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Truffle Takahashi is just an ordinary girl starting her first year at Orochi High School. Join her as she makes new friends–Marzi-chan, a big girl with big headboobs and an even bigger heart, and Mochi, a mischievous prankster who cares more than she lets on–and meets her first love, the mysterious, venomous Atheris Hispida!

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Female School Shooters

As many followers of my blog know my interest leans more on the female murderers. Here are a few pictures of female school shooters.

Brenda Spencer - Cleveland Elementary School - 29th Of January 1979

Heather Smith - Spanaway Jr High School - 26th Of November 1985

Laurie Dann - Hubbard Woods Elementary School - 20th Of May 1988

Jillian Robbins - Penn State University - 17th Of September 1996

Elizabeth Bush - Bishop Neumann High School - 7th Of March 2001

Latina Williams - Louisiana Technical College - 8th Of February 2008

Teah Wimberly - Dillard High School - 12th Of November 2008

Amy Bishop - University of Alabama - 12th February 2010

Sunghee Kwon - University Of South Carolina - 5th February 2015

Dorothy Dutiel - Independence High School -  12th Of February 2016

Psychiatrist James Garbarino said female shooters “are so rare that it just hasn’t been studied,”. Whilst they are rare in comparison to their male counterparts, they certainly shouldn’t be discarded.  

when the sky rained greed | 01

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pairing: jeon jungkook x reader

genre: angst, smut / post-apocalyptic au

warnings: graphic descriptions of violence, mutations of the body and mind via radiation, mentions of death, and a terribly co-dependent partnership 

word count: 12,705

description: They rained down, mimicking the path of shooting stars, but only destruction was left in their wake. They took all that you were, and all that you had, they took everything, right down to the cells beating in your bloody goddamn heart, and that’s because it wasn’t viruses or radioactive chemicals that fell on that day — it was greed.

Billowing smoke with its poison-dipped claws. It sliced through their lungs while the raw burn of their flesh sizzled with the toxic air. High-pitched screams of agony echoed as the cells making up their bodies began to alter into something else entirely. Those were the usual answers that you tended to get when asking someone what they remember with the most clarity about The Falling.

You of course were no exception to these inclinations. Emblazoned in your mind with such vigor and despair, every thought that danced through your mind was tinged with the happenings of back then, a haunting shadow that served as a reminder of the rapacity of some humans. Greed fell on that day, in the form of ashes and smoke, taking all that it wanted, which was in fact everything. It destroyed it all, even if the extent of it couldn’t necessarily be seen at that exact moment in time. Because it wasn’t long before you all realized something. You realized that the things you saw, the air you breathed, and even the blood beating in your very own heart, it all belonged to The Falling, not a sliver of anything could be called yours — absolutely nothing.

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