busch memorial stadium

George Harrison, backstage at Busch Memorial Stadium, St. Louis, MO, 21 August 1966

Photo: Bob Bonis

Q: “I’d like to direct this question to George Harrison if I may.”

John Lennon: [jokingly, to George] “What’s your new address?”


Q: “George, before you left England you made a statement that you were going out to America to be beaten up by Americans. Do you mean to say in so many words that you feel the American fan is more a hostile fan than Britain…”

George Harrison: “No! Not at all.”

Q: “…or more enthusiastic?”

GH: “Actually I said that when we arrived back from Manila. They said, ‘What are you gonna do next?’ and I said, ‘We’re gonna rest up before we go and get beaten up over there. Merely… Beaten up is… Really we just got sort of shoved around.”

JL: “Jostled.”

GH: “Jostled around in cars and in planes, so you know, that’s all they did.”

Q: Well, do think think that’s more an enthusiatic fan than a hostile fan?“

GH: “Uh, there’s definitely more enthusiastic fans. We’ve, I think…”

Paul McCartney: “But if anyone beat us up, it’s not the fans, you know.”

GH: “Yeah. The fan thing… I think they proved it themselves after this. We found out that there are alot of the fans that are great. And all the ones we lost, I think, we don’t really mind anyway. Because if they can’t make up their minds… who needs 'em.”

- The Beatles’ Los Angeles press conference, 24 August 1966