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Before we all fall mouth first on George Bush Jr.'s knob over his brave stance as an ex-president to support the first fucking Amendment to the motherfucking US Constitution, lets all take a moment to google Helen Thomas and Jeff Gannon. He was always a trial puppet for this asshole. And Trump might be a trial for the next one! Don't be nice to Bush II, or you might have to talk about how statesman like Trump was in 12 years.

George W. Bush is an idiot and evil, and accepting him was the first step these racists made to getting the current racist in office.

next in line for my DA2 positivity posts is my personal favorite anders! please keep in mind this is a positive post and the point is to spread some love for the DA2 companions, so keep any derailing tags/comments off this post. thank you. anyway here are some really awesome things about the feather mage:

  • “anders” isn’t actually his real name, but a nickname given to him in the circle. he wouldn’t tell anyone his real name when he first arrived so everyone called him “anders” after the people of the anderfels, although he was born and raised in ferelden.
  • before he was taken to the circle, anders was extremely popular among the local children and was rarely ever seen alone.
  • during DA2 anders still has the pillow his mother hand sewed for him before he was taken to the circle.
  • anders has made seven attempts to escape the circle, and has made the incredible feat of swimming 13 miles over lake calenhad in his mage robes. 
  • anders was something of a troublemaker in the circle:
    • “I once started a rumor about secret passages in the tower. Had the templars pressing their noses to the walls for months. Hilarious!“
  • he was canonically in a romantic relationship with karl thekla and during the course of their relationship made no attempts to escape the circle until karl was moved to kirkwall. 
  • more of a sad fact but one i think a lot of people miss—after his sixth escape attempt anders was put in solitary confinement for a year where he befriended a cat he named mister wiggums.
  • although anders could have fled during the attack on vigil’s keep in awakening, he returns to help your warden fight against the darkspawn.
  • the warden can give anders a cat, which he affectionately names ser pounce a lot and takes with him on missions. he will occasionally remark to the cat:
    • "Who’s the pretty kitty? Yes you are!”
    • “Shall I train you to become a vicious attack kitten?” (Snarls)
    • “Are you hungry, Ser Pounce-a-lot? I have some dried mackerel you could nibble on.”
    • “Maker’s Breath, kitty! What have you been eating!”
  • anders was famous at the pearl—a brothel in denerim—for his electricity trick, according to isabela.
  • anders’s speciality is spirit healing, which is a rare talent even among mages. it requires mages to remain close to the fade and to communicate with spirits and is canonically physically exhausting to do.
  • he has some of the most amazing banter in awakening:
    • Anders: So you’re a Howe?
    • Nathaniel: Do you have a point, Mage?
    • Anders: Hey, I’m fond of the Howes! I’m also fond of the Whys, the Whos and the Whats.
    • Nathaniel: You don’t always wear robes, do you?
    • Anders: Not when I’m naked I don’t.
    • Nathaniel: How do the templars always find you, Anders?Anders: Incredibly angry, that’s how they find me.
    • Oghren: So… mage, huh? What’s it like?
    • Anders: To have all this power at my fingertips?
    • Oghren: No. To always have to wear a skirt? (Laughs)
    • Anders: Oh, you don’t know the story behind the robes? You know how strict things are in the Circle, right? Of course you do. Well, the robes make quick trysts in the corner easy. No laces or buttons. You’re done before the templars catch on.
    • Oghren: Really?
    • Anders: Just ask anyone.
    • Sigrun: Could you set that bush on fire?
    • Anders: Probably, but why would I want to?
    • Sigrun: Could you freeze it?
    • Anders: Why do you want me to kill the bush?
    • Sigrun: Because it’s there! It’s an evil bush! Do it!
    • Anders: Magic isn’t for your amusement! Why don’t I just do a little dance? Anders’ Spicy Shimmy?
    • Sigrun: Oh, eww. I’ll pass.
  • anders merged with justice before the events of DA2, and has canonically been given superhuman endurance on top of his grey warden stamina—so much so that he was stabbed through the chest with a sword and effortlessly pulled it out.
