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green day releasing “back in the usa” and blatantly criticizing donald trump through the music video really makes me think of how this has all happened before with american idiot/george w bush and how this new song (even the title itself) LITERALLY sounds like green day cracking their knuckles and going like “bitch have you guys learned nothing since the last time we did this”

تمثال بوش وسبعة أحذية للفنان العراقي الفنان التشكيلي محمود العبيدي، الرقم 7 لديه نوع من القدسية في الموروث الشعبي.
Statue of Bush and seven Shoes for the Iraqi visual artist Mahmoud alObeidi, the figure 7 has a kind of sacredness in the popular tradition .

Liberals 2007: George W Bush is a despicable war criminal who needs to be brought to justice! He’s accelerating climate change and hurting the poor!

Liberals 2017: We’ll take literally anyone except Trump, as long as he speaks eloquently to cover up his war crimes and pandering to the rich. #TheResistance is just about getting Trump out of office; we’ll literally throw in the towel when Pence gets in. Look at George W’s cute doggo paintings :)


I don’t mind most conspiracy theories, you know. 

Kubrick faked the moon landings. Roswell happened. Bigfoot is real. Obama’s a secret Kenyan. Bush did 9/11. Nonsense. It’s silly.

(Admittedly, I do have legitimate questions about JFK. But that’s besides the point.)

But shit like this is absolutely nauseating. Too cruel for words.

It’s so funny how Trump gives one speech that is considered “presidential” and people are fucking falling over themselves to praise him. Y’all will praise his tone and presentation and say “finally Trump shows himself to be presidential enough for the job,” while ignoring that his speech was filled with inaccuracies and basically everything he’s said leading up to yesterday has been fucking awful. But what do I expect from people who paint a war criminal POS like George W. as just a cute, funny old man who did his best or whatever apologist bullshit you have for him now. 

1.) George W. Bush is responsible for a death toll in the six digits

2.) George W. Bush should be in prison for life

3.) We would almost certainly not have Trump if not for the ways that the Bush administration impacted American politics and culture