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16-Year-Old Grace Bush Graduates High School and College in Same Week

16-Year-Old Grace Bush Graduates High School and College in Same Week

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It’s that time of year where high school and college students alike are celebrating their academic accomplishments and preparing themselves for the next big challenge in life. But unlike most kids who celebrate their high school and college graduations years apart, Florida teen Grace Bush is celebrating both academic achievements in the same week.

At just 16, Bush already earned her Bachelor’s in…

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My school has three kinds of people

for real, get arrested, do drugs, sell drugs, beat up cops thugs

Random groups of people who try too hard to prove they’re either totally awesome and popular or totally not popular and fight the system by writing the anarchy symbol on desks

and then we have the nerdy little burn out kids who honestly still have no idea why they show up.

Guess who I am?

Florida girl graduates college and high school a week apart

Last week, just days before her high school graduation, 16-year-old Grace Bush collected a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from a south Florida university, fulfilling her proud parents’ cost-saving plan on tuition.

Bush will graduate from high school this Friday, but is already planning on heading back to Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in Boca Raton for a master’s degree in public administration before seeking a law degree.

Home-schooled until 13 with her eight siblings, Grace began reading around the age of 2, her mother Gisla Bush said. 

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