bush high school


under the cut you will find [ – &. one thousand four hundred and three ’ ] small/medium, textless and hq, gifs of sophia bush ( specifically as brooke davis in high school ). absolutely none of these gifs are mine, all credit to the makers. on that note, if you see your gifs in here and would like them removed, simply message me and i will do so immediately. i might be updating this at some point. this took a super long time to put together and upload so please like and/or reblog if using or are an rph.·

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My school has three kinds of people

for real, get arrested, do drugs, sell drugs, beat up cops thugs

Random groups of people who try too hard to prove they’re either totally awesome and popular or totally not popular and fight the system by writing the anarchy symbol on desks

and then we have the nerdy little burn out kids who honestly still have no idea why they show up.

Guess who I am?