busboy blues

Busboy Blues short: Ball O'Frayed Twine

Should’ve edited this to chop out the RP refs and had it as the first page of Busboy Blues issue #1, as it gives a good chunka background info and makes the plot a whole lot less confusing. Maybe for issue #2?


I heard a theory once, bout folk bein’ made from stars. Guy who told me was pretty gorram adamant ‘bout his opinion, too. Somethin’ with cosmic dust, Earth-that-was, and the Big ruttin’ Bang. I bought him a drink for the entertainment. If folk are made from the stars, then I’m the reincarnation of Siddhartha. And that’s hardly possible, me not bein’ very monk-like. But a tale like that, it gets ya thinkin’. ‘Bout the ‘verse, ya self. The significance of every little thing ya do and the role ya play on the living, breathing stage of life. Tale like that, ya start to touch upon what those baldies up in their temples are all about.

Identity. I’m a man who got his innards fermented in the waters of death; who don’t let no one close to protect…them? Myself? Don’t matter. S’my role, ain’t it? And this introspective shit is all speculation anyway. Got to clear my head somehow. Can’t share these thoughts with no one but myself, lest I get vulnerable all over again. Been down that road, and it ain’t done me no good.

I see the ‘verse as one interconnected ball o’frayed twine, mine to shape like the way they terraformed the planets. Every one’sa pawn in my chess game with whatever fuckin’ deities pissin’ down upon my cranium. Least this is what I tell myself. ‘Everythin’ for my own gain.’ ‘Wouldn’t save no souls if it don’t suit me.’ Naiya didn’t take to that spiel one bit. Cap’n always saw right through me, down to my very soul. Someone I couldn’t manipulate. Drove me gorram crazy, her not buyin’ my routine. But it done well taught me a lesson: never put myself in a position like that again. Cos it eventually gets me out from behind my wall; it gets me where I ain’t just dependin’ on myself no more. And of course soon as that starts happenin’, somethin’ goes horribly wrong. The curse of the Von Dyetrich’s, or just trials m’meant to overcome to build character or some gorram shit? I ain’t built nothin’ but resentment, and anger, and a whole hearted need to take my revenge out upon the entire ‘verse. But even when I’m gunnin’ for vengeance, I can’t seem to hurt folk lest they bring it upon themselves. I got a lil’ man in my head that pulls the plug on those schemes, the bastard. Mebbe I got more zen then m’aware of.

I tried goin’ back. After I found what killed Johnny and almost took Naiya down too, I knew I couldn’t take revenge on their killers. Not without an army at my disposal. Resigned myself to that fact and tried workin’. Flyin’ regularly. Don’t suit me no more. It things what changed, it’s me. Ya can’t go home again. Ever. Ya can only go on ahead. That’s what m’doin’. Movin’ on, formin’ new alliances, tryin’ to beat out the dust of the ancient past.

‘Round X-mas, did somethin’ that surprised me. Sure, was for someone that I wouldn’t have said no to; the kid. Lee. Said I wanted to do it for the thrill. Little part of me, though? Well, let’s just say it weren’t thinkin’ such selfish thoughts when the charity it all went down. Hopin’ nobody gets a hold of this journal and ever reads that. Word like that got out, might have me stripped of my machismo faster then ya can catch a venereal disease from a whore on Ezra. Identity, again. I ain’t no altruist; Ain’t a romantic, or a dreamer. I just pull strings and say what the audiences wants ta hear to get what I want. Tell ya I love ya, then dump ya on some barren, backarse planet. Tell ya that ya can trust me with ya life, then turn my back on ya, laughin’ all the way–

Ah, now m’fuckin’ lyin’ even to myself. Best leave this beast in its hidey-hole with its head in the dirt. Unless I wanna get my dick bittin’ off by its razor-teeth. Way my luck runs, it would probably get lockjaw.

Folk bein’ made out of bloody stars, though…gorram, that guy was some kind of nutter.


I’m not happy with the overall quality of how these latest Busboy Blues pages came out. They don’t seem up to par, or something seems missing. Can’t put my finger on it.

This splash page (nudity warning) isn’t too bad but could have a better composition, something that I need to work on in the long run. It has the right mood and tone, though, and will probably look better as a colored comic page.

Dale & Lee cameos for the win, and for once they’re not terribly drawn.  They haven’t met and don’t know Von & David yet at this point on the timeline, but no reason they couldn’t have occupied the same space at some point:

External image


Finally had incentive to pick up a pencil long enough to finally complete the third page of the new Busboy storyline and start working the draft line of the 4th. And man, am I pleased with page 3 to bits! It’s drawn and flows exactly as I wanted it to, and I think I’m finally getting the hang of using the panels to the best advantage. This whole storyline so far actually looks like a comic to me instead of the amateurish experimentation of the last 2 story arches.

Bonus preview of page 4


Chaotic batch dump of concepts. The stupid hat and sketchy guys are character ideas for a new comic I want to do in 2012. 

The stick figures with crummy, retarded dialog represent a storyboard for an upcoming Busboy Blues page involving overlapping fight scenes.

and the demon and smoking von are my sketchy plans for a comic cover


It’s been a really weird goddam day of ironic duality in problematic portions.

But it’s the first day in awhile I’ve actually got some comic work done, even if it’s just thumbs and draft script.

I think Von’s mother needs some refining before I finalize her design. Something closer to how she appears here but with more thought put into the concept overall:

External image

This page rolled out easy. I have a good clean sketch to work with, which will make hardlining painless.

However, by the time I was doing the last panel it was almost 6am, and I was too exhausted to realize I needed to sharpen the pencil and ref for the pose and expression. It needs the most work, but will be simple enough to fix with some guideline help, which i’ve started with photoshop.

As a concept, I wanted this to elaborate on the addiction stuff from the first chapter and take it beyond what little I could illustrate back then. I think I might’ve accomplished it, but it’s still missing some of the rawness I’m aiming for.

It looks like my scanner needs to be cleaned, too. It’s a handheld one and I’ve misplaced the cloth for it.