bush honeysuckle

Bush Honeysuckle

Well, this bush DID have pretty white flowers earlier in the year. Now, there are thousands of red and some orange berries. I have a LOT of this growing on my property. I’ve known it simply as “honeysuckle” ever since my ex’s brother in law told me that’s what it was. He also told me it wasn’t edible.

He was a survivalist and knew what native plants were safe to eat and which one’s weren’t. He and my ex’s sister were very concerned about the “Year 2000 Problem”. They had stockpiled food in their basement that would last them a year because Talk Radio was popularizing the idea that our society was going to somehow grind to a screeching halt when computers were confused by the date change. Unlike me, he also had a rifle and handguns to chase Alice and her friends away. I thought the whole thing was preposterous. And as it turned out, January 1 came and went and with rare exception, it was just another day.

i walked back from the coffee place and saw a baby hummingbird in the honeysuckle bushes and now i get to sit and watch french movies with my tea latte and pastry, yay me


I come back from the St. Williams Nursery with a $221 Plant Haul. Quite the road trip and quite the sale and nursery as expected. The leg pain I got from crouching to look at tags quickly I did not expect however lol. So then, the list of purchased plants from the ones in the back to the front, left to right;

  • Bladdernut (Staphylea trifolia)
  • Swamp Rose (Rosa palustris)
  • Dwarf Chiunquapin Oak (Quercus prinoides)
  • Chinquapin Oak (Quercus muehlenbergii)
  • Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida)
  • Redbud (Cercis canadensis)
  • Yellow Coneflower (Ratibida pinnata)
  • Bush Honeysuckle (Diervilla lonicera)
  • Groundnut Vine (Apios americana)
  • Virginia Mountain Mint (Pycnanthemum virginianum)
  • Virgin’s Bower (Clematis virginiana)
  • Bulbet Fern (Cystopteris bulbifera)

Surprise surprise that Dwarf Chiunquapin Oak flowers while still so small! The huge majority of these fellas are staying in the greenhouse for various reasons until they either have more roots (the clematis), till an area is full-on marked for planting (the oaks), or until the new gardenspace for the coming house addition is built (basically almost everything else). There appear to be zone location origins on the tags so I may try to get my plant documentation work back in order so that said zones for these particular children can be noted.

Photographed May 20th 2017

1. These trees are in bloom and I don’t know what kind they are but they smell lovely, and I saw the honeysuckle bushes on campus and I think their turn is coming soon.
2. Two teenagers were laughing and doing a shuffle-walk-dance to Stand By Me right in front of my building.
3. On my way to the post office I walked up a usually empty side street and there was group of young people standing in a big circle, I think they were students from the hairdressing school nearby, all dressed in white t-shirts and black pants and looking very serious and concerned as one young woman was addressing them like a mob boss in a movie, saying ‘yeah yeah it’s complicated well let me tell YOU what’s complicated.’ I had to sort of squeeze around them to get past. Since all I had to do at the post office was drop off a letter, I had to walk past them again a few minutes later, they were still in a circle like a sort of well-coiffed coven and the woman (who was maaaaaybe 25, the others were younger) was saying 'ok you’re going to do what I say, when I say it, that’s how we win.’

morimusuko  asked:

top 5 favorite plants/flowers? ^^

1. dark wood tree
2. big hedge
3. mystery plant
4. hemp
5. tall grass
6. pecan tree
7. mulberry tree
8. birch tree
9. conifer tree
10. elephant ear
11. lambs ear (fav fav fav)
12. lily pad
13. chinese plum tree
14. honeysuckle bush
15. mesquite tree
16. the ones with purple flowers that smell like candy and has hard red seeds and u rub them on cement or a rock to make it hot then touch someone with it (just found out it’s called a texas mountain laurel)
18. rose bush
19. bamboo
20. wheat
21. well obviously there’s more i just cant go on anymore

I want a garden

With tall, wild lilac and honeysuckle bushes, yards of lavender, wild roses and night blooming jasmine.  I want these near my windows in the house I wish to own, and at night during the warmer months, I will leave them open so I can drift off to sleep with those scents wafting gently with the cool night air.

I want birdbaths, one out in the sun, and one tucked into the shade, the latter shallow, so that the bees can drink, too.  I want the kind of garden you expect to find fairies in.  The kind that attracts honeybees and hummingbirds.  I want the kind of garden that little finches and red-breasted robins sing in.

