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During the Bush War, cattle rustling was a major epidemic.  First, it led to starvation in the Tribal Trust Lands; second, it negatively affected the economy of Rhodesia. Because the army and the British South Africa Police were overstretched on three fronts, mercenaries were hired to confront the rustlers. They were called “Range Detectives”, and most of them were Vietnam veterans, some of them members of “The Crippled Eagles”. Payment was roughly seven Rhodesian dollars a day, and a 750 Rhodesian dollar bonus for each rustler caught.

Alaskan Folklore


Kooshdakhaa are shape-shifting creatures found in the stories of the Tlingit and Tsimshian Indians of Southeastern Alaska temperate rainforest. Loosely translated, Kooshdakhaa means, “land otter man”.

They are capable of assuming human form, the form of an otter, and potentially other forms. In some accounts, a Kooshdakhaa is able to assume the form of any species of otter; in others, only one. It is also said that the Kooshdakhaa emit a high pitched, three part whistle in the pattern of low-high-low.

 Accounts of their behaviour seem to conflict with one another. In some stories, Kooshdakhaa are cruel creatures who take delight in tricking poor Tlingit sailors to their deaths. In others, they are friendly and helpful, frequently saving the lost from death by freezing. In many stories, the Kooshdakhaa save the lost individual by distracting them with curiously otter-like illusions of their family and friends as they transform their subject into a fellow Kooshdakhaa, thus allowing him to survive in the cold.

Kooshdakhaa legends are not always pleasant. In some legends it is said the Kooshdakhaa will imitate the cries of a baby or the screams of a woman to lure victims to the river. Once there, the Kooshdakhaa either kills the person and tears them to shreds or will turn them into another Kooshdakhaa

Legends have it Kooshdakhaa can be warded off through copper, urine, and in some stories fire. Since the Kooshdakhaa mainly preys on small children, it has been thought by some that it was used by Tlingit mothers to keep their children from wandering close to the ocean by themselves. 

The Alaska Bushman (Tornit)

Stories of the Alaska Bushmen, or tornits, have been told since the first humans crossed the Bering Land Bridge. In the beginning, the story goes, the Inuit and the tornits lived peacefully in villages near each other and shared common hunting grounds.

The Inuit people often built and used kayaks for hunting. While the tornits were unable to master the building of kayaks, they were very aware of the advantages of having and using one. One story goes that a young tornit borrowed a young Inuit’s kayak without permission and damaged the bottom of it. The young Inuit became very angry and stabbed the tornit in the nape of the neck while he was sleeping, killing him. The rest of the tornits feared that they too, would be killed by the Inuit and fled the country, rarely to be seen again.

Since that time, many stories have come out of the bush of hunters disappearing, later found dead and mangled or never seen again. Apparently, hunters and the Tornits no longer peacefully shared common hunting grounds.

There was an elderly woman who was known as a medicine woman because of her experience as a young girl.

She was out picking berries with others near Rampart when she was kidnapped by a bushman. She was taken into the wilderness and brought to a cave, where she saw other members of the bushman’s family or group.

In that cave, there were both male and female bushmen people, and even young ones. They were hairy and wore no clothes, and smelled badly. But one of the babies of the bushman people was very sick.

Then she learned somehow that she had been taken and brought to the bushman’s cave to help take care of the sick baby. They spoke to her without talking. She learned the bushman people thought a human would help make the baby well, and that was why they took her.

After a time, the baby bushman finally recovered, and after that they let her go because they thought she had helped make the baby get well. They also let her go as long as she didn’t tell anyone where they lived. They then brought her back to her village.


The Keelut or Qiqirin is an evil chthonic spirit that is a black, hairless dog that terrifies the inuit people. It silently follows and stalks travellers at night. The encounter typically culminates with a horrific attack that usually ends the life of the Keelut’s target.

The only hair is has is on its feet, and footprints of this mysterious creature are occasionally seen, but quickly disappear back into the snow and should warn the person that saw them to get somewhere safe least they become a victim of the fearsome beast.

The references to the Keelut bear many similarities to the folklore of the black dogs of England, Ireland, and Scotland.

Episode 3: The Franklin Cover-Up
John Podesta's Pizza Party
Episode 3: The Franklin Cover-Up

John Podesta’s Pizza Party | Episode 3: “The Franklin Cover Up”

Listen up, we’re about to mansplain the shit out of this. The full crew of hosts are back this week to discuss MTV’s “White Guy Resolutions” video, #PizzaGate (of course) AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, the original PizzaGate aka The Franklin Cover-Up! A scandal involving the likes of former president George H.W. Bush, gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, and Larry King (not that Larry King) getting tied up in a child sex ring and snuff video filmmaking. Other things are also discussed that are basically less important but still probably interesting to Hans’s mom. Kenney is also confirmed alt-right.

Parental Guidance is suggested.

