bush sisters

nialauryn: When I saw this photo today it made me think of that cab driver in Jaffa, who was insistently trying to communicate to us that we were sisters. He said, “one black, one white, but you were sisters!” We just laughed knowingly at his realization and said, “yes.”
As we welcome your 35th rotation, we’ll be on different sides of the world, but sharing the same sun. And in the warmth of its rays I will feel gratitude for us having found each other once again. .
Let this next year be one for building. Homes, companies, families, and all the dreams we haven’t yet dared to dream. .
@sophiabush Happy happy birthday, boo boo! Thank you for all of your love and support over the years (especially that fateful summer I made the very poor decision to copy your bangs). #sistersister📷: @danielnjohnson

Notable moments from my time on Overwatch this evening:

“I swear to god, McCree, if you steal that health pack from me, so help me, I will punch you in the dick.”


My friend: I think the story goes that you killed your brother.


Orisa: We need a Healer.

Orisa: We need a Healer.

Orisa: We need a Healer.

Orisa: We need a Healer.

Orisa: Switches to Widowmaker.”


My sister: When you play Orisa, “Lovely horse goddess.” When you play against Orisa, “Stupid mechanical horse.” “

And last but not least, the enemy Reaper’s play of the game, which features Reaper turning the corner to find my sister as Junkrat, throwing a trap down on a health pack, fighting over it with our team’s McCree, and Reaper killing them both.

ruthielindsey: Happy birthday to my beautiful sister, @sophiabush. What a privilege it feels to get to call you one of my dearest friends. You are your friends greatest cheerleader, you are our advocate. The amount of times you have reached out to dr’s and healers and the amount of appointments you have made for me on your own accord all bc you choose to believe there is help out there for my pain, BLOWS ME AWAY! I love how you are a fierce protector of your friends, you always speak out against injustices, and you are the first to point out the greatness in others. You are jaw droppingly beautiful but what’s so amazing is that you are even MORE beautiful on the inside! I’m constantly blown away by your love for your people and the world. You are my sister, my teacher, my guide, my cheerleader, my adventure partner, you’re my friend that gets just as excited as me over all the beauty and mystery of creation. You are so insanely generous with not only monetary things but also with your time, your words, and your energy.
You are a gift to this world my dear sophia and I will never get over what a privilege it is to be loved by you! I love you more than god can count my precious sister! I’m so excited to celebrate you this weekend in Mexico!! You are so deserving of all the beauty and all the goodness this world has to offer bc you so freely give all the goodness and beauty to the world! Love you forever and ever, AMEN!!!


When writing my small prompt for the Sister Evangelina and Shelagh ask, this other idea also came to me and wouldn’t let me be until I wrote it.

This piece is set between 5x07 and 5x08, and makes vague reference to a conversation between Sister Evangelina and Sister Julienne in 4x02

Thank you to @hansoloorgana for typing this one too <3

Hope you all enjoy.

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SophiaBush:Tuesdays feel like Fridays with these baddies on #ChicagoMed 👯 #CrossoverQueens #SisterShows #SisterSister

torreydevitto: Having this girl on our #Med set makes #crossover week that much more exciting. 💜 How lucky am I to work with such amazing women! 🙌🏽 #theForceisStrong

SophiaBush: What a night. It was an honor to sit alongside my sisterfriend @ruthielindsey this evening, and host a masterclass at the #CreatorAwards. Take aways? Lean in to vulnerability. Press into fear and leap. Your community will catch you.

The internet, for all its shortcomings, can remind you that you’re not alone. Embrace the resource. Then move from the 2D into the 3D of real life. Own your heart and speak it. You won’t regret it.

Thank you to my @wework family for having us, and helping me surprise Ruthie with the Creator Achievement Award. I don’t know anyone who deserves it more! #LeadWithLove #AlwaysLove #WeWork