  • the reason anders goes to kirkwall after leaving the wardens was to find his first love, karl.
  • anders starts up a free clinic in darktown where he tirelessly tends to the sick and wounded. he’s well loved by the people, as seen when the ferelden refugees willingly attack hawke because they think they’re going to hurt anders.
  • he helps the mage underground and has personally led five mages to safety.
  • he treats the employees at the blooming rose for STIs and is even shown to treat isabela for them too.
  • if you take him to the blooming rose he says “if someone tries to hire me again, i’m leaving”—which implies they’ve tried to hire him before.
  • anders is the only companion who will not betray hawke in the fade during the nightmare quest in act 2. 
  • if hawke takes either carver or bethany to the deep roads at the end of act 1, anders must be present in order to save them from dying.
  • when anders isn’t tending to his patients, he writes and passes out his manifesto and tries to meet with elthina to better conditions for mages in the gallows. he has done this for about 6 years.
  • anders is a lot like merrill if you romance him in that he will throw his entirety into the relationship and remain absolutely loyal to hawke.
  • anders calls hawke “the one bright light in kirkwall” if he is romanced.
  • a friendmance with anders is about listening to him—-really hear what he’s saying, and supporting his cause when he feels like he’s damn near fighting alone. it’s about remaining loyal while understanding that his priority is first and foremost mages.
  • he has some seriously sweet dialogue during their first night together:
    • Anders: No mage I know has ever dared to fall in love. This is the rule I’ll most cherish breaking.
  • anders affectionately calls hawke “love.”
  • anders can move in with hawke in act 2.
  • anders and hawke are both really kinky:
    • Anders: Here I always figured you’d be the one coming to spring me from someone’s dungeon. I had it all planned.
    • Anders: I’d be in the Gallows, templars all around, holding the brand for the Rite of Tranquility. Then you’d burst in and break my chains.
    • Anders: And then it would be all about the best way to show my gratitude.
    • Hawke:(If Hawke has a diplomatic/helpful personality) Then I should spend some time working out how to thank you.
    • (If Hawke has a humorous/charming personality) Did it have anything to do with finding another use for those chains?
    • (If Hawke has an aggressive/direct personality) You already know the best way to do that.
  • anders hates the deep roads, but will go anyway for hawke:
    • Anders: More Deep Roads. Why did we agree to do this again?
    • Varric: Because I like trouble, and you think Hawke is cute. That wasn’t a serious question, was it, Blondie?
    • Anders: He/she is pretty cute.
  • if hawke sides with the mages + friendmances anders, they can tell anders “they will be fugitives together” to which anders will respond “ten years, a hundred years from now—someone like me will love someone like you and there will be no templars to tear them apart.”
  • anders and isabela knew of each other before the events of DA2:
    • Anders: I keep thinking I know you from somewhere…
    • Isabela: You’re Fereldan, right? Ever spend time at the Pearl?
    • Anders: That’s it! You used to really like that girl with the griffon tattoos, right? What was her name?
    • Isabela: The Lay Warden?
    • Anders: That’s right! I think you were there the night I—
    • Isabela: Oh! Were you the runaway mage who could do that electricity thing? That was nice…
    • Hawke: Please stop talking. Now.
    • Anders: I always thought it would be fun to be a pirate.
    • Isabela: More fun than starting a revolution?
    • Anders: I’m not sure I’d call that “fun.”
    • Anders: When I was stuck at Vigil’s Keep, I dreamed of stealing a ship and sailing to exotic lands… When I left the Wardens, I tried to plant a rumor that that’s where I went. Even mentioned your name a few times…
  • if isabela is in your party alongside anders during the legacy dlc, she comforts him when corypheus tempts him:
    • Isabela: Easy. Hold it together. Deep breaths.
  • justice canonically helps anders win bets against isabela:
    • Anders: You owe me fifty silvers.
    • Isabela: You were cheating!
    • Anders: So were you!
    • Isabela: You had supernatural help.
    • Anders: Excuses! Just admit it. I beat you at your own game.Isabela: Ugh.