I want the kind of garden that I can put a stone bench in the middle and hide with a book for a few hours.

I want a garden of magick, with stones and crystals tucked around in hidden spots as well as in plain view.  With a few herbs growing, some mint, basil, rosemary, that sort of thing.

I want a garden I can go to at midnight during a full moon and bathe in the bright blue light, in complete privacy from prying eyes.  Where any ritual I wish to perform I can do so in complete comfort.

And this is my random wish for the night.

I wish to have a home
One I can call my own
With a garden filled with magickal things
Like shining stones and fairie rings
Where the moon shines brightly overhead
A home that is safe and secure
With good strong walls that will endure
All corners filled with love
As much as there are stars above
A home that comes at a reasonable price
In a neighborhood that is nice

I wish for a home
For my family and friends
With room for us all
No matter how short
No matter how tall

By the gods I do ask
By the gods I do pray
Please oh please
Hear me this day
I need a home of my own
And now that the seeds of this wish are sown
Let my will be heard and known

So it shall be.

There is a pond in the back pasture where the horses go to drink, half hidden by willows and giant honeysuckle bushes that shade it from the noonday sun. On the hottest days we swim the ponies out to the middle, and when their hooves leave the silty bottom, it feels like we are flying.
—  Lydia Peelle, “Sweethearts of the Rodeo”

My back door in full bloom. I just adore the little yellow Rose, Lady Banks. Sadly it will end it’s bloom soon until next Spring. The fushia red native Honeysuckle will bloom its little head off all Summer. A Mockingbird had a nest in it but a mean Crow swooped in and stole either an egg or a baby :(

anonymous asked:

Are there any alternatives to honeysuckle in whichcraft? Amur Honeysuckle is very invasive, produces allelopathic chemicals that can harm other plants, and even promote bird death (The birds nest in honeysuckle bushes, which are lower to the ground, and have no protection like spikes, leading to snakes attacking the birds)

Depending on what you want to use the honeysuckle for, I would look into other herbs or plants that contain those properties. Honeysuckle is used for multiple purposes in witchcraft.

I know for a fact that the amur honeysuckle is what is around my house, but because my house (or more appropriately the house my apartment is in) is in a small clearing, it’s staying in the treeline, but still visible.Also, the people I live with aren’t big gardeners, so it’s pretty much just hanging in the trees. I know it’s quite invasive in my state (Virginia), but it reminds me of my childhood, and I enjoy it immensely. Plus, it’s used for love and money magic, two things I’m lacking in, so I have many witchy plans for it.

I was walking my dog and on one side of the street there was a honeysuckle bush and on the other a car someone was hotboxing in. It was an interesting combination of smells


About 8″ x 10″.
Basically whatever you want (bugs and anime are the most fun [I think.]) 
Black & white // minimal color.
Shipping included if in USA, if not we’ll figure it out.

Email spferrick (at) gmail
to talk it out.


some suggestions:
centipede, millipede, one dog, three dogs, bees entombing a mouse, a plastic box with many compartments, a birthday party, a snake in water, a house on fire, a basement on fire, a glass case full of cakes, a case of cakes that has been broken into :(, a table, a timer, an egg timer, someone making oatmeal, now YOU are making the oatmeal (FPO, aka First Person Oatmeal,) a beach full of boulders, a place where the boulders are shaped like roses, worms, ribbons, roads, a scene from a ballet, characters from Madoka, your own magical girl, your own hill, some rabbits under a honeysuckle bush that your mom later tore apart, a blue jay hovering in the air like a top, candles, AND MORE…

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SO tell me about young Katniss


