US screwed the hell up?? “I’ll never apologize for the United States. Ever. I don’t care what the facts are”


Michael Jackson “Artist Of The Decade”

April 5, 1990, six years after Ronald Reagan honored him for allowing “Beat It” to be used as part of an anti-drink-driving campaign.  On this occasion President George Bush Sr. bestowed upon Michael the title: “Artist Of The Decade”, referring to his good works as well as his enormous contribution to popular music. There would be yet another presidential award in 1992, with Michael given the honorary title “point of Light Ambassador” for his efforts in helping disadvantaged children.


To drive home my frequently-discussed argument about how far right the Republican Party has drifted over the last 40 years or so, here’s a clip that’s recently resurfaced of Bush Sr. and Reagan in 1980 responding to the question: “do you think that children of illegal aliens should be allowed to attend Texas public schools free, or do you think that their parents should pay for their education?” 

Their responses weren’t totally based in humanitarianism- there was certainly some self-interested economics and geopolitics- but still, Bush “reluctantly” says yes and comments that:

…we are creating a whole society of really honorable, decent family-loving people that are in violation of the law… I don’t want to see a whole—if they are living here, I don’t want to see a whole—think of six and eight years old kids, being made, you know, one, totally uneducated and made to feel that they are living with outside the law. Let’s address ourselves to the fundamentals. These are good people, strong people. Part of my family is a Mexican.

Reagan says that:

Rather than making them—or talking about putting up a fence, why don’t we work out some recognition of our mutual problems, make it possible for them to come here legally with a work permit, and then, while they’re working and earning here, they pay taxes here. And when they wanna go back they can go back, and they can cross—and open the border both ways by understanding their problems.

Remember, Reagan was on the far-right wing of the Republican Party at this time. In an interview on March 2nd (the month before this debate took place, on April 23rd,) Gerald Ford said that “every place I go and everything I hear, there is the growing, growing sentiment that Governor Reagan cannot win the election.” Ford compared him to Barry Goldwater, the 1964 Republican nominee who was about equally conservative that lost in a landslide in the general election because he was seen as too conservative. Reagan wouldn’t become the ideological standard-bearer of the Republican Party until the middle of his presidency. Now, he’d be too liberal for it.