    • Anders: Fifty silvers.
  • …but he still can’t beat fenris at wicked grace:
    • Varric: This isn’t so bad, Blondie. You could be losing more coin to the elf in a game of Wicked Grace.
    • Anders: (Groans) At this rate, I’ll still be paying him back when I’m dead.
  • bethany remarks that anders reminds her of her father, malcolm hawke:
    • Anders: Where did you learn your magic? I mean, you know my feelings on the Circle, but usually it’s the only decent training a mage can get.
    • Bethany: My father taught me. He was in the Circle once, trained there. But he got away.
    • Anders: You don’t know how lucky you were, to have someone who loved you and could help you. Most mages would kill for that.
    • Bethany: You remind me of him.
  • if the warden was dalish, merrill and anders will talk about them:
    • Merrill: I heard Varric saying you were a Grey Warden.
    • Anders: I was.
    • Merrill: Did you… did you ever meet a Dalish Warden? Mahariel?Anders: As a matter of fact, I did.
    • Anders: Do you know her/him?
    • Merrill: We grew up together. S/He was one of my clan.
    • Merrill: I keep hoping to hear some news…
    • Anders: I wouldn’t get your hopes up. The Hero of Ferelden values privacy rather highly.
  • merrill offers to give anders one of stray cats outside of her house:
    • Merrill: You could get another cat, you know. There’s one in the Lowtown market with a litter of kittens ready to wean.
    • Anders: You don’t pay attention to templars, Qunari or politics, but you notice kittens?
    • Merrill: Templars, Qunari, and politics don’t meow and attack your feet when you’re buying food.
    • Anders: Are there any tabbies? I’d like a tabby.
  • although they don’t have the best relationship, merrill wishes him well with if hawke romances anders:
    • Merrill: Are you happy?
    • Anders: Beg your pardon?
    • Merrill: S/He seems happy. Hawke, I mean. Are you?
    • Anders: Yes, I suppose I am.
    • Merrill: Good! You’ve spent much too much time being grumpy. It’s a nice change.
  • anders comments on sebastian’s crotch armor:
    • Anders: Is that supposed to be Andraste’s face on your crotch?
    • Sebastian: What?
    • Anders: That… belt buckle thing. Is that Andraste?
    • Sebastian: My father had this armor commissioned when I took my vows as a brother.
    • Anders: I’m just not sure I’d want the Maker seeing me shove His bride’s head between my legs every morning.
  • anders considers varric an extremely good friend and tells him as much in act 3. they will frequently be seen together in the hanged man and anders even tries to give varric his mother’s pillow.
  • varric calls anders “blondie”
  • anders and varric have a pretty humorous relationship:
    • Varric: So a human, an elf, and a dwarf walk into a bar…
    • Anders: The human says, “You’re lucky you’re so short. That hurt like mad!”
    • Varric: You could have just stopped me, Blondie.
    • Anders: Why waste a perfectly good set-up?
    • Anders: Boiling in oil.
    • Varric: Too prosaic. Trapped in a cave with hungry bears, right at the spring thaw.
    • Anders: That lets him off too easy. Dipped in molten gold and left as a statue in the Viscount’s Keep.
    • Varric: Ooh. That’s poetic!
    • Hawke: What are you two talking about?
    • Varric: What to do to Bartrand when I find him.
    • Anders: Any suggestions?
  • varric protects anders’s clinic:
    • Varric: If you’ve got something to say, just spit it out.
    • Anders: Are you sure you want to encourage me? I might be about to confess my undying love.
    • Varric: I get that a lot. So what’s on your mind?
    • Anders: I just realized it’s been a while since any of the gangs in the Undercity came to my door.
    • Varric: They’re busy people. Places to go, throats to cut. Maybe you’ve slipped their minds.
    • Anders: Right. The apostate running the free clinic in the sewers. Easy to forget. You didn’t have anything to do with this?
    • Varric: You must have me confused with someone else! I’m just a businessman and a storyteller.
  • if varric is brought alongside anders during the legacy dlc, he will try to help anders when he starts hearing corypheus’s call:
    • Varric: Come on, Blondie. You’re strong enough to overcome this.
    • Varric: Hang in there, Blondie! We’re going to get you out of this!
  • during inquisition if a supportive hawke romanced anders, they will tell you they both helped the circles rebel against the templars when they left kirkwall. 
Between the Leaves

