Things I Will Never Do in a Restaurant Unless I Plan on Leaving a Giant Tip

• Stay long after I have finished my meal and paid.
• Drink my water quickly on a busy night, or slowly on a quiet night.
• Be a dick in general.
• Ask for more bread.
• Order off-menu.
• Switch seats after I’ve ordered.
• I WILL organize the tableware into piles that are easy-to-carry.


Coming up with the second entry for this Tumblr has been the hardest, so have a blast from my past. In June 2005 I relocated to San Fransisco for a month to star in an Independent film called “Busgirl”. It was my first time acting on camera, up until this point I had only done theatre work. Let’s say it’s not my best work. Your first film is a life changing experience. Once you learn how everything works and how you look on screen, it’s different. I can’t even see movies the same way anymore. I wish I knew back then what I know now, but everyone has to start somewhere.

In 2006 “Busgirl” premiered at Cinequest and won the “Viewer’s Voice” award. It was pretty uncomfortable looking at myself on the big screen. I only keep very casual communication with the people from the film. Everyone went their separate ways and the film didn’t really go anywhere after that. Shortly after that it was featured in the front page of the entertainment section of Apple.com. So hundreds of thousands of people got to see my ugly mug.

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After I moved to New York, I tried to continue to pursue acting, but my talent agency kept sending me to girl next door stuff and music video auditions. I walked into an Apple audition and they told me from the get go I was too unique looking to apply, but they would still allow me to do so (They liked how high I could jump). I did a lot of extra work. It’s funny how scripted reality TV is. Then I picked up a camera and forgot about acting for a while.

Anywho, enough rambling! Enjoy!

So like I’ve been in friend groups of all girls and I’ve shared a suite with six other girls. Those relationships all ended with catty fighting and gossiping. And those experiences made it hard for me to believe that stereotypes about girls being petty and mean are false.


and I remembered how PETTY and CATTY men working in the kitchen can be! Like dang

So basically everyone is like that, not just girls.