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Derek- Only For You

Request-  Could you write a Derek x Werewolf!Reader where him and the reader are fighting side by side and she gets injured and passes out from blood loss and Derek stays with her while she’s recovering and is very worried? Thanks Wolfling! 🐺❄️ /  Can you do a fluffy Derek imagine where he finds the refer alone in the woods injured and nurse here to health? Maby add a kiss or something?

A/N- So I combined these two, but the second one is more of a flashback type thing. Enjoy! 

You snarled as you slashed at the oni you were fighting, trying to cover the twins as they made fought an oni at the school. You shot a glance towards Derek, but just like you, he was too busy fighting for his life to notice. You kicked your own oni backwards, sending the spirit crashing into the wall of the high school tunnel.
You turned towards Derek, but he caught sight of you and shook his head.
“Help them!” he yelled as he nodded towards the twins.
You swallowed and froze where you stood, fighting the instinct to protect your alpha and boyfriend. You had been only a year younger than Derek when he took you into his pack, but you had still been an omega running for your life. A group of hunters had been trailing you across the west coast and wanted your head on a spike, but Derek didn’t care.
When he had been younger and his whole family had been alive, it was like an extension of yours. You had grown up with Derek until your father decided to pick up and move out of Beacon Hills, trying to avoid the danger of the condemned town. Soon after the Hale House burned to the ground, killing most of Derek’s family. You and the rest of your family had been devastated but relieved you had left, although that didn’t last very long.
A group of hunters local to Portland had taken a cue from Kate Argent and decided that burning your family alive would be a good way to go. You and a few others had made it out alive, but after running for months, you were the only one left standing. You had made it to Beacon Hills, stumbling through the preserve and bleeding from a wolfsbane bullet in your side.
You had been looking for the old Hale house, but you figured there wouldn’t be anyone there. Most of them had died and everyone except Laura had disappeared from Beacon Hills, and even though you knew she wouldn’t be there, you wanted to die where you had grown up. Before you could even make it you had collapsed into a thicket of bushes, leaving the hunters hurriedly searching to find you.
“Find her,” Derek heard one of them snarl as he crouched behind a tree. “She couldn’t have gone far.”
Derek had suppressed a growl as he hid behind a thick oak and it took everything he had in him not to rip the hunters apart. He had been grabbing some things from the hollowed out shell of his old house and immediately recognized your scent in the woods. He had come to find you, knowing he had to protect you. You were as good as family and even though he hadn’t seen you in years, he couldn’t lose someone he had cared about so much.
It took him seconds to sneak up behind the three hunters and knock them out cold, but it took him even less time to find you after. You were bleeding and unconscious as he scooped you into his arms and took you to an emissary named Deaton, never realizing a thing until you had woken up on a cold metal table. You were a little shocked when you opened your eyes and saw Derek leaning over you, but you were incredibly grateful.
When Deaton said you would be okay but needed rest, Derek was more than happy to take you back to his loft. He stayed with you the whole time as you slowly got your strength back. From then on, you had been a part of Derek’s pack and you wouldn’t have had it any other way.
Maybe that was why now as you stood there, torn between helping Derek or the twins. Derek had saved your life and took you in, all while falling in love with you. You felt the exact same way, but as you stood there, he called out to you.
“Y/n, go!” he repeated, causing you to break out of your stupor and head towards the twins.
Argent shot an arrow toward Derek’s oni, sending it flying into his chest. Next he shot one towards the one the twins were fighting, but the oni quickly sliced it out of the air.
“Get the arrow!” Argent shouted. “It’s the last one!”
You nodded once and turned towards the twins, just in time to see Aiden snatched the last of the arrows from the ground. You skidded on the concrete as you raced towards him, but as you watched him raise the arrow, you saw the oni raise its sword as well.
“No!” you yelled as you darted forward.
You snatched the oni’s arm just before its sword could go through Aiden, but it wasn’t an easy thing to do. It took all your strength to tightly grip its arm, holding it up in the air as you strained to keep your grip.
“A little help?” you said through gritted teeth, just before Aiden plunged the arrow into the oni’s stomach.
You let a sharp gasp as your strength gave way and the sword came down. You felt a sharp pain shoot through your side and in seconds you were blinded by a bright flash of light. You stumbled back as the Oni disappeared in a puff of black dust, leaving you barely standing on your feet.
“Y/n?” Aiden asked as he looked down at you.
“I…” you started.
You lifted a hand to your side, feeling where you shirt had been sliced away by the oni’s sword. When you picked your hand up, it came away sticky with blood and you saw that it was turning black. You felt yourself getting dizzy, and you realized that you could barely stand. You took a wobbly step, back, only to pitch backwards onto the ground.
Fuck, was all you could think as you fell back. Luckily Derek was there to swoop in and catch you like he always was. You fought the urge to laugh wildly at this, because of course Derek would always be the one to save you.
“Y/n,” Derek breathed as he looked down at you in horror.
You sucked in a sharp breath as a wave of pain wracked your body, knowing that you wouldn’t be able to stay conscious for long.
“You know,” you whispered as Derek gripped your hand and tried to suck the pain away. “I never thought I’d die like this.”
“You’re not going to die,” Derek insisted gruffly, fighting the tears threatening to spill.
“I thought I’d die in the fire,” you continued hoarsely. “I thought the hunters would wipe me out. I thought they’d kill me. And then you found me.”
“Y/n-” Derek started.
You cut him off with a bitter laugh, feeling blood begin to well behind your lips. “You’re always finding me. You’re always saving me. God when we were kids I was so in love with you. I knew you didn’t like me cause Talia always stuck us together, but I didn’t even care.”
“That’s not true,” Derek said. “Y/n, that’s not-”
You sucked in a sharp breath as another wave of pain wracked through your body, and you felt your eyes flutter. Derek was frantically pleading for you to keep your eyes open, but you couldn’t. You barely heard him whispering to you about all the reasons you needed to stay awake before everything went black.

