bush tail

A cat trots up to you with a note in their mouth. It reads:

The ask box is going to practice cat naps starting now and lasting throughout 12/16, this Friday!
I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but napping practice is very important to do!
It will open again on 12/17, this Saturday!”

[image of a smudged paw print in black ink is in the lower right hand corner of the paper]

When you look up the cat has slipped away between the bushes, wiggly tail knocking snow off the leaves.



I groaned softly and stretched, tail bushing out a vulpine yellow eyes flicking open and i stared at the ceiling, this was /not/ my house… I started to get up and saw a man in the bed “WHO THE BLOODY HELL AR-oh… Oh no…” I whined and held my head, definitely no yelling