SURPRISE CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR @kibberswrites hi I was your anon from earlier but yes you’re absolutely wonderful and I just hope you like this :)

The leaves ruffled in the wind, sunlight dappling the forest floor below and around them. Sam was laying with his head in Gabriel’s lap, gazing up at the golden haired man who spoke with lilting words that sometimes rhymed and sometimes didn’t, words that chimed like bells in the crisp air, and silent words he illustrated with his hands. 

Sam’s smile was wistful as he listened to the man, the rough forest edges of his voice reminding Sam all the time they weren’t from the same world, not that it mattered.

 Gabriel let one hand tangle in Sam’s slightly curled hair as he told him tales of travellers and bards who’d come through the woods, fingers tapping on their instruments as if their cheerful music scare away the evil that lurked in the shadows of the bushes. As he saw the evil begin to wind itself around the ankles of the travellers he’d appeared, dispelling them and granting the travelling groups protection from anything else that may bring harm to them.

 The forest spirit leant back, basking his face in the warm sunlight, letting the rays blend and bounce from his hair. Sam looked up and noticed the light on his hair and face and he admired the green tinge in the gold of his hair, the dark smudged on his cheek, and the way his golden eyes sparkled all the time, no matter whether it was the dead of night or midday.

 Gabriel yawned and stretched widely, the sunlight getting slightly brighter as he screwed up his face in the yawn. Sam’s face softened as it happened, a smile tugging the corners of his lips.

 “Want to go into the deep woods today Sammy?” Gabriel’s voice never failed to strike  a chord in Sam’s chest and he sat up, leaning forward to kiss Gabriel, who made a surprised mmph! noise before kissing back.

 “How about the lake instead?” Gabriel’s face lit up, and Sam was glad he’d made the suggestion. He loved being at the lake with Gabriel. Not because the spirit was very convincing when it came to skinny dipping, not because the lake itself was simply beautiful, a bright blue that Sam could stare at for hours, crystal clear right to the depths. Sam sat himself down on the shore, toeing off his shoes and socks before dipping his toes in the cool water,w watching Gabriel.

Gabriel hummed a light tune as he too pushed off the shoes he wore, though he was sockless, and he stretched out a leg slowly, testing the water before he began to walk on it, tiny ripples from where he allowed the slightest amount of his weight to be pressed onto the surface floating outwards, lapping at Sam. Gabriel stepped lightly, the blissful smile on his face one of the reasons Sam loved coming here with him. Only one of them though. As Gabriel reached the centre of the lake, arms raising above his head, the water around him lifting with it, Sam’s smile widened even more, the water forming an elegant and swirled cocoon around the forest’s guardian.

This was the other reason why he loved coming here with Gabriel.

Gabriel was the forest. He held the life of the trees, the leaves, the creatures and streams in his chest, protected by his own chest. He breathed out the sweet smelling wind that carried the autumn leave around the woods, the wind that the leaves tumbled and danced in. He sung the songs alongside the birds, his high notes melding with theirs, his lows forming a platform for their melodies. He ran with the squirrels and then foxes, dashing up trees and through the undergrowth, ignoring the tree branches that whipped his face and hands, because there was no way that the forest could harm him, because the forest grew as he did, and it was certain it would die when he did too. 

Sam watched Gabriel in the middle of the lake, arms sweeping in arches, guiding the water along with it, and from inside the spinning water that leapt into the air, catching in the light, Sam could hear Gabriel humming. And as he hummed the wind began to gather around them both, music drifting into it that could only be there through ethereal and magical placement. Gabriel’s voice lifted in the wind, joining in and Sam found himself lost, lost in the way his voice carried throughout the grove and into the air. A gust of wind swept cherry blossoms around and into the water, flying as Gabriel’s hand shot towards the sky, water following it. Sam watched him for hours, never moving, just. Watching.

Sunset fell around them and Gabriel retreated from the lake, lying beside Sam as the sun set behind the trees, the lake now glimmering reds, oranges and yellows as if someone had set fire to the water and the land. Gabriel rolled over, throwing his arm over Sam’s stomach, looking up at him.

 “So, you enjoy the water show again?” Sam nodded, kissing Gabriel’s forehead, a silent as always passing between the two of them. “Just wait until winter, when I can do it with ice.” Gabriel seemed hopeful for it coming, to be able to show Sam all the wonders of the forest when it was under a blanket of snow.

 “Sounds amazing Gabriel.” he whispered, running a hand through Gabriel’s hair, admiring the way the ends curled around his fingers. The stars were beginning to dust the sky and Gabriel looked up at them, waving a hand. Sam watched as the sky curled and morphed, new stars appearing, barely visible. But these new stars combined with the old spelt out the words I love you in the sky. Sam teared up a little as he read it, looking at Gabriel whose golden eyes were tinted with a mossy green, glowing in the darkness.

 “I mean it.” was all that Gabriel said, and Sam surged forward, kissing him, a cloud of butterflies and fireflies exploding out around Gabriel as their lips connected, Sam rolling Gabriel onto his back in the grass.

Sam Winchester was the boy in love with the forest.

Thankfully, the forest loved him back.

Don’t beat around the bush

It started innocently enough, like most things do.


 "Darling, could you dig up the dead rose bush at the back? Next to the tree. You can’t miss it, it’s the only dead one. There’s daisies on the other side of it; they’re the white ones.“

Thorin did not look up from the book he was reading. "Of course. Would you like to further clarify how a dead bush looks? Draw me a picture? Or should I wait for you to send a message to Ori and ask that he draw it? Perhaps a map as well?”

“Like you know how to follow maps,” Bilbo sniffed and Thorin’s mouth quirked up at one corner.

“Yes, dear.”


Armed with a spade Thorin made the short journey to the back garden, not bothering to change clothes. Digging up a bush would be easy enough.


Thorin had dealt with stone less stubborn than these damned roots. And the thorns hadn’t had the sense to die with the rest of the accursed plant, or perhaps they were now evil undead thorns, as they were clearly out for blood.

“Do you know how many Orcs I’ve killed,” Thorin said as he glared down at the stubborn undead weed.

The stubborn undead weed did not reply.

The scrapes on Thorin’s hands stung when he curled his hands in fists.


An hour later Bilbo went in search of his husband as he had no idea where Thorin was and the rosebush was still standing; a grey-brown miserable collection of sticks amongst the green.

Surely Thorin could not have gotten lost on his way to the garden? 

Bilbo snickered a bit to himself. No, that would just be silly.

However, considering that he eventually found Thorin down in the smithy he had to wonder if he’d been a bit too hasty.

“What are you doing?” Bilbo asked, after allowing himself a few moments’ observation of the way the muscles of Thorin’s arms and chest coiled and bunched as he banged a hammer down at a red-hot piece of metal lying on the anvil.

“I’m making a new spade,” Thorin growled. “I need a better weapon to deal with the monstrosity in your garden.”

For a moment Bilbo thought that Thorin had found an actual monster in the garden.

“Oh, you mean the rosebush?”

“It’s evil,” Thorin said darkly.

“It’s a bush.”

“It’s an evil bush. I think it’s undead.”