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Is there any possibility that Death of Stalin could be nominated for the upcoming Golden Globes, Oscars, etc.? I know it officially opened in Toronto in 2017, but still uncertain about all the rules, since it opened in the US in March of 2018. Still hopeful.

Good question, Anon. I thought it wouldn’t be, but alas, I was wrong. It qualifies for both the Golden Globes and Oscars, and I would imagine any other award ceremony taking place in the US at the beginning of next year. 

Unfortunately, because of its early release, I imagine it won’t be at the top of many of the voters’ minds. But, it did make some lists for both Oscars and GG, as tabulated by Gold Derby and predicted by a combination of experts, editors, and users. 

The Golden Globes: #7 for Best Film Comedy/Musical

Oscars: #7 for Best Adapted Screenplay

Steve Buscemi also made the list for the GG for Best Supporting Actor at #32.

But, guess who else made that list…

Coming in at #43 in the Best Supporting Actor category for the GG AND…

Last but not least, #54 for an Oscar in the Best Supporting Actor category.  


50 Shades of Buscemi (aka the real best selling erotic novel)