Your eyes fluttered open in the dim light, leaving you wondering where the hell you were. The last thing you remembered was dying in Derek’s arms, but as you opened your eyes you realized you hadn’t died at all. You were lying on your back, staring up at the ceiling as a warm hand rested on yours.
There was a loose piece of hair resting against your cheek, and you reached up to push it away, but before you could someone else did it for you. You finally realized you were in the loft, your back pressed against the sheets of Derek’s bed.
“Hey there,” Derek told you, reaching out to feel your forehead.
“What happened?” you croaked.
“Well you passed out in my arms,” Derek told you stiffly. “And then your breathing started to get shallow and your heart beat started to slow and then…then you were fine.”
“I healed?” you wondered weakly.
Derek nodded. “Scott and the others took out the nogitsune. Whatever that cut did to you, it stopped when they killed him.”
You started to sit up and Derek reached out to place his hand on your back, all the while staring at you with those concerned green eyes.
“You caught me,” you stated with a small laugh. “You’re always doing that.”
“And I always will,” he swore. “I swear, Y/n, I’d die before I let anything happen to you.”
He leaned forward, suddenly pressing his lips against yours in the heat of the moment. He normally wouldn’t have kissed you this passionately, but you had almost died in his arms. You leaned into him, feeling no pain at all as you melted against him.
Your fingers ran through his dark hair until he finally pulled away, leaning his forehead against yours.
“I love you,” he whispered. “God, I love you so much. You scared the hell out of me.”
“Sorry,” you murmured. “I didn’t exactly mean to.”
“Hey,” he said suddenly. “Do you remember what you were saying before you passed out?”
“Something about when we were kids?” you guessed.
“You said that I didn’t like you,” he reminded you. “But that’s not true.”
“But you were always annoyed when we had to hang out,” you reminded him.
“Well yeah,” Derek told you. “My mom was trying to get me to admit that I was crushing on you. She was a good alpha but she had this really bad habit of playing matchmaker.”
You laughed softly. “I never minded.”
“Well I didn’t either,” Derek told you. “At least not when we were alone. Besides, whenever Peter was there he would always try to mess with me. You remember how much he would flirt with you?”
“He was only trying to get a reaction out of you,” you told him.
“He kissed you on the lips,” Derek said sullenly.
“Once,” you told him. “Because he dared you to do it and you wouldn’t.”
“The moment wasn’t there,” Derek insisted.
You laughed. “You know, as much as you like to pretend you’re a grumpy old sourwolf, I know you’re a hopeless romantic.”
Derek smiled as he leaned down to press his lips against yours again. As much as he liked to play the tough loner, he knew you were right. He was completely weak for you, and he always had been, no matter what you thought.
“Only for you,” he murmured as he placed his fingers on your chin.
You grinned as Derek pressed his mouth onto yours, in what was possibly the best kiss of all time. When you were younger, you had never imagined losing all your family and having to constantly fight for you life. But you had also never imagined ending up with Derek Hale and that was one thing you could live with.

Thoughts of Family.

It wasn’t often that said fist of crackling thunder thought of his time in the shroud. Distant canopies, hanging high to share those that walk beneath them. The rustling of bushes, a skilled Hunter able to make the game by the amount of noise alone.

The sun had climbed the hills of the Goblet, Rhalgr himself, setting the world a blaze as the Midlander had waited in stalwart patience, both hands cupped over his knees within deep meditation. And yet; all he saw was lush greenery. Foliage as far as they eye could see.
A steadily aging father, knocking an arrow back in a calm, lethal manner in a show of patience to a young Spiritsong. Memories of the past had plagued this session of meditation.

It wasn’t all that bad.


predator by chrisada
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Spotted Hyena gazing behind a bush, at Khao Kheow Open Zoo