  • Katniss volunteers to sing on the first day of school in front of her first class
    • Not only did she volunteer, her hand “shot right up in the air,” according to Peeta. Katniss stood on a stool and sang the valley song. 
    • We know very little about Mr. Everdeen, but Katniss and Peeta both have vivid memories of him singing, and Katniss says when she’s with Rue that she ranks music “somewhere between hair ribbons and rainbows in terms of usefulness.” I think that reason she rejects singing as meaningful right off of the bat is that it’s too painful. It reminds her of her father. During Rue’s death scene, when Rue asks her to sing, Katniss thinks, “I do know a few songs. Believe it or not, there was once music in my house, too. Music I helped make. My father pulled me in with that remarkably voice — but I haven’t sung much since he died. Except when Prim is very sick. Then I sing her the same songs she liked as a baby.” 
  • Katniss says that she “had been to the Hob on several occasions with my father.”
    •  Later, she says, “It was frightening to enter that place without my father at my side, but people had respected him, and they accepted me.” 
      • T H E Y  A C C E P T E D  M E. 
      • Tiny Katniss in the woods with her father is something to consider, but so is tiny Katniss in the Hob with her father after a day in the woods. Tired and whining and dragging her feet until he scoops her up and puts her on his shoulders. The men and women he trade with poking at her belly and joking about how big she’s getting. Asking when she’ll get to shoot some squirrels of her own. Joking that she’ll be even better than Mr. Everdeen, someday, and he’ll have to watch out. A little family of lawbreakers who all sort of look like her, which is so strange compared to the blue eyed blonde girls at home. 
  • Katniss did crafts
    • “I remember the scene. I was home from a day in the woods with my father. Sitting on the floor with Prim, who was just a toddler, singing ‘The Hanging Tree.’ Making us necklaces out of scraps of old rope like it said in the song.” 
    • listen. I don’t want to overstate this… but Katniss was playing dress up. 
      • Another cute Katniss thing from that scene is that she says she ran outside to hide after her mother snatched away the rope necklaces and started yelling at her father, Katniss starts to cry, because her mother never yells. and her father found her immediately, “as I had exactly one hiding spot – in the Meadow under a honeysuckle bush.”
      • “I guess my mother thought the whole thing was too twisted for a seven-year old, though. Especially one who made her own rope necklaces.”

In my opinion, and as I write her, Katniss was a well adjusted and happy little girl. She was probably one of the best fed in the district – fresh meat instead of stale – and while they did without plenty of things, their little house was peaceful, if she wasn’t used to her mother yelling, and it was filled with music. 

I mean, obviously disagreeing with me is your right. But as I see it, Katniss’s family was probably one of the happiest families in the Seam, and Katniss had a really decent childhood until it was taken away from her :(

My back door is finally just about how I envisioned it.

The fushia native Honeysuckle attracts so many different flying creatures; butterflies, birds, hummers, and insects. 

I love the little yellow climbing Lady Banks Rose each Spring on Forsythia Hill in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

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"1: Hot, Steamy kiss" for Alistair and Rose, please!

1: Hot, Steamy kiss 
Alistair x Roseyn
Okay, so this might err more on the side of ‘romantic kiss’ but … give me some credit? I tried?
Got long again, so under a cut for you!

Kiss Meme Master Post (for reference)

He could not help the grin that spread across his face when he found her, even as it made his cheeks ache.

The festivities carried on in the great hall. Music rising over the din of conversation and the flurry of skirts. Alistair would have to personally thank every single person involved in making the day so perfect. Who had had a hand in making certain the wedding of himself and his Queen went smoothly and was ideal down to the tiniest detail.

Roselyn had disappeared from his view a short while ago. 

They had both been taken aside by their friends and members of the court who offered their congratulations and words of advice for the wedding night - completely unaware that both Alistair and Roselyn had ample experience in that department already.

He had not been surprised when she had crept away. He too found the ceremony and the endless eating and talking and schmoozing tiring, it was why he had told his uncle he was going to get some air for a few minutes and disappeared without waiting for permission.

Leaving the great hall gave him several directions to travel in, up towards the guest rooms, towards his council chamber and the privy chamber beyond, or down towards the servants quarters, the kitchen and the gardens.

He chose the latter, knowing outside would be the most likely place to find his bride.

His guess was correct.

He found her in the floral gardens, engulfed in the heady evening scents of honeysuckle and roses as the blooms began to slumber with the setting sun. 

Light reflected off the small crown which was settled prettily in her hair, which also shone brilliantly in the low dust light. The sky was a water colour of orange and pink with a hint of the navy tingeing the edges.

Even if she had not been his wife, his Queen or to him the most beautiful creature in creation, he would have thought so seeing her then. Even if she had been a stranger he would never again glimpse, he would hold the image of her form standing against the sky in his mind to warm him on cold nights.

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