bush high school

My school has three kinds of people

for real, get arrested, do drugs, sell drugs, beat up cops thugs

Random groups of people who try too hard to prove they’re either totally awesome and popular or totally not popular and fight the system by writing the anarchy symbol on desks

and then we have the nerdy little burn out kids who honestly still have no idea why they show up.

Guess who I am?

Controversy Erupts at New York High School After Pledge of Allegiance is Read in Arabic

In news that should never be news, Pine Bush High School (in New York) is in the middle of a controversy because the Pledge of Allegiance was recited in Arabic yesterday. It was part of Foreign Language Week, but that didn’t matter to the students and parents who think it’s blasphemous to recite the Pledge in anything other than English:

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anonymous asked:

I took a boys virginity in a bush back in high school and him and I have been dating even since. 2 years strong and I still don't know how the fuck this happened.

hahahha i once took a friend’s v card too and we are still friends it was a one time thing tho it’s funny because youre a great example of how one thing can suddenly turn into another very positive thing :D

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The fact that there was dance battles during today’s false fire alarm… What’s wrong with pine bush lol, for anyone that was wondering, it was pulled by a student, they were caught. That’s as much as I can go into that. (at Pine Bush High School)