bush 2.0


Obama Tougher On Marijuana Than Bush - Oaksterdam Raid - More campaign promises broken.

I almost feel sick that a movie about barack and mivhelle obamas first date is being made. An imaginative movie about a tyrants first date. Could anyone imagine this kind of thing coming out just before that bastard bush left office? But bush 2.0 gets one and people love him. Imagine how much PR clot and manipulation that requires. Hes a lying, killing, thieving, spying, manipulative piece of shit authoritarian who only ever uses people. But thats just what and how politicians are.

anonymous asked:

ppl didn't want to vote for hillary because obama hasn't done anything to create more jobs, and hillary's policies are similar. some people are so desperate that they're willing to vote for anyone who says they'll do something different. they figure that all the rest doesn't matter as long as the economy gets fixed.

at least trump is going to try new things instead of repeating the policies that haven’